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  1. LOL. Line up talaga ang mga veks Pinay, Mexicanas, Guatemaltecas, Salvadoreñas y Nicaragüenses, y Peruanas.

    Tapos VIP “list” yung half ng seats so tindig tindig na lang.

    Tapos pag turn ng candidata nila merong pang sisigaw “JACKPOT!” na maingay pa yung slot machine sa casino floor below.

    Hindi maririnig yung rhyme ni Nick Teplitz.
    “She’s a pro on the stage floor because she’s from Camarines Sur, FELEPENS!”

    Kawawa talaga ng mga candidates.

  2. Cost-cutting ang MU this year.
    Talo pa ni Grand, Earth at World.
    That venue with the poor lighting and dark interior will not do justice to the ladies.

  3. Ugh ! Aray ko ! The candidates do not deserve to be in that “make-shift” stage !
    It does look cramped and “creepy” even, to say the least – mezzanine floor, good grief !
    PH could’ve handled MU 2017 way better even on a shoe-string budget given our creativity, patience and innovation. This is disappointing 😦 😦 😦

  4. Ano ba yan. Eh ang miss world 1 month silang nasa china. Den 118 candidates pa to accommodate and all with matching events pa. Den etong mu two weeks lang ata at parang minadali pa. Buti nlng may solid fan base sila at ung mga candidates de kalibre naman. Eh kung d pa, halos same lng to sa miss globe o intercontinental. #downgrade

    • Plus ang laki ng stage ng mw at me. For sure ung supranational malaki rin basing on their past editions. Mu, wat happen to u? ur d most popular pageant for die hard pageant fans but wen it comes to staging and sponsors(funding) parang kalevel mo nlng ang mga tier2 pageant. Wag naman sayangin ang mga caliber candidates, they deserve a bigger and better stage.

  5. so far ang pinakabonggang production,opening ay ang Miss Earth followed by MW the MI, lets wait for MU……. Nevermind MGI ,still minor pageant for me no real advocacy, self proclaimed and never nag trend sa youtube and twitter, no tv coverage fblive only…



  6. For the information of everybody yung pageant sa America ay Hindi popular compare kung nasa Pilipinas ka .kaya ayun sa tabi Tabi muna. Recession ang MGI.

  7. Now the new Big 3 pageant ranking:
    1) Miss Earth
    2) Miss World
    3) Miss International

    MU and MGI Tier 2 pageant na to 🙂

  8. Please get a GOODS night sleep hehe.. mukhang asean organizers din ata gumawa nung signage hehe

  9. First, the NatCos venue

    Second, the return to the Phoenix crown

    Third, the shortened pageant activities

    What’s happening?

    I can tolerate this disappointment.

    I just hope I wouldn’t be disappointed with the result!

  10. I hope that Rachel will wear a gown as standout as Laura’s during Miss World finals. It topped Nick Verreo’s list of the most beautiful gowns worn in Miss World in recent years!

  11. Off Topic: what’s the point of A&Q training Bunga? So if she place higher than Rachel, they will still be regarded as the better camp? Ugh! Pinoy talaga. Pera pera lang.

  12. What happened? This is such a downgrade from last year’s preliminaries. No planning?

  13. Just my opinion, my theory unless otherwise stated, apparent, or obvious fact.

    WME|IMG soon to be called Endeavor (Source:http://deadline.com/2017/10/endeavor-wme-img-parent-company-ari-emanuel-patrick-whitesell-1202184926/) is still trying to recoup the cost of purchasing MUO from Trump that’s why they are on a shoestring budget with few activities for the girls except for sponsor events. WME|IMG is just a holding company. If IMG will take over MUO, Paula Shugart and the rest of her team would be gone by now, MU will strictly be a modelling competition, and maybe slowly fade away like brands such as IBM, Palm, and Ericsson in the consumer market.

    Also, it is the venue that pays MUO to have the event. The venue, Planet Hollywood (PH), chooses the date they prefer and profits from ticket sales. The preliminary competition doesn’t generate cash income from ticket sales, so PH will NOT sacrifice a revenue earning event to prioritize MUO.

  14. This is not a “venue” daanan lang ito Sa mezzanine papunta sa mga function rooms … nakakaloka..makeshift stage lang talaga

  15. Girls, get a GOODS NIGHT REST for your own goods. Remember, hindi mabenta ang goods pag hindi sariwa 🙂

  16. Ha???? Prelim na agad agad? Nasaan na ang photoshoot ng yamamay? Parang wala akong nakita. Enebeyen!!! Wala man lang modelling modelling designers ek ek. Wala man lang handpick candidates para mag guesting sa tv network.

  17. Dapat coronation na lang agad kung nagtitipid sila. Kaloka!
    Mas maganda pa ME sa dami ng pre-pageant activities. LOL

  18. Sinasabi nila that the stage will be used for a concert on the 20th.. well.. then.. THEY. SHOULDVE. GOTTEN. A BIGGER. OR BOOKED. ANOTHER VENUE. OR. DATE.


    wala na nga halos pre pageant activities, may official photographer na nga, hindi naman lahat napicturan. I mean.. wala na nga kayong activities e. Maiintindihan ko pa kung nung sa Pinas yan, halos kulang ang pinag stay nila dito para lang libutin ang pinas.

    Wala din national gift auction ano ho? baket? Haaayyy nakakaloka ang MUO. sana lang this is part of the ‘transition’ or ‘adjustment’ phase since bagong owner. pero 3rd year na to bes, kelan pa sila makakabangon uli? LOL

    wala lang. siguro i am expecting too much lang from this pageant. medyo sinayang ng IMG ang opportunity. lol

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