244 comments on “Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters of South Africa wins Miss Universe 2017

  1. Colombia was only gifted for 2 consecutive years by the MUO because of the hullabaloo 2 years ago which is way too much, and they let Pia hold one of the judges seats to seemingly show that even if there’s a Filipino judge, Philippines is yet unable to crack the top 5 and Colombia can still place and even win the whole enchilada. Very wise and smart move MUO.

  2. Sayang si Rachel. Everything worked for her. From the hair to the styling. Kinabahan lang siguro pero kung ang persona nya nun ay parang sa BBP siguro nag place pa siya higher. But still for a non pageant girl she did good. Nagkabaliktad sila ni MJ Lastimosa. Kung si MJ noon exuding with confidence kahit pangit ang suot tapos ito namang si Rachel maganda ang mga damit pero parang nahiya at kinabahan.

    Next time ang dapat na ipadala natin may advocacy, good talker, good stage presence parang si Pia noon.

    Buti binalik na ang Mikimoto. Bet na bet ko ang crown na yun very unique and expensive looking. Sana ginawan na lang nila ng new design or niremix yung Mikimoto crown but still maganda pa din after so many years.

  3. Factors which led to Rachel’s loss:

    1. She was not the best walker.
    2. She was not the prettiest.
    3. She did not have the most interesting backstory.
    4. She came from the wrong continent: 2014: South America, 2015: Asia, 2016: Europe, 2017: Africa
    5. She’s in a relationship.

    Ask yourselves, saan ba nag stand out si Ate rachel? If wala, mag eexpect ba talaga tayo na mananalo siya?

    Stop blaming Pia. Stop making excuses. She was just not the best last night.

  4. Tough luck for Thailand. They could have won MU and ME this year had their delegate not falter in the Q&A rounds.

    • It’s truly their weakness. Biruin mo, Maria is a lot more fluent in English than Chalita, so kung tutuusin may vibe na she’ll have no problems getting a final two spot pero talagang waley. Anyway, she and Rachel got rattled in different segments, hence their non-inclusion in the final three/two. Si Rachel naapektuhan dun sa wild card call out niya, at si Maria nawalan ng disposisyon after ng weak SS presentation niya. Sinubukan nila ma-overcome ang nerbyos pero hindi naging sapat.

    • it’s their waterloo…dapat duon sila magfocus next time…sa Q&A training…akala ng mga tao porket fluent sa english c maria ok na…eh wala pla sense sumagot…pang ME answer nya…mother earth daw…hihihi

  5. I wish FK brought the Rachel Peter’s twirl (in a more flowy gown) in the evening gown competition ala Bb Pilipinas. That energetic, youthful, playful and vibrant Rachel Peters would have brought all the vecks at Planet Hollywood to their loudest cheers…. Hihihi.

    • Super agree. She should wear a flowy gown with plunge and slits with prints just like Miss Paraguay 2006.

      • or Dayana Mendoza’s gown…and pasarela…mas maganda pa pasarela ni Rachel sa bbp kung tutuusin

      • she’s stunning
        the gown looks very casual for an evening gown, though
        but i’d rather see something more like this than more of the gold,
        crystal embellished ones

    • 4M super agree ako since she is not naturally fierce. so That twirling gown is very fit on her plus points yan pasok sa banga kahit ngumanga pa sya ala MJ at ngiti ng ngiti. unlike don sa gown nya hinde nadala ng smile lang. may mga nadadala sa smile lang pero hers is not enough. hinde nila tinuruan ng fierce move so sana ganun na nga lang ang plan sa gown. kahit pa may hiwa na ung dulo ng gown she should walk that gown with fierce move. Pero Maganda sa kanya ung gown nya.

      • Now I will replay Rachel’s twirl until the next BbP…hihihi.

        South Africa definitely was copying Pia last night. She even mentioned confidently beautiful “with a heart” in the backstage..hihihi

  6. Has any of you thought that Pia Wurtzbach’s answer during her time could also be a good material to be used for the last round of Q & A last night?

    And so we have a new Miss Universe. Miss South Africa deserved it. I think her victory was already felt the moment her name was called to the Top 16. She was glowing and her momentum was there! She did okay in swimsuit and she carried her gown really well despite its budget cut in the bottom part and the not-so-flattering top. Demi’s confidence was noticeable on camera as she often smized and that her poise was extant. She may be lacking in height, but that is not an issue at all, because her physique was well proportioned. Congratulations, Demi!

    Actually, my heart went to Jamaica all along until the Top 3 Q & A. Jamaica’s beauty is a joy than the canary yellow gown she wore. She’s full of charm. She was a delight in swimwear and her gown was fabulous! She was confident and she delivered her answer perfectly well during the first round of Q & A. I thought she could nail the last round of Q & A, but, to my dismay, she answered the question in an unorganized manner. Nevertheless, she meaningfully delivered and I felt that she did it from the heart.
    She was my first runner-up.

    In all honesty, I was surprised when Miss Colombia made it in the cut. I thought her beauty was average, in that you can find such a look in Plaza de la Constitucion in Mexico. However, she topped the swimsuit round with her perfect swimsuit body. Oh, la la! And her gown, her gown! Val Taguba has to learn a lot from Miss Colombia’s gown designer. I just did not like her answer for I did not feel her sincerity in delivering it.

    As regards Rachel Peters, I am there with all the fans who were disappointed in her misplacement. Rachel could make it until the final round, but she lost spark and was badly styled! She was a plain looking Miss Costa Rica in her hair, and her gown, though a lot beautiful than Maxine’s last year, was please-make-me-a-lot-busier-with-unnecessary-tulle-and-embellishments. It’s very 90’s! Anyhow, I am still proud of her because she did a good fight. She continued the country’s inclusion in the most prestigious pageant in the world! Thank you, Rachel.

    Miss Thailand was a surprise in the Top 10. She was in the league of Miss Ireland because of their forgettable swimsuit presentation, really.

    I was also wondering why Misses Canada and China made it in the cut.


    – Pia’s fake tan did not give justice to her.

    – Lu Sierra’s commentaries made her the certified “tita” of the candidates. Could she not style her hair differently?


    – Ashley Graham has improved her hosting

    – Iris Mittenaere’s gown was the real winner of the night

    • Yup, Iris Mittenaere’s red Michael Cinco gown was memorable—to-die-for. Wish Rachel could’ve had something more special in terms of design as well. At any rate, the streak remains. And that is something to celebrate. Also, Jonas just posted a picture on IG of him with Alazia Malinao & Nancy Leonard in Las Vegas. These two could possibly be 2 of A&Q’s entrants in Bb Pilipinas 2018

  7. hindi ko pa napanood ng buo ang MU17 but I would like to raise some observations.

    1. beneficial ba sa lahat ng candidates especially for the philippines yung bagong format in determining the top 16? it seems sa case ni Rachel mukhang pumasok lang sya dahil sa social media or fan votes. paano kung yung performance nya talaga is pasok sa top 12 kaso for asia and africa 4 lang ang kailangan. pero pwede din the other way around. hindi talaga sya pasok sa top 12 pero dahil sa fan vote nakapasok sya. 

    2. may kinalaman kaya ang pagkaka-upo ni Pia as a judge kaya hindi nakapasok sa top 5 si Rachel. maybe Pia is playing safe na hindi maakusahang bias sya. pwede din na ayaw nyang may maka MU ulit from the philippines kasi iiksi ang reign nya, 2 years may kapalit na agad.

    3. on beauty camp. 2nd KF entry toh starting from Venus in 2010. both MJ and Rachel hanggang top 10 lang ang inabot. would it safe to say mas ok ang training ng A&Q or mas kuha na nila ang timpla ng MU.

    yan lang muna sa ngayon. #MissUniverse #Philippines

    • Just additional, There are 5 or 6 judges seated Pia ay isa lang… Even Pia gave 10/10 hindi pa rin kayang ei balance ang scores ng 5 judges kung binigyan lang si Rachell 7/10. Plus aminin nyo na her Performance during EG is lacking confidence and sparks… she looks worried SS palang.. plus mo pa jan some of the judges ay judges na rin during prelim at walang pinag kaiba ang presentation nya both episode. I must say her camp and BPCI personal assessment ko lang has no option or game plans… no drama ika nga…

    • I want to answer this!!!!

      Yung Top 10 po predetermined na po un. Kaya lang dahil sa request ng fans na gawin top 16 at reklamo na di nakakalusot ang ibang lahi, the organisation decided to include six more ladies and to give each region a minimun number of semifinalists.

      6 AMERICAS
      4 EUROPE
      2 AFRICA

      Yung nag top 10 sa prelims ito

      Sila lang talaga original na semifinalists but in order to give more slots of representation per region they decided to have wildcards which happen to be the following girls in asterisk showing the ranking per region. And the one with highest fan vote are called first with two asterisk.

      1. South Africa
      2. Ghana*
      1. Thailand**
      2. Philippines
      3. Sri Lanka*
      4. China*
      2.Great Britain*
      3. Croatia*

      There is no real wildcard from Americas because all 6 are top10 semifinalist. Sri Lanka, Croatia, Ireland, GBritain, China, Ghana are wildcards and they just presented as top16 quarterfinalists just to show balance of representation. The top 10 is predetermined and the set of calling names in top 16 is intentional just to excite the viewers.
      Thailand, Colombia, and Spain are fan votes winners that is why they secure a spot on their respective region regardless of how they scored in the prelims. That is why they called first in eaxh region because they are qualifiers already for the top 10.
      After the evening gown competition of top 10 finalists. The ave combined scores from SS and EG is tabulated to determin whos going to Top 5.
      After the Q&A of Top 5. The 3 girls who scored highest for that round alone will advance to Top 3. The SS abd EG is no longer tabulated and treated as scrap.
      Afyer the top 3 answered the Final question, the judges will have a final impression of each girls and when the final look occured, the judges should now have to decide how they rank the 3 remaining girla. They will score the girls 1,2 and 3. whoever have the smallest score will be the qinner among three girls.

    • Why single out Pia? I guess Pinoy fans need to learn how to accept defeat with grace. Let’s be honest Ms SA deserved her win. While I was rooting for Rachel, she came across looking intimidated even shy in her EG. Pinoy fans are just so hard to please. Please let’s move on. Congratulations Ms Rachel Peters, you did your best and you looked your best. Chin up! Be proud!

      • Beauty alone isn’t enough. Bago lang natapos ang MU. Its clear what MUO is after. Unfortunately, beauty, brain and talking isnt enough.

      • I don’t think kailangan may backstory. South Africa just happens to be uncommon beautiful and personable.

      • If Sirene really wants it badly she needs to join a beauty camp. Yes she can take pride on being an independent candidate KUNG mananalo sya, pero let’s face it, chances of winning are higher if there’s a team that’s handling all your waterloo. Imagine mo na lang kung natrain sya ni Nad Bronce, MAYBE she could have avoided her q&a mishap or at least have given a “passable” answer last BBP

    • I love Sirene. I’m a huge fan of her…. But besides her face, what else can she offer MUO?

      She does not have an impressive academic background. Nor an impressive career. Nor an impressive background.

      In otherwords, BB Pilipinas needs to send someone ala Pia. Great communicator, approachable, likeable, and has a very interesting and relatable background.

    • I think Patricia Magtanong will be joining Binibining Pilipinas next year. She will be graduating from law school by then. If she won’t join next year and decides to proceed for the Bar review, I think she will lose her interest joining the pageant as she will be waiting for the result of the Bar exams then. If she successfully makes it in the roll, then methinks she will forever bar herself from joining any pageant. In the Philippines, was there already a lawyer who was convinced to join a beauty pageant?

      Patricia Magtanong has been a ramp model with a towering height of 5’9″ and owns a beautiful face. I think she can give Catriona Gray a good fight if the latter decides to join BbP next year, but Patrcia will surely and simply run away with the crown.

  8. I am not surprised Rachel not making it to top 5. Actually, she is very lucky to even be at top 16. Thanks to the Filipino fans.

    Amongst the top 16, she had the weakest back story. All she talked about was “how much she liked to surf”… How is that background story going to compete versus the girl who had to work 2 jobs while finishing her college education? Or the girl who advocates deaf and making an app? Or what about the girl who has a Masters degree in communication and a successful model & host? Or how about the girl who is a scientist? Rachel’s back-story was Maxine 2.0. All Maxine talked about was how much “she like creating space…” Really?

    Also, that gown… May pa secret-secret pa… Tapos waley din pala? Typical pageant patty gown. It was definitely far greater than any of Barazza’s creation. But nothing “special” to be kept a secret.

    Also, let’s face it. Rachel was a lack luster. She has a nice body and a safe walk… That’s about it. She has a weak stage presence. She doesn’t “work” it. No smize. No fierceness. Pa cute lang on stage. Whatever happens happens. Filipino fans brought her to top 16.. Just like Maxine.

    There were far more deserving girls this time.


  9. I still have my “what ifs” and “it could have beens” with regards to Rachel’s performance in this year’s Miss Universe Pageant. I really think that she deserved a higher placement. I just really admire her with her beautiful face, awesome body, and that chill, carefree personality. Nevertheless, she may not have clinched that Mikimoto crown, she still made the Philippines proud. A top 10 finish is something to be happy about because she still continued our semifinalist placement since 2010. Congrats, Rachel Peters!

    PS: I feel sad for Bunga Jelitha for not entering the finals. I’d rather have her than Maria Poonlertlarp. I think she’s down to earth, unlike that cocky Thai representative.

  10. As I expected, the winner would be someone with a great personal brand. In a field of very beautiful women from all over the world, the one who would rise above the clutter is the one with a good back story to tell about her brand essence. What can be more powerful than a story of being held at gunpoint after crowning and continued to give motivational talks advocating self-defense!

    I observed that the branding direction of MU points towards women of high values and great character, e.g., power women. These attributes are easily seen in the advocacy embraced by a candidate. Without such, I think MUO sees a candidate simply as a hollow packaging with nothing much inside, unworthy of the brand claim “confidently beautiful”.

  11. Watching the pageant again now, the first four sa top 10 ng evening gown ay hindi nakapasok sa top 6. Usually judges reserve a high score around the middle to the last contestant. That is how judges score sports competition performances. That’s the disadvantage of being called first into the cuts. In sports, the first performers are the least scorers in the preliminary heats before the finals. That being said, Rachel was herself actually but others outshone her. Anyway, can’t cry over spilled milk.

  12. sad to see Thailand and Indonesia ‘devastated’ from what happened. But I guess.. lesson learned:

    Compete in Miss Universe to win… not to lose. Remember Ariadna?

  13. Congrats still to our bet, Rachel! Not bad placement.

    Let’s hope it will be better for PH in next edition.

  14. Beauty wise, Rachel was undoubtedly one of the most if not the most beautiful last night alongside Venezuela but I could sense that something was bothering her. Or maybe, she was already devastated when she was not called in as one of the finalists from Asia Pacific Group and that when she was called as one of the wildcards, she totally lost her spirit. But despite of that, she still deserved to be on the top 5, with Venezuela again. Venezuela and the Philippines should be in the top instead of Colombia and Thailand in this case I’m sure Rachel would have answered her way all the way to the top 3.
    Or maybe there are evil forces that brought Rachel down (one mentor and one protege) who were right there in the venue. Congrats to both of them. Mission accomplished.

    • (Kala ko ba last comment or final say mo na ek ek yung last post mo? Bakit may kuda pa rin? Lol. Labya Jeremi Dahlinnn!! Labia!!!! Minora or majora! Lol).

      Dear All,

      Let’s not over-analyze things. The Ms. Universe crown is a destiny. A candidate may possess all the right qualities or do all the right things and still not win. Let us happy for our own decent placement.

      World Peace.

    • I cant help it Dahlinnnn.
      Minsan lang ako nag all out support sa isang candidate at sya lang yung di ko pinintasan hahahaha

  15. Next year we have to send a very confident girl na may pasabog. Kung si Parul Shah lang sana sinabak nung 2014. At si Liz Clenci this year. Tuloy tuloy sana ang Q&A TRIUMPH naten sa Miss Universe.

  16. Colombia now have a miss earth elemental crown and a runnerup finish in miss U. they might win country of the year

    • In all fairness to Colombia ha! Since 2014, nasa top 5/3 sila..

      Paulina Vega – Winner
      Ariadna – Winner for 2 mins and ended up as 1st RU
      Andrea – 2nd Runner Up
      Laura – 1st RU

    • i tried to recreate how Missosology determines performer of the year. So far Venezuela is on top (460points Top8 ME, 2nd RU MI, Top40 MW, Top5 MU) followed by South Africa (420 Top15 MI, Top10 MW, Winner MU) tapos pangatlo Colombia (390 Miss Water ME, Top40 MW, !st RU MU). Subject to errors tho kasi i have no idea how Missosology allocates points for top 10 and top 15 delegates talaga

  17. My verdict the new Miss Universe is not well versed, the answer to the question was so so. I was told Pia really pull down Rachel coming from insider. Okay mga Veks isalang na si Catriona. paging uni ng sasali sa Binibining Pilipinas dapat yung ALA KAREN I as I kung sumagot ha. binibining Pilipinas Mika gets walang crown na maiiuwi ngayon year na ito.

    • Nawindang ako sa babaita na to. Di man lang ba niya kinonsider nung ini estyle niya ang poodle herdoo niya na what if manalo? Pano ipapatong ang korona? Kaloka, ano to nakalutang lang ang mikimoto crown sa tuktok? May Angola upside sana to kung inayos ang terrible hair and makeup at nabigyan ng nicer gown. Tagal narin since nanalo ang carribean(may winner na ba from the carribean?) at 6 years narin since sa last black winner ng MU. sayang si ateng. Mygad! Naistrezz ang hair ko sa patilya sa babaitang to!! 😂🤪🤯

    • her hair looks like a mushroom. don’t know if it’s a good or bad mushroom. that’s why she didn’t win

  18. Told you so, hindi ko nakikita mananalo si rachel, PRinoto type nila si rachel ke iris na parang reserved ang personality, baka ang hanap ng img ngayon ay mala pia, palaban! May energy! May strong will at determination manalo!

    • parang they were looking for someone na out going, bubbly pero with class. someone who can give them variety. emotions, personality. someone who can engage more with people, who can talk.

  19. Pansin ko lang yung winner parang miniature, shorter version lang ni Iris. Siyang siya si Iris kung gagawin mo lang mas maharot at pala bukaka ng mouth si Tita Iris. Same face peron yin and yang version sila. Laki ng bunganga pala ng top 2 this year noh? Pero after rewatching, in terms of beauty, sila talaga ang top 2 sa 5 na pinili. Malaki lang talaga bunganga nila 🤪🙀🍆🙊

    Eyniwaste, ang bait pala talaga ni Iris. Napakahumble niya lang. gusto ko yung “sisters forever”part dun sa farewell speech niya. I feel bad tuloy for her kasi di man lang niya na experience maging miss universe sa christmas or mag new year as miss universe. Di ko talaga bet ang “every other year” na ginagawa ng IMG na yan. Haha. Masyadong magulo at matagal ang wait, tapos bigla magugulat ka may MU na naman pero parang di pinaghandaan ang event. Dili man ako na excited sa MU edition na to, di ako masiyado invested kaya di ako masyado sad na di tayo top 5. Mas excited ako sa BBP 2018 at ang october(?) MU 2018 next year. Nako Pawla wag mo gawing January 2019 na naman yan. Pwede na ang 11 months reigh na hati in 2 years.

    Yun lang. I’ll leave you with this photo of Miss Universe 2017 na open wide lang ang peg. 🤩😵

    • ah, la belle iris!
      i started following her
      months before MU2016
      i saw some of her french national tv appearances
      she was witty, down to earth, bright, with great sense of humor and very approachable.

      there was one where she being interviewed in paris
      and she was joking self deprecatingly about her lille accent
      how the parisians mock them
      anyway, i met a lady from lille and it seems this humility
      is a northern french trait.

      i was curious too as mittenaere is not a very common
      french name it sound very flemish or belgian

      • I agree, sunkist!

        I watched some of her interviews on US media and she’s so self-deprecating in her humor! Very humble and truly approachable. She isn’t shy at all like most people think. She was just a little shy in the beginning of her reign because she wasn’t as fluent in English, but after she became more fluent, she was quite talkative! I think the new MUO wants an extroverted winner. Pia, Iris and Demi are all quite extroverted. That’s ok.

  20. Balita ko suicidal na daw ngayon si Indoneecha. Ayaw ko na sana inisin sila pero ang saya lang na after nila tayo lait-laitin tawaging “shameful baklas”. clapper at pang backstage lang ang inabot this year. (as if “gay”/ “bakla” eh derogatory word parin this 2017. Take note ha, ang mga tumatawag ng bakla sa aten eh if you check their accounts, mga sissie pukelyang bekiyatot na chakang mabahong indogs lang naman). Ang yayabang after makatikim ng unang crown sa MI eh yun pa lang naman ang napatunayan. Yan na karma tuloy sa pinaka important na pageant. Lol.

    Balik sa homophobic, corrupt, terrorist country si bunggak. Balik sa mga nanlalatigo ng bakla si ateng. Haha, katuwa lang sa IG dahil gerahan talaga ang indog at philippines. Sa aten parin ang last laugh. Final na sampal sa mga haliparot. Labetttt!! Talaga namang WE DEEDDD ITTTT INDONEEECHAAAAA!!

    • ask nga ako ng Indonesian friend ko… bakit daw kaya ndi nakapasok sa MU ang Indonesia… buti pa raw sa MW… sabi ko… sa MU kc may CRITERIA! wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    • be strong bunga
      the thing i love about her is her energy
      and sunny disposition
      i hope this set back doesn’t affect too much

  21. sarap magbulalas ng saloobin ngaun… wahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    Assessment ko in general…
    1. Hindi naman ako die-hard n super nationalistic pero nairita lang ako sa pagkalaban sa atin ng mga Indonesians and Thais… unang-una… if not for us Pinoys… ndi maiisip ng MUO n malaki palang market ang Southeast Asia… ndi maiisip ng Cambodia at Laos n sumali n rin.

    Sa amin kayo kumukuha ng ideas pero mga ingrato kayo na kami pa kinakalaban niyo…

    I am actually a professor here in Vietnam and I always tell my students… wag n wag nyung kakalabanin sa pambababash at panlalait ang mga Pinoy kasi ndi kami nauubusan ng reasons sa buhay… ikamamatay nyu once kami kinalaban nyu sa kudaan… PINTAS kung PINTAS!

    I admire the likes of Malaysia at Myanmar na alam lumugar…

    2. MUO… gaya ng sabi ni Rene Salud… artistahin ang hinahanap nila… dba nung artista ang sinali natin… NANALO! Hindi sila naghahanap ng Supermodel type.

    Individual Assessment TOP 16
    Asia Pacific and Africa
    What happened to Indonesia? nawala ung Leah Padilla/Melanie Marquez aura nya… pinalitan nila ng Jinky Vidal look. Gusto ko pa naman cya. So malamang ligwak n sila sa Country of the Year na pangarap nila this year. Special mention kay Cambodia.

    1. Thailand- ung papersonality effect nya kuno… borderline sa pagiging COCKY… maganda cya… true… pero there’s something wrong with her… ung smile, styling, and even ung paglalakad. Another thing… ung SS nya… ano b tinatago ni ate? cya lang nagONE PIECE.
    Advice sa Thailand… artistahin hinahanap ng MUO… try nyung isali si Tia Taveepanichpan.

    2. Sri Lanka- very Maegan Young.

    3. Ghana- Alek Wek meets Kenisha Thom.

    4. South Africa- maganda mukha pero the body… pero GOOD CHOICE for a winner… at least walang gulat factor gaya ng ibang pageants.

    Just like in any other edition… napapasok sila sa semis pero after 1st round… laglag… What happened to Germany?

    1. Spain- may mali lang talaga sa GOWN.

    2. Ireland- very Miss World or International.

    3. Croatia- kung last year cya sumali…. pasok cya sa next round… makakalaban nya c Canada 2016.

    4. Great Britain- beautiful pero kulang pa. Sali cya sa Miss World.

    The Americas
    Pinakapalaban na group… Peru, Panama, Chile… sana naisama sila.

    1. Colombia- iba talaga nagagawa ng charisma at confidence… At one point… naisip kong pwedeng cya ang manalo.

    2. USA- Great styling… confident pero ndi sobra!

    3. Brazil- catwalk, styling… one of my favorites… sana lang ung gown mas OK.

    4. Canada- mukhang naghanda pero the gown… what happened?

    Tamang-tama ung title… sila ang nagpaWILD sa audience… binuhay nila dugo ng mga nanunuod. Mas buhay pa sana if Mexico or Puerto were called.

    1. Philippines- maganda cya kaso mali cya ng taon n sinalihan… kasi mala Leila Lopes cya eh.

    2. Venezuela- her styling… body to die for and ung simpleng gown nya… grabe! I was rooting for her.

    3. Jamaica- she talks very well… pero LET’S FACE IT… mahina sa catwalk. She reminds me so much of Maecy Gray.

    4. China- SUPERMODEL

    Swimsuit… dapat ndi napasok sa next round si Thailand… dapat dun kay Ghana or Sri Lanka… or China. Best body- Philippines pero nilamon cya ng husto sa performance nina Brazil at Venezuela.

    Evening Gown… same thing… may issue ako sa balikat nina South Africa at Thailand. USA’s gown was great.
    *Feeling ko kinatakot na talaga ng MUO na makapasok pa sa kudaan portion cna USA, Canada, Philippines, and even Brazil… need manalo ng either Thailand or SA.

    Q&A… Venezuela, Colombia, and Jamaica should have been the TOP 3.

  22. Ashley Graham was the best worker of the evening, followed by Carson Kressley. Lu Sierra should stay behind the cameras. Steve Harvey looked and sounded so disinterested already , just after 3 years of hosting. I still love Bob Barker the most ! Those were the days…

    • i also love Ashley… love nya c Philippines… un namang isa… saksakan ng pagiging bias.

      • true. kulang na lang ia nnounce niya.. I love South africa.. ohhh MUO go crown her already!

  23. Prior to the finals, kinabahan talaga ako about Rachel. Tapos when she did not get called sa Asia, I was really devastated. Pero pasok sa Wild Cards. Honestly, she did AMAZING tonight. Ang Ganda Nya. Flawless ang performance. She gave me a Paulina Vega vibe tonight, kaya nga I was expecting her to make it to the top 3. Lalo na nung tinatawag na ang Top 5. Rachel was standing in the middle looking so REGAL. Bet na bet ko ang aura. Pero si Colombia pa nakapasok instead of her…

    Honestly, I did not like Colombia, She’s the weakest MU Colombia rep ever. I don’t know what the judges saw in her. Ang tapang ng muka. The fact that she placed better than Jamaica, I was like wtf. LOL.

    PERO, I’m not mad at South Africa! I think she’s extremely beautiful, she has personality and she speaks well! She did amazing tonight. Considering how atrocious her prelim performance was. Demi definitely turned it around tonight!

    One thing I noticed, lahat ng nakapasok sa Top 5, maganda ang back story. Rachel’s back story wasn’t there. It was too chill and laid-back which is Rachel’s personality. Simple island girl lang si Rach. Perhaps IMG wasn’t that fond of Rachel’s branding. oh well!

    • Also I dont get Sri Lanka’s and Ghana’s placement over Rachel’s sa category nila…. Did Rachel screw up in her interviews that bad that she did not make it sa Top 4 sa continent nya.

    • Also, I don’t think nakulangan is Rachel. I think she was just being herself. She’s not like Pia or WynWyn or Catriona na super fierce sa stage. Rachel is very mahinhin.

  24. My thoughts..

    Top 16 deserve their placements. Philippines entered as wild card because her evening gown presentation during preliminaries was not that strong unlike her swimsuit presentation. Nonetheless, I was happy that she was included.

    Top 10 were almost deserving except for Thailand. I thought Great Britain or Ireland had better body and presentation than her. But I felt she was a MUO favorite and so the org let her entered Top 10.

    I thought Rachel look divine in her Long Gown. Though its in silver, I thought the silhouette accentuated her great physique and it had enough sparkle to compete with the rest. I really thought she should have been part of the Top 5. However, upon reviewing her presentation, it did lack a bit of energy and charm. She looked down to the floor a lot and did not flirt with the camera at all. She looked nervous and perhaps judges saw that. Another factor could be her advocacy. It wasn’t mentioned at all in her video introduction unlike the other finalist. Her team should have highlighted too her business in events and entertainment then showed her love for the beach. Or she could have at least launch a program that is related to her love for ocean or better yet for fisherman.

    I don’t like Thailand swimsuit presentation but I think she stood out in the long gown segment. The color had a lot of impact and it made her stood out along with Jamaica. But Jamaica’s hairstyle should have been fixed to make it more suitable to her gown. My least favorite would be South Africa’s gown. The gown was short and I didn’t like the shoulder detail.

    After’s Rachel exclusion in the Top 5, any winner was fine with me. I have accepted Rachel’s fate and I would like to thank her for doing her best in representing our country.

    • Nasa wildcard si Rachel otherwise Yung slot ni Sri Lanka mapupunta sa kanya. Ganun din si Keysi otherwise lose ang Brazil with that hideous gown in the preliminary.

    • actually. nakulangan ng presentation in terms of advocacy. anong ipaglalaban mo pag nanalo ka. anong ginagawa mo as a queen to give back. instead of beach, surfing and business.

  25. Alam kasi ni Jonas na malakas ang kandita ng KF sa Miss Universe kaya pinaupo niya si Pia bilang hurado sa patimpalak. Laging talunan ang mga kandidata ng Pilipinas kapag Pilipino ang isa sa mga hurado sa patimpalak.

    • Rachel during final night… lacking of energy and spark during SS and EG Presentation… kaya wag manisi ng iba.

      • True @Luis kahit mama ko nakita na parating nakayuko ang ulo ni Rachel at mas maraming noticeable na contestant. Walang magagawa ang ibang tao. Journey niya ito sabi nga niya. Mapudpod man daliri natin sa kaka vote at mag high score man siya kay Pia may 5 judges pa rin.

  26. Miss Universe observation that I don’t like is that some of the preliminary judges were on the final judges. They would have already made up their minds about their scores for the finals based on their preliminary observations. Apparently, Rachel didn’t do well for Africa and Asia Pacific. And that’s another twist I don’t like. May Europe ba sa final three? Ang ending wala. Kasi nag momodel ang mga beautiful and gorgeous Europeans. Mga shy type din ang mga yan. Ayaw din nila yung mala-American personality na over confident. Kumusta na tayo sa Supra? Uhaw sa crown ang bet natin.

  27. Is it just me or are the gowns this year meh? In fact, I felt that the best gown of the entire night was Iris’. I think 2015 was a great year for gowns, Pia’s, Ariadna’s, France, Aniporn, were all beautiful gowns. Wala akong nakitang spectacular na gown this year.

  28. Did you notice, the in-between segment interviews by Ashley Graham… first , early on, she interviewed Philippines, then later in the show, she interviewed South Africa, then lastly she interviewed Jamaica.

    I was happy in imagining that the final 3 would be exactly the same… Philippines, South Africa and Jamaica. I wouldn’t care who wins among these three …. but crap, my universe turned upside down… the candidate I disliked the most umeksena sa huli at pinatalsik si Rachel… ARRRGHHHH

    • They were trying to put the girls at ease but it seems Rachel wasn’t able to keep the momentum going. She probably felt bad that she wasn’t one of the best from Africa and Asia Pacific.

      • Yes… para doon siya nawala… at walang bago sa presentation nya from prelim to final show… while ibang judges ay sila pa din.

  29. sa ibang bansa this is nothing
    hindi naman ito nakakaambag sa ekonomiya o
    sa paglago ng pamumuhay

    juskolord magsipagtrabaho na
    dami kudaan

    good job Rachel

  30. Dear All,

    > Colombia not Columbia.

    > It’s been only more than two hours since the crowning and some are already identifying our next candidates. Naman, let Rachel enjoy her reign for awhile.

    > Philippines won being in Top 10. Half full instead of half empty philosophy.

    > ABT : Anyone But Thailand.

    > Iris, a true beauty queen.

    World Peace.

    • Philippines was the same. It took 6yrs of top 5and top 10 finish before we actually got the crown… I’m sure Colombia ‘s win is just brewing around the corner..

  31. WME IMG must really have it against ColoMbia, biro mo for the 3 years they owned MU, 1st RU, 2nd RU at 1st RU candidates ng Colombia. #Frustrated #AllTeaNoShade.

    • Hindi naman. Independent mag isip ang judges. May masmaganda at masmagaling lang talaga sa kanila.

    • maybe columbia’s training is very consisitent
      they just need that one little push to get them to the top again

      if i remember correctly they had a streak of runner up finishes
      to miss venezuela in the 80’s to 2000’s

    • One thing is common in the recent Misses Colombia – their Q and As were tooooo much into them being Colombians….ewan ko..masyado silang focused at mapagmalaki sa lahi nila that they forget to connect Colombians to the world, the universe rather!

  32. if Catriona will be the next miss universe Philippines she should train her to be more confident, because her personality also shy type like Rachel, when she was in miss world may be the reason why she didn’t win because of confident that every one can feel.. they’re both good in talking but you can sense the shyness in them…

    • I think the shy persona was a strategy to look more Miss World. Catriona is palaban. Her walk in MWP was hampas kung hampas ang hips. And did you see that frustration/disappointment when she wasn’t called as Miss World? That girl is hungry.

  33. Somebody posted the pic of Thailand on IG and she is really devastated. Indonesia also posted on her IG stories apologizing to her fellow Indonesians with a crying emoji.

  34. I was rooting for her, sa akin with her goods kayang-kaya ni Rachel umabot sa finish line pero kinabahan talaga siya and it showed even when she was smiling all throughout the competition. SS pa lang tense na siya for some reason. Si Thailand, weak ang SS presentation at to be honest hindi rin naman niya nadala ng maayos yung gown niya pero her face during the evening gown segment…she looked so calm, yet determined to compensate for her lackluster swimsuit performance. Sayang, kasi Rachel could’ve easily taken her spot. Kung na-manage niya yung kaba completely, kaya niya rin kunin yung spot ni Colombia. I guess the intensity of the competition was just too much for her laidback personality.

    Indonesia…hm so-so ang prelims niya tbh. Pero still, sobrang grabe hype sa kanya na parang ang odd na hindi siya nakapasok at all. Maria is fluent in English but lacks the spontaneity at halatang very textbook ang approach niya pagdating sa q&a. Colombia’s face isn’t my type pero talagang nilandian ni ateng sa first two rounds at nagpa-sweet for the last two.

    • Girls should be peppy when presenting themselves. They have to be present and confident in themselves. I have to watch again if Rachel was hesitating.

      • @adrian she was nervous. she looked spectacular pero kita sa ngiti na overwhelmed siya sa nangyayari. mukhang na-rattle agad nung hindi siya natawag as a regional finalist. si ara noon last tinawag, per instead of kabahan ginawa niyang motivation to pass all rounds. rachel wasn’t like that. pinagbigyan na siya sa swim suit round pero hindi niya hinigitan yung evening gown gayung napaka-ganda naman niya at may laban talaga.

      • Kaya nga hindi ako sold out sa know when to peak. Dapat practice always na winner ako pero huwag mayabang. Know when to peak works for people who are over confident and Energizer bunnies. Sa mga introvert practice ng practice lang. Hindi pwede one size fits all.

      • I may be mistaken, but I remember A&Q bringing their top contenders to watch Miss Universe (I believe they did this with Janine & Ara) before they competed at Bb Pilipinas so they can absorb the vibe of the competition and understand the scale & expectations of the pageant, especially on finals night. That way, they know what to expect & can be mentally prepared to handle the epic nature of the pageant. I wonder if Rachel had a chance to watch Universe In Manila. She walked beautifully in evening gown & looked spectacular, but did seem lacking in energy. At any rate, she continued the streak! Congratulations to KF & well done Rachel.

    • I so agree with Indonesia. Everyone was “wowed” by her Prelims performance BUT there was really nothing there. Number 1, her skintone wasn’t dark enough to be exotic, they should’ve tanned her like Ariella. Number 2, her pose at the end of the SS was also very weak. No muscle. Don’t get me started with her face, it’s exotic, yes, but not in a beautiful way.


  36. Sino na ang next? Cat has very small Asian eyes. Dapat e-enhance. Sirene Sutton has to brush up on women’s issues and current events. Panay the youth, current, at global change topics ang questions. Mas challenging pa yung time ni Pia. Ang controversial ng mga tanong! Endeavor wants MU to be RELEVANT and RELATABLE. Caps lock para intense.

      • Ay ganun ba. Bakit ang mga magaganda sa atin ay shy. Just like my neices. Pero kung maka pag selfie wagas. Ganun siguro mindset natin dapat humble at dalagang Pilipina. Ang attitude dapat ay “the world is my oyster.”

      • I am so not a fan of Wyn’s beauty BUT BUT BUT you have to give it to her, she is the fiercest Miss Philippines contestant of all time. Sorry, lalahatin ko na. Pati si Pia. But Wyn is the most kabog Filipina contestant of all time when it comes to performance.

      • I will go for Wynwyn… maaring kulang sa height but her personality very extrovert….. and her determination to win… fantastic.

  37. I saw a photo in Instagram of Miss Thailand and it seems that she is dissapointed with herself, well just like Paweensuda of Miss Earth, their weakness is the q and a, they can’t sustained the momentum thats why they ended up crying. As for Rachel Peters, I am happy with her performance, ang hirap kayang umabot sa top 10 tapos halos lahat sobrang gaganda so ok na ako sa placement niya, wag gahaman ba . And lastly si Shupit, naawa ako ng kunti naligwak ganurn talaga well karma for them sa pang aalipusta nila kay Karen Ibasco.

      • The Social movement question was pretty easy if Thailand had been keeping up with current events. Ang dami daming nyang pag pipilian like AIDS movement (since Thailand is one of the top countries affected), Human rights, Environmental social movement, Gay rights movement etc… Actually, Thailand’s question was one of the easiest to answer.

      • that was an odd question, i found
        i had a few thought but they were
        country specific like black lives matter,
        resistance, the #me too movement against sexual harassment

        as far as a global social movement currently the environmental movement,
        body positive movement…i can only think of a few

    • Ako kay Thailand I will answer: “Social movement? The use of social media
      to fight for social causes such as stop the war but we are not stop the war but start the war started by Miss Grand International. What kind of beauty pageant is that?! Social media should be used responsibly, so I will advise Nawat to stop his beauty pageant or apologize.” Lol joke

  38. We really need someone who is pretty youthful articulate with an outgoing personality … an it girl … who knows how to work the stage … . which is really hard to come by in the Philippines
    So far I only see Wynwyn and Cat.

    • Bakit ba palagi tayong aligned, Fab-B?

      Ngayong naiba Yung ballgame, naging favorable tuloy Kay CatGray. Tama nga Lang na Hindi siya sinalang last year. And besides ongoing pa Rin Yung MWP advocacy Niya na maraming ganda points!

    • Samantha Lo, Maria Gigante,Sirene Sutton,Apriel Smith,Kim de Guzman, Janela Cuaton, Cynthia Thomala , my Wishlist for BBP2018

  39. The El Tocuyo Award goes to Indonesia. It should have been her in the top 16 than Miss Thailand. I like her personality rather than the teethless (if that is a term) twig. It looks like Paula is turning into Julia prototype. Miss Universe 2017 should have been Jamaica. South Africa is highly favored from the beginning just like Thailand. But Thailand missed the Q and A big time!

      • Ngayon bet na bet ko na si Wynwyn at Catriona as Miss Universe Ph with this new format of Miss U. Nilamon ng kaba at ng stage fright si Rachel.

    • I think El Tocuyo is Mexico. Indonesia was way overhyped for me. But I agree that Wyn and Cat are our best chances if the name of the game is intelligence and answering questions. I heard somewhere that more than 50% of the scoring was for the closed-door interviews. My only concern with Wyn and Cat is it doesn’t seem like they have a compelling background.

  40. so the past 3 misses universe
    were not the tallest of the bunch
    they are definitely not favoring the tall ones anymore

    so time to ditch the platform heels

    as nik verreos would say: choose chic over tall

  41. My assessment of our kapitbahays in Miss U 2017.
    Indonesia ended their 4 – year Top 10 placement streak. Looks like Bunga girl screwed up her interview in the preliminaries. She looks like a perfect Trump Era archetype, not suitable for IMG.
    I thought Thailand will make it all the way to the Top 3. Comm skills talaga ang weakness ng mga reps nila. She’s smart naman but her nerves got the better of her. Ano kaya pinakain nya ke Lu Sierra? ha ha ha ha.
    Sri Lanka’s presence in the Top 16 was refreshing. If the 2 major beauty camps will train a lovely girl like Miss Sri Lanka, I wouldn’t mind it at all.
    China blew me away. That personality!!! Baklang babae si ate girl, I love it!!! And that height too!!!
    Rachel Peters’ performance earned The Philippines its 8th Consecutive Top 10 appearance in Miss Universe in this decade, from 2010 – 2017. Not bad in my opinion. And next year won’t be the last either.
    What I’ve observed is, the color of the night in the evening gown round is silver. In a way, Rachel’s gown got washed up in a sea of silver shimmering gowns, like that of Misses USA, Spain & Colombia.
    Jamaica and Thailand’s gown stood up well. earning them a slot in the Top 5.
    But Rachel delivered well. I have no complaints. Imagine the possibilities if she reached the Q & A round.
    But then again, from the looks of things, South Africa had this in the bag. It is so obvious IMG likes her very much.

    • Yes, from the start feeling ko that was Bunga and Thailand’s waterloo 😩

      • Hindi ko Alam Kung saan ko siya uumpisahan tignan para ma-appreciate ko beauty Niya! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder NGA talaga?

      • Claire, she may be not your cup of tea in terms of beauty pero sa mata ng MUO at ng judges siya ang pinakamaganda sa lahat.

        It is what it is. Tapos na ang laban, now on to MU 2018 😉

      • Claire oo nga
        Bakit sya May Eyebag , walang reclamation hihihi
        I guess it’s her fate to be MU

    • With Rachel’s subdued personality, non-bombastic, the choice for her gown should have added more color. The gown she had in Bb Pilipinas was much better suited for her. It adds color to her personality.

      • true. same with mj before that a lot are hungry for her to wear red because that’s her color. I remember it seems that pia was the only one who was able to wear her color which is blue (well red also suits her), that was shown even in her prearrival pics and photoshoot. maxine lst year was green, when that better green gown (not the one used on prelims) didnt make it on time, she had to settle for red. that skin tone of rachel would have been more radiant in bright colored dress like red or orange, canary yellow, even fuchsia or white with a body hugging fit and minimalist design. but we stll love you rachel. looking at the top 10, it was such a solid powerhouse pick.

  42. Parang may lagnat ako now😏
    After Steve revealed the top 5, off ko na celfone ko at tapusin ko na notes ko.
    Iba talaga ang confidence ng Colombia at Venezuela. Feeling winner and intelligent kahit kinakabahan.
    Parang kapatid/barkada lang ang kausap.
    Mahirap talaga interpret ang confidently beautiful hihiji.
    C south Africa ginaya c Pia sa tingin sa camera, facing your face to the left/right, smize etc. …
    Hayyyyyyy… where are you Country of the year hihihi. 😋😂
    Pagtawag pa lang sa top 16 kinapos na c Rachel habang c Venezuela ay biniro pa
    c Steve.
    Nasaan ang pasabog lol.
    Pasabog ba yung Parang mamasyal ka lang sa mall . Hihihi

    • Hinanap ko din Yung pasabog na sabi ni Rodgil. Sa mini interview pa lang, halatang kabado na si Rachel. Nauubusan na Ng words.

      • I noticed that too . She had no energy at all . I think she lacks experience on stage. And it showed.

  43. Nakaka-nerbyos talaga when you’re on stage but Queen Rachel looked perfect!!!

    Feeling ko nga lang parang pinaburan ang Colombia, who reminded Steve of the Ariadna-fiasco when she was called into the top 16. Brilliant intro but murky answer in the Q&A 😲 Same thing with Thailand. Ano ba yung sagot nya 😲😲

    If only Queen Rachel was given the chance 😭

    I have to content myself na lang na kasama niyang naiwan si USA, who I believe could’ve aced that part too 😭

    Colombia, I think, charmed the judges with her character.

    Jamaica I think is very beautiful and matindi rin ang kanyang character. Kaya lang na-distract ang mga judges sa kanyang hairstyle 😭

  44. lady of the night: iris mittenaere! ganda ni ateng!
    is it just me or boring talaga ang miss u this year?

  45. congratulations, miss nel-peters!

    congratulations to MU for a great show
    it made up for the lackluster pre-lims

  46. This would be last comment regarding Miss Universe.
    First, Rachel was so pretty in her evening gown. Even though she seems matamlay, she deserved to be in the top 5 instead of that lady with no teeth.
    I’m sad for Bunga.
    That’s all. Bye!

      • She looks maldita… lalo na sa 5 tops calling for top 3, while other ladies having fun siya parang hey “kinakabahan” ba or sayang ganun lang talaga personality nya…. Most said she can communicate well but during her 1st interview she lost… plus the question given to her is a bit tough.

    • agree, she had the look of a winner

      yeah, i did not like bunga too much at the beginning
      because of the studio photo overload but once
      i saw her real personality, i liked her

  47. It’s hard to be Miss U .
    Let’s give it to Pia for doing a great job in 2015 .
    I have to watch Pia over and over again until we have a new Filipina MU.

  48. Anyare sa protege ni Jonas?

    Si Ana Burdzy naka-top16 pa! Per shupitbahay nalaglag. Mas bet ko pa naman yon kesa Kay Maria.

    For the 4th year in a row bet talaga ng MU mag Corona ng mga malalayo Ang interval since the previous win.

    • Correct. No more back to back. We’ll see more of first timer winners, in the future. IMG wants to be fair with other countries.

    • exception lang talaga siguro yung back to back ng venezuela!
      yun naman ay well-deserved!

  49. Kinulang sa energy and confident si ate Rachel, hindi cya masyadong fierce, may be because they’re a lot of fierceness in the competition. Maxine, was looks more confident than her in the stage, even though her water low is the Q&A, we don’t expect that from Rachel, coz we know she will do well in the Q&A round…. her gown was stunning, SS was ok.. but energy much required dahil matindi ang kalaban niya… i don’t know why Colombia always in the top 5, since 2014. their beauty wasn’t that exceptional anong meron sa Colombia?

    • Colombia was my favorite. She’s very charming and bubbly. One could sense that she’s having fun onstage. 😁

  50. Wynwyn, If u can look as well as you did during Reina Hispanoamericana. We need someone who is articulate and can work the stage . SHE is a great dancer which makes it very easy for her to glide on stage .
    I think she has aged out though .

    • Rachel came across as shy. She looked at the floor a lot and didn’t look much at the cameras. Pia is not a good walker too but made up by doing her signature poses and stares while Rachel just basically walked. Sigh.

    • I think Ghana shoul’ve been there pero mukhang kinulang sa training and hype 😩

  51. Congrats to Demi Leigh- the anointed one… Hihihi. She performed well but I guess they gave her a pass during the Q&A. She gave a decent enough answer to propel her to Top 3.

    I have to say these Latinas should not be allowed to use an interpreter anymore. I mean they UNDERSTAND English, OK?

    As far as Rachel goes, I don’t know what to fault but like I said in the previous posts that it will be circumstantial reasons why she won’t won. I did not expect her to be out of top 5.

    Did you guys think they got rid of USA and Philippines to help Thailand and South Africa? They placed Venezuela and Colombia hoping that they would stumble? I honestly thought that USA’s gown was really perfect and her execution was good. I felt like Rachel’s smile looked nervous on stage.

    • when I saw the frame where the 6 ladies left were brazil, phils, usa and colombia gunning for the last spot for the top 5. i said like.. “oh lord this is crazy.”


    Rachel was superb in swimsuit. For me she topped that round. However, there was something sa walk nya nung evening gown. mejo nakulangan ako sa ooomph factor. And yes I agree sa ibang comments na too much skin nga na parang “woah ang dami mong assets ishowcase natin lahat”. Kinutuban na ako. Super sayang hindi man lang pinahawak ng mic nakakagigil

    Thailand’s gown was amazing. Tho nung naglalakad sya nafeel ko yung kaba nya. And worst nung nasa Top 5 na sya mejo nakavibes ako ng arrogance sa facial expressions nya. Idk if it’s just me or napansin nyo rin

    I thought Venezuela would be part of top 3. Ang witty nya esp dun sa mini interview when she was called for top 16. For a moment I thought she’s gonna steal the thunder from South Africa

    Colombia was a surprise for me. Feel ko among the past 4 Miss Colombias sya yung pinakaweak yung presence. Pero kanina iba si bakla babaeng babae awrahan nya

    feeling ko namroblema sila kung paano kokoronahan si Jamaica kaya ginawa na lang syang 2nd Runner Up. CHAROT. Pero nung tatlo na lang sila aytot talaga she’s gonna do a Haiti2016 and finish 1st RU.

    It was really South Africa’s crown to lose from the moment she announced that she was going to MU instead of MW. Kudos to her for defending it very very well. tho sana mej mas mahaba pa ng konti yung gown nya. Mejo off lang tingnan for me na obvious namang hindi sya katangkaran tapos bitin pa rin gown nya

    Iris’s final walk gown was ❤ <3. Best gown of the night for me

  53. Held at gunpoint after crowning and gives motivational talks versus having a coffee shop at the beach. Walang kalaban Laban. Lol! We need to send girls with strong advocacy. Their personality should radiate and that’s very apparent with the Top 3. They have a special way of connecting to people.

  54. Am so happy for Demi-Leigh. A very well-deserved win; she is a complete package. She was screaming Miss Universe before they all even arrived in Vegas. However, would have placed Jamaica as First RU over Colombia…and would have loved to see Rachel and Brazil in the Final Five.

  55. May Christmas tour ang winner dito? Tayo na naman ba ang magho host next year? Lugi pa si Chavit ah!

      • True, Fabian. Masyadong pinush pa ni Lu Sierra si Thailand. Uhm girl! Nagmakaawa ka last year sa GMA 7 Unang Hirit ah na e-invite kayo ulit ng Philippines to host! We have the receipts! Don’t us! Don’t us! Lol

  56. To Miss South Africa -congratulations on your well-deserved win ! Miss Jamaica gave the most sensible answer, but you nailed and won all aspects of the competition IMHO. I also thought Miss USA should have been there instead of Colombia. Venezuela. to me, would have been a better choice than Colombia (just saying and no offense meant here). Congratulations again to Miss SA and her runners-up 🙂 🙂 🙂

  57. Hayup di ako maka move on sa placement ng COLOMBIA!!!!!
    Anu ba meron sa FAKENESS NYA!!!

  58. Puta puta ung fake persona ni COLOMBIA!!!!
    We have to send Fake Girls like Ariadna, Paulina, Andrea and Laura para lage pasok sa top 3!!!!
    PUÑETA !!!
    nakalimutan ko damay ko na jan si STELLA!!!!


      • Panong pahiya??? Di siya nanalo Maygawd!!! From the very beginning i am very vical na Rachel wont make it to top5 and Thailand will be a crown contender. However, my advocacy in life is to prevent Thailand to win any Big Four Titles in my lifetime. Fahsai Lupasay and Maruya Poopootarp are both crown contender but did not managed to snatch a title. And so my advocacy is still in the running

  59. Affected kasi masyado si Rachel sa nagleak ng gown niya e. Ayan tuloy gown ang nagpabagsak sa kanya. Pero jusko. Napakaganda nya sa gown. Super bagay sa kanya pero very Paulina vega ang peg na matamlay ng onte ung lakad. Nonetheless, she did great. Ayaw lang talaga tayo pahawakin ng Mic.

    Ps. Eyndowneyshia… we dedn’t meyk it. Lol.


  60. Congratulations. Credible final 3.

    Some Notes:

    > I just wish Rachel made it Top 5. She was resplendent especially in that vava voom gown. And facially beautiful. You did us proud Rachel. Congratulations.

    > Jamaica more than Colombia.

    > I feel sad for Indonesia. I just saw a picture of her wrangling with other contestants to kiss the winner, her eyes with eagerness and sadness. Honestly, I wouldn’t want her to be Ms. Universe so that the Philippines remains to be number 1 powerhouse in Asia (yup, selfish. lol). But between her and that other Asian candidate (itago natin sa pangalang Ms. Thailand. Lol), I would be happier seeing Bunga advance further in the game. While she is all-teeth, Ms. Thailand appears to have no-teeth. Lol.

    > Yup that Lu – biatch is annoying. Comparing her to Elizabeth Ramsey is an insult to Elizabeth.

    World Peace.

    • Thomas I agree. I would have wanted Indonesia to win the crown than Thailand . After seeing their videos , I found Indonesia very down to earth and Thailand super yabang . IT may just be me .

      • Indonesia is real Indonesian. Thailand is Thailand by blood only and is very Westernized. At least our half Pinays know how to act like Pinoys. hihihi

      • 4m Rachel was so pretty .
        Malamya lang nang Konti .
        I wish she had been selected in to the top 5 instead of Colombia. I don’t find her pretty but she is a good talker .

      • Kaya nga super devastated sya eh…akala nya talaga meron chance to win. Ang laki ng expectation sa kanya but she choked sa q and a. Pero for me she looked akward, hindi ko talaga makita yung winning aura sa kanya. Ang weird pa ng smile nya.

  61. I can’t remember Iris crying when she was crowned, but look at her when she crowned Demi, she was tearing up. She was very happy for the next winner. Now that’s a soul!

    Miss Earth Thailand and Miss Universe Thailand shared the same fate. They were heavy favorites but failed to deliver during the Q&A.

    • Yup. Iris is humble (unlike some recent past winners which will remain unnamed. Lol). Iris even candidly offered herself to be the best friend of the next winner. And I liked what she said something about “enough of being Ms. Universe for a year…It’s time to represent my country France”.

      Di ba? The wisdom to let go and to know when your time is up and the limelight shifts to another girl. It will only come from someone with true confidence, beauty, and heart.

      World Peace.

  62. The new winner looks like she’s the younger sisterof Miss World 2014, Rolene Strauss of SA as well.

    Congrats to Rachel, you made us all proud. Top 10 out of 90++ ladies is already a big feat.

  63. Congrats! She was one of my bets even before the pageant starts. Though i wanted to win Jamaica.. I don’t know.. Dilawan e. CHAROT.

    Anyway. Congrats to Rachel for reaching top 10! top 10 is better than no top at all. ANO DAW? LOL

    but seriously.. there’s no one to blame. not even Pia. so stop blaming her. Rachel performed well but there were others who performed better or left a memorable performance. sabi nga ni Rachel, Everything Happens for a Reason.

    Lu – keeps on mentioning South Africa! She’s a favorite of the MUO. i believe. Deserving din naman siya. Basta buti na lang not Thailand. LOL

    Thanks to Ashley Graham for rooting and cheering for Rachel. ” Make yo mama proud!”

  64. I like the top 16 EXCEPT for Colombia , It should have been Iceland. CHINA was a SURPRISE !

    I like the top 10 EXCEPT for Colombia, It should have been Great Britain.

    I like the top 5 EXCEPT for Colombia. It should have been Philippines.

    I like the top 3 EXCEPT for Colombia. It should have been Venezuela;really, it should have been Rach

    I like the show EXCEPT for Colombia. The Miss FAKE ACTRESS 2017 !

  65. Is this true? Someone from the organization saw the scores from different judges and they saw iPad score to Rachel number second to the lowest score. Jamaica should have won it based on the final answer.

  66. I was surprised South Africa won over Jamaica who answered the most relevant to the final question.
    There was a boo from the audience when Jamaica called as 1st Runner up.
    HINDI KAYA NAGKAMALI NA NAMAN SI STEVE? At binasa nya pabaligtad ang card???😂

    Congrats anyway Miss South Africa Miss Universe 2017.

  67. She has the aura of a winner from the very start of the show.
    Congratulations Ms South Africa 👍

  68. Mikimoto crown… it’s going to wait for the next Miss Japan to win Miss Universe again! Hehe

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