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  1. Another KF girl broke our enviable Miss Universe streak of Top 5 finishes, oy veyyy! Rachel had it all but her wooden demeanor on stage and seemingly lack of personality in her interviews were her downfall. But a Top 10 out of 92 candidates is an amazing achievement nonetheless. Thank You Rachel!!

  2. So proud of u my queen. You definitely gave you ur best. You are my miss universe. Thanks

  3. Rachel – thank you for being our Miss Universe Philippines 2017 ! So proud of you ! You worked hard and gave it your all. Again, it’s not all about winning but rather, how you represented our country and how you made the most of it in a very positive way ! A top 10 finish (from a field of 92 contestants) is already something, if you ask me. Quite a feat indeed ! Next stop, Miss Supranational then onto Miss Intercontinental. I can hardly wait for BBP 2018 – is Catriona ready for 2018 or wait til 2019 ? Her platform which she continues to support should augur well for MU 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. What’s with KF styling Rachel ala MJ in the finals? Same curls, length and hair to the side. Wala na bang ibang magandang look sa inyo? Very predictable.

    • Ryan , Rachel looked a lot better facially thank MJ tonight . Kulang lang talaga ng energy

    • Queen Rachel looked perfect pero feeling ko parang pinaburan ang Colombia, who reminded Steve of the Ariadna-fiasco when she was called into the top 16. Brilliant intro but murky answer in the Q&A 😲 Same thing with Thailand. Ano ba yung sagot nya 😲😲

      If only Queen Rachel was given the chance 😭

      I have to content myself na lang na kasama niyang naiwan si USA, who I believe could’ve aced that part too 😭

      Colombia, I think, charmed the judges with her character.

      Jamaica I think is very beautiful and matindi rin ang kanyang character. Kaya lang na-distract ang mga judges sa kanyang hairstyle 😭

  5. Affected kasi masyado si Rachel sa nagleak ng gown niya e. Ayan tuloy gown ang nagpabagsak sa kanya. Pero jusko. Napakaganda nya sa gown. Super bagay sa kanya pero very Paulina vega ang peg na matamlay ng onte ung lakad. Nonetheless, she did great. Ayaw lang talaga tayo pahawakin ng Mic.

    Ps. Eyndowneyshia… we dedn’t meyk it. Lol.

  6. Well done Rachel, we all know that you did your best so thank you. We are now dealing with a different beauty pageant MUO. They are looking for someone that will have good impact to humanity, good education,good personality, woman with substance, same as miss worlds beauty with purpose and lastly the looks, it is still a beauty contest.

  7. Dati ko pa gusto sabihin nung una pa lang nagleak ang gown ni Rachel eh it’s too much skin talaga. May legs, may cleavage, may open back, may open sides, add ko pa yung peekaboo sa middle part niya. Too much na you don’t know where to look, gaya nung problema sa gown ni Mexico last year. Sabi nga nung Project Runway judge eh “you just need to pick one asset” na you want to flaunt at show off. Hindi yung lahat litaw. Too sexy for Miss Universe na borderline vegas dancer na ang peg.

    Eyniwaste, this is just my opinion at feel free to disagree or agree. ALAM NAMAN NATEN na predetermined na ang winner sa MU most of the time. Sa q and a na lang ang validation kumbaga. Pero I still beleive na hindi talaga inanswer ni south africa ang tanong!! Congrats Jonas for MU at Congrats Tito Rodgil for MI.

    Basta ako, im happy at proud kay Rachel parin. At thank you for representing our country. At soooooo happy na wala ang mga haliparot na indonesia na todo makalait saten. Oh ano sila ngayon?!? 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Now, move on na sa BB PILIPINAS 2018. I’m excited for both camps at mga new girls na iprepresent nila. MADAM SMA agahan naman sana ang BBP next year. January-March sana ulit. 🤩😍🤩😍

    • Look at Iris’ red gown. it’s so sexy without too much skin and ang lakas ng dating.

  8. Its 2014 all over again!!! 1) no miss phils in miss international 2) top 10 finish in miss u ala mj 3) filipino judge in miss u 4) booing in favor of jamaica 5) top 40/ low placement in miss world
    What will happen in miss supra?!?

  9. Tumahimik na sana ung mga shupits. Grabe makapagyabang haha pinagtutulungan pa tayo eh. Karma tuloy sila.

  10. Here’s something to think about…

    Do you think that the wild cards are actually the Top Qualifiers? After the 4 were picked, then they went to the Top 4 of each region. Thoughts?

    • I think its more of the audience’s crazy impact. The other girls were deserving too pero pansin ko mga powerhouse ang nasa wild card hihi

      • sorry for the confusion.. i think its d sash factor hihi. idrk but parang combination cya sa scores and sash factor. Pampa lively nang venue.

        If we talk about Indonesia, i think we all know what their candidates always lack or can’t acquire from training. Even with training, may edge pa rin ang Pinay na hindi nila makuha 🙂 i think u know what i mean hihi

  11. OK NA LANG AKO SA RESULTA KAHIT SA JAMAICA WINNER KO. Afterall pageant pa rin ito. NAINIS TALAGA AKO KAY LU SIERRA. sarap sambunotan. Para cyang witch no offense hihi
    thailand ng thailand at south africa ng south africa. pucha hindi dapat cya pinili bilang commentator. Nakairita!

    • true with that witch thing, especially in her black and gold ensemble.. and then when she went up the stage with those flowers for south africa. goodness, she looked more devilish.. hehehe.

      • hahahaha same thoughts omg!! loool
        parang demonita na nasa kanya ang huling halakhak.

  12. So instead of Rachel, the other Peters won. South Africa had significant airtime with the group chats. Along with Thailand, I think that SA was one of the “anointed ones” of the MUO.

    Was I the only one rooting for Miss Colombia? Some people say that she’s pabebe, but I think she’s the most beautiful and sincere among the Top 3. Pero ang galing ng Colombia. Four consecutive Top placements with one win. They’re definitely doing something right.


      • haha, angelo
        i know that something is heartfelt
        because i have a heart
        and feelings, too 🙂

    • Miss Haiti in Universe 2016 was also trained in Colombia. So Colombia actually had 2 competitors in the top 3 here in Manila. Colombia always used to come up short versus Venezuela. But but the upper hand has shifted in favor of Colombia recently.

    • Let’s just congratulate her for a job well done. I hope she really enjoyed her experience. Nothing to be ashamed of.

    • Parang typical pageant Patty gown na the design. It also didn’t help that she’s not a naturally good walker like Venezuela and Colombia and Thailand.

    • ikr
      make up was good, hair as well
      her walk is more restrained, but elegant
      that gown looked great onscreen
      and she looked radiant

  13. Congratulations Miss South Africa. I wish you well in your reign.
    Did you hear the booing in the background guys when Jamaica was called as 2nd Runner Up? Can’t ignore that moment.
    The Olivia Culpo Effect happened. Akala ko pa naman Karen Ibasco effect ang mangyayari, I mean the smart girls are making their presence felt in the major pageants. Oh well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.
    I still love you, Rachel Peters. : )

    • it also happened in 2014 when jamaica was called 4th runner up after giving the best answer out of the 5. i actually cringed a bit when lu sierra came up on stage and give that bouquet to SA, it’s like.. “we did it baby”.. it’s my first time to see her go up on stage and award something to the winner.

      • Oh yes .. when Lu gave that bouquet to SA … got that same feeling, nsmith!

  14. sorry, i still think at the very least rachel should have been in the top 5
    it’ll be so sad if she were #6 😦

      • @Fabian
        she looked radiant in the evening gown section
        (whatever your opinion of the gown)
        i thought i saw that winner’s glow

        but oh well

  15. dejavu 2014. it’s the fave who got it all over again. painful not to see that mikimoto on jamaica just like in 2014.

    • People were booing when Jamaica got called for 2nd runner-up. She is MU 2017 for most, except for MUO and the judges. Sigh. Sayang ang sincerity.

      SA’s face sealed it for her from the start.

      • Morena . SA is pretty cute youth ful and sexy . It girl . In puedeng mag -pompon!!!

      • I understand, Fabian but what is really the point of having the final Q&A portion if we’re just going to pick the prettiest girl (who was really favored by MUO from the very start)?

      • hi morena.. you saw that moment too. it’s stuck in my head, i need to snap. btw, there’s always something with MU USA edition.. quite controversial as always, 2010 i was also rooting for jamaica after venus’ answer didnt make a good impression, then you have olivia vs janine, then paulinas win in miami, people are also booing after kaci was called 4th, then pias win, the most controversial yet i guess for steve harveys booboo, though i thought it would be USA vs PH a repeat of janine and olivia’s edition, and here we go then SA over jamaica. the usa edition seems to have shadows of bestowing the anointed ones.

  16. Colombia – forever 1st Ruuner up

    Unbelievable win by South Africa!
    For me MU should be Jamaica if the basis is on the final Q and A

    • They should have used a waterproof mascara … ready for SA’s “tears of joys” 🙂

  17. Don’t you guys notice that Tahl the accounting firm Earst & Young rep wasnt called to hand in the results of each round? Parang may pagka lutong Macau yata.🤔

  18. Giving your best, putting in your effort, and walking with pride, we are proud of you Rachel. Still, you sustained the top 10 performance since 2010.

  19. In the last 8 years that we sent girls to Miss Universe, Rachel got the lowest result. I was disappointed with Maxine last year but I’m more disappointed with Rachel as she didn’t even reach the interview round.

  20. I agree. Rachel was above and beyond some, if not all, during their presentations but she was lacking that back story. Although it is not as big as a Miss World BWAP, parang dapat meron pa ding “message” of some sort (ex. SA’s attack, USA’s chemistry background helping the youth, etc.). Parang nakulangan sila sa “I opened a coffee shop” story. Regardless, you represented the country proudly!

  21. Rachel did super well but i think the ladies that did advance further may had have higher scores in closed door interviews or they found that personality which is A STRONG PERSONALITY that will be a good spokersperson of the org.

    I find rachel having the package pero kulang sa personality wise, i think she’s lil mahinhin and on the sweeter side 🙂 honest opinion ko lang toh.
    I think the next thing the camps must look for are girls that have the same commanding presence as pia. That strong personality the MU is looking for. This is what we should ponder on and be contented on what Rachel achieved. It indeed was a very tough competition this year. Malaki na ang placement ng queen natin ❤️ Blessing pa rin.

    • Same sentiment. This is also what pageant critics are saying about her, latoy when it comes to personality. She is very reserved. Nothing wrong with that, pero baka iba talaga hinahanap ng MU.

      Pero her looks and performance got her that far. Was rooting for her but I have always felt she will never make it that far. Conversationalist siya pero malayo sa angas ni Pia. And of course, we won recently. Kaya nga nawalan ako ng gana eh, kasi parang matagal-tagal pa cguro before tayo makapanalo ulit unless super high calibre and kandidadata natin. Same sa MW.

      Although I’m still baffled with Colombia’s top 3 streak. Jamaica was the crowd fave though. Baket 2nd runner-up lang? Justice for Kaci sa 2014 pa rin. Nyeta.

      Pero parang expected naman na si SA mananalo. Parang Paulina Vega 2014 na alam na it’s her crown to lose.

      • Exactly my point. Thanks for making it clearer.
        Kulang sa angas talaga, u got it.

    • Move on na kayo kay pia jusko. Hindi na tayo mananalo ulit pag puros pia pia pia tayo. Give others a chance naman.

  22. We have a better chance kung Maganda pag nakapusod . Yung nakalugayvkasi bahay sa cute ang face .

    • How are they going to put that crown on Jamaica’s big hair? I can’t wait for her crowning!

      • Morena, I don’t care as long as Jamaica wins. Hihihi
        But really any of the 3 is fine
        I’m gland it’s not Thailand . Mukhang mayabang ang dating

  23. I HOPE LU SERRA JINXES OVERRATED SOUTH AFRICA… hihihi. I love Jamaica coz she’s a RAW talent and she commands when she speaks. I love her!!

  24. Yung feeling na naghihintay ka na may mali sa announcement ni steve or since iniba ang format, iniisip mong baka may major wild card pang announcement. Hahaha

    • Lol. Major wild card to be included in Top 3.

      As Elsa would say, “let it go, let it go…”

      Any of the top three is a good choice. Too soon for Columbia though. Rooting for SA.

      World Peace.

  25. Giving all my 10 votes to Jamaica, she deserves it. She’s got a beautiful soul and I’m willing to support her cause for all the deaf people. She is not a self serving person, she would make a great Miss Universe.

  26. To MUO,
    Please don’t ever put that f*****g Lu Siera as commentator ever again.
    She is as annoying as an aging b***h.

    • I hope so, too! Jamaica is MU 2017 for me!

      But … SA has been favored by MUO from the very start of this pageant. I won’t be surprised if it’s a different outcome.

  27. Si Jamaica lang ang sumagot sa tanong. Yung South Africa na trained ni Jonas, di sinagot ang tanong na “how will you apply those qualities chorba in your time as miss universe”.

  28. with the top 3, i hope it will be jamaica’s time. kaci fennel was robbed in 2014 for me though paulina was also good. but my heart went for kaci after mj also failed to make it to the top 10. so i hope davina will take that crown home this time.

      • 4m , I disagree.
        Magaling sa ramapahan si Cat . Palaban talaga.
        What about Wynwyn ? I think she will rock it !!!

  29. For now i can say that the top are not facially stunning. MU has really evolved; they are more into personality now.

  30. My bet
    Universe – Jamaica
    1st – South Africa
    2nd – Colombia

    Iba talaga makapagsalita si Jamaica. Full of substance and makikita mo sa mata niya ang pagiging isang matatag na babae. She’s a good ambasadress of Women Empowerment. I simply get lost with the moment she opens her mouth. Siya na talaga.

  31. Masyadong rehearsed si South Africa. I hope that Jamaica-Colombia-South Africa and order.

  32. I’m so happy to see that boastful expression from Thailand be wiped out from her face after she gave her rambling answer. And yabang kasi sobra.

    • Remember what the Thais did on twitter during the fan votes? You will reap what you sow. And thank the stars Lu Sierra can shut the hell up ha ha ha ha.

  33. Guys… the TV telecast here in Canada is delayed but the Miss Universe voting site is real time… sad to say Rachel did not make it to the Top 5… 😦

    PAKYU MUO!!!!!


    • Ang tagal naman ng installment for Colombia.. hanngang 10yrs ba nagbabayad si MUO kay Ariadna? Hehe cheret lang.. haha

  35. Rachel, your presentation in both swimsuit and evening gown were flawless. We are so proud of you for continuing our winning streak of placements in Miss Universe. Regardless of whatever the judges were thinking, you deserve to be – and you are – our confidently beautiful Miss Universe 2017!

  36. my top 3
    Jamaica – may something sa kanya kapag nagsasalita. i can see she’s a deep person. A person who has a great depth of understanding life. Kumbaga parang matanda magsalita na puno sa knowledge.

    colombia – very sincere and speaks from her heart. May be a good influence and spokesperson.

    South africa – She’s full of personality. She knows how to work any moment. U will end up listening to her and focus on her even she speaks with a group. Parang leader ika nga. Good presence.

  37. Sablay sa Q&A Ang Thailand. I give it to SA, Venezuela, and Jamaca for best answers. The last two women standing will be SA and Jamaica

  38. Based on Q&A I think it SHOULD be Venezuela, Colombia, and Jamaica… South Africa has the easiest question (hello SEXUAL HARASSMENT veks???), THAILAND (hello GAY MARRIAGE veks????)…hihihi

    • Hindi na makangiti ang mayabang na Thailand… alam niya kasing palpar siya.

      Her rambling answer could be summarized with: The Youth is our future.

    • Thailand crumbled in the Q&A. She didn’t even answer the questions properly. Only a few countries have an ageing population. Thailand is definitely not one of them.

      I liked Venezuela’s answer the best.

    • I’d be amazed if TH gets into the TOP 3 with that answer and that hairstyle.

      SA is feeling the crown … kita sa mukha niya 🙂

  39. I say it again the last two women standing will be Thailand and Jamaica. But I am hoping I’m wrong. I want South Africa to win the crown. Hindi ko talaga kakayanin if Thailand wins.

  40. Congrats Rachel for making that far!Top 10 is a big achievement already. Thank you for representing our country Philippines. I love you Rachel.

  41. Rachel’s lacked a compelling backstory . She didn’t have spark during the finals. She cane off as top chill and had nothing else to aspire to but MU. The packaging was off . Still she tried her best.

  42. I am so sad because Rachel has been the best rep in terms of communication. So sad we wouldn’t hear her speak. 😦

    • Hello, Ryan. I respect and agree with your views most of the time, particularly regarding the Miss Earth 2017 results and the way circumstances were managed to arrive at those results but I am a little bothered by your comment. May I ask if you mean one of the two assumptions below?

      A. BPCI should not crown KF girls as MUP
      B. BPCI should be again more involved in the preparation of our girls

      I had the feeling that BPCI has been giving the camps a free hand in preparing our representatives in recent years.

      What I still do not understand is the suspense that camps and our candidates try to generate with regard to the evening gowns. There is always some kind of suspense and drama regarding what MUP girls will wear in the finals. There was much speculation and excitement about Rachel’s gown only for Rachel to be cut in this segment.

      • Choosing a girl with an introvert personality to Miss Universe. You can tell whenever Rachel talks that she is shy and there’s like a wall between you. Her mom even confirmed it in an interview by the Qrown pH .

        I don’t really care about the camps. I like the competition. What I don’t like is the obvious favoritism of BPCI which was given to Rachel because her parents produce concerts in Araneta Coliseum. There were better girls but they chose the introvert one which isnt what IMG is looking for nowadays.

  43. Good job Rachel, we’re still proud of you. You represented us well, nothing to be ashamed about it. you ‘re still fabulous. : )

  44. i hope she makes it to the next round so we could hear her gift. and sending her calmness, positivity.. love and smiles. 🙂

  45. S. Africa’s gown is reminiscent of Iris’ final gown – the long sleeves and color 🙂

    Rachel rocked that gown! My gosh … stunning!

    • whatever happened to her Jojo Bragais shoes? akala ko terno un sa gown niya? but i love love love the gown. she’s super sexy!

      BTW. Lu is feeling ko biased. she’s favoring Thailand and South Africa! panay SA ang bukambibig ni ate lol

  46. Jamaica got the best part of the music. Mukhang mataas score nya. Let’s see if she’ll make it to top 6.

  47. Dunno but I think Jamaica and Thailand will be the last two standing. Hindi ko yata kakayanin Kung manalo si Thailand.

    • Nakakainis si thailand sarap sabunutan ng gaga! Yung gown niya tero pa sa peacock feathers nung mikimoto crown. Tapos hinahype pa nung lu sierra gaya nung hype ang philippines lagi mention after magnumber one sa every fan vote nung 2015. Parang nireremind ang presence niya hanggang koronahan.

  48. Talaga naman parehong girls ang next topic. Overexposed na si demi leigh.. At this point, it’s SA, USA and Thailand being the strong favorites

  49. Rachel’s beauty stands out tbh. Nung isa2x dinaanan mukha nila bilang top 10, mapamangha ka talaga sa ganda niya ❤️

    • Parang kinabahan si TH during the last 3 names for the Top 10. She wasn’t smiling that much. Tapos natawag TH, ngumiti na 🙂

      I love Jamaica’s reaction 🙂 Very unassuming 🙂

  50. si Thailand nag one piece! napansin siguro nila she doesn’t look her best pag 2pc ang suot. walang korte.

  51. Weh? I didn’t expect Indonesia to win, pero not in the top 16? What happened mga beks?
    Nasaan na ang keyboard warriors nila? Ang dami kayang bumoto sa MGI kay Dea, bat parang di naramdaman sa MU?
    For me, mas magaling si Bunga kay Kezia, but oh well. 😦

  52. Dear All,

    Stop being armchair critics at this point. Rachel not smiling often, Rachel looking at the floor, Rachel’s hair parted in the middle, etc. All your comments are moot and academic at this point. As if naman, someone in Las Vegas will suddenly send a message to her about your concerns. Even her mentor or BF at this point can not even communicate to her. Just send her good vibes and let her enjoy and show what she prepared for this pageant.

    World Peace.

  53. Let’s vote for Rachel for the swimsuit competition … vote.missuniverse.com

  54. Hindi ko gusto pag hinahighlight nila ang philippines kasi yun ang time na nilliligwak nila eh. OMG GO RACHELLLLLL!! Nalunok ko ta laga ang buong orange na kinakain ko sa kaba. Mygadddd!!

  55. Rachel needs to relax have fun and smile all the time .
    That’s the good thing abt Pia . She had had s lot of experience on stage before the MU pageant.

  56. China looks like a supermodel. grabe wala si bunga! nakakaloka nagka mini heart attack ako nung hindi tinawag si Rach sa ASIAAAAA

  57. Si Pia at tayo na ang bahala. We are the 7th judge. Score up Philippines mga veks! Kayo na bahala sa iba lol!

  58. Wag na kayong mag alala kasi pasok naman talaga si Rachel. the MUO are just making some twist para mas lalong intense ang show. It doesnt mean na wildcard si rachel ay mababa ang rank niya.. Wildcard means “the top” of everyone para mabigyan sila ng special announcement.

  59. JUST IN!!! Rachel passed out backstage!!!
    She dont want to continue now that she recovered.

  60. Pakaba naman. Haha. Sana makapasok pa din si Rachel. At sana strategy lang to na pampabitin. Hahaha. Nakakaloka si sri lanka at ghana, na-elbow si rachel at bunga hahaha

    • Pero dahil tinawag na si thailand, pasok sa banga na si Rachel sa votes. Di ako maka move on pa sa SS performance ni thailand at EG ni south africa. So Rachel please, para mas gumanda ang laban. Haha

  61. Mukhang a big weight was given to the Q&A. Unfortunately, Rachel in the vid admitted she became really nervous when she entered the room for her interviews.

  62. If Rachel will be called last, expect the thunderous cheers from the Pinoys in Vegas, ala Venus Raj way back in 2010. Pa sound effects ng MU.

  63. Rachel is a shoo-in as a wild card! She just has to be! 😱

    I’m not sure how it went, but does this mean she was ranked lower than Thailand and Sri Lanka during the preliminaries? Both South Africa and Ghana were separately ranked as the requisite top 2 choices for Africa, right? 🤔

    So not loving this new format. 😖

  64. bakit wala si queen rachel 😦 Akala ko malakas ung laban nya huhu wild card na sana. Ano ba ung latest status dun sa twitter? sino lumamang?

  65. Rachel will be the last girl to be called for sure. Sad though she didn’t get in because of her own merit.

    • Not necessarily Ryan
      If Rachel made the top 4 and she also topped the voting . It’s understandable to choose the 5th placer … I hope that’s the case.
      It’s s a long painful 30 minutes

    • Against Indonesia ? OMG
      All deserving 4 though – pretty and well-spoken
      I hope Rachel makes it

      • Fabbie wild cards are based on fan votes I think. I dont believe Sri Lanka made the top 4 in Asia and Africa…hihihi

  66. Rachel is just drop dead gorgeous! Thank God her styling is simply on point! And she elicited the loudest applause and cheers in this group!

    So now we know she is Ashley Graham’s favorite. 😃

  67. Lu has been insisting Thailand over and over again…haaay…alam n. On the other hand the other hosts insists on Philippines.

  68. I love Iris and her gown. So high fashion. Hmmm, this is gonna be a long show. And a new format huh? The girls are presented per region. Africa & Asia Pacific is next.

  69. 3 segments ang opening. Americas first. More “reality” show kinda video snippets… Europe next

  70. Guys, update update update nman dito. I have work today and cannot watch it. Silently praying for the PH 4th MU Crown. Laban Rachel Peters!!!

  71. Pls Lord, ibigay nyo na po kay Rachel ang crown para Country of the year na ang pinas uli😂
    Yung Malditang MI sinuportahan ko pero waley huhuhu😢
    Yung leukemic beauty ng MW sinuportahan ko rin pero waszhd pa rin😭
    Panalunin nyo na po c Rachel kahit makaJonas ako plsssss hihihihi 😊wiz charette for Country of the year🤗

    • @bong 700 ako nag todo support din kahit na minor crown Ang Xmas wish Ko miss supra

  72. Goodluck Rachel. Ngaun palang proud nako sau. Godbless and enjoy the night. Exoited na ko

  73. Kainis naman ilang oras nalang di parin lumilitaw sina Mars Basil at Hunk nasaan na ba kayo mga teh.

  74. Rachel is calm yet confident. Relaxed yet determined.

    Her winning aura is like that of Paulina Vega’s. 👑

    Best of luck Miss Rachel Peters! ❤️

  75. GB listed Peters number 10 on their final list.

    l. south africa
    II. thailand
    III. indonesia
    IV. peru
    V. venezuela

    for me, with that gown, Rachel would have a major major failure because that gown looks very plain and the tummy area seems very distracting. Her gown will be her downfall because that dress is what makes her who she is. A beautiful well fitted gown would suit her well and will be her ticket or a better future in the competition and there will be no problem at all. as one nation, we are all together on this so lets pray the gown would be ripped before the finals so Rachel could save the lives of many fans and let her torch fire burning high on stage so that the world could feel and see her in limelight, only then we could write our books for common that could finally give a happy ending we deserve. Domo arigatu gusaimasu

    • Booooooo…. care namin? Kung sino pa ang di kagandahan sila pa ang nangungutya. K. ganyang attitude im sure kahit beki plastic sau

    • Is it really about the gown that determines the winner?

      There’s a common theme with the past MU winners. Their gown isn’t the best or the fairest but they stood out among the rest.

      2016. Is Iris’ gown the best gown? It wasn’t but the way she carried herself and her unassuming beauty made her the winner.
      2015. Pia’s “iconic” blue gown. Her 1st runner-up’s gown was more beautiful. It was Pia’s answer that catapulted her to become Philippines’ 3rd MU.
      2014. Is Paulina’s gown the standout among the rest? It wasn’t; her face sealed the deal.
      2013. Gabriella Isler’s long-sleeved gown?
      2012. Olivia Culpo’s red gown. Her face sealed the deal. May I add Janine’s gown wasn’t the best as well but she became 1st runner-up.
      2011. Leila Lopes feathered gown?
      2010. Ximena’s red gown. A standout?

      MU history has shown that it is how the candidate presents herself… let’s add a bit of the circumstances that are beyond the candidate’s control plus sheer luck and… how the judges see her during the finals that produces the winner.

      • @Morena
        i feel that the gown is more important in the preliminaries
        that’s when they make their mark among 80 or so other candidates
        and put on their best impression
        to get into the semis.

        once you are in the semis, it seems that the gown becomes secondary
        and the personality, intelligence, wit, grace, confidence and that elusive
        winner’s glow takes center stage. it does help to have a great gown
        as it could boost somebody’s confidence

        in fact, janine’s gown is a prime example
        she was 1st RU despite of that gown that
        highlighted her granny panties. she wore that
        with confidence, she did not let the gown
        distract her. for that, kudos to her

        and it’s true, most times the winners
        do not necessarily wear the best gowns

  76. The leaked photo from the gown fitting was right. She is wearing the silver dress with feathers:

    • It’s a beautiful gown. It suits her and the best part – love to see her smiling.

  77. I just checked the TV listing and it says 7-10pm. The show is 3 hours long! I’m so excited! Hopefully, they’ll focus more on the contestants and less of Steve Harvey’s spiels. I like him, but I can watch him anytime on Family Feud reruns…This is the only time some of these girls will get airtime!

    • Bee , focusing on the candidates is good as long as Rachel is still there . Once she’s out, I willl find it so boring I may not even finish the program .
      Hopefully . Rachel goes all the way to the very end of the show.

    • Oh me too, Fabian! She has what it takes – the most complete package we have sent to the competition.

      Also, the listing says “Competition” now, not “Pageant!” The new org really wants to move away from the typical beauty pageants.

    • Parang malaki ang puson sa gown yan. Sana maganda in person and on stage. Tama si Sunkist, lilac is Rachel’s color. Lilac with a lot of bling-blings.

    • I was there and I like it so much. You’ll see the difference if she doesn’t wear the sash.

  78. so, i woke up from a nap
    and in my dream there was a
    tie between thailand and the philippines

    but i am rooting for rachel, still
    go rachel!

    i feel she’s safely into the top 16
    and will move forward after swimsuit (d’uh)

    the rest we shall see
    but in the past few photos of hers she does have that winning glow

    • very good choice for rachel
      there’s a coherence in the design
      and the color is clear and clean
      it does not distract and you focus on her figure
      i love her hair and make up here

      miss mexico’s gown pattern is really nice
      and highlight her figure

  79. Tiwala at puso! Laban Rachel! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

    The new Miss Universe is Philippines!

  80. You got this, Rachel! Wishing you the very best of luck tonight!

    Set the MU stage on fire and bring home the crown!

    For the PHILIPPINES! For the win!

    • The ladies who I want to move forward to the semis are:

      The no surprises (hyped, crowd favorite):
      THAILAND (seems favored by MUO)
      SOUTH AFRICA (seems favored by MUO)

    • #MissTourismInternational 2017 UPDATE!
      Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
      VIDEO: #MutyaNgPilipinas-Tourism International 2017 JANNIE LOUDETTE ALIPO-ON was elected Miss Gintell Wellness during the Preview in AEON MALL Shah Alam earlier today.
      Finals is on December 6th.

  81. This is it, goodluck my queen. I know u will bring home the crown. Enjoy mo lang my queen. We are all behind u.

  82. Excited nako sa q and a ni Rishel!😍 Ano na naman kaya ang gagayahin ng mga bakla sa commentz nila sa social media gaya nung time ni Janine na “For me,” nauso yang for me na yan sa bawat comment ng mga impresyonadang bakla na kahit walang connection, icoconnect basta maka “For me,”lang, at kay Pia na “At all” na may nabasa ako na iilan here na may pa “at all” sa end ng sentenceseses nila. Por me, kahit mejor, mejor na gumaya kayo sa mga, por lak op a better wordz, “tegline” nila, it’s okay lang por me kasi I dont see eyni problem with dat at all. Charot! 🤪🤣🤪🤣

    • ‘ I don’t see any problem with that at all. … not at all ‘
      That’s the most iconic statement for an MUP hihihi I

  83. My top 3: Venezuela, USA, Philippines

    Others that I like after watching the prelims:
    Angola – can be in the top 3 too
    Jamaica – more of a model tho’
    Dominican Republic
    NO to Thailand – I just dont like her

  84. 8 hours to go mga Tita!! May countdown talaga parang new year lang.

    Now playing ▶️ Commander by Kelly Rowland
    At talagang nag eh eh splet, forward roll, at tumbling ako while doing Miss Jamaica’s movez in front of my mirrorz. Kaloka naka tatlong round na ko. Fak! Fak! Fak! Ganireh! “From hereeeeee onnnnn outtt abiee your commanduhhhhh” Fak! Fak! Fak! Ganurnnn! *high kick* tapos sabay bukas sa door ni daddy “nag prapractice lang po sa taekwondo” hiya ha! Hu! Ha! “From hereeee onnnnn outttcchh Ahhh provide the ansehhhhhhh” dance ✊🏻🤩

    Tengene tagal pa huhhhhh?!? 😵🤯 I cunt wet!!

  85. Goodluck Rachel! I did not like her during her Binibini days – she wasn’t the prettiest, her shoulders tight although she was the sexiest…

    But look at her now!!! Almost perfect! Definitely a standout! I have not seen a photo of her in Vegas where she did not shine. Very queenly, regal, elegant and sexy.

    I have high hopes for this Filipina. I hope that she enters the top 16, may it be via an outstanding perf in prelims or via votes. I hope that she gets to display that rocking body in the Swimsuit round well. I hope that she glides effortlessly in the EG round – and leave everyone breathless. I hope that she gets a question that she’ll be able to answer with confidence and ease. I hope that she’ll be able to deliver a heartfelt and sincere final answer that will convince the judges that she deserves the crown.

    Again, goodluck Rachel!

    PS: Long, wavy curls (GGV look) for the evening gown look, please – it will look good with the Mikimoto Crown. 🙂

    Congrats in advance, PHILIPPINES!!!

  86. Our Queen Rachel in full fighting form and I looove it 😍

    I believe in you Queen Rachel! Your beauty, body and brain will win our country its 4th Miss Universe crown 😍😍

    Go and get it 😘😘😘

  87. Congratulations Miss Philippines our new Miss Universe 2017! Thank you Miss Rachel Peters, you did a good job for the Philippines. Mabuhay! .

  88. Mga veks kabado na ko!!!! Top 3 placement is what I want for her. I wasn’t a believer in her but I have to say she is peaking at the right time. She did not get as much coverage during Miss U activities but she came out slaying on moments when it mattered the most: prelims and hopefully the interview. I love that shes a different girl from Pia in terms of wanting it. She has the Paulina confidence (quiet and yet self reassuring) that she can win it. If she doesn’t win it probably won’t be because she didn’t give everything she’s got but just circumstancial situations that could work toward someone else or against her bid. Best of luck veks and I got to give Lola Rodgil for finding this gem and polishing her into a diamond.

    • Totally agree with everything you said. You hit it where I was trying to point out but couldn’t get the right words. I truly wish she gets the crown after the painful blow from MI and MW.

    • If Rachel has not been featured as well as the other candidates , then it means she is not favored to win by the org so the odds of winning will be against her . She needs to work extra hard to prove her worth .
      Unlike u, I want the crown . If you look back in history , do u really remember who became runners up ? Look at Venezuela and Colombia . Until recently , only Venezuela had been tagged as the pageant powerhouse even though A lot of runners up came from Colombia.

  89. We believe in you rachel. We always be your back up. We strongly pray for you to win. Lovely cheers

  90. I have a gut feel that Rachel will shine in the finals….this is the same feeling I felt back in 2015 when Pia competed…I just believe sa much in Rachel…I attended mass earlier and I prayed to God to guide and bless you…Miss Philippines is Miss Universe 2017 !!! let’s claim it !!!

  91. May Destiny be yours tonight Rachel and the stars create a crown for you. We love you!

    For The Philippines!

  92. Rachel will be one of the last 2 women standing.. A repeat scene from 2015..but there’ll be no mistake from Steve Harvey this time..kaya petmalu talaga ang mananalo.. Thank u Rachel.. Ngaun pa lang winner ka na for excellently carrying the PH sash.

  93. Dress rehearsal at 8am here in Vegas. Will she wearing the gown that everybody make Gaga about the leaked photos or will she be wearing a different one.

    • may the stars align.. and may the force be with you!!! God bless, miss philippines.. the best of luck for you..

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