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  1. Its very obvious that MUO is blatantly promoting either SOUTH AFRICA or THAILAND this year. Their faces are almost always plastered in the in official photoshoots of major sponsors like Yamamay and Planet Hollywood. Geezzzz! Well, I can take South Africa cuz she’s really facially stunning but Thailand for me is still up for debate. But of course, my prayers are for Rachel.

  2. Nah. I’m guessing Pia would rather be the most recent Miss Universe from the Philippines a while longer and not have Rachel stealing her thunder. Bad for Rachel that Pia’s a judge.

    • Yes. Pia’s subconscious self can even do that by seeing “flaws” in Rachel rather than her efforts. Also, I’m seeing a repeat of MJ’s efforts. It’s KF’s signature I think. By the way, Manny was also judge at that time. However, I don’t think Manny scored her down. MJ advanced to the evening gown competition.

      • Adrian – Excellent point. Pia probably might subconsciously see Rachel’s KF signature moves as “flaws”. Pia might also subconsciously justify the lower scores she’ll give Rachel as her way of being a “fair” judge, while at the same time she might end up giving the other candidates higher marks lest she be accused of favoring Rachel. A potential subconscious double whammy playing in Pia’s head that unfortunately might negatively affect Rachel’s chances on finals night.

        Then there’s the subconscious instinct of self-preservation. Who needs rivals anyway? I really can’t blame Pia if she feels the need to be the supreme queen of Philippine pageantry, with all the perks, the status, entitlements and privileges that comes with it, for at least a little while longer. Pia I might guess would want her Miss Universe victory, her legacy, to last.

        The subconscious is a far stronger force than we think. So I predict no sandwich victory for the Philippines.

      • But Casper dearie, there’s also the likelihood that Pia, as a very self aware woman, won’t let these things get into her head, and that she’ll make her best effort to be fair and objective as humanly possible as a judge. And to be fair to Pia, she is just one of six judges — so the decision as to who wins won’t rest solely on her.

  3. Deep inside my heart, I hope that Rachel wins. If not, sana naman manalo yung bansang hindi pa kailanman nananalo.

    • @ alex
      same sentiments here, if not rachel/phils, sana a “new” country naman, but NOT indonesia..!!

  4. PIA WILL BE FAIR. She’s a great judge because she set the bar for IMG MUs. Rachel can win on her own merits. So can 91 other girls. Rachel is giving it her all. I’m very impressed by her performance so far. MY PREDICTIONS: If I’m being honest I have a gut feel we will have a black MU this year. Angola is my dark horse to win it . India will finish strong too. Thailand will be first runner up or win MU. Indonesia will make top 10. Rachel will do is proud by landing top 10. South Africa, Colombia,Venezuela will dissapoint . USA top 5.
    Best of luck Rachel enjoy the journey.

    • I think MUOrg wants to strengthen Europe fan base, so I think, another European will win the crown.

      My best bet : Iceland
      My close seconf bet: Great Britain

      Germany and Slovenia completes the top 4 with Croatia as a wild card.

      France & Russia will disappoint.

      Spain is perhaps a dark horse

      Malta maybe, but a long shot

      • Yes. They want the most beautiful spokesperson from Europe to win. It would be easier to penetrate the European retail market/economy that way and maybe the high fashion houses although they may be snobs but if the likes of Kim and Kanye West, and Kendall Jenner can infiltrate Vogue then it is possible. The European fashion market is highly lucrative and social and civic causes are big there. Miss Earth should tap into Europe as well because they are steeped in environmental advocacy. They actually started but they crowned a Filipina, though it cannot be argued she deserved the crown.

  5. mga beshies napanood nyo na ba yung teaser ng ABSCBN for Miss Universe???? gahd ang ganda ni bakla dito pak na pak

  6. Pia is the best reminder that winning the Miss Universe title is somebody’s destiny. Yes, she’s a judge and her score counts. But if the crown is really meant for Rachel, it will happen no matter how Pia scores her.

    Let’s also remind ourselves that although it was an honest mistake, the whole brouhaha when Pia won was unfair to her. So if there’s someone who knows a thing or two about fairness, it’s Pia. And I trust that she’ll be fair with Rachel.

    Finally, we have a strong contender in Rachel. She was at her best during prelims and that’s all we can ask for. If she’s called as a semi-finalist, I have no doubt that her motivation will be to make all of us proud and she’ll therefore compete accordingly!!!

  7. there are 9 African delegates -Angola, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia

    There are 2 strong: Angola & South Africa

    The 2 strong in Asia are: Philippines & Thailand

    Indonesia may be included as a wild card (Sri Lanka and Nepal and Korea and Laos are long shots)

    You can plainly see here how competitive this 92-delegate, 66th edition of MU is…

  8. Maybe some of us here already underwent that kind of experience to be a judge or perhaps one the interviewer in a selection of a new staff in the hospital. Candidly speaking there is always a bias in the process ,shoot me if I’m wrong. Judging is a prerogative of the person based on the criteria. Again and again beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Definitely Pia will be bash whatever is the result is. Remember lea and paquiao if you go back on their score cards they put the candidates of the Philippines in the mid lowest. If I were the organizer I will show the score cards of the judges at least we know who’s who? Just a question what will be the reaction of the Filipinos in Vegas If her name is not the list of semi finalists? Or in top six ? Hmmm …

    • Lea voted Shamcey as 1st R-Up. Not sure with Manny ano score nya kay MJ at mukhang di sapat na mahatak Mj sa Top 5 (which was I think fair). Pero kung nakapasok sa Top 5 yun baka nag 1st r-up pa yun dahil sa QA.

  9. Pia is using this MU judging to promote ber MMFF movie

    pag sideview angle ni Rachel ang haba, mala AiAi

    • No just no. Her film is local why would she go leaps and bounds to promote it there? And judges dont really get to talk much.. hihihi think before you speak…hihihi

  10. The sad part in this debacle is the pageant enthusiasts’ prejudgment of Pia’s role in the pageant, without thinking that whatever Rachel’s fate on the pageant night, there will come a notion that she did injustice in judging. Yes, co-commenters, Pia will also be in a bad light if Rachel wins because in the eyes of foreign fans she would have to be favoring Rachel. Pia is, therefore, holding the toughest job than being Miss Universe for more than a year!

    If I could only propose to the MUO the transparent judging in the 80’s and early 90’s, they would then be able to protect their panel from outright bashing. Wouldn’t they?

    • Veks she only has one voice… That’s why they have multiple judges sitting to avoid the bias.. Also, most of these judges are Americans and yet we dont cry foul when Miss USA wins… hihihi

      • Yes Pia is just one voice but that’s not an excuse para itodo nya ang scores ni Rachel kung hindi naman deserve. I believe na kaya ni Rachel and she will do her best to be deserving of high merits. And I also believe Pia will be fair in judging. Because believing in the good side of people (may proof man or wala) is better than spreading malicious thoughts and ideas na wala namang proof o concrete basis at nakabase lang sa personal ka-ekekan ng mga taong wala sa lugar. This goes to all people na walang magawa in life other than hate on Pia for something na ni hindi pa nga nya nagagawa (to judge)

        Really, anong gratification ba ang nakukuha nyo on saying Pia would be bias or Pia would not score Rachel fairly? Ikinagaganda nyo ba? Your lives must be very very miserable kung ganon.

      • Exactly, exactly…

        Ganito lang ‘yan. If Rachel is super stunning, radiating, and vibrant on the finals night in that not any of the judges would hardly ignore her, then who is Pia to give Rachel undeserving score, right?

        Let us stop prejudging Pia na lang. Dahil lang sa camp camp na ‘yan, we need to dig the hole deepest such as this? If you think it makes these camps famous in the pageant world, then sorry, we are all at the loosing end here. Not at the expense of our very own Miss Universe, please.

      • Ana Winter I am just playing here with my responses hihihi. I dont take this so seriously…chereeettt

      • @4M playing with someone else’s reputation, painting negative image about others without factual evidence/s are a big no no. Sinong tao ba ang gustong napagbibintangan sya of something na wala namang proof?

  11. Nakalimutan ata na best friend Ni Pia na si Harley eh sobrang lapit Kay Rachel at parte pa Ng styling team nya.

    • Harley seems to be working with KF girls lately… I dont know what happened. I think its because Harley used to manage Pia and now Jonas is her new manager… I dont know if they are still friends or falling out of friendship na.

  12. Rachel will WIN according to the merit of her own performance and not because of a Filipino judge on the judging table.

    Ximena Navarette won in 2010 then seat as judge in 2012 so what’s new? Another Mexican was also there Diego Boneta but Miss Mexico didn’t advance to the Top 5! Mga chosera!

  13. Hindi lang si Rachel ang naghanda ng todo. Hindi lang si Rachel ang nagpawis sa gym! At lalung-lalo na, hindi lang si Rachel ang maganda at matalino sa batch na’to! Pagnakakakita ako ng picturen i Rachel sa LV si MJ ang naiisip ko!

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  15. Maging fair man si Pia or not, we’ll never know naman e…Kaya wag nang isipin.

    Yung pag-appoint sa kanya as judge 2 years after nya makoronahan is fine naman sakin…parang meron naman nang ganon before…Olivia judged the 2015 edition – OK naman a?

    Malay naman natin, the reason why IMG assigned Pia eh para ma-expose na uli si Pia. After ng reign nya, parang wala pang bonggang exposure internationally si Pia under IMG. This might be a start.

  16. The people deciding and knowing that Pia will do anything but be a fair judge is just voicing their own choices if they were to do the same task. Ang sama sama nyo mag isip. Hindi ba pwede na Pia will judge fairly? Kayo ang mga nega at masama ang ugali.

  17. Masyado niyo namang pinangungunahan ang decision ni Pia as judge sa MU 2017. Hindi naman tanga si Pia to ignore Rachel on her chance to capture the crown. at mas lalong hindi naman gugustuhin ni Pia na ilaglag ang deserving candidate to win the crown. I think, nasa performance naman ni Rachel talaga ang magdadala para ipanalo niya ang PHILIPPINES.. The judges are just making their decisions based on the candidates performance in SS, EG at Q and A. So sana iwasan ang mga negative random thoughts about Pia as MU judge, as Aces and Queens Alumna/talent , and as Human. Si Rachel po naman ang lalaban at hindi po si Pia. Lahat ng ito ay ginagawa nila for the Philippines and not for onebperson only. Sana makontento tayo at maniwala sa fair judging. Salamat po and God bless po sa mga kababayan natin sa magkakaroon ng participation sa darating na Miss Universe 2017.


    • Dear Mrs. Reyes,

      We didn’t want to judge Pia. But if you will read the title of this post, it is a request from Mr. Norman asking us to “Judge Pia Wurtzbach”. Thus, the judgement from the readers. Lol.

      I guess the hypothetical question that she should answer honestly is this:

      ASSUMING ALL scores are equal – – from swimsuit to long gown to Q&A, who would she rather win, Ms. Philippines or Ms. So and so? Yun lang.

      World Peace.

      • Good evening Sir Thomas

        Hindi naman po ang article ni Sir norman ang ibig kung sabihin. Yung tinutukoy ko po ay yung tumutuligsa kay Pia at ang kanyang kakayahan sa pagjudge sa MU at kung ano ang impact nitonkay Rachel. Yun po ang aking ibig sabihin po Sir Thomas. Salamat po.

      • I think you’re reading into the title too much. The word “judge” wasn’t meant as a verb but as an adjective. In other words, it was meant to describe Pia’s role as a judge in Las Vegas.

      • Veks I interpreted the title as Pia being a judge not a call to judge Pia… Like Judge Judy show… Hihihi…

  18. Haha Pia is thorned now. On one thought, she is thinking of pleasing Jonas, and her most loved self and career. Pag panalo si Rachel biglang mawala mga commercials nya and opportunites that should be hers. On the other thought, alam nya isa cya sa sisisihin if Rachel loses moreso if Rachel will be the best of the night, and her career/image will still be impacted. She better hope that a convincing/deserving candidate is crowned like during the time of Lea & Manny. This is hers to lose so sana nagdecline cya sa judging stint nya na to. And oh boy she is fueling the fire by posing with Jonas the traitor este the trainor. Hehe

    Pia’s scorecard
    Indonesia 9.99
    Philippines 8.99 (claiming typo)
    Thailand 9.98

    Cherettt lang mga atey hehe.. I love Pia! #lovelovelove

  19. With PH most likely hosting the pageant next year, the probability of a Filipina crowning her successor on Philippine soil is not far behind.

  20. The title of this post is a command for us to “judge Pia Wurtzbach”.

    Here’s my judgement :

    > not loving the pics. She looks like an aging transgender with bad teeth.

    > while it is an honor to have a Filipino judge, overall I think it will be more of a hindrance than advantage for Rachel for reasons given by others already.

    I think it is just too soon for her to be a judge.

    If this is part of honouring a talent contract just for the sake of giving her a so called international work, so be it. It’s been a year and what has been harped about as Pia being part of a talent pool is fading. Meanwhile ,super hero movie with vice Ganda will do.

    World Peace.

  21. Pia will give Rachel a low score. Foe sure, she doesn’t want Rachel to steal her limelight if Rachel wins.

  22. Pia will be a hindrance for Rachel Peters. Even if Rachel will deliver well and outshined the rest of semifinalists, Pia will put her at the bottom of her ranking.

    Remember the CAMP WAR!!!!!!

    Its not actually the fans who are at war regarding the camps. It is the owners and the beauty queens themeselves. Pinoy fans always think about the country and not camps.

  23. Pia told me that Rachel will win 🙂
    She will give a perfect score to Rachel and pasang-awa to her competitors.
    Makikipagsabwatan daw cya sa mga baklang hurado and we know that Miss U from T & T will give a thumbs up score to our Queen Rachel hihihi 🙂
    Di naman daw bulag yung ibang natirang judges but to agree with Pia hihihi 🙂
    Congratz pala sa DM-X Comvalenoz coz they’re qualified for the Finals .

  24. Sinong pipiliin ni Queen P, si Bunga (trained by A&Q) o si Rachel (trained by KF)? The plot thickens. 🙂

  25. It’s no longer the Trump era in Miss Universe. So, trust IMG will crown the best woman of the night. I understand the judges have the mandate of the MUO on what criteria shall they observe in choosing the next queen. Therefore, regardless of whether Pia is there or not in the judging panel, so long as Rachel lays her card well on the finals night, then she can be Miss Universe (very Janine Tugonon lang mga beshies).

    Good luck, Rachel! May the powers be with you on Sunday. Mmmmmmuah!


  26. either girl from Oceania or from Africa will win MU
    they are long overdue for a win!

    this will boost the brand’s presence in those regions
    Asia has always been supportive of MU and will always be no matter what

  27. Rachel can advance sa semis naman even without the 2 filipino judges. if it is her destiny, she’ll win. Let her do her assignment and vote na lang tayo!

  28. Africa is due for MU win
    Asia has won
    Europe has won
    the Americas has won
    IMG Universe brand needs its presence in Africa be felt again

    so expect Rachel to be in Top 3 at least

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