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  1. Colombia was only gifted for 2 consecutive years by the MUO because of the hullabaloo 2 years ago which is way too much, and they let Pia hold one of the judges seats to seemingly show that even if there’s a Filipino judge, Philippines is yet unable to crack the top 5 and Colombia can still place and even win the whole enchilada. Very wise and smart move MUO.

  2. si colombia ano ba advocacy nyon kundi mag inarte hahaha it wasnt meant to be tutubi! but im very proud of rachel shes the bomb on that stage….amazing!! love her to pieces!


    Kung papayagan lang sya ng SMA makasalj

      • Absolitely!!!!
        She is very pretty during Miss AsiaPacific World. But she chose to be different for Miss World because of the prototype.

    • Baklah , Herrel will not join BP. She has won one of the most coveted international crowns already . She will not risk a lifetime of depression has to feed your caprices.

      Hilarie has proven her worth 2x already . Give the other girls a chance Besides , we want a winner not a semi-finalist. She will not win MU . She is not articulate enough .



  5. MU is over. Magsibalik na tayo sa normal. Nahatulan na ang mga kandidata at si SA na ang nanalo. Wag na natin ipilit ang gusto natin na sana ay nakapasok si Rachel sa top 5. Ginawa ni Rachel ang lahat ng makakaya niya. Actually kung babalikan nyo lang ang performace nila sa MU coronation, superb performance ang pinakita ni Philippines, pero , very exceptional ang performance ng top 3 lalo na si SA. Nagakataon lang talaga na may mas umangat pa talaga sa performance ni Rachel during the Coronation Night. On point ang styling ni Rachel that night, she wore the gown elegantly, she rocked the SS round, at full support ang pinoy sa kanya. But then again, meron talaga na mas nag shine at umangat sa kanya na mga kandidata kaya hindi sya ang naging MU winner o pasok sa top 5 and 3. kumbaga sa grades sa school, 95 sya 1st grading at 97 2nd grading , pero ang Top 3 winners ang grades first grading ay 90 at 99 sa 2nd grading. kaya maganda na gawin ng lahat wag na mag isip bakit ganun, ganito, ganyan.. kundi ang isipin natin ginawa na niya ang lahat at maging happy na tayo kasi Top 10 is a good placement. Iba nga hindi talaga pumasok sa Top 16 despite of good performance nila sa Preliminary Competition. Kaya magpsalamat pa din tayo at maganda pa din ang performance ng Philippines for almost a decade now. Salamat Rachel😃😉. Mahala ka ng mga Pilipino.

  6. The CAMP WAR that was very healthy and beneficial at the beginning thus giving us 1 Miss Universe, 1 Miss World, 2 Misses International, 3 Misses Earth and several low tier crowns plus runners up placements in a very short period of time will be the same war that will set beauty camps to auto destruction, including with it our hopes of winning more titles in the future. Hindi na healthy ang kompetisyon ng dalawang kampo to a point na kelangan pa nilang magtrain ng ibang lahi, particularly our neighboring rivals, just to prove that one is more superior over the other. Case in point is Kevin Liliana’s win at MI (trained by KF) over Mariel (trained by A&Q). KF’s press release, a.k.a. humble brag, on Kevin’s victory says it all. To get even, A&Q trained Bunga for Miss Universe. Thank God Bunga did not win, otherwise the war will escalate. Of course, sandwiched by this game of pride is our chance of winning crowns. Our chance has been compromised. Our chance has been sidelined to give way to this CAMP WAR. Kudos to A&Q and KF! Bring it on!

  7. Still proud of you, Rachel. Talagang di lang para sa atin ang MU this year (at kahit last year). Imagine kung si Rachel ang nakapasok sa Top 5 at hindi si Maxine sa Top 6 last year. Hindi man sya sure na magiging winner, pero napakalaki ng chance na maga-advance si Rachel sa Top 3 kung sya ang nabigyan ng chance.

    • Idagdag na din natin na kung si MJ ang gumamit ng finals gown ni Maxine at Rachel, sa baklang lakad na yun ni MJ, siguradong pasok sa banga sa Top 5 din yun nung 2014. Pero again, pwedeng hindi lang talaga nakatadhana.

      • Hindi pabaklaan ng lakad ang labanan. Hindi naman Barangay contest to. MJ was also short of that aura too. Para syang pagod nung finals.

  8. The Philippines needs someone with Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent to win its 4th Miss Universe crown.


  9. Rachel Peters represented us very well and she was able to show the Universe that Filipinos also have AMBITION. That, I believe, is her advocacy. And her personality/brand is that chill, surfer girl. They don’t have to be loud or sparkly to prove anything. They love life and love to have fun–that’s the special thing about them. What’s so hard to understand about that?

    Even if she had a ‘better gown’, ‘twirled like there’s no tomorrow’, ‘smized like Momma Tyra’, for some reason, she is NOT what IMG is looking for. It’s not entirely about advocacy or a gorgeous face or an impeccable twirl. It’s really BUSINESS, at the end of the day. And Miss South Africa can SELL. But none of the means Rachel fell short at anything nor she did not try hard enough. The BRAND is just looking for someone else.

    Why can’t we all just be happy for the winner, celebrate Rachel’s journey, and support her future endeavors?

    Rachel Peters, you were brilliant. Thank you for being true to your identity and representing the Philippines with grace, elegance, and above all, with AMBITION. You’re a true Queen.

    • Some Filipinos are not expecting her to grab the crown but to be on the top5 or Top3 at least. It was obvious that it is for South Africa already or even reserved for Thailand (who failed misserably sa Q&A). IMG has set their target of selling the MU staging to Thailand and or to sell and market the brand to Africa. What people here “some” including me is trying to explain is for those who are blaming PIA with Rachel’s finish. “IF” only her camp have prepared an empowered and a story with substance there is no question why Rachel will not reach the Q&A portion. Rachel is a successful woman and empowered I must say but her camp is full of this pasabog and surprise which I was waiting for during the finals night. NADA NULL NONE no surprises what made my jaw dropped is how swallow the VTR is of Miss Philippines, they didn’t use how independent she is living in multicultural countries like Thailand, Philippines and Australia. How she managed to finish her studies, how her business help promote Siargao and help the local people.

      NO question she is brilliant and stand out but those 5 who advance to Q&A have better, far better VTR than her. I am against the CAMP WAR but I guess I want to blame KF for wasting Rachel, ito na sana ang pride and joy nila…. she’s a total package. BLAME KF, don’t BLAME PIA, the gown and the camp war thing.

      • I agree. They failed to explore her life experiences. Being a coffee shop owner means that she is a small business owner too. Entrepreneur ang veks.

  10. Iniisip ko. Sino sa kabatch ni rachel ang mas deserving mamalo ng mup? Si mariel ba? Parang patay na bata sa rampa and i doubt if she will lose weight. Si charmaine elima ba? Pwede pero baka sa kudahan magkatalo. Overall wala ako maisip except rachel lang talaga. Facially soso but banging body.
    Walang problema sa gown. Could have been a better striking color but it was ok. . Its the spunk that rachel never had. Yung simpleng pagtwirl or pagikotcsa gown hindi nangyari. She cannot smize as she doesnt have that mesmerizing look. Pang smile lang talaga sya.
    What made her lose? Well there were better looking candidates with better back story. Nung pinakita ang mga videos nila ng top 10, sabi ko patay na. Si thai may teenage pregnancy , si safrica may hijack story, si usa may chemist chuchu, venezuela engineer na miss, colombia bully, jamaica deaf people. Rachel, cafe?!? Alam na. Uwiaj na.
    Overall she did her best. She couldve been flirtier ala mj perhaps? But the stone waa cast. It was safricas and thailands crown to lose.

  11. FYI lang po. November 25th of each year is the kick-off day of the 18 Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women (VAW) in the Philippines. This is a nationwide campaign by the government that ends on December 12th. Since advocacies and social relevance are the in-thing in almost all pageants; and since November of each year marks the international pageant season, why not build on in this campaign para naman next time mas may sense na ang mga backstories ng ating mga kandidata? Yan ay suggestion lang po. Nakatulong na tayong palaganapin ang adbokasiyang wakasan ang karahasan sa mga kababaihan, nabigyan pa natin ng magandang platform ang ating mga kandidata para umangat pa sa international pageants.

  12. Noong nanalo si Pia last 2015, everybody noticed her SMIZE, FIERCENESS, PERSONALITY and HUNGER to win the MU crown during the finals night which what everybody believed had catapulted Pia to the top 3 and eventually the crown. Now, i wonder why Rachel and her camp (KF) did not employ the same tactics na alam nating subok ng epektibo. Alam na natin ang right formula pero bakit hindi natin iyon ginamit? Dahil ba A&Q formula yon kaya ayaw iadopt ng KF? Camp war pa din? Tuloy, ginamit ng South Africa, hayun panalo. Anak ng pitongpo’t pitong potek naman, di po ba?!!

      • it’s not really flop, it’s just that not everyone has the same forte.
        parang medyo proven na ang KF sa MI, pero we know na medj ligwak pa sa MW and MU

  13. She was beautiful and she confidently did her best in what she needs to do. Congratulations to her.

    But she was not confidently beautiful enough. It was pretty obvious from her words and body movements that she kept on second guessing herself. In a contest like this, you have to ask yourself “what do I need better to do so I can improve on the judge’s impression”, instead of asking “what do I need to do better for me to go through the next round.” Some girls who were not as beautiful as her, proceeded to the next round because they were more self-assured, and had more personality.

    This is essentially a race to grab a job as a spokesperson/celebrity icon for a business organization, and not just the Trump-era beauty/modelling contest anymore.

  14. Lele Pons underscored Rachel. She only followed latin reps on instagram and she badmouthed Pia in 2015. Im sure that gay guy from Rupaul also didnt score Rachel high as he’s a latino.

    • I actually hate her! Didn’t recognize na siya pala yung online personality na pinaka ayaw ko. Yung mga pinaggagawa niya in her videos that made me block all his account from instagram, facebook, youtube and everything just to make sure di ko makita mga videos and post niya. Then OMG siya pala she’s the most annoying youtuber ever….. No wonder and di talaga ako mgtataga if she scored Rachel the lowest. Actually the set of Judges at the finals seems like meant to crown Americas or yes the SOUTH AFRICA. I could see 2 or 3 (including Pia as pro-asia)

  15. Don’t blame the advocacy or the gown….

    Rachel Peters wasn’t in it to win it. She just had to own the stage as she worked her eveninggown to make it to the next round but she was lackluster. No skize, no fierceness. She was smiling all throughout like a Miss Teen USA candidate. There was no presence. Look at how Pia worked the cameras before… how she made every response meaningful… Rachel was so-so…. Not in a va-va-Voom mindset. Colombia, Venezuela and South Africa on the other hands, commanded so much presence. They walked like they had crowns na with their turns, head turns, twirls, eye contact, etc… nanlalamon.

    • Indeed. Add Janine T. and Ariela A. even with those not so good gowns they were able to enter top 5.

  16. Dami nating hanash mga momshies! We can speculate all we want but it all boils down to destiny. It wasn’t meant for Mamang Rachel. Talk about fierce, talk about owning the stage given the limited minutes — Wasn’t Clarissa Molina fierce, and owned that god damn stage in 2015? And yet failed to enter Top 5?

    Mahirap timplahin ang IMG. There is definitely no formulaic performance. Tadhana lang. Charot.

    Salamat, Rachel. You represented the Philippines very well.

    • If she did all that (fierce, pasarela, relevant back story, etc) and yet she still failed to enter top 5, only then will I conclude that yes, destiny was not on her side… Gawin muna ang nararapat,.angkop at kaya, bago pagbintangan si destiny na yan.. Gets?

      • gloria diaz is more authoriative in saying as a former MU winner you can be hell prepared for this but if the stars dont align in your favor or you get the wrong set of judges, its not going to happen baby 😀

  17. SI PIA MAY KASALANAN! chaaarrrrootttt NO YOU CAN”T BLAME PIA sa kinalabasan ng Miss U 2017 and Rachel’s Top10 finish.

    1. Hindi lang po si Pia ang judge at huwag maging katulad ng baklang-kanto na sinasabing ayaw malamangan ni Pia at ayaw niya mawal spotlight sa kanya. SHE IS MISS UNIVERSE and she will always be same as GLORIA and MARGIE na mga oldies and beautiful but still being recognize to date. Sa tingin niyo sa pagiging competitive ni Pia ayaw niya mabigyan ang Pilipinas ng isa pang crown. Well expected na naman talaga na Pag ligwak si Rachel sisihin si Pia, at pag nanalo at pumasok man bilang runner-up ang ibang bansa sasabihin may Filipina judge so WALA talaga siyang ligtas sa bashers. For NOW I admire her silence swallowing those insensitive and hurtful rants by her FELLOW kababayans.

    2. Oh Rachel I was rooting for you and was praying religiously that some miracle will happen. Bago ka pa man umalis kinakabahan na ako kasi I haven’t seen you work with some legit and notable story/cause/charity. It is not TRUMP era but IMG and we have observed ano hinahanap nila WOMAN WITH SUBSTANCE or EMPOWERED WOMEN. I am not saying Rachel is not because my gulay RACHEL IS AN ACHIEVER. I trusted the surprise thing and more surprises na sinasabi that is why I was enthusiastic and very positive na mayroon nga at maibabalik sa Pilipinas ang crown. What went wrong for me (“MY” observation)

    2.1 — NO NOTABLE introduction and story: As what I have said we all know that Rachel is an achiever and a successful woman. Again umasa ako na ang surprise is at the finals makikita natin ang heavy-GAT resume ni Rachel. She graduated with not just one degree but two, she is well travelled and lived in 3 different countries (Thailand, Australia and The Philippines) and she is independent and entrepreneur (opening her own business in the surfing capital of the Philippines). With all those mentioned resume the “KF” camp should have made a impactful story.

    But when she was called at Top10 naku ang story is about surfing and her opening a cafè. Sabi ko sa sarili ko naku naman…. wala na talaga! lalo na when the rest were called with all those stories on the VTR good bye top5 na nga kahit flawless pa performance ni Rachel, Kahit ang ganda ng Gown (the most swanky and glitzy I have seen with Miss U Ph), kahit bigyan pa siya ni PIA ng PERFECT SCORE while others will give her a So so score, Kahit siya pa manguna sa fan votes waley 2 judges in favor sa kanya while count the remaining judges na magbibigay ng below average score.

    YES parang gusto ko i-blame ang KF camp sa ginawa nila kay Rachel.

    2.1.1 ——- He background as living in a multicultural country Thailand and Philippines and studying abroad at Australia with not just 1 degree but 2 I think is enough for KF camp to explore how Rachel as a independent and empowered woman being exposed to different culture and living environment.

    2.1.2 ——- Her being entrepreneur opening a business in Siargao, a tourist destination. They could have told how she’s helping promote the place and how it helps the community. And how her business contributes and helps to the locals pf Siargao.

    3. AGAIN GOWN – No don’t blame the gown it is gorgeous and one the best we have seen that a Miss Phil flaunted in stage. Maybe another color or little bawas ng slit (too much sexy ang high slit) but that gown… RACHEL is on fire!

    4. Her Aura on semi final is just a little, very very slight more radiant than at the finals. Parang nawala kaunti yung spark sa finals night. Mejo kulang sa gutom if we compare it sa mga pumasok sa top5. COLUMBIA is surprise when called top in AMERICAS kasi mas may makas at deserving pa sa kanya but gurrllll she advances to almost snatching the crown because as we have seen columbians are trained to starved and be hungry for the crown. Nanalalamon si Columbia kaya she became unstoppable at pumasok sa top3.

    From Pia a not so tall Miss U, to Iris who’s not so tall (maybe a little shorter than Pia) to Demie who is shorter than Iris. NAKU puwede na kahit di katangkaran basta empowered young pinay, yung hayok na hayok, gutom na gutom sa crown.PUWEDE NA!

    KF camp is not yet ready for an MU candidate, I feel sorry for RACHEL, if only her camp have the best preparation she wound have been our 4th Miss U. She is the best I have seen but the lackluster in story is the wall that prevents her to be on top5 and top3.


    Pasensya na pala sa SONA, adios amigos….. This is just my opinion from hibernating and not making a comment for ages I was busy praying for miracles and voting.

  18. Rachel looked beautiful last night, but she needed a “wow” gown to give her an edge and personality. A black gown ala MU PR ‘05 Cynthia Oliveira would have suited her much better. South Africa just had the “it”, though. Nothing and no one was going to stop her from snatching that crown. She sealed the deal when she walked out wearing that gown; she had Miss U written all over her just like Iris earlier this year…Even Miss Venezuela had Miss South Africa as her Miss Universe. When Steve Harvey was about to call out the second woman for the Top 3, Keysi mouthed out South Africa…Did anyone else notice this?!

    • Demi’s gown is perfect. though hindi ko talaga yun bet na bet.. that was perfect because na focus ang attention ng tao sa fez niya. sa fez tlaga.. nude with gold beads / details.. wala ka nang ibang titignan kung mukha na lang tlaga ni Demi. and that was a smart move.

    • OH MY GOD SHE REALLY DID!!! ANG SWEET NI VENEZUELA DUN SHEEEEMS. Pinanood ko ulit haha. That made me love her more aside from her performance the whole night. HUHUHU sana sya na lang kasama sa Top 3 instead of Colombia or Jamaica huhuhuhuhu

      here’s a video if you want to see it. Start at 0:40

  19. Rachel for me is one of the best if not the best MUP in recent history.
    Congratulations my queen!

      • the best was not good enough! The best for the Phils is not the best for the Universe.

        But i agree that Rachel is the most beautiful among the top 10.

    • Jeremi dapat listo kasi at Hindi takot sa Tao. Look at Colombia and Jamaica . They are ugly but they advanced into the top 3 .

  20. Just an observation..you can actually see the difference how KF and A and Q do the preparations for their ladies competing in MU. Honestly, I was expecting something different and beyond the usual this year from KF, and hoping that they learned from MU 2014 with MJ, after all the “pasabog” surprise performance they keep on saying on media,after the show, nothing has changed-MJ na MJ pa din ang performance. I guess, it’s better to give A and Q the MUP crown again-and if its true that MU 2018 is in the Philippines- better have Catriona Gray represent us..

    • actually.. i was expecting more from them din. pasabog dito. .pasabog doon. antay na lang kayo sa finals.. WHERE ARE THOSE PASABOG? lol

      Guys, ngayon..hindi enough na you can speak lang. you should be a good speaker/conversationalist. total package tlaga hinahanap nila.

      Ganda at katawang pede nila ibenta in terms of advertisement
      Comm skills na pwede nilang isabak sa mga events at mga charity works
      advocacy na pwedeng ipang build sa MUO.
      and of course, the personality na makakarelate ang mga tao.

      • Tenten – when asked to do her walk during her tv guestings “wag na.. sa las vegas na lan para surprise..” then again… same walk lang nung nasa ggv siya.

        I mean, people expected a lot from her (or them – trainers) kasi they keep on saying “may pasabog.. may gagawin pa.. may baon pa yan…” yet asan yun? People were waiting to see those.

    • I beg to disagree .
      It depends largely on the candidate.
      Look at Clenci . She was so fierce at MGI and her physical transformation from BP to MGI was great,
      Then look at Laura . She did not improve significantly physically from MWP TO MW and her walk was ‘anemic’ . I still like her though because of her great comm mm skills .

      • with barely 2 months of preparation how would you expect Laura to drastically improve physically from MWP to MW? With that amount of time malamang mas nagfocus sila on her BWAP, wardrobe, and styling. No amount of gym and healthy eating can drastically change you physically within 2 months given na may other areas ka pa to improve on. Yun ang concern ko actually, sana around June-July ang MWP coronation para may at least 3 months man lang yung mananalo to prepare, sana hindi nila sinasagad ng later in the year (Sept-Oct) kasi ang konti na ng time for prep

  21. Thank you Rachel! Don’t cry na. Sabi mo nga, everything happens for a reason.

    Guys… It’s not about the gown. though I must admit, i wanted her to wear something rich in color… and ibang style. it looks like kasi same lang halos ung cut ng prelims niya and finals gown.

    It’s not about Pia and all.. I now figured out ano ang kulang. everything was there e. the pasarela.. the body.. the gown.. she lacked commanding presence, emotion and convincing power.

    I mean look at Thailand, the way she walked during the evening gown.. it’s like she’s saying.. “look at me.. look at me.. not on my gown.. i look beautiful.. crown me.. i deserve to be one of the top 5…” Kulang sa ganon si Rachel..

    Rachel needed those extra oomphs.. yung pag naglakad ka. oh.. pak.. wala kayo.. tabi kayo.. dadaan ang reyna. that’s what was lacking. Like in her photos di ba? I keep on saying dito na her eyes is blank.. wala akong nakikitang emotion.. gigil power sa mata niya.

    Sayang at hindi nakita ng trainers niya yun. they just focused on her styling, wardrobes, pasarela and her legs.

    • and besides.. hindi ba nakaisip ang KF gawan si Rachel ng advocacy? I mean…

      1. Hindi ba nila naisip na isa na yun sa hinahanap ng MU ngayon?
      2. anong advocacy ni Rachel.. dapat naisipan nila yun. Maxine nga noon nag HIV/AIDS Awareness training pa.
      3. Kulang sa charity works si Rachel pre MU pageant. sana naisipan nila na empowering abused women. or simpleng feeding program.

      okay yung intro video niya e. pero kulang. as in.

      • Madam should send Catriona Grey next year pls pls pls. madam bring back to A&Q again the MUP… Rachel, she did her best but still lacked of sparks, fierceness and emotion that night which other girls had…. she is really beautiful both EG & SS, the problem is no much of fierceness…

        To Jonas, pls. hone Catriona grey to be more fierce and confident…. we need to bring back the crown and be the top 3 again next year.

        love you PH…

  22. Thank you Rachel for being a good representative for the Philippines. A Top 10 finish is respectable, I mean the gorgeous reps from Russia, Iceland, Mexico & Peru didn’t even cracked the semis. You just kept the semifinal placement going within this decade, a sign of a true powerhouse performance of a beauty pageant nation like the Philippines. Along with Venus, Shamcey, Janine , Ariella, MJ, Pia & Maxine, all of you girls will be the remarkable queens of the decade in the annals of Miss Universe history. I still love all of you Pinay beauty queens who ever represented and worn the Philippine sash in international competitions. Mabuhay ka, Miss Rachel Peters!!!!

  23. thank you, rachel!!!
    it was a pleasure following your road to miss universe 2017

    thank you, filipino pageant fans especially on this forum,
    it was a pleasure to see a more unified support for rachel
    and the over all classy response to her top 10 finish

    she might not be miss universe 2017
    but i feel there a very bright future for her

    remember gal gadot, miss israel 2004, did not win
    and look at her now

    as for her being more beautiful in motion/ in videos than photo stills
    well, maybe she was mean for the movies, you know “motion” pictures : )

    incidentally meghan markle just got engaged to prince harry
    i find a slight resemblance between her and rachel, especialy their coloring


  24. Phil performance 2014 and 2017 compare and contrast

    Miss Universe – Top 10

    Miss International – no placement

    Miss Earth – Winner

    Miss World – Top 20/Top 40

    Fil judges 2014 Manny Pacquiao and 2017 Pia Wurztbach

    For South Africa

    2014 – World 2017 – Universe

  25. She tried her very best and that is all we could ask of our candidates. She was relaxed and sweet onstage and was clearly a crowd darling.

    But lesson learned, once again. The evening gown consideration needs 100x intense scrutiny. I was hoping that she was wearing a practice gown when I saw it at dress rehearsals. It was underwhelming and had no dramatic effect.,, yes, it did show off her figure but there are more original and interesting ways to do that without the obvious slits, cutouts, sequins and feathers. Better luck next year.

    • i dont think the problem was the gown. it was her stance. Miss South Africa looked really like a Miss Universe coz of her stance. She has the Pia vibe smize look. She looks dramatic and her gown was nothing special. Rachel’s gown was good she just needs the oomph.

    • Our fashion designers at International & Universe delivered subpar performances this year. Can we not do better than this? Is this really the best of Philippine design? Where are the Kenneth Cobonpues & Vito Selmas of Pinoy fashion designers?

      • Val and Cary are excellent designers. I actually preferred the blue Val Taguba gown she wore a couple of days prior to the finals night. That gown, albeit in Pia Blue, would have looked better on stage and would have made more impact. I don’t think it’s the lack of talent that caused the disappointment in the gown, it was the strategy. Their strategy was to “highlight” her assets, but I think the goal should have been to give MU a Queen that would best represent the organization. Look at the recent gowns of the winners, almost all of them were regal.

  26. My takeaways this year:
    – Hindi na tayo natuto. Or ang camp? Thailand has learned that WALK, that AURA, that PROJECTION. Well except for the QnA.
    – Peters did great. Pero kulang sa eye contact. Please learn from Datul, Wynwyn. Ofcourse, Megan Young’s ‘think murder look.’ Plus Pia’s signature projection.
    – Learn from Venus’ walk. Hindi ba kaya ipractice yun? Or Janine’s. Thai has learned from it.
    – Sayang si Peters. Pero nakulangan sa styling.
    – Hindi natin kailangan ang FOREIGN looking rep. We need a Pretty Pinay doll looking na alam mong sa isang tingin, Philippines yan. I think the other camp has mastered that styling too. That’s individuality!
    – KF will learn MU eventually.
    – Nagagawan ng tamang positioning ang back story. Learn from AnQ.
    – Kailangan natin ng rep na gutom sa crown.

    K thanks. Bye!

    • On another note, Congrats, Rachel! Salamat sa lahat. Thank you for still making it to the cut. Atleast may pinas pa din sa evening gown and Ss round. You made us all proud. Sorry for the constrcrit. Para lang sa pagmamahal sa bayan natin un. Lab u. K thanks. Bye!

    • Baby, valid points all. Parang wala yatang overall strategy ang KF pagdating sa Miss U except to teach catwalk and that seems a bit old school pa. Judges and viewers need to feel a strong and undeniable will to win without being obvious. Pia’s a perfect example of that.

      • Same fate as MJ. Parang bigla nawala sparkle nung finals night mismo…which is the most important moment na. Nawala fierceness. E lahat lamunan na kahit alam mo pagod na pagod at stressed na stressed lahat pero naglalamunan pa din sa projection. Not the gown, but how you carry it. Not even the curves and legs but how you project it. Hairstyling very-MJ din.

    • Yup! yun di nasa isip ko.. wala syang pia eyes, the smize look.. South Africa took it.. the sexed up look.

    • I agree with you guys. Yun din ang hinahanap ko kay Rachel, yung tipong nakikipaglaro ang tingin sa camera, sa judges at sa audience. I remember Pia, yung pag-ikot nya sa evening gown portion pagharap nya parang seryoso ang mukha tapos biglang ngingiti. Yun ang hinahanap ko kay Rachel.

      I still love you Rachel. You are one of the most beautiful candidates. Thank you for representing our country.

      • Rachel opted to showcase that sweet vibe mala Olivia Jordan kaso kinulang sa sweetness. Dapat mas naging playful pa siya. On the other hand, c MJ naman really did her best to give justice to her gown, todo project din naman siya pero hindi talaga nakatulong unlike rachel who has better gown.

    • pero.. hanggang kelan nila matututunan yun? I mean in the process kasi of ‘learning’ what MU wants…. may masasayang at masasayang na Pinay.. but yeah.. hindi pa ba natuto ang KF sa nangyari kay MJ? lol wala lang. nasasayangan ako kay rachel talaga

  27. Why in a hell that the Miss U will be going to the Philippines? Parang sinabugan mo an ng asin yung sugat ng mag Filipino. Maybe next time but not too soon. After ditching our rep come on where is your decency? Anung gusto nila bakit Hindi nalang sila pumunta sa Thailand o sa South Africa diva. Imbyerna ako ha. Gagamitin nanaman yung mga Filipino.

    • actually. it’s the other way around. Pilipinas ang gagamit sakanila. because the top 16 will be tourism ambassadress and they will promote tourist spots here in Philippines.

    • Agree it is too soon. And right it is like adding insult to injury. Or salt to wound as you said. But if it is the DOT that will sponsor, they better milk it for tourism purposes.

  28. I was hoping Rachel was going to continue the Philippines’ uninterrupted placement streak in Miss Universe for the 8th year — and she succeeded.

    Thank you Rachel! Congratulations on a job well done in representing the Philippines, and delivering a Top 10 finish in the most prestigious beauty pageant in the world — the UNIVERSE rather!

  29. I wish Steve didn’t ask that question about the fans. Napaka-cliche na tanong. Rachel couldn’t work around it much. If I were Rachel, I would have answered, “Filipinos strive and work hard at anything we put ourselves into be it in our professions or pasttimes. I feel sorry for the other candidates who don’t have fans to cheer them on. What do you care Steve? They paid expensive tickets making this shinking ship stay afloat before it goes away into insignificance because nobody is willing to host it. And we’re hosting again next year? Chavit is still recouping his losses. And you want us to host again? What kind of marketing team does MUO have? You can’t hire better people? You better make me win and I’ll host the ladies next year in my cafe in Siargao. Just drink coffee for three weeks. Let’s see if Lu Sierra doesn’t shut her lid about “look at the face.” But I’m shy and sweet! Who is she but a has-been. By the way, I wish you don’t host anymore next year. You have the worst lines and quips. I don’t find you funny at all. That is how I feel about the Filipino fans.” Lol Seriously, what can she say but thank you. What a STUPID, UNINSPIRED question! Fire your writer!

  30. Huwag na magpadala ng maganda at dapat Myers-Briggs test muna. On a serious note, she did her best. Congratulations, Rachel na sayo na ang lahat including one of the most supportive and critical fans. You don’t need a crown for your achievement. You did your best.

  31. gone are the golden years of Philippines
    sliding out of the top
    next year top 16 finish
    then clapper for 40 years

  32. It seems IMG-MUO is looking for a candidate who aside from physical beauty has an outstanding individual brand thru advocacy that can translate, provide, and sustain staying power of MUO in the business and it’s new image in the international community.

  33. Who do you guys think will be a good candidate next year for MU. Obviously pretty isn’t enough , good communication skills is not enough as we learned from Rachel. I’m not sure about Cat she just lacks that spontaneity and bubbly quality that IMG wants. Not to mention her face is not that stunning. Charmaine E just doesn’t have the background story or occupation to make a strong bid either . Hmmmm

      • Catriona NO, Winwyn YES, I can imagine her slaying that Miss Universe stage ala Miss Colombia this year who was not even that tall but full of personality.

    • for me there’s no really a formula or a specific strategy to win. We have seen that time and time again, Pia was fierced and bubbly and determined to win, Iris wasn’t Pia at all and yet she won last year. Taller candidates used to win this time that’s not the case at all. Venezuela this year gave her all and yet fell short. I can go on and on. Indonesia has a package to win it all but was not even in the top 16 and so with Mexico. I have learned my lesson next time around , will just enjoy the show and support our candidate and let her enjoy the journey and not to put pressure on her. Until we are destined to win again then we would have our 4th Miss Universe but I’m hoping we don’t have to wait another 42 years. Cheers everyone and congratulations to Rachel for keeping the streaks going.

      • I think I agree with you. We should just watch and enjoy. There is no science out of it anymore. The “un-camped” ladies are winning MU. France and South Africa did not have formulaic trainings. They probably had general speaking, presentation, and walking practice and trainings, but nothing out of this world. And for girls from developing countries plucked from obscurity, they just need the same. Also, enough with the hype. Nakaka-drain ng energy.

      • The judges last year were past winners of MU and undoubtedly they chose someone who was a reflection of their own selves. This year the pageant is back in Vegas, and the judges are not beauty queens except Pia. The judges this time looked like they followed the IMG/MUO storyline to a T. A good thing for the camps to consider is how the panel of judges would think, not only along IMG lines but also individually. The styling and projection of the candidate can be adjusted accordingly.

    • Mga bakla kayo. Mag move on na kayo sa mga recycled girls. Marami pang iba jan. Para nyo na rin sinabi yan lang mga babae sa pinas. Pano mananalo kung lahat ipapattern nyo kay pia na ilang beses sumali? Worked once, may not work again. So…. Move on! My gad! Kaumay kayo!

  34. I was at the Axis theater watching Miss U live and I can tell how gorgeous Rachel was that night no doubt she should have been in top 5, but again the stars were not aligned for the Philippines to win its 4th Miss Universe title . Nevertheless Rachel did perform her best. I just want to say that when Rodgil was interviewed before he flew to Las Vegas, he said something like “abangan ang pasabog ni Rachel” if there was a pasabog maybe I missed it?

  35. Still a big congratulations kay Rachel. I guess what went wrong with her is the lack of fierceness, sweet na sweet ang aura nya, or naubusan sya ng gana knowing na napasama sya sa wild card finalist. Sana nagpakita pa sya ng fierceness at determination, knowing na si Jamaica pala ay kasama din nya sa wild card.

  36. Tips lang sa sasali uli sa MU 2018 dahil naexperience ko na to. 😄
    Pag natawag ka sa top 16/15/13/12 at may interview ipakita mo kaagad how confidently beatiful you are kc first impression yan ng judges at gusto kang mapakinggan pa more sa next round of interviews kc impressed na sila sa first interview mo.
    Pero kung alanganin ang sagot mo sa first interview ay they’re not interested to listen to you anymore sa next interview unless you’re better than the other contestants or you aced the SS and EG that qualifies you for the 2nd interview hihihi 😄
    Mahirap talaga isagawa ang confidently beautiful ano?
    Siguro dapat may reenactment/acting lessons to be confidently beautiful para chicken lng when you’re under pressure divahhh mga baklang pangit na nagtalitalinuhan pweee hihihi cherette lng😋🤗

      • Hay naku Iver, marami na akong naiambag sa blog ni Momma N at kinopya pa yata ng Miss Earth hihihi cherette 😄
        I’ll just give the job sa mga pangit na vahklang readers ni Momma N hihihi cherette lang😗🤗

  37. More chika. Nag selfie din pala ako with Bunga. Mukha syang malungkot. Mabait naman sya. Great Britain was wearing Leo Almodal gown ganda ng details up close. Naisip ko lang kung yun ang ginamit ni Rachel. Bagay sa kanya ang red. May pop of color. Isa kong friend na walang bias nakulangan sa pa video ni Rachel bakit coffee shop lang daw at beach, ni wala daw advocacy at platform unlike the others in the top 10. Sabagay. But sa palagay ko the crown was meant for either SA or Thailand. Sila ang prominent sa MU social media. As usual outside MU fans, residents and tourists had no idea there was even an event called Miss Universe happening. Sad. May chismis expect all the top 16 next month sa Manila may pa fashion show si Wanda. So MU 2018 in Manila? Gow Catriona! At least kung papalarin puede sya di ba?

    • Lucky you Dawn at naki-mingle ka with some of the candidates. I actually like Bunga, personality-wise, based on her selfies and video clips. Nagkataon lang na maraming galit talaga sa Indo.
      And it does look like na next year sa PH ulit ang Miss U. And yes, just like you, gusto ko sumalit ulit si Cat. Not sure lang kung 2018 is the right year for her to join. Parang mas gusto ko yata na sa 2019, if Manila will host MU again para di tayo ma-question at ma-bash na naman ng husto 🙂

    • Yup! South Africa was so visible in the videos parang nagpakahalat na favored to win talaga sya.

  38. She did her best. Congrats for top 10 that’s a big achievement . It’s not her fault that other girls had more compelling personalities or back stories. I wish her and her cafe the best of luck .

  39. Ipadala na si Catriona next year…gusto palang IMG ng mga pasweet….pasok sa bangga si Cat !!!

  40. Congrats to Indonesia !!! You are the el tocuyo awardee !!! o rodgil ha…sana magising kn sa katotohanan na di tlga pupuwede styling nyo na mala MJ Lastimosa…ayan oh…ginawa nyo kay Rachel tingnan nyo nangyari…di nyo pa tlga kuha formula ng MU…I HAVE TO ADMIT…A&Q Is still the best in training candidates for MU…lahat ng girls nila nag top 5…

  41. Pageant season is over! Universe lang naman talaga inaabangan ko 😊
    Excited to see next year’s Bb. Pilipinas batch 2018.

    • Supranational might be a saving grace this Friday … I saw Alaiza Molinao and Nancy Leonard in a picture with Jonas Gafud in Vegas. These two might be back for 2018. I really like Alaiza. I also remember Princess Camu who is really lovely but lacks communication skills.

      • Nancy already posed in a sexy Magazine…

        ALAIZA is the bomb! Sana sumali…and Princess Camu…napakalakas ng stage presence!

      • I cant help but join the conversation I was with nancy and alaiza .ke nancy mismo overage na sya alaiza wa daw both are now professional models in LA

  42. Having Rachel categorized in the wild card made her nervous as she admitted..it out balanced her, placing her out of sync, out of focus so to speak…in the crucial EG round, she failed to own the stage in that very limited seconds alloted..sadly, she failed to replicate if not improve her prelims performance..me pa wild card wild card pa kasi, na Hindi naman malinaw ang mechanics..you mean Ghana and Sri Lanka outperformed her in the prelims and interview? Kung social media votes ang basehan sa wild card, dapat pala Hindi na tau nagsayang ka ka RT..at Kay Thailand na binigay ang wild card slot.. Tyak, sya ang nawindang pag nagkataon…bwisit lang talaga yang dragging na 4-4-4-4 na yan!

    • I like the 4-4-4-4 but in the announcement , they should do it in random order. I think that would have been more exciting and more appropriate as nobody will be labeled as “wild card”

    • Nobody can teach someone to have fighting spirit. Look at Ara Arida. Kahit tinawag sya as Fan Vote winner, atake ng atake ang veks from swimsuit up to Q&A. Pag pasok, dapat laban ng laban. Remember 1/4 made it to top 3, 2/4 made it to top 5 and 3/4 made it to top 10. Being in the wild card didn’t mean your odds are lower.

  43. Why a gown like what Mexico’s kristal silva wore last MU….the gown that made her not enter the top 5…I envisioned Rachel in a gown similar to Dayana Mendoza (MU2008)…in red or yellow…and a pasarela like what she did in BBP or just like what Dayana did…oh well…she did her best…top 10 is no mean feat considering maraming favorites at perceived front runners ang ligwak sa top 16…though I could have been happier if she reached top5 and do a Q&A…I know she can answer well….Congratulations Rachel !!!

    • I get a Nikki Gil vibe from Rachel (shy type) while for Jamaica, I get a Jennifer Hudson vibe

  44. To continue, stalk kami ng mga kandidata after the show. Selfie selfie. Ganda ni Peru kaya lang she was left alone dragging her luggage after the show. Ni walang assistant. Unlike Rachel daming mga Pinoys na nag body guard around her at tinalo pa si Demi sa dami ha ha. Di makapag selfie ang mga fans tuloy. She was crying while waiting for the elevator nandoon si Harley and classy Clenci na cool pa rin. and I felt sad for her so I began to chant PHILIPPINES to comfort her. Follow naman ang ibang mga Pinoys. Lol. Nasa Instagram ko yan lol. Nakita ko the ever kind Tito Rodgil and i asked kung isasali nya si Janicel sa Miss World Philippines. Di pa daw sure. Nga pala nakita rin namin si Ara na naglalakad sa Strip na naka over the knee Boots and military cap. Ganda nya talaga. Mesmerizing. Dare I say mas nagandahan ako sa kanya with light make up than Rachel with MU make up really up close. Peace. Anyway, mabait ang family Peters. They thanked me for supporting Rachel when I told them Rachel made us all proud. Win some lose some.

    And many thought Jamaica should have been 1st RU or even the MU kaya may booing from the audience when she was called first. In fairness, sa mock top 5 and top 3 rehearsal pa lang bongga na mga sagot nya kaya alam ko she’d make the cut. Congrats Jamaica! But can I tell yah? Naging ghetto sya kase she went incognito when she left the Axis. Naka Miss Universe hoodie to cover her prominent hair. When I recognized her and called out Miss Jamaica sinabihan ba naman sya ng handlers nya ng go run. Kalokah parang nasa Bronx lang lol. Anyway my Miss Universe experience my 6th time was fun fun fun. Sabi nga nila what happens in Vegas … so until next year ulit!

    • I really felt Jamaica should have been 1st RU. D ko type beauty ni Colombia mukhang “maangas” ang dating. And I didn’t feel the sincerity ng sagot niya sa final question 🤥🤓😊

    • Hi Dawn. Para kami nandun na din sa shinare mong first hand experience. Thank you so much. God bless you and more blessings. Kaka-happy. =)

  45. I was really hoping for a top 3 finish for Rachel because the crown this year was so difficult to win. South Africa is one of the tightest competition who can easily snatch the crown away from Rachel.

    I was so excited in anticipation of a Philippines, South Africa, Jamaica top 3 … but not meant to be.
    Congratulations to Rachel Peters for a job well done.

  46. So Mr Tinio, pupunta pala ang mga finalist dito kasama ang MUO, that’s according sa translated video ni Maria Ehren. Ito yata ang ganap ni Wonder Wanda?

  47. First of all congratulations Rachel for sustaining the streak and for representanting the Philippines really well. I’m in Vegas still and have moved on after what the others think was a “disappointing” finish. So we were at the Axis and seated just two rows behind the Peters (Rachel’s family) to our right and the South African delegation to our left, the Thais to our back and the Colombians in front of us. So imagine the pandemonium during the entire show. Anyway after the continental Top 4 was announced for Asia, everyone knew in our area that Rachel would be part of the wild card even the Colombians thought so too. So kampante kami. Daddy Peter and brother Peter stood up everytime Rachel made the cut. And so were all the Pinoys. Medyo sad lang ako ng konti and the Peters too when she didn’t crack the top 5. The Colombians and the Thais were saying sorry to me after and next year na Lang daw bumawi. I’m sure masasaya sila ng dito nakapasok si Rachel naalis ang tinik lol. the Thais were disappointed after Maria’s Top 5 interview. Di sila happy sa sagot ng bet nila. Mga Colombians naman asang mananalo si Laura. Of course I comforted after pero secretly masaya ako di sila nanalo ha ha. SA delegation were hugging each other and crying after the other Peters won. Di ko nakita si Melinda Bam eh kase I wanted to congratulate her sana. Sorry haba ng kwento ko lol

    • waterloo ng mga thai ata ang Q&A…chalita and fahsai didn’t gave an impressive answer…and itong si Maria nman ngaun…honestly I’m disappointed how she handled the q&a…although sya pinakamahirap na tanong sa top 5…minalas…di tlga para sa kanya ang crown

    • Grabe Dawn – ano pa susundan natin na alpha pageant Kung lahat Ang wonky Ng selection process

    • Thanks for all the post MU on the sideline scoop mo, Dawn 😁😁😁. Glad you had lotsa fun 🤡🤡🤡 ! What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas 😄😄😄. FILIPINO fans are the best in the world, the Universe, rather 👏👏👏

  48. Maraming salamat, Rachel ! Sans the crown, you still have the charm, beauty and demeanor that I love from the start ! I still believe a top 5 finish would have been fair and deserving, but, as I have said, you win some, you lose some ! Thank you for keeping our MU placement on track and proving to the universe how beautiful and competitive we, Filipinos are 🙂 🙂 🙂 Please enjoy what’s left of your U.S. trip and have a safe flight back home !

  49. Hindi pa din ako nka move on sa Miss Universe edition na to. It is no longer enough to be just drop dead gorgeous. Shy does not cut it anymore. Kailangan pala takaw eksena like Mutya Datul, Wynwyn Marquez, Ara Arida, Venus Raj na panay emote sa camera.

    So sad kung pinakuda lang sana sa microphone si Rachel bka taob pa nya ang top 3.

  50. You were the perfect candidate amongst all we sent to Miss Universe! Thats a fact!!! Thank you Rachel.

  51. Okay na sana tong write up eh. Kaso minention pa yung walang spark or personality daw si Rachel. Hays, di ko alam kung ngpapasalamat nga or kinukutya si Rachel. Kala ko sensitive ang blogger. At this point, kahit naman sports si Rachel sa pgkatalo nya, may frustration pa din yan, and hearing those words from someone na ngpapasalamat daw would not help. It’s like telling her indirectly na oy ngkulang ka. And it is painful for someone who did her best and gagawin ang lahat paransa bansa.

    Palibhasa maka-A&Q eh

    • Kaloka😄
      Mj na Mj ang kilos at mukha hihihi
      Pero kung c baklang Mj ang nagsuot ng gown ay may pose pa yan bago naglakad na gumiwanggiwang na parang lasing yung bewang hihihi cherette 😋
      You did your best and I’m happy “we didn’t did it Indionisia” cherette 😗

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