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  1. Colombia was only gifted for 2 consecutive years by the MUO because of the hullabaloo 2 years ago which is way too much, and they let Pia hold one of the judges seats to seemingly show that even if there’s a Filipino judge, Philippines is yet unable to crack the top 5 and Colombia can still place and even win the whole enchilada.

  2. Ergo, height is not always might, but a beautiful face with the right attitude can definitely reach you to greater heights!

  3. Congrats #missuniverse & #missworld & #missinternational happy Christmas in advance!


  5. Sana ibalik sa month of May to July
    ang Miss Universe pageant. Umurong ng umurong A
    ang mga finals ng mga major pageants pati mga minor pageants nakikisabay pa.

  6. Narealise ko lang na napaka awkward pala ng height ni Demiley!!! Mukha syang dwende talaga, tapos ung face nya pa!!! Hindi siya mukhang HOMO SAPIENS at all!!!! She looks like a pre-humanoid breed!!!!
    Answerte naman ni Kevin kasi pinahiram sa kanya ang totoong MISS INTERNATIONAL CROWN! unlike Kylie na nagtiis sa DIY VERSION ng crown na yan!!!
    I would say that Manushi is the most beautiful winner this year and no question shall be entertained against that statement!!!!

    • Yeah. Ang ganda nga ni Manushi.

      Nakakainis nga noon na hindi pinahiram kay Kylie yung crown. Ang chaka chaka nung ginagamit niyang replacement nun, hehe. Buti na lang nakapagpictorial si Kylie wearing the crown bako niya marelinquish yung title.

      • Tama andami niyang super gorj na pics with that miki crown. Sana nagpa video bts rin sila para kabog!! Naalala ko ung homexoming parada video ni Kylie, mas maganda ang pagkakaproduce ksa ng lay Pia kasi pasko season nagparade ang merlat, pangit lang talaga ng crown nya nun, mukhang nahulog na mikimoto.

    • BUNGA is the most devastated clapper of the year!!!!
      We should create a new PAGEANT AWARD!!!
      For the clappers who showed so much cries after the pageant!!!!

      • I wish Thailand had been the clapper and not Indo. I would have felt better . Win or lose , Thailand Looked like a winner . She was tall with a beautiful clear and bright face and a great pasarela…. very expensive ang dating.
        Indonesia on the other hand was Indonesia.

      • So Fabie you are admitting that Thailand is beautiful and deserving but you wish her to fail? Can’t we just appreciate something ne for their own merits? Same thing with Baklah bashing Nel. You need a life. How can you demean someone just because your bet didn’t win . Nel is doing something great with her life which is more than what I can say about so many people.
        Look I never thought Rachel would win but I always saw her great qualities. To actually hate someone you don’t even know is a poisonous thing . All I ca say is ADRRESS YOUR LIVES OR GET ONE

      • Fabie and Baklah are just wow. Paano niyo nasisikmurang maging masaya sa kasawian ng iba?

      • The way she handles her devastation gives me an impression that she thought she was gonna make it to the semis and probably going to win it. 😦
        I feel so bad for her too… but her interview also gave it away… she would end up a clapper.

  7. Well, after watching all the clips, I can say that Demi is the one that I find really beautiful. I like her and I think she is a deserving winner.

  8. I just hope bumalik ulit dati na mga 2-3 months pagitan ng mga big pageants. Pag sunod sunod nakakapagod, umay din…

  9. Rest muna sa pageantry, MU needs to feel the backlash of their mistakes. I’m taking up a new hobby hahaha. I’d still lurk here but no more active participation in MU events, I’m sure they will do well.

  10. Where is MIss Earth ‘s interview?
    This article reinforces how pageant experts look at MISS EARTH . Isn’t it the third most impt pageant ?

    • Use your mind and answer ye shall find wag bunganga. PHL won in PHL so expect that after a month there is less/no more interviews for Karen. The other 3 won in countries that are not their own. Expect then that they will have interviews when they get home. Let us talk if January meron pa din sila.

    • Catrionafan,
      Do u see me opening my mouth ?
      All I’m saying is that this is a self-perpetuating habit . If Pinoy beauty experts won’t give credit to MIss Earth because she is a Filipina winning on Philippine soil , why should we want and expect local and international fans to do that ?

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