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  1. Our Queen Rachel’s beauty, body and incredible communication skills will put her up there on top 😍

    I love Russia’s luminous beauty 😘 She is also consistent favorite among bloggers


    Whereas Iceland is underrated 😞


    and Ghana is criminally ignored 😲

    But I think that USA is our Queen Rachel’s nemesis 😟

    πŸ‘Έ My top 5 πŸ‘Έ


    1. ICELAND
    4. RUSSIA
    5. USA

  3. My Final Prediction:

    6th place: Peru
    5th place: Mexico
    4th place: USA
    3rd place: Russia
    2nd place: Venezuela
    MU 2017 : Philippines

    • Special award lang pala yan. Naloko tayo. Si china lala talaga na nanalo pero mas mataas pa ang title na nakamit ni philippines kasi Miss Asian Global pero si china Miss Asia lang pero si china ang naka upo sa trono

    • Dalawang beses ko na pinanood tong preliminary at apat na beses Kong ni-rewind Yung performance ni Maria at Demi pero di ko talaga makitaan ng flawlessness!

      Facially lang talaga maganda si Maria and si Demi pag na-zoom na Yung camera parang mas Malaki pa leeg niya kesa sa mukha niya Kaya di ko ma-appreciate. Ok din Sila SS pero sa EG walang sparkle!

      • Well you are looking for flaws . If mareeya was MS Philippines I’m sure mega praise and mga pinoys. It’s Time we appreciate other country’s objectively

  4. I dnt think maria will advance after the ss round.. And what’s with her smile and teeth, something’s off..ayoko manlait but parang mas me omph factor pa si namlita kesa kanya. UN na.

  5. Ito po ang mga bet ko….

    Angola – Dark Horse / nice body and pasarela

    Colombia – Overrated. Too much gums when smiling not my cup of tea total downgrade from previous candidate

    Dominican Republic – Sweet

    France – beautiful eyes may enter top 5

    Guam – beautiful face. long body short legs

    Indonesia – Photogenic

    Mexico – kilay… not my type

    Panama – nice body and pasarela

    Peru – crowds favorite

    Philippines – simple elegant sexy

    Portugal – beatiful face may enter top 15

    Puerto Rico – nice pasarela

    Russia – beautiful face

    South Africa – beautiful face but short. top contender

    Spain – dark horse

    Sweden – elegance

    Thailand – overrated / looks expensive body nahhhh!

    USA – host country

    Venezuela – pasarela

  6. Best wishes to Iris.
    Best of luck to Rachel, she’s going to need it.
    I hope she makes it at least sa evening gown competition.

      1. THAILAND
      3. COLOMBIA

  7. Tapos na ang botohan. Sabi nga ni Rachel, nagawa na natin ang part natin, part nya naman daw ang gagawin tom. Goodluck Rachel!!! Bring home the 4th MU crown. πŸ˜‰

    Napansin ko lang na halos lahat na ng artista/ athletes/ beauty queens ay nagcampaign at sumuporta kay Rachel pero si Pia, wala kahit isang tweet. Sana ayaw nya lang magmukhang bias kaya parang tahimik lang sya at hindi yung may naiisip pala silang kakaiba ni jonas. Mataas ang respeto sa kanya ng lahat at sana ay wag namang masira ang tingin sa kanya ng dahil lang sa isang camp war or naisip nyang mabilis na maaagaw o mahahati ang mga ads at shows nya. πŸ˜‰

    • Of course she is a judge. It is but fair for her not to obviously endorse a particular candidate.

    • ay teh wag mong gayahin si Jonas sa group ng kabila na mahilig manira dahil sila mismo sa loob eh nagaawayan… ilang beses ng napatunayan na wala sa karakas ni Jonas yan panahon pa ng Mabuhay Beauties….

  8. Iris my belle! You were spectacular during the prelims and you sealed the deal with that Moulin Rouge Costume. So it wasn’t a shock when you won and most MU fans agreed with your victory. I followed your reign religiously and although you were not active in social media unlike Pia, we know your heart is in the right places. Thank you for a beautiful reign Iris!

    • I’m excited for you and Dandan! I hope that friend of yours na nanita Kay Julia at derechahang nagtanong Kung bakit di Niya pinanalo si Catriona is with you! And belated happy birthday! Ka-birthday mo Pala si MJ Lastimosa!

      • Thank you love! Kaya pala magaganda kami si Mj and Ara are both November babies ha ha. Di ko kasama yung prangka kong friend sa Vegas. The usual suspects are here. Mga MU fans. Kanina sa book signing ni Mama J, positive naman lahat that Rachel will make it. Wala si Pia sa book signing kase nga bawal ang public appearance until after the finals. Exciting competition tonight for sure! Later this morning we will watch the final dress rehearsal.

  9. Iris is a ray of sunshine! She has such a great personality in addition to her beautiful face and vavavavoom body! I wish her the best in her dental studies!

  10. Well well well!!!
    kakapanalo palang nya ng Miss France noon Dec 2015. Sya na talaga ang bet ko na manalo. Sabi ko sa sarili ko pag eto sa Miss Universe lalaban. Sure win na to! At never ako nag iba ng choice hanggang finale ng Miss Universe last January. Natatawa pa nga ako kay Momshie Norms ni hindi niya nasama sa top13 si Iris. Tapos laking tuwa ko nung ung favourite yt vlogger ko na si Seng19200 si Iris ang top prediction winner. Hahahaha
    Iris will always be the best Miss Universe for the last decade!!!!!
    Hindi tulad ng iba lahat DIVA ang ugali!!!!
    Iris and Stefania will be the most classic looking Miss Universe of my millennium. Ewan ko lang sa nakaraang siglo. Di pa ko napanganak nun!

    • question: sino ang prediction ni Seng19200 for this year?

      do you have any link of his blog for this year?

      norman’s blog is just his opinion. he was never quite accurate sa predictions niya. Rachel was neither his favorite to win during binibini days.

      I hope it’s the same this year. i hope predictions about overhyped thailand is not true coz i don’t really understand why she is a front-runner. pretty yes but walang ump factor. not even relatable. she makes a lot of noise just like venezuela who is always on every frame trying to be noticed. at the end of the day it’s just too much. to a point na nakakasuka na.

      i do hope that rachel will pull off a surprise tomorrow. she played it quietly except for her fans. i do have a gut feeling that it’s not gonna be the loud ones like TH and Venezuela who will reign supreme this year. the loud ones aren’t always the best. case in point, venezuela last year and vietnam the previous year. they even failed to advance. so yeah, i won’t be surprised if USA, Argentina and other unheralded but deserving contestants will make it to the semis.

      lastly, i do hope that my gut felling is right about rachel that she will make it to the semis. she played it well. she let’s the fans do the work for her. she doesn’t tire herself trying to get noticed. she performed when it mattered the most. people are telling that she needs to loosen up a little coz she is only fierce and none of the softer side as seen in photos but that is totally the opposite in real life and that can be clearly seen in her interviews and the ways she has made friendships with other contestants. having said that, i am sure that what she lacks in softness in photos the judges already figured that one out during the interview. so i hope that rachel will make it to the semis based on her solid performance. if she does, i guess it’s gonna be easy for her to breeze through the next round coz her swimsuit is super strong. i really really really hope that she makes it past the swimsuit coz her evening gown is gonna be something to look forward to. i just can’t wait for the pasabog tomorrow.

      regardless what outcome is tomorrow for rachel, we have to give her some credit. give her some slack on the criticisms. the girl has done nothing but represent how beautiful and palaban a filipino is in an international stage. she has exceeding all the expectations even before the final night. God bless her.

      • ACTUALLY si tita Norms lang din ang alam kong blogger na nagligwak kay USA sa Top5. Lahat halos ng vlogger at bloggers nasa Top3 o Top5 si USA kahit sa mga forums.

        Seng19200 this years Top5 goes to
        1. Thailand
        2. Philippines
        3. USA
        4. Venezuela
        5. Spain

    • Hello, walang nagsama kay Iris sa Top 15 at sinabi ko pa noon na isama naman nila si Iris hihihi.
      Yun lang, cherette πŸ™‚

    • I know sashfactor and missossology nailed their MI prediction but i do really hope that they are wrong this time.

      i don’t understand Thailand at all. just a pretty face for me.

    • If anything…..if it really goes down to a surprise winner….i want iceland….for a change πŸ™‚

  11. You’ve been a great Miss Universe, Iris! You took Miss Universe to Paris Fashion Week and Cannes!

    • Got three unlikes? She walked the Jean Paul Gaultier show and was at the red carpet for The Beguiled! How can you call yourselves fans of Miss Universe? Baka fans lang kayo ng Philippines. lol

      • Hala sige unlike pa more! Si Pia lang ang purihin niyo na parang nawawalan ng hininga parati pag nagsasalita at si Rachel na lax and lackadaisical! Philippines lang always! Napaka spoiled niyo! Lol

      • oh my Adrian dami mong dislikes hahaha di ata na gets post mo. Ayan 1 like ka na sa akin πŸ™‚

      • Ayaw talaga nila na matalbugan si Pia. Pero Iris made a different mark. Iris was Paris Fashion Week and Cannes. Pia was speaking at UN and becoming UNAIDS ambassador for Asia and the Pacific. Fashion and fame ang kang Iris. Social causes ang kay Pia. Ganun lang yun. Iba-iba lang. Unlike pa more! lol

      • JawsKuh naman Adrian hihihi huwag masyadong concious sa mga likes dahil insecure lang ang mga ganyan.. just voice out your opinion ke gusto o hindi go go go lang hihihi πŸ™‚

  12. Naala ko noong kapapanalo niya, ang ilang sa ating kababayan halos araw araw nilang pinupuna siya, sinasabi mas marami pa daw ang modeling kaysa sa charity work. Pati ba naman homecoming niya hindi pinalampas kesyo kakaunti daw ang dumalo. Wala na silang bukang bibig kung hindi mas magaling daw si Pia. Halos lahat ng nanalong Miss Universe ay nagsumikap na magtrabaho pero mas saludo ako kay Iris. Hindi gaya ng ibang nanalo mas priority nila kung ano ang sasabihin ng fans nila sa bawat post nila sa social media at ano ang kalagayan sa lovelife kaysa sa trabaho nila. Tahimik si Iris at malinis siyang magtrabaho. Yan ang tunay na Miss Universe para sa akin.

    • I hope the luck of benchan work with Rachel. Halos lahat ng sinuportahan niya nanalo! (e.g. Nicole, Nelda, Ara)

    • Kaloka, bumangon talaga sa 6ft under si Willie Nepomuceno para lang maggsupport kay Rachel! Love the Philippines TeamπŸ’– at nandiyan din si Mars Ara oh! Lucky charm yan. Go Rachel! πŸ’™

      • Matagal nang Sila!

        Tignan mo timeline ni Albert Andrada, may sulat dun nung nagkasakit hubby Niya from him “and” dun sa signed part! Palagi silang magkasama on their foreign trips! Kala ko nga nung una eh si John Spainhour Ang jowa eh?

  13. She really was at her best during the prelims and the pageant night!
    Her quiet confidence bested everyone else.

  14. Iris is the classic example of an MU candidate who was a little omniscient at the inception of the pageant, but who managed to peak and then stole the night of the competition. Thus, we can’t conclude yet on who reigns supreme at this stage of the competition because the girl who magically shines tomorrow will have it. Therefore, Miss Thailand is not there yet, so are Misses South Africa and Philippines. As passe as it is, MU is anybody’s ball game.

    BTW, congratulations Iris for successfully finishing your reign without hiatus or controversy. May you continue to be an inspiration to your countrymen and to all the women of the world, the universe rather. Muuuuuah!

    • These pictures show why I don’t think TH will win. Yamamay is a big sponsor, and they would want a girl with curves. Pia may not have been in the best shape when she won, but she has curves! TnA, if you will. TH has neither T nor A.

    • Look at Haiti in the background. You can see why she made it as far as she did. Gorgeous!

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