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  1. I just saw a video of her homecoming and reading the comments made me feel even more bad for her. Despite giving her best people still criticize her. She took her loss with so much grace. I never really followed Miss World until Megan’s time. The scoreboard was seen the entire time, and you can see who advances in the competition based on the challenges. Even the time of Ms South Africa too. So nobody can really question their win. But after Catriona, Miss World has become very questionable. I was one of those who clamored to boycott Miss World. It’s not being a sore loser but it’s being transparent and fair to those who really worked hard and participated fair and square. The challenges have to bearing whatsoever. If based on the challenges alone Ms Lehmann could have at least be included in Top 15. Anyway, congrats still Ms Lehmann for showing the world your kindness and positivity. Still no to miss world and intercontinental.

  2. I think the exclusion of Laura among the top choices for the MW crown is not because of her shortcomings but because of the excesses of some pageant freaks. Let’s face it: MW is looking for an excellent spokesperson for its charitable projects worldwide. It needs someone who can effectively solicit individual, corporate and institutional sponsors for its causes. It needs someone who can rally different nationalities to participate in MW projects. Her interviews eloquently show that Laura has a distinct edge over everybody else in contention—both in communication skills and substance. She fits the mold. However, she comes from a country that is fast earning the notoriety of having noisy pageant netizens bashing mercilessly its own queen. Why will the MWO, or any other pageantry organization, choose a spokesperson from a country where some noisy and nosy trolls heartlessly bully its own and hide in the anonymity of the internet? It might as well choose the rep from another country where fundamentals of pageant economics are as good, and where its people wholeheartedly rally behind their queen.

    Charge it to the legendary Filipino “crab mentality”. Whatever the explanation to this social phenomenon, the fact remains that bullies and internet trolls freely throw verbal garbage from all crypts of the cyberspace if, for one twisted reason or another, the selected national queen does not fit their criteria. I’m sure the recent brouhaha on ME did not escape the other pageant organizers’ notice, where some noisy Filipino pageant freaks even went to the extent of inciting other countries’ NDs to cancel their franchise because the winner, their compatriot, is “not gorgeous enough”, therefore, must have been a “hometown decision”. Indeed, the Philippines’ reputation as the world’s “texting capital”, “social media capital” and “beauty pageant powerhouse” is being eroded by this creeping cyber bullying.

    • Scorg , that’s true everywhere.
      It’s just more prominent in the Philippines because u r Filipino and u get to feel the pulse of the Filipino people . I for example do not know what is being talked about on non -Filipino blogs as I never go there.
      Also Pinoys are very passionate about beauty pageants So beauty queens are always on the hot seat.
      I do not think it’s fair to describe Pinoys that way . There’s good and bad everywhere .

      • Fabie, you said it: “it’s more prominent in the Philippines” although it may be true everywhere. I think it is because the Filipinos are the world’s largest social media users and whatever is instantaneously thought and clicked gets hyped up easily worldwide. But the the degree of self-flagellation in other countries is not as intense as in the Philippines because– and you hinted on the answer– “Pinoys are very passionate about beauty pageants”. The wrath of other countries’ netizens is more directed at their rival countries’ reps.

  3. laura deserved better ….but this is ms world her non inclusion is a decision from ms world org the venue is hostile to PH the fans are hostile to MW and with all the hate julia morley received online….you get this destiny for laura….CHEERS LAURA WE KNOW YOU DID YOURE BEST AND U DESERVE BETTER….more good fortunes for you ahead!!

  4. It wasn’t her destiny. Laura went to China knowing how fans feel about Miss World. She knew the support won’t be there. In the end she didn’t blame anyone and she knew she did the best she could under all these circumstances. If her charity gets the MW funding then that’s quite an achievement already. Congrats Laura! You are a true beauty queen!

  5. She is my favorite Miss World Phils after watching her BWAP. I can tell it was straight from her heart. hihihi

    • Venus , Do we have to pour salt into Laura’s wounds ?
      Do u think those food items are not available in China ?
      Common sense pls . U know she had to watch her diet in the months leading up to the competition

  6. Good evening po.

    In my opinion, Laura handled it like a queen. 🙂🙂🙂

    Congratulations!!! Alam naman natin, we win some, we lose some.

  7. Hello daw sabi ni Valerie weigmann, thank you daw sa MWO dahil hindi na siya ang pinakulelat na Miss Philippines na sumali sa MW upon changing organization dito sa Pinas #AllTeaNoShade

  8. Sayang naman si Achintya! Kung kelan katanggap tanggap maging Top5 ang indonesian rep saka pa naligwak. Tapos si Russia.

    Tanggap at expected ko pagkaligwak ni Laura sa Top15 pero Di paren ako maka move on sa England Kenya at Transmexico. Mas deserving pa ang fez ni Laura Lehmann kesa sa tatlong yan.

  9. Okay people might kill me for this but now I really feel that Laura is a better queen (spokesperson) than Catriona, disregarding physical beauty of course.

    DISCLAIMER mga baks: opinion ko lang naman itey.

    some people (i forgot who they are na) commented in this blog about Catriona being (too) perfect to the point that she sometimes sounds rehearsed. With Laura it’s different eh. They’re both smart but there’s something about how Laura conveys her messages. Maybe in the way she delivers them or her choice of words but there’s really something about her that makes her a better spokesperson. Kahit jan sa message nya sa ibabaw never mo mafefeel na may tampo sya or malungkot sya because of the lack of support from Pinoys. Like, she really just enjoyed the whole thing and super happy sya about it. Di ko alam if nagets nyo yung gusto kong sabihin coz feel ko ang gulo ko magphrase but if someone shares my sentiment baka keri nyo iexplain nang mas maayos. I hope this won’t be taken (too) negatively huhu

      • Please don’t get me wrong. Im also Catriona’s fan I promise. I just tried to express what i noticed



    • Whatever eklabo eklabo… let us face it we lost ! Lesson learned. Move on next pageant please. Oh please dont dare compare her to Catriona . Catriona came very prepared from talent to bwap to social media and top model. When you say rehearsed are you kidding me? She has this power of words that Laura doesn’t have excuse me to emphasize that.

      • No. Im not saying Catriona is rehearsed. What I said was, Catriona is perfect na sometimes yung pagkaperfect nya and yung “power of words” nya ay namimisinterpret or may come across as “rehearsed” to others kahit hindi naman talaga. Gets? hay hirap talaga iexplain. Also about Catriona’s efforts please refer to my reply to Ryan’s comment below. Thanks. Again, apologies. Peace!

    • I disagree. She barely “spoke” to me that she wanted to win. Laura didn’t even exert effort to win the multimedia award which was won by Hillary and Cat before her. Her BWAP was just assigned to her by her local org. Catriona, on the other hand, did EVERYTHING she could to win the Miss World Crown. She started her Paraiso project even before joining Miss World Phililppines, prepared hard for the talent portion where she placed 2nd, went the extra mile in creating videos of her journey to win the multimedia award and gave the best answer that made her everyone think she already had it in the bag. Why is her eloquence being taken against her? You need to cut her some slack as she did her homework and worked hard for it. If Laura is your definition of a great spokesperson then so be it, but I’d rather choose the rehearsed one who is a woman of action and made sure she gave it her all for the country.

      • I am not faulting Catriona for being eloquent. Like i replied above, I am her fan as well. I was just expressing yung nafeel kong difference nila ni Laura on the way they speak. Maybe i should have just put na Laura’s way of speaking is more relatable for me in the sense na complex yung idea pero simple conversational words and sentence construction pa rin yung gamit nya. It’s not about expressing their desire to win. Again im just referring to the way they deliver their messages

        Which also brings me to apologize. Dapat “better speaker” lang yung nilagay ko and not “better queen”. Wala sa isip ko yung effort nila nung nagcocompete sila when I wrote my comment kanina. I didnt mean to discredit Catriona of her achievements and efforts. Im sorry about that. Peace!

      • @CatrionaFan (too much of) eloquence sometimes alienates the speaker from the listeners. (AND AGAIN IM NOT POINTING OUT CATRIONA HERE. This is just to give you an idea of what i think a good speaker shoud be IN GENERAL). What’s the sense of using too many flowery words if the listeners will get lost within all those and lose sight of what the true message is? Look at Pia. She’s an effective speaker (most of the time) because she uses simple words to communicate her message so people of all IQ and EQ level can understand what she wants to say. And she is still eloquent.

  10. Hindi siguro nawow Julia Morley, baka napagkamalan niyang recycled ang gown ni Philippines kasi masyadong kamukha ng gown niya noong finas ng Ms World PH

  11. Even without the Miss World crown, Laura is a queen. Her message is a display of true beauty.

  12. Laura,,,,, Miss World for me is not about winning the title but its about how you carry the responsibility not by speaks, but by doing it. As we can see it in you, you have a big heart, you have the clear vision to continue your bwap thru your BEAUTY then, you are our very, very MISS WORLD. So proud of you. We follow your journey from day 1 until end, you did a great job. You conquer the world by your smart keen mind. Nobody can deny it. All my friends, officemates of different nationality really amaze of u being witty

    • naanad mo n mg miss world 2017 ng miss indonesia at miss indonesia lng ng miss international 2017 at baka next year unplace n kyo ng miss indonesia at humand kyo magbblik ng miss philippines at sino man yun ipadala next year nkahanda n kmi s miss international 2018.

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