68 comments on “Vote for Rachel Peters in Miss Universe 2017

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    • Oh really? Why not after 41, 42, 50 years? What’s your objective and factual basis? Kung ayaw mo mag support, pwede naman po tumahimik. Right? Mukhang kelangan mo ata ng pagmamahal, KULANG KA KASI SA PANSIN.

  2. This weekend has been extremely draining . I did sleep well Friday night but to wake up with the bad news on Sat morning was more than I could take . To think that just a few days before that , an Indonesian b —-h got the mikomoto.

    Hope next weekend will be a better news for everyone

  3. The National Costume Show will stream on Saturday, November 25 9PM ET on Facebook and Youtube.

    The Preliminary Competition will stream on Saturday, November 25 11AM ET on Facebook and Youtube.

    Delayed ang streaming this year. No live streaming for tomorrow’s event from Miss Universe Facebook page.

  4. Napagod ako sa pagsupport sa Miss World. Now, it’s to support our own in the pageant that matters. I’m excited and pumped-up for Miss Universe!

  5. It seems like the budget this year is way down. They really need good ratings this year or a country will to shoulder the cost of production.

    • Mezzanine , is that the same venue as the national costume show ?
      That is a big letdown
      I actually prefer MGI where candidates are given more opportunity to showcase themselves
      I’m glad Pia won in 2015 where the show was similar to the old Miss U of Donald Trump’s

  6. Any news about her interview? Somebody is telling me something but I don’t want to relay to everybody. Secret daw,,achu chu

  7. May live streaming ba ang Prelims sa Youtube? I dont have any verified information from Miss Universe unlike before.

  8. Natalo tayo ng Thailand during the National Costume competition sa dami ng tao. I hope mas maraming Pinoy during the Preliminary Competition! =)

    Break a leg, my Queen!

    • Maraming mas mayaman na Thais. But don’t you worry kasi mas marami namang Pinoy residents compared to Thai residents sa US.

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