23 comments on “Francielly Ouriques of Brazil wins Miss Asia-Pacific International 2017

  1. maganda yung philippines….may height at regalness about her…yung QnA na hahasa that wont be too hard since she can practice it alot and train for it. i hope to see more of her in the future. sayang ganda nya.

  2. i like this pageant its very traditional and the ladies are exceptional as well more success !

  3. Ugh Rachel looked so stunning! I just wished her camp focused more on her branding/advocacy!

    Pansin nyo after 4 Asia/Africa/Pacific girls were called, Rachel and Bunga looked very uneasy…

    Also the end of the video, Jamaica won everyone’s heart ❤

    • Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, Canada, Colombia were my final 5.
      I do not know what the judges saw in Venezuela. She looks old.

  4. still having MU fever! Still wishing Rachel made it to top 3. LOL

    Love watching her recaps every year. She makes it so entertaining! Love hearing her and her group cheer for Philippines. They were loving Rachel a lot. “Alright” lang daw si Thailand lol and they don’t get why she made it far LOL

    • They were not watching it LIVE. Ayaw ko manalo si Thailand dahil sa mga fans niya. Pero ako nanood sa Vegas live at kada labas ni Thailand nagugustohan siya ng mga tao lalo na sa gown sa live dark purple ang gown niya pero sa TV parang black.

  5. sad i was rooting for new Zealand she look very queenly… but brazil also good choice…. i think advantage ni brazil she was the early bet among the top 5… hmmm Philippines sayang nga nga si inday di cguro nag praktis ng q&a niya sa balay… for me Japan and Mongolia both deserving in the top 5 spot.

  6. Full Results
    Winner – Brazil, Francielly Ouriques
    1st Runner-Up – New Zealand, Acacia Walker
    2nd Runner-Up – Honduras, Valeria Cardona
    3rd Runner-Up – Netherlands, Morgan Doelwijt
    4th Runner-Up – Philippines, Ilene De Vera

    Top 10
    1. Nicaragua
    2. Brazil
    3. Netherlands
    4. Mongolia
    5. Philippines
    6. New Zealand
    7. Honduras
    8. Costa Rica
    9. Japan
    10. South Africa

    Top 15
    1. Costa Rica
    2. Russia
    3. Nicaragua
    4. Honduras
    5. Japan
    6. New Zealand
    7. Colombia
    8. Peru
    9. Cook Islands
    10. Mongolia
    11. Philippines
    12. Egypt
    13. Brazil
    14. Netherlands
    15. South Africa

  7. Nakuh nakuh Pia kaya daw sya pinili ng miss Universe eh kasi fair daw sya. So what is she trying to imply?my gawd mas lalung bumaba yung tining Ko sa iyo. At Jonas American government will be filing a case against you kasi nag sell ka ng book mo eh wala ka namang permit lol. Hala Jonas karma is real…..

    • Daming Issue. Pasalamat ka pumasok pa sa top 10 si Rachel kahit malamya at shallow or no advocacy nya. Pluzeee

  8. Do you think that the advocacy of fostering love, appreciation and unity in diversity is relevant in this day and age why or why not?

    • MeyGed Philippines 😄
      Niregaluhan ka ng Top 5 kahit dika deserving dahil waley naman yung sagot mo sa Top 10 pero nganga pa rin ang sagot mo sa Top 5.
      Mas deserving pa nga c Japan or Mongolia sa Top 5 but Congratulations for making our country prawwwwddd hihihi cherette.
      Sana c Rachel nlang ang Niregaluhan ng Top 5 sa MU hihihi 🤗


  9. Congratulations Miss Brazil for winning the title and also to Miss Philippines for finishing 4th Runner-up. I think Miss Asia Pacific International beauty pageant is far better than other beauty pageants. Keep up the good work.

  10. Congratulations to the new Miss Asia Pacific International and her court ! Anyone with video clips to share ? Will, maybe ? 🙂

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