15 comments on “As we await for the Miss Universe 2017 Preliminaries to start…

  1. MUO should explain to the girls and national directors bakit ganito ang staging nila ng pre pageant / prelims this year. kaloka. Actually, okay to sakin if for NatCos presentation lang.


    NDs are paying thousands of dollars per year for the franchise fee, right? baket walang budget??


    Anyway, i love how Rachel praded in her swimsuit. that’s her strongest ‘segment’ the evening gown.. I have yet to see a clearer photo/videos.. But for me the over all look is so MJ Lastimosa.. I mean the styling…

    The gown – syempre expect na natin yan slit slit pa more. the walk… is good. Not hating here.. pero yun na ba yun? Ilang beses kasi siya hiningan ng sample walk.. ang laging sagot “wag na.. wag na.. surprise..” It was good and sexy.. pero siguro I was just expecting more kasi nga.. surprise. LOL

  2. Miss Universe used to brand itself as the most prestigious beauty pageant in the world. The new owners, IMG, seem bent on eroding that brand as swiftly as they can with the changes they’ve been implementing.

    And now this pathetic prelims show… I can’t find the words.

  3. Suicide na ang MU jihihi
    Wiz silang budget.
    Nasanay na sila ng abuloy like from lolo chavit hihihi
    They don’t care kc alam nila na no.1 sila sa mga nagmamagaling na beauty pageant hihihi
    Babawi nlang daw sila nx year sa Philippines dahil c lolo Tan nman daw ang magsponsor kc sawa na sya sa miss earth hihihi cherette 😄

  4. I’m sad for the girls. This is the first time I’ve seen official events look third-rate. They deserve the Vegas royal treatment, not this crappy space.

    • Pareho tayo Fabian. But I think Thailand will go through as well. The favouritism is so obvious. They mentioned her taekwondo belt and her Masters. She’s being promoted na.

      But Rachel dominated the SS! Demi-Leigh was tiny between Slovenia and Spain. Maria has love handles for a skinny girl! She even murdered Peru, who she came after, because Rachel’s legs look so much longer especially when they were walking together. Keysi was just over the top.

  5. Venue and staging looks cheap. Worst prelim show ever. WTF is happening with Miss Universe?

  6. Parang pinilit lang maitawid ang edition na ito. Ang dami pa naman magagandang candidates.

  7. I agree. I do hope they will improve the lighting this time. Very bad lighting from Natcos.

  8. Wendy Fitzwilliam. Queen. With one of the most thoughtful final answers in Miss Universe history. Her gown was memorable as well.

  9. Called gold/nude for her gown. It looks good on her and onstage.

    Wonder if she’ll have the same gown for both prelims and finals. She’ll be up there guaranteed.

  10. Is there a live streaming, Sir Norman ? Rachel’s body beautiful is sure to catch everyone’s attention 🙂

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