87 comments on “Miss Universe 2017: A New Format?

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  6. regarding sa new 4 contestants per continent/group of continent, ilan po b ang girls per group na yun na mag-aagawan sa 4 slots sa group nila?

  7. Nakakatuwa ang lengwahe ng mga veks sa IG para hindi maitranslate ng ating mga kalaban…hihihi. Daming mga chika about the girls this year. hihihi May isang tesbun, may isang nag tago ng shoes, may nag racial slur, MUO hindi masaya sa rowdy fans, MUO knows about the sabotage by other fans online…

  8. rachel’s gown?

    View this post on Instagram

    Tita Lavinia: Will we see this golden caped beauty at the MU finals? Stay tuned 😝 Eme eme lang mungtanga kase sana tumalab pa tong scheme na to. Kung May seatmates kayo di gets tong post na to paki tulungan nlang. Imbyerns mag explain 😡 Update: Mukang may bisa to. Anuvaaaaaa. Admin friends lam nyo na. Pa pick up sticks na to ng mga nasa kabilang ibayo. Need natin mag appear disappear one half one fourth yung truelaloo na pic. Kaya patungan nyo nlang nito. Again ha 👏👏👏 give na give kayo AWARD! 😂 📷 @valtaguba -Gold- Val Taguba Bridal Couture #valtagubabride #moulage #hautecouture @michaelcinco5 @ezracouture @bandoix @ilang_ilang_co #Rachel4MU #RachelPeters #PETERSfan #missuniverse #missuniverse2017

    A post shared by Pageant Titas (@titasofpageantry) on

    but it doesn’t seem to match the detail photos that were officially released??

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    Tita Lavinia: Hi guys! I'm taking over tonight. I have a day off this week so balak ko umariba sa gown posts. Ready? Ok so now may be the right time to make sawsaw baka naman may makinig sa suggestions natin 😉 When Rachel won – our initial fear was that she'd end up with questionable styling choices since the last winner from her camp suffered the same fate back in 2014 and since we were kept in the dark with their prep – there wasn't a way for us to really get involved. Throughout Rachel's secretive training, we kept on assuring our followers to trust her styling team since she's under the tutelage of @bonitapenaranda , @ton_lao , @valtaguba and @harleybarleyyy . Industry heavyweights who know what they're doing. I am glad that since our girl started being active – we have not been disappointed. The other day Rachel did so well during the prelims. Her swimsuit presentation was flawless and we were treated to a sexy blingy dress for her eg presentation. These photos showing details of her gown are going viral. So now we can confirm that she's actually wearing a different gown for the finals. I've seen the gown and all I can say for now is that I AM ONE HAPPY TITA – if I'm happy that means I approve 😝 I got everything I wanted for her. Sadly, top secret photos are circulating on Twitter if I'm not mistaken so I wouldn't be surprised if mawalan kayo Ng surprise factor 😏 sad. Anywho – wait nalang tayo. I included two more photos in this album. For a blingy gown such as this might we suggest two looks? I would like Rachel to go full on Serena Van Der Woodsen. Please consider having her hair styled the same way as her GGV guesting or push the limits further by going full on Pocahontas straight. Styling powers that be – we are in consensus about not having the hair curled and swept to one side ala MJ in 2014. We would really appreciate a fresher approach to her final look. Thank you po! 📷 @powerhouse_ SNEAK PEEK: Miss Universe Philippines 2017 RACHEL PETERS Evening Gown for the finals night! #MissUniverse2017 #MissUniverse #RachelPeters #PETERSfan

    A post shared by Pageant Titas (@titasofpageantry) on

  9. chill guys
    this purported format change will not happen
    because it makes absolutely no sense

    and the format is for the intro not for the

  10. unfair nga talaga. what ive read is yung by continents is just for dance number. each continents they have different song dance number. ibang song ung sasayawin ng americas kasama na ang mga latina don. iba ung sa europe at iba ung sa asya. kasama na sa asya ang oceania at african. yan ang nabas ako. pero may nabasa din ganyan na by continents ang new format for selecting semis. mas nakakakaba pag ganyan and very unfair nga naman talaga. I hope fake news yan at ang totoo lang sana eh ung by continents na dance number. ok na ok yon.

  11. The problem is why will they change the format this late in the competition? I always believe in fairness and when you compete, you expect that the rules are established prior to the competition. These pageants need to start ironing these out otherwise, how will you train your girls to win if you don’t even know the set standards in judging. I find it hard to believe that no national directors are balking on any pageants that change formats or rules the last minute.

  12. I hope this is false. This is very unfair to thedeserving women that happened to be on the same region. Just because someone has to fill the quota, doesn’t mean they should get sacrified. Getting into the semifinals is still a big deal for these ladies – they should at least get that recognition, not because of a technicality.

  13. Not a fan of this format. Beautiful girls got robbed just because they did not do well in the interview. Remember the Venezuelan and Colombian queens who topped the semifinals but ended up as runners up just because someone outdid them in the interview (Paula Betancort, Carolina Gomez)? And worse, some didn’t even make the top 3 (Carolina Izsak, Verna Vasquez).

    I prefer the early 2000 era where all scores summed up. This is also the period where they crowned one of the most beautiful MU winners (2002-2005).

  14. Pang-intro lang yata yan. Just like the preliminary yesterday na in alphabetical order apat ang isinalang pero sa coronation night four per continent in alphabetical order ang format. I believe it is still Top 15 + 1 format.

  15. I have tweeted one hundred twenty-three times in number words with the appropriate hashtags and now I can’t tweet. It seems I have violated Twitter rules but I can’t fill out the appeal form because my acount is just disabled from tweeting and not completely suspended. Bummer.

  16. Top 16 First Cut
    Top 10 Swimsuit Competition
    Top 6 Evening Gown Competition
    Top 3 Q&A
    Top 2 Lipsync For Yo Life!

  17. Does not make sense. Must be fake news. Reigning queen is european even so why the disproportionate favor to the continent? IMG/Endeavor can crown whomever they want so no need to go through this tricky manipulations. It could backlash to Latin Americans and Southeast Asians that currently their strong fan base.

  18. Till Miss Universe Org will officially announce this new rule, then all of this is baseless and just a gossip. Wag na nating patulan. Just focus on voting and supporting Rachel.

  19. To see is to believed. If indeed true, unfair for Asia, Oceania and Africa. Africa deserves recognition too. Ok nako sa Asia + Oceania. Basta alam ko Pasok sa Banga si Rachel Louise Peters! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  20. How about make it super corny and do head to head challenge. Then they can fast track to sports challenge and the confidently beautiful with a purpose text voting. In the end Julia Morley will invalidate all scores and pick the winner on behalf of IMG.

  21. How come there is no schedule for preliminary interviews ? …

    Miss Universe 2017 Events & Activities

    Nov 11th – 12th: Contestants Arrival.

    Nov 11th – 14th: Registrations + Fittings + Orientation.

    Nov 13th – Nov 18th: Original content shoots in various locations.

    Nov 17th: National Gift Auction.

    Nov 18th: National Costume Show.

    Nov 19th – 20th: Preliminary Rehearsals + Preliminary Show (Time TBD)

    Nov 21th – 25th: On + Camera Rehearsals.

    Nov 26th: Live Telecast 4PM Local Time.

    Nov 27th: Contestants Departures.

    On-Stage Rehearsals: The onstage rehearsals will take place at a different facility. At this point we have not determined whether or not to allow any audience in the venue for on-stage rehearsals. We will let you know what our security team and executive producer decide.

    Source: Miss Universe Organization.

  22. The new format is to drum up support from Europe. The semifinalists usually come from Group 1 The Americas. Endeavor formerly WME|IMG wants Europe to figure in more in the competition. I think this is the phase where we will see the identity of WME|IMG. Do they like pageant-patty girls, a relatable smart woman ala-Pia, or a modelesque spokesperson? It is my theory that they are looking for a Helena Christensen. A new era in MU is coming.

  23. I feel so sorry for the “deserving” candidate who will become a casualty because of this format. I hope MU has done a very deep due diligence and calculated risk before they come up with this kind of format. I’m also wishing that this is just a fake news!

    • If the selection has the following percentage:

      20% evening gown
      20% swimsuit
      60% interview

      Kung Sa ganyang breakdown meron pa ring di pumasok na say from Africa or Europe, abay there’s something wrong with them!

      And if MU’s intention is to diversify the finalist, they need to push their NDs to send a strong candidate. And with this kind of format, will they be able to filter the kind of girl they are looking for?

  24. wait, i thought the by-continents format was just for the opening number where
    candidates will be introduced in groups via their region/continents with music
    from that region…

    it did not go beyond that

    and this is highly problematic:

    “4 Candidates from Asia + Africa + Oceania (All in one region)”

    i am sure there was something lost in the translation

  25. I hope this is false. For one, IMG is working hard to have a more progressive image for the pageant. Imagine reserving 1/3 of the finalists for Europe, which is technically not even a continent really and has a very small percent of the world population. Second, combining Asia, Africa and Oceania together? Just imagine the outcry in the US newspapers. Asia alone makes up more than half of the global population and land size! And the diversity in those regions! The liberals in the US will have field day with the separate Europe category and a combined Asia-Africa-Oceania. This is just not in line with how the org wants to promote itself. Sure, I understand having those groups in the opening, but dividing the finalists this way? It’s just bad PR for them.

    Just let the top scorers (wherever they may be from) get into the Top 12/15. No manipulations!

  26. Its unfair Asia has the most number of beautiful candidates and it should be equal to Americas & Europe did they noticed that most of the winners this year were all Asians?

  27. No. Ugh. Let those who worked hard and earned the right to be a semifinalist pass through without worrying about a quota or an imposed limitation.



    • Bonga assessment mo, Teh!

      I super like it! 👏👏👏👏👏

      Little sisters singing…

      When you wish upon a star makes no difference who you are…

      Coz when you wish upon a star, your dreams will come true!

    • Not a fan of this format. Beautiful girls got robbed just because they did not do well in the interview. Remember the Venezuelan and Colombian queens who topped the semifinals but ended up as runners up just because someone outdid them in the interview (Paula Betancort, Carolina Gomez)? And worse, some didn’t even make the top 3 (Carolina Izsak, Verna Vasquez).

      I prefer the early 2000 era where all scores summed up. This is also the period where they crowned one of the most beautiful MU winners (2002-2005).

  29. do not believe in bloggers blindly

    So(?), this will mean …
    Puerto Rico

    Great Britain

    South Africa

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