95 comments on “Miss Universe 2017 Preliminary Competition: Let’s see if this will work

  1. I’ve heard na may ongoing na concert sa Bacsktreet Boys that time sa main stage. That’s why they held the prelims there nalang.

  2. Love her during the swimsuit portion. that’s her strongest. legs galore.

    Evening gown, di ako makakita ng maliwa-liwanag na videos but basing sa napanuod ko. tama ang fit ng gown niya sakanya. of course, slit pa more because of her legs. the hair/styling reminds me of MJ Lastimosa. but toned down.

    with her walk.. I was expecting more.. because everytime interviewhin siya and ask for a sample walk.. nirereject niya and surprise na lang daw. baka gayahin. Well, same lang naman ung nakita kong walk sa walk niya sa GGV.

    or siguro kasi hindi rin siya makakilos because the stage is sooooo small. (HELLO MUO TF HAPPENED?) well.. let’s see na lang i’m sure pasok yan sa first cut. then swimsuit.. pasok na pasok! good luck Rach!

  3. Huwag muna maging kampante. Remember last January, flawless ang execution ni Mariam pero ligwak sa Top 15.

    Factor in pa Yung refusal ng Pinas na mag-host ulit nung pageant. Kaya ayan ang kinalabasan ng venue!

    • Totoo naman yan. Honestly, Rachel delivered, pero after ng interview at prelims luck na ang bahala sa kanya.

    • Kung refusal ng hosting ang factor abay kabahan na ang ibang Candidates dahil ni minsan ang iba hindi pa nag host ng MU or even winning the bid.

    • “Hindi pa bayad si Paula… 2 korona muna bago maghost ang Pinas.
      Miss world muna ang uunahin kong tulungan bago Miss Universe”
      That’s accdg to Chavit hihihihi

    • Andito ka rin? Confirmed. Aligaga na wala sa lugar. Daming kuda. Hindi ka pala Inday. You are chiksilog haha. Ikumpara ba naman kay Habach si Rachel. May nalalaman ka pang pageang refusal. Hahaha patawa to. I suggest para di ka na nervous breakdown. Huwag ka magcomment. Huwag ka din manuod hahaha

  4. I dont know the reason of not streaming it live but this came from Miss Universe Org.:

    The National Costume Show will stream on Saturday, November 25 9PM ET on Facebook and Youtube.

    The Preliminary Competition will stream on Saturday, November 25 11AM ET on Facebook and Youtube.

    We can still enjoy the high resolution vid but I thinks panis na ang paninda by this time.

  5. After that spectacular prelims performance, Queen Rachel needs to eat … re-energize for the finals, ilang tulog na lang 🙂

  6. So. FIRST OF ALL, WTF MU!!!??? Cheapipay ng venue… I’m so disappointed, parang Hindi napagplanuhan and competition this year. Everything seems rushed and mediocre.. Kahit prelims lang, usually it’s so exciting to watch. This year waley… Pati si Queen Iris, she couldn’t even dress bongga cause of this lame venue…. Such a downgrade after MU being held in the Philippines last year…

    Anyways, WOWOWOWO Rachel! Ang fresh Niya sobra!! It just sucks, that we could only watch the prelims from so so quality phone cameras. Hindi man lang naclose up ang beautiful fez and smile ni Rachel…. She definitely rocked the prelims regardless! Lalo na SS, ang posture, sexy strides with her long legs and her sharp poses! SLAAY RACHEL!!!

    Honestly, the others were so blah.
    Indonesia… that was disappointing (unless she’s reserving her magic for the finals).
    South Africa… the catwalk was not so good… (BUT hey Olivia Culpo also couldn’t walk to save her life but she won).
    Thailand, I wish we could’ve zoomed in on her but I think she did great. I was expecting more tho. Pero kinda sad that Thai fans are becoming more powerful than us pinoys.. Kudos to her supporters!!
    Venezuela.. honestly I loved her SS performance

    My dark horses = China, Iceland and India!

    • I believe it had something to do sa venue din kaya parang manibago tayo sa support ng pinou fans…limited ang space. Malay nyo sila sila.lang din ang mag chi cheer sa finals.

  7. Jusko Alyssa Campanella ang Thailand, nagmukhang matanda/sickly on events where it matters. Rachel did well, iba talaga siya kapag in motion.

    Hay nakakalungkot nga lang yung venue. Anyare sa MU. But I guess better have this than not have the pageant at all, ganyan.

  8. IBANG-IBA!!! Love it!!! Dapat ipagpatuloy talaga ni Rachel ang performance niya til the coronation night! The others didn’t really shine. Overhyped!

  9. Thailand’s performance was so chaka. My god. She was doing an “Aniporn” style strut but she failed miserably because 1. she’s too old to pull off a bubbly look compared to Aniporn, 2. her bounce was just TOO bouncy, you can literally see her hair bouncing uncontrollably. Further, her pose in the end was SO indecisive and weak, walang dating. Don’t get me started with her body, she has a body of a young boy, no shape! Also, it’s weird, she’s so thin but she has love handles, how is that possible? South Africa was disappointing too, her strides were so “heavy.” I guess she was trying to do a Victoria’s Secret Angel walk, ala Gazelle and Gizelle, but no, she looked like an elephant with heavy struts.

    Rachel was the true stand out tonight. Together with her are Mexico (but only during the SS because her EG performance was so weak), Colombia, Indonesia, Peru. Venezuela was exaherada! Hindi na natuto si Mamang Osmel. Venezuela will clap again this year.

  10. Because of the dismal presentations of Indonesia and Thailand, the two contestants’ fans will be doubling their efforts in voting.

    This must be the worst venue after Bianca Manalo’s time.

      • That and the online votes. It’s still in the hands of the judges though. This is probably the year of unexpected winners for Filipino fans. No one was expecting Miss Earth would crown a Filipina so soon. Filipinos did not anticipate Indonesia to win Miss International. India winning Miss World was under the radar of Filipino fans. Expect the unexpected. If a Filipina winning AsNTM is any indication, Rachel Peters is Miss Universe. My logic is stretching it too much though.

      • Huh???? Pwede ba. I told you not to comment. Isa nalang blocked ka na! Hahaha mwah!

    • Same observation here…i dont know the gold gown is beaitiful pero i want to see more. Yunh la savoge talaga. The blue one she wore the other day like ko din.

  11. I will give my number one spot to Miss Philippines. Unfortunately the very hype contestants like Miss Thailand, Miss South Africa and Miss Indonesia wasn’t able to land on my top 20. Miss Thailand swimsuit segment sad to say she’s like a post with clothes.miss South Africa sorry failed miserably. Miss Indonesia what a lame performance. I need to buy a vip ticket now so I can see the crowning of Miss Philippines

  12. Rachel’s infinity walk during the swimsuit competition was just plain mesmerizing! 😃 Even without doing a twirl, she effortlessly owned that sorry excuse of a MU Preliminaries stage. 🙄

  13. Rachel nails the swimsuit competition – thanks to her lean bod and long legs ! Venezuela over-strutted onstage. Indonesia was ok and so was Thailand. I wish Iris could speak English better as it was a little awkward hearing her speak. But she was trying and I salute her for that. The venue was just horrible, sorry, MU organizers but it really was 😦

    • Same thoughts as you Jen!

      Rachel dominated the SS! Demi-Leigh was tiny between Slovenia and Spain. Maria has love handles for a skinny girl! Rachel even murdered Peru, who she came after, because Rachel’s legs look so much longer especially when they were walking together. Keysi was just over the top.

      • Yes Bee – I kinda think Rachel overshadowed Peru. Everyone were anticipating Miss PH and as soon as she started walking right after Peru, all eyes were on her , and she owned that “could have been better” stage 🙂

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