59 comments on “Miss Universe 2017: normannorman.com’s Running Favorites

  1. 4444 or wat, I will be happy to wake up Monday morning with a new miss universe regardless of which continent she comes from.. As in th 65th season, I have no particular strong bets other than Rachel placing in the top 3, and from there, let the stars decide.

  2. Mejo, nervous aketch, Im looking for videos of Rachel where she gets Called for Top 5…. pero waley. However, theres still a couple

    I know a lot of the front runners underperformed sa prelims BUT if they did well sa interview, they’re still gonna make it to semis.

    I just want Rachel to win the crown LOL. I hope she’s the lady Gurmeet was talking about sa MU prediction nya.

  3. Let’s hope it’s Asia’s moment this year. Wishing an all Asian grandslam for 2017 for Big 4.

  4. May chicka na may masu-suspend daw na kandidata kc nagpunit ng damit NG kakwarto at nagtago ng sapatos.

    Yung Isa naman nag-faint during rehearsal at suspetsa nila eh nakalunok ng pakwan!

  5. Kinakabahan lang ako pag ndi masyado hinahype ang Venezuela… tsaka nananalo eh…

    • Thank you Nia and Costa Rica.
      Wait for another business and pleasure in the Philippines.
      Ayan, politics pa rin sa beauty pageant. …
      I love Philippines, pls invite us again to model or ads campaign plus free vacation in palawan and white sand beaches in Sulu this time hihihi 😄

      • Correct bong 🙂 It’s weird to have Americans promote PLDT’s products but that’s business 🙂

  6. I was rooting for Ms Thailand but she was a big disappointment during the preliminaries. Her swimsuit category performance was so lame. Her sparkle seem to have already dwindled.

    • Hi. Same observation here…she did not deliver. Iba kasi ang hype sa kanya eh…almost all the hot picks sya ang #1. But then came prelims where her Peformance is below expectation.

    • Yun ang problema sa hype, tumaas ang expectations sa kanya, so ayon, hirap na mag live-up.

  7. I had high hopes for Ms Thailand but she was a big dissapointment during the preliminaries.

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