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  1. Okay, so Rachel has this big Thanksgiving dinner and she invites Miss Malaysia over, but not her roommate Miss Indonesia? LOL.

  2. Although I want to see Rachel to win miss universe cown, I see and feel that she will place but not the crown. In my opinion IMG will get the new miss universe not from europe nor asia since Philippines and France already represented but rather in other continent for the purpose of widening the reach and promote miss universe globally, I dont think they will pick Philippines again to avoid any issues since Philippines won 2 years ago and histed last year and Pia will be one of the judges on finals night, it will be an over exposure for the Philippines and other countries might feel that IMG is biase because of the attentiin they are showing for the Philippines. The integrity of IMG will be jeopardized considering that they only holds the pageant since 2015 only.

  3. Just to let everybody knows that top ten is already made. So the judges will just concentrate on them. Unfortunately some of the hype girls didn’t make it. Insiders editions.

  4. In case our bet Rachel isn’t destined to win, I find the following candidates worthy of the title:
    -Sri Lanka

    • Bat di binanggit si Nicole Cordoves 1st Runner Up sa MGI MAJOR MAJOR PAGEANT held in LAS VEGAS NEVADA USA din naman. Magtatampo na talaga si Lola Nawat nyan lalo na si Ariska magwawala na naman sa twitter.

    • For the new millennium yes! Aileen Damiles and Alou Camua has not been lucky in the 90’s at LV.

    • She looks radiant. And her bearing is very refined & elegant. She’s showing us more of her personality, why she deserves to be crowned. She’s peaking at just the right time, I’d say.

  5. In most of the hot picks Rachel is included after the preliminary. Having said that, Hindi ba dapat Ang strategy ng mga Asian and Africans is to vote for Rachel para maging wild card siya and if that happens may isang slot na mababakante sa Asia and Africa continent?

    • During/After the preliminary which is the moment that matters… she does need votes to get in. Again, she is way up there in her own merits. It is now a matter of destiny kung sa kanya ba talaga ang korona. magantay nalang tayo 🙂

  6. 1 day away:

    what do you think of these less heralded candidates:

    miss guam

    miss portugal

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    Miss Universo Portugal Matilde Lima Um cheirinho do que podem ver no próximo sábado à noite. Muito obrigada por todo o apoio, sem vocês nada disto era possível! Não se esqueçam de votar, cada voto conta! Vamos mostrar que Portugal é muito maior do que aparenta ser. Beijinhos a todos! 🇵🇹🙏🏼❤️ Vestida por: Rafael Freitas A scent of what you can see next Saturday night. Thank you so much for all the support, without you nothing would be possible! Do not forget to vote, every vote counts! Let us show that Portugal is much larger than it appears to be. Kisses to everyone! 🇵🇹🙏🏼❤️ #MissUniversoPortugal #MissPortuguesa #RoadToMissUniverse2017 #OrganizaçãoMissPortuguesa #MissUniverse #PHHotel

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    miss angola

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    Olá Instamigos! Mbora a votar 👇 Dê um click no link : http://vote.missuniverse.com E mbora votar para colocarmos a nossa Miss Angola Lauriela Martins nas semifinais👌👑 OBS: Podem votar 10 vezes por dia

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    miss italy

    miss ethiopia

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    Vote for stunning @aki_nahom visit http://www.missuniverse.com to vote -you can vote 10 times per day until 25th Also you can vote on Twitter using hashtag #MissUniverse and #Ethiopia VOTE NOW!

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    miss namibia

    miss ukraine

    • I love Angola. I think she’s very strong & I think she will fill one of the spots reserved in the top 16 for Asia & Africa.

    • There will always be surprises come Big day. Remember Mariam last year? Bodine Kohler? And many other frontrunners… May mga biglang di mo inicip like Iris last year or Ms Angola in 2011…

      From your pics i like Portugal & Italy. malay natin makapuslit ng slot isa sa kanila. Abangan! 🙂

  7. Our current Miss Philippines, Rachel Peters, plays a driving game with Bianca and Sambie. She also shares some secret pageant stories and all 3 girls throw quick fire questions at each other! Such a fun episode!


    Global Beauties ranked Channel Oliver Tòmas 2nd in their Supraprelim gown ranking competition ekek. Halos lahat tayo rito Nawindang sa styling hairstyle at lakad ni Merlat pero si GB bet na bet hahaha.
    Bihira lang yan sa GB.

  9. i like miss usa
    but her styling had been really quirky

    why did they schedule mu around the thanksgiving/black friday time frame
    first week of december would have been better
    americans are too busy this time of year to notice

    • Anu ba yang thanlsgiving party na yan??? Di ba despededà yan sa aten? Pa explain naman po wala ko ma gets bat may ganyan???

      • it’s my favorite american holiday
        the story is during the early period of the colony
        around 1600’s. the pilgrims from england were
        on the verge of starving and the native americans
        shared their harvest bounty with them and they survived.
        they, pilgrims and native americans, celebrated this afterwards
        with a feast to thank the native americans for helping them.

        but nowadays it’s more of the a day when you are
        expected and forgiven for eating too much. the highlight
        of the dinner is inevitable turkey, a bird that’s native to america,
        and other foods that are native to america like pumpkin, cranberry, corn etc…
        you have the
        dinner and everybody shares whatever they are thankful for the year
        during the prayer right before the dinner.

        it officially kicks off the holiday season, starting with the black friday sales
        the day after thanksgiving.

        apparently, it was also celebrated in the philippines during the american
        colonial period

      • Thanks Sunkist!!!! Kala ko talaga thanksgiving yun sa mga nagsponsor at sumupurta kay Rachel!!! Kaloka may ganyan pala jan???!!!

  10. Kahit ganitong award lang sana Rachel makuha mo para ikaw ang 1st ever filipina nyan. Malabo kasi sa 2nd RU. Thailand Venezuela USA na kasi un top3.

    • Don’t be mean. But Rachel was struggling. I think she will surprise us. I’m just hoping she will have a come up like that Miss Universe from Angola.

      • Struggling? Saan? Kailan? Tuhogin ko yan pwet mo ng Turkey BBQ sticks ah. Kung anong pinagsasabi.

      • @observing This is my observation. If you disagree, then you are free to give your argument. No need to show uncouth behavior lol. Notice her previous photos from these latest ones? The difference is night and day!

    • If you don’t like to support Rachel that’s ok. Pero wishing her to fail? That is so insensitive and downright mean.

      • BAKLAH is just a plain villain like Ursula of Little Mermaid who will eventually die soon! He wants attention baka may social anxiety disorder.

      • No. Si Baklah nagaasar lang yan. She is 101% Rachel supporter. Kabadong kabado na nga yan for Monday eh. haha

  11. Her eyes are smiling in the middle photo here. That is what has been lacking in her previous photos but I couldn’t put my finger on what is was even if she was smiling in them. Smize, Rachel! Smize even more!

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