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    • Yen ne be telege? If yes, mes letehen ang shepetbehey. Nenenewele ne yete sele se eseng gold gowm pe. Keye beke pedeng yen ne leng eng pekeleten neten. Hehe

      To be fair naman kay rachel, naiintindihan ko ang disappointment nya. May 4 days pa nga naman ang iba to change gowns if ever lalo na ang mga frontrunners. Sa case ni south africa for example, after her prelims gown tapos makakakita ng sobrang gandang gown ng ibang frontrunners, eh talagang mapapaisip sila kung anong susuotin di ba. Hahaha.

    • I’d prefer this over the gold one. Again, it is all about who wears the dress with confidence. You got this Ms Peters. Good luck!

    • I was sad kasi nawala yung element of surprise but the gown is divine and perfect for the next Miss Universe.

  1. For now, this is “my list”. It’s a bit out there but why not? I’m sure it’ll change right up until the start of the show…

    Sri Lanka
    Puerto Rico

    Tough year to try and narrow it down. Without knowing how their interviews went, it’s hard to “arm chair judge”. Many beautiful women gracing this year’s stage. It’s going to be a tough battle to the end… My one constant that will always be in my list is PHILIPPINES. Not blind devotion, going on a gut feeling about her… she’ll do well.

    • Mexico? I agree Colombia wala diyan dahil may viral video siya that may have ruined her chances to make the initial cut. Sana more African countries will make the cut this year.

  2. Go Rachel!!! Tuloy lang ang laban para sa bansa. Mukhang nasa top 15 ka naman ng lahat (or ng karamihan), pinoy/ pinay man o hindi ang nag rank. Good job! Get the crown na sa finals. Ayiii.

  3. Letehen neten eng shepetbehey pere de telege nele melemen eng teteeng gewn. Letse se negkelet. Hehe.

    Di ko na aalamin ang totoong gown talaga para may surprise pa sa part ko on monday. Pere geed jeb se mge beks ne tede effert se pegkelet ng medeneng gewn phete pere melete eng ebe. Hehe

  4. i hope that rachel does not get affected
    psychologically and emotionally regarding
    the leaked dress photos, it’s just a photo

    keep your focus rachel
    stay strong and confident

    wear that gown as if nobody has ever seen
    it…the impact will come when you wear it
    on the finals night as opposed to some 2 dimensional

      • She really doesn’t need to dignify these things with a response… ignore and focus, ignore and focus.

      • Agree . She should stay quiet and just do her best .

        On the other hand , if she feels like this is ruining her preparation for the big night , why not speak out? It’s good too as long as we see her best on Sunday .

      • bakit kailangan pa nyang magpakadefensive dito, e ano naman daw kung nagleak yong susuotin nyang gown? ARTE ARTE DIN NG RACHEL NA TO, MAGLEAK MAN O HINDI KUNG TALAGANG KAYA MONG DALHIN PASOK KA PA RIN SA BANGA, IN WHAT WAY NAMAN DAW NA DINADRAG DOWN KA NG PAG LEAK NG GOWN MO? wag oa ha?

      • I have never understood the secrecy behind our delegates’ gowns and costumers. I have kept reading people write “pang finals daw”, which is great since our girls always make it but what if they clap in a pageant like Miss Universe where unplaced delegates are seen during the evening gown parade for all of two seconds? This is an annoying habit, really.

      • @Caroline
        i never understood that either
        the set of finals judges are different from the prelims
        they would not know if rachel wore the same gown
        from prelims to finals

        it just reminded me of the ordeal pia had to go through
        because of the gowns..imagine last few days of competition
        and they had to find a prelim gown anf fetch it from l.a. and
        drive it 6 to 8 hours to las vegas…and the finals gown arriving at
        the very last minute??? i can’t imagine the stress of competing
        and having these stuff to worry about.

        in any case, there is even an advantage in wearing the same gown
        you could watch the footage and study it. “well it looks good in that angle
        and light, i should alter my pose to highlight this, change the pace of my walk,
        change my accessories, hair, make up..etc.etc.”

        having said that, i see how frustrating it could be for rachel
        and i kinda like her feisty-ness in her replies, good thing, she does not do it very often though

    • Pasok ba Australia last yr ?
      I think Australia pays more attention to beauty contests compared to other wealthy nations . Don’t beauty queens become instant celebrities there too?

      • Only time you’ll here about pageants in Australia is when they briefly discuss Miss Universe on the news lol. I wouldn’t go as far as saying they’re instant celebrities (minus Jennifer Hawkins), they definitely aren’t recognisable to everyone here.

  5. yearly na lang tinatago ang gown na yan
    waley din naman

    yung top 3 last year isang gown lang ginamit from
    prelims to finals


    • i agree, there’s always some gown drama
      but it really has no bearing with the results
      as i doubt the judges will be that interested
      in the story behind the gown
      what matters to them is how she looks in it at judging time

      unnecessary stress, if you ask me

      • all the AQ girls looked radiant during the prelim and finals night.
        MJ showed no improvement
        And so has Rachel.. except that Rachel is an it girl. Sosyal ang dating . And she is more articulate than MJ and prob most previous MUPs

    • Agree! Though Iris changed from yellow to gold during the finale but they look almost the same.

      I hope Rachel just changes her hair. Her preliminary look is very similar to MJ.

      • Iris during prelims… kita mo talaga ang confidence sa lakad niya 🙂 And that beautiful yellow gown is so Belle! 🙂

      • Parang kahapon lang noh? She was so beautiful nung finals! The gown was perfect for her!

    • Hala si south africa na iyong sinasabi ni psychic gurmeet na in love triangle… finalist siya.

  6. just saw Rachel’s IG story about someone leaking her gown for the finals??? Sino nag leak? and what does the gown look like lol . waley naman sa IG

    • Di na ako naexcite just to be safe baka lalaitin na naman to think na magaganda na ang mga latina gowns and our fellow Asians baka sabihin pa na gown ng ladies in waiting sa hotel lobby hihihi cherette lng😗

    • If the gown that I saw is really her final gown, then all I can say is … it’s stunning and perfect for Rachel 🙂 So excited for her and to see her in the finals!

    • MJ – Almodal last minute substitution scandal
      Pia – Andrade delayed flight Tolentino to the rescue scandal
      Maxine – Eala green gown fit escape to Hong Kong scandal
      Peters – leaked photo when we know it’s a Taguba scandal

      Drama lang yan. I have yet to see a gown that merited all this hoopla. MJ’s pink gown was ugly, Pia’s gown was just OK (honest opinion), both the green and red Maxine chose from were underwhelming, and well Taguba has a “style” —- I am pretty sure we already have seen Rachel’s EG look by now in one of Taguba’s other creations.

      All that’s missing from this drama is that French chick from Japan/Singapore’s involvement.

    • Pretty sure Venezuela will outplace Colombia this year. They are like carbon copies of each other (morenas, OA personalities). But Venezuela is taller, skinnier, and has an engineering degree. Would not be shocked if Colombia misses semis completely. Venezuela probably won’t get shut out two years in a row. Charming naman si Keysi.

    • I prefer Venezuela than Colombia 🙂 Mas queenly ang dating ni Keysi kesa kay Laura.

      • Morena keysi is picture perfect
        There are so many things wrong with Colombia.
        Remember Venezuela just won in 2013 . They are not exactly being shut out of the competition
        I will keep my expectations low. While Rachel got great reviews from the fans , they are not the judges . I think Indonesia and Thailand will get the judges ‘vote for being sweet soft and queenly … different from the others .

      • I agree, Fabian. It’s anybody’s ballgame come final night. We are not the judges so if the crowned winner is not who we want it to be – let us all be respectful of their decisions.

        For now, let’s continue supporting Rachel! Mabuhay, Philippines!

  7. with the preliminaries over,
    i think rachel is safely into the semis

    you’ve already convinced the majority of the
    most outspoken pageant fans, the filipino fans

    what’s left is to deliver
    be calm
    stay focused
    and convince the finals judges
    that you are miss universe 2017

  8. May hidden powers pala ‘tong si Rachel natin 🙂 She sings! This was when Rachel was still an event coordinator.

  9. Honestly I hope she is not turning to her Instagram comments for strategy. That is just no no no on so many levels.

    Anyway, I think she is doing amazing. My only constructive criticisms would be to change her gown (sounds like she has another one…). The gold was just too common of a color and on the safe side.

    Also, I think she should be careful of speaking about love and kindness. It borders on pageant patty and depending on the context, vapid.

    Anyway, Rachel was ready the moment she won BbP. She hasn’t transformed much because it wasn’t necessary. She’s easy breezy. Her personality and body do all the work for her. No point in ditching all that at the last minute because someone tells her to walk/talk more like Indonesia/Venezuela/etc. etc.

    Good luck Rachel! I will be watching you from a hotel room for work. Man if you win my Monday morning meeting will be so crazy. Will be hard to focus!!!!

  10. At this point Rachel should not be reading posts and blogs. She’s fully prepared and doesn’t need comments that may get in her head. Just focus on the task at hand and take it day by day. If comments must be read then let her team filter them.

    Besides, these boards are really more for fun conversations between the fans. A way to share feedback, good or bad.

  11. First off, congrats ms peters. Please be assured of my support. Just a note though on this live voting. I feel bad for countries who may not be as pageant fanatic as say PH, Indo, Thai, Viet or the Latin Americas, or even for countries who may not have as much internet access as other countries. How much bearing would these votes have on the final result?

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