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  1. My two cents’ worth after everybody has already said his or her piece about Rachel’s costume…

    It does not scream Philippines. It calls attention but not for the right national costume reasons. It is meant to showcase Rachel’s physical attributes more than anything else – but don’t we already have the swimsuit competition for that? It easily gets lost among all the multitude of other golden tights type of costumes of the other contestants. Even Peru who came before her easily outshadowed Rachel. 😞

    Sadly this is a major downgrade and lapse of judgment for Kagandahang Flores – for the grandest pageant of all at that. Coming after Karen Ibasco’s visually stunning yet inarguably nationalistic outfit and Elizabeth Clenci’s superbly classy tribal confection.

    • It’s 9.90, not 9.5 🙂

      Miss World Philippines Laura Lehmann: This was by far one of the BEST GOWNS worn by a Miss World 2017 contestant at this year’s Finals! The style, the silhouette, the gorgeous DRAPING, the GLORIOUS color! This fabulous strapless ballgown was designed by Filipino designer Mark Bumgarner and featured a coral colored silk satin organza ballgown shape with exquisite side fold draping and an open side front slit. This reminded me of those Good Ol’ Days of Angel Sanchez/Guy Melliet Miss Venezuelas: Beautiful!….and the shoes!! TO DIE FOR!
      Score: 9.90

      • Heto naman comment at score nya sa gown ni Karen

        Miss Earth Philippines Karen Ibasco (and eventual Miss Earth 2017)–Let me begin with her first gown: I was not really excited about Karen’s first dress (top photo)–a pink sequined-and-satin organza number–it lacked any stage presence and had little impact. It was also REALLY LOW on her front torso. Notice that almost 4″ of space from her armpit to the edge of the strapless gown; that should only be about 1 1/2″-2″ of space. It just seemed very low and I was afraid she would have a “wardrobe malfunction”/Janet Jackson “Super Bowl” Moment!

        Much Better: But, I did like the gold colored SECOND GOWN she wore. The style was chic and looked well-made. Two things though: I wish she would not have worn those nude PLATFORM heals (I am NOT A FAN!) and that slit was VERY HIGH…almost TOO HIGH and at several moments in the pageant, I swear I saw her Cha-cha (Lady bits). I think she knew because she kept that sash very close to that area making sure there was no “exposure”. But…this second golden gown does make my 4th Best Gown.
        Score: 8.90

    • Mark Bumgarner is a great designer. Some of his best pageant gowns were Kylie’s cocktail dress last year, Laura’s MWP winning gown, and Joanna Eden’s green gown.

      • Now Mark Bumgarner is one consistent designer…
        I hope he could develop more intricate designs that could potentialy be used as a National Costume.

  2. I watched some of Thailand’s videos .
    I’d say Rachel has a great chance to outdo her .

    • Without a doubt! Rachel is funny and very personable. I remember her saying in one of her interviews that one of her routines every day is reading the newspaper while getting her hair and makeup done. She’s well-versed with global and Filipino news.

    • Fabian, take a look at Miss Canada 🙂 She’s an industrial engineer and sports announcer… very spontaneous, superb public speaking skills.

    • Thailand also looks boyish in her swimsuit photos. She has absolutely no shape! And it’s weird, she’s so thin but she has love handles. Look at her Yamamay photos closely. Further, her incisors (pangils) protrude uncomfortably, it looks off.

  3. Pinoy support from Philadelphia! LOL … ingatan daw ni Rachel makita yong pisngi ng langit niya!



  4. I love the costume. it fits rachel well. I mean perfect sa sexy body niya, We have been waiting/praying di ba na maiba naman ang costume fron the usual terno. though her costume could’ve looked more bongga or sarimanok… I still appreciate the risk,

    BUT…. Here’s the but..

    Please don’t get me wrong ha. I am not hating on the design/costume.. pero while looking for some pics sa instagram before the presentation starts.. I was having a hard time looking for rachel – not for the buntot ng sarimanok. Why? There are loooots of girls who are wearing the almost same silhouette/ensemble. There were lots of golds, gold headdresses gold overskirts, swimsuits… Maybe that’s why BPCI kept on dressing our Queens in Terno, it’s very unique. kahit isama mo sa 20 na tao yan, makikita at makikita mo pa rin because wala talagang ka parehas ang Terno. That is why sa akin, okay lang if we always wear/showcase Ternos/Filipinianas as long as unique at bongga ang design.

    Still, congrats to Rachel for taking the risk and well done! Legs legs legs!!!

  5. The MU competition is fierce but I’m always happy to see Bunga and Rachel together.

  6. Si Thailand ata papanalunin ng IMG. Look! tuwang-tuwa at paclap-clap pa si Paula Asukal with her friends sa side while Thailand is on the stage. Ayaw ko manalo si Thailand kahit mabait at deserving siya. Di ko kakayanin tiisin ang one year na marinig ang signature “beking nagagahasa ng 12 inch tumbong” cheering voice ng land of the ladyboys THAILAAAANNDDD!!

    • Why so much hate? We are a close neighbor. Thais always make me feel welcomed. Their country is so open to us Pinoys.

      • Venus u love the Thai candidates but u hate every single candidate Representing the Philippines . What does it say about you ?

      • Baka may kakangkangan ka lage na TAE kaya you always feel welcome ng mga TAE. Kaya dumami ang nagka AIDA sa Pinas dahil sa tulad mong pumapatol sa mga TAE. Alam na nga may outbreak ng AIDA sa TAELANDIA eh talagang di nyu pa mapigilan ang libog at nakikipagpatulan pa kau sa mga pangit na shupetbahay.

      • So much hate tsk tsk karma is a bitch … what you put out there in the would comes back to you 10 fold. For the record I support our reps .. I’m just honest about their short comings . I fully support Rachel . She is one of our most well spoken MU bets ever. I supported Max as one of the prettiest face ever. With Pia I was wrong but I’m now a huge fan. With Ara I said she was the sexiest . And of course myself VENUS RAJ

    • Pero, for the record, I wouldn’t mind Thailand winning. Wish it could be Chalita with a crown, I really loved her, but if Maria Poonlertlarp won & we had an Asian grand slam this year, I’d be into that.

  7. Not loving the costume as a whole but I appreciate what it’s trying to convey. But what’s up with the squared wings? It seems the headgear was bigger in size than her head. Kaya naman pala hinawakan niya ang sarimanok na akala mo lilipad. I give Rachell A for the effort. For the designer, I give him C- and suggestion for extra training sa designer ni WynWyn, Karen, and Clenci.

  8. Wow Miss Myanmar’s Natcos is so unique and superb. Panu kaya nagkasya yan sa bagahe ahhahahaha.

  9. Like man, I was also disappointed with the costume but it was because I just expected something grander – like Karen’s, Winwyn’s and Elizabeth’s. Those three really put my faith back in the talent of Filipino designers. But the costume isn’t bad that bad. It did it’s iob – showcase our delegate’s best assets.

    Actually in the context of the venue – the mezzanine of a hotel – ok lang yung costume kasi hindi naman grand yung stage. In fact, because of the mediocre stage, it made the other costumes (Thailand’s and Myanmar’s) look too much. Kung sa Axis Theatre ginanap, it would’ve belonged pero medyo out of place yung costumes nila sa venue.

    It’s Rachel’s interview day. Let’s all send her positive energy and good intentions! I’m sure you won’t need luck because we have nothing to worry about with your interview i skills- you cane welll-prepared! I’m sure you will wow these judges with your intelligence and personality.

  10. Miss Universe has no budget. Is that the same area for the semi finals? Oh boy wag naman sana.

  11. I just can’t with this cheap looking stage and venue. Miss Universe deserves better than this.

  12. Keysi Sayago, Miss Venezuela 2017 outside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas

  13. Shraddha Shashidhar, Miss India 2017 during a photoshoot at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas

    • Thanks Baklah! This is the best video (in HD) I’ve seen for the NatCos 🙂

  14. Among Japan Vietnam and Myanmar should win the National Costume award. The rest are at par!!!

    • Nope! Jonas and the rest of Aces & Queens have not yet decided which among the 10 gowns they have handpicked for their TOP PRIORITY, Bunga the Grinch, to wear for the MU prelims and the finals.

  15. [video src="https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/t50.2886-16/23797318_183719625517409_8894577970925010944_n.mp4" /]

  16. The national costume of Rachel is underwhelming! They could have made the shirt out off feathers, this curtain showed lack of innovation 😎😎😎

  17. Val Taguba probably designed the Sarimanok with Las Vegas in mind. Bring on the “showgirl” effect. I was looking for that mythical bird but all I can see is “Vegas baby!”. That said, it’s an unconventional Philippine National Costume. It’s a far cry from the prim and proper Filipinianas we have seen in the past. Staying on the positive side, I’m giving Rachel an “A” for effort. She carried it well and… it showcased her lean body and legs for days. I hope the Sarimanok does bring good fortune for her on the 26th (morning of the 27th for the Philippines). Go Rachel and best of luck!

    I do agree with the other comments though – one of the best NatCos is Karen’s (Miss Earth 2017). The designer of that memorable and intricate piece is Louie Pangilinan.

  18. Not feeling Rachel’s costume. Para siyang Showgirl sa Fremont. So pilit, yes we know you have long legs-sige ka kakapakita long legs, when it comes to swimsuit and long gown ayan na naman. Magiging nakakasawa tuloy.

    Mawawala ang wow factor.

    Just saying.

  19. im done with the costume. though a lot perhaps expressed their dismay. Im kinda okay with it. not best natcos worthy but it was unconventional and still look great on her. Id like to move forward to her gown. I kinda like to see her in Red minimalist with high slit creation like that of Ms. France 2015 but rumor says that she’ll a white or gold.. Id like to see her in WHITE this time with minimalist design and high slit still. she wore something like that recently and she looks great in that gown. I hope she’ll have a different hair style for the evening gown. like have it straight or loose straight pony this time. instead of those latinish curls. nothing against it. it looks great, I just like to see her on a different hair style this time. i dont know. it’s just me. 🙂

  20. Kaloka ha, dinala ni Myanmar buong bahay nya! Yung pakpak ni Rachel parang Curtina na hotel na nilagyan ng decorations kasi walang ng masuot! Kaloka! #AllTeaAllShade

  21. miss myanmar’s floored me
    how can you even “wear” a 3 part little building/structure with musical instruments
    the logistics, the planning, the physics…wow!!!

    miss thailand’s costume is a little over the top, it would have been fine without the almost full size
    puppet (which looked heavy and took away the some of the focus from her)

    miss indonesia’s confused me, from the front it looks like a siberian winter outfit with some tribal accents (did dolce & gabbana or dsquared, mine this look in the early 2010’s?) and the back is half
    tropical and half southwest…yes it’s very very confusing.

    ahh, miss japan a very subdued element of great surprise, very well done and very japanese
    and she might have gained some attention via this natcos

    korea some fine fine fine materials (silk?) amidst all the colors and and pattern her face stood out.

    ah, miss philippines, i am warming up to this costume thanks to rachel’s presentation
    and better photos that i’ve seen of late

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