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  1. Sixth Indian to win the Miss World Crown. Like Mariel, laglag din si Laura sa 15 semis. All the best to Rachel!

    • MW 2017-India
      1st ru-Mexico
      2nd ru-England

      Top 15
      El Salvador
      Korea, Nigeria
      South Africa

      Wala ang mga pageant powerhouses like Colombia, Puerto Rico, USA & Venezuela. In fairness sa Japan at S. Korea, huh.

  2. Guys tanggapin na natin: indonesia will win MW. Julua was just waiting for a decent indonesian delegate to be crowned. For the past years panay hindi masyado kagandahan or katalinuhan mga reps nila kaya panay runner up placements. Take note runner up na ha sa ganong level pa lang ng beauty. Think South africa during ruffa g’s time. Eh si achtinya complete package. Ganda : pwede na. Di papasa sa bb pilipinas pero decent enough. Cute. Intellectual and good speaker.

  3. Politics will surely play a big factor in MW. Julia Morley’s magic sauce will have the last say for picking up the winner in her cooking show.

    I would really want someone from Asia win the blue crown but she must be deserving.

    Laura is Valerie 2.0 but very fitting to become MW’s spokesperson. A top 10 finish is fine considering Julia’s maneuvering.

  4. I have a feeling that Indonesia will take the top 3 crowns this year which is not surprising to me because their reps this year are all outstanding. Achintya fits the mold of MW while Bunga fits MU… and yes Kevin for MI. I think the pageant world has shifted its attention to Indonesia. Philippines has had its share. That is why hwag sana lumaki ang ulo at ego nating lahat at huwag magyabang dahil sooner or later balik tayo sa pagiging clapper for a while na naman just like India.

    • If this is indeed the start of another drought for us (RIP Philippine pageantry buhuhu) I’m at least grateful for our streak at the alpha pageants these last few years. Sayang lang, the streak only lasted around 3 years (2013-2016). India’s streak lasted for at least a decade in the 90s and early aughts, and Venezuala for over 30 years. Well, anyway, kudos to Indonesia for now carrying the torch for Southeast Asian beauty. And we can be proud as well that Filipinos played a role in coaching the Indonesians to level up their pageant game & actually win crowns. If it can’t be us, ok ako basta ASEAN or Asian pa rin.

  5. According to reports, only one girl per continent will advance to the Top 8. Unfair no? Halatang niluluto na para sa Indonesia. Russia lang yung puwedeng spoiler sa kanya for now.

  6. Okay so if MW decides to start relying on fast track events and calibrate the leaderboard properly again, then the clear front runner here is Indonesia. Indonesia has been doing well sa fast tracks. Similar to Megan’s time in 2013. And Megan was clear winner at the time, the leaderboard reflected her actual performance in the competition. If MW goes back to this pattern again, then Indonesia will win, even though I don’t want her to. She’s cute, intelligent, and lovely pero kulang sa X factor. She’s not the IT girl.

    But for the past few years, MW has been surprising us with their winners… The fast track results no longer seem to matter in the finals, and the leaderboard has been wonky… Look at last year. Catriona was exceptional sa fast track events. She placed in almost all of them. She performed well sa finals, tapos Hindi naman nya nauwi ang crown, kahit runner up placement wala…. And then Puerto Rico, out of nowhere took home the crown… Remind you, PR was non existent sa fast track results lol. Sa talent lang ata sya lol…. If this patter continues then it’s possible that Indo will not win. We might get another surprise winner LOL.

    At the end of the day, I WANT LAURA LEHMAN TO TAKE HOME THE CROWN!!!

    • Joy, kapag ganyan ang mangyayari – all hell will break loose from our neighbor’s standpoint. Parang Pilipinas last year, we were so hoping for Cat to win but it wasn’t meant to be.

      The element of surprise of Miss World… brace yourselves for something different…. always 🙂

      • But how come MIA ND ng Indo? Now pa na malakas bulung bulungan na mananalo alaga nya…Was it merely a coincidence or there is something else? Hmmm

    • Joy , where the hell has the Indonesia placed so far ? Cute ? Intelligent ? Lovely ? Where ????????
      Let us keep pouring gas on fire , why not ?
      # bayaran

      • As far as I’m concerned, Indo: Winner ng h2h, BWP placement,semifinalist for top model, won the designer award (I know it’s not a fast track event),

        Let’s face it, indo’s Rep this year is WAY better than last year. I’m not saying I’m rooting for Indonesia. But I’m also not blind. Indonesia can talk and she is cute…. She may not be at laurA’s level but the girl has something at least

      • Joy I like people like you who speaks the truth who don’t have biases in the name of patriotism.

    • Naku Ate Joy nakakabaliw tlaga yan for Indonesia like what happened to Catriona las year. Hehe

      Half of me accepted Indonesia’s favoritism with Laura winning 1st Runner Up but another half of me screams Nigeria or any european shocker with Indo & Phils nowhere to be found. Oh diba seemingly the credibility is regained for Aleng Hulya then voila Indo hosting MW in 2018, Philippines in 2019 with China winning next year and Indonesia in 2019 in our shores! hahahaha

      Tagal ng 8pm ha para magkaalaman na hehe

    • Joy there will be 15judges selection to complete the top 40. So i think back to zero score silang top 40 and hinde susundin ang Fastract scores. My only question is how they will trim down it top 20 til winners. Kase kung susundin pa din ang FT scores bakit may judges selection pa? sobrang gulo talaga ng current system ng MW nakakasakit ng ulo and at the same time sobrang nakakakaba. I really want Laura to win bwap and also our second Miss World crown tonight.

    • Miss World’s Facebook page says: The Multimedia Challenge winner is…MONGOLIA!!

  7. Huwag kayong manood. Kung natapos niyo Nang bumoto, that’s it, pansit! Token na Lang kung manalo. Alam niyo na hokage moves ni Julia!

  8. from top 40 to top 25 to top 8 ofcourse asia will go to indonesia then to claim miss world, they will do a 2013 history made by the Philippines winning MI and MW ——- but will surpass it by winning MU as well —— trained by Filipinos … we should all be proud!!!
    ME is Philippines anyway
    sad reality

  9. Napaka-insensitive naman ng KF sa feelings ng kandidata natin at sa atin na rin, mga Pinoy supporters, para ipangalandakan pa na sila ang nagtrain sa nanalong Miss International 2017. Ok lang magcredit bragging kung yon ay pro bono at hindi ginagawang negosyo ang pagtuturo ng ibang lahi. Pera pera na lang talaga sila, wala ng nasyonalismo.

    • Hey shut up! Its business. Ginagawa rin ng iba yan like Osmel. Coaching lang offer ng AQ and KF. At the end of the day, it is still the ladies ang lalaban. Ganun talaga we cannot win every pageant at ganun tlaga sa MI na ligwak kayo pag kayo ang reigning queen. Bet in the scorecards Mariel scored high noh. Baka nag Top 5 pa yun but the Japs deliberately excluded her which is alright.

      • then why the point of sending her when she’s automatically not included in the semi finals. Kung ganyan ang patakaran dapat kung cno ang current country winner wag magpadala ng contestant sa next edition or kung magpapadala man handpicked nlang wag nang magpacontest kc sayang lang effort

      • Eh Tita trip nga yan ng mga hapon. Pero syempre padala pa din tayo ng delegates eh gumastos ka din lang ng franchise fee itodo mo na. Alam na ni Madam Stella yun.

        if sasali si Catriona next year sa BBp eh Universe or international lang yan cya isabak ni Madam. If Rachel wins this year, Madam will field Catriona for international and she will be our 7th MI 🙂

  10. These beauty camps (KF and A&Q) doesn’t mind which country wins. What is more important for them is who trained the winners!

    A&Q vs. KF

    • And i dont see any problem with that at all. We are now worldclass. Its business and they should look beyond borders.

    • tama…importante yung makapag take credit sila sa win ng candidate…so sad because what started to be just a camp giving training to aspiring beauty queens for free because of patriotism and passion for pageantry now becomes for sale to foreign organizations willing to pay for their queen’s training

  11. Miss World Philippines is from A&Q, kaya dapat may candidate din ang KF in the person of Miss Indonesia?

    A&Q vs. KF na naman.

  12. let us be happy for Indonesia, they worked hard and played their cards well.. Indonesia will win MW and next will be MU—— country of the year Indonesia, they made history with the help of A and Q and KF.. good job!

    • Korek, may nagupload sa youtube, at panalo din si indonesia sa group nila, umaangat na paunti unti ang indo hanggang “ koronahan na yan” sabi ni manay hulya😂.

  13. Country of the year: INDONECHAAAA!!! Bongga. In a year, bigla silang magiging performer of the year. Tapos lalaki din ulo nila. Ibabash lahat ng pinoy delegates. Bongga. Pero okay na din ako dito para matauhan ang mga campo crame ng pinas to see kung asan ba talaga ang puso nila, pera o bayan? Congrats ahead indonechhha on ur first 2 alpha crowns in a year.

  14. Not to be mean or base-toast, Tito Norman, buttttt please don’t put Laura sa #1 prediction mo🙀🤭. Always najijinx ang mga prediction mo, Tito N.😢🤯😥!! So dapat ang nilalagay sa number one spot es yung mga want natin tsugihin!! Ganerngg! Mygohhhddd, bekit be eke kenekebehen eh elem ne nemen neten ne jejebehen yeng reselts neng heleperet ne Julia na yen!! Grrrrr😼! Roaaarrrr😾!! Meoowww😽!!! Scratch scratch 🥥🍈🐒

  15. Hello Philippines, are you ready for tonight’s Miss World crowning? 🙂 Relax! Here’s Bunga to make today, November 18th, even brighter!

    Seriously, I’m hoping to see that blue crown on Laura’s head tonight!

      • I’m sorry but I don’t think it’s ok to mock other countries doing their best to express themselves in English, when it’s their second language. I also don’t think it’s ok to mock other Pinoys who stumble In English, for that matter. For me, what’s important is that we understand the idea they are trying to convey. I mean, I’m sure I would look like a fool if I tried to speak Bahasa Indonesia. I think it’s brave of Bunga, or even someone like Ara Arida, whose accent in English was heavy, to use English even if it’s obviously not their primary language. Just saying coz Pinoys can be such grammar Nazis kasi.

  16. It is apparent that Julia Morley’s been grooming and preparing Indonesia for its first ever Miss World crown, and it might happen this year.

    Just look at what’s happened: Indonesia has raked in 6 consecutive placements since 2011 including two back-to-back top 3 placements. Sandwiched between these placements was Indonesia’s hosting the pageant in 2013. Prior to 2011 Indonesia has had NO placements at Miss World, NONE. So it appears that a favorable exchange may have been made: you host my pageant, I will consider giving you placements and perhaps maybe even a crown, hypothetically speaking.

    One can see the same pattern with China, with their hosting the pageant and their emergence as a Miss World powerhouse in such a short time: 6 placements including 2 Miss World crowns in just 9 years.

    I cannot say these are facts, but certainly a correlation can be made vis-a-vis hosting the pageant and having placements/winning the title.

    • @Melanie Spot on observation. Would also like to also point out that Catriona did not win or place in the top 3 at a time when the Philippines was in the midst of preparing to host Miss Universe. Was the Philippines being punished for hosting the rival pageant? We can only speculate. I just wish Arnold didn’t consent to sit on tonight’s board of judges. At any rate, since he’s helping to crown Achintya tonight, let’s be gracious & think of it as returning the favor to Indonesia since Liliana was part of the panel of judges that crowned Megan in Bali in 2013.

      2017 belongs to Indonesia. Let’s cheer on ASEAN beauty.

      • @jd Agree. I just hope that if indeed Achintya wins tonight, it is *also* because she was able to shine and give a good and heartfelt answer/speech.

        Still cheering for Laura of course. 🙂

      • Of course. Its a multi-million business and so it is unthinkable to leave the winner to chance.

        Julia Morley courted the Philippines hard and thus the consecutive placements since 2011 with 1st R-Up and MU crown in a span of 3yrs. Remember Megan/Julia went to Binay to lobby? Had Cory Q succeeded the hosting stint tiyak panalo si Catriona. I know Ateng Arnold began to lobby with Ms Wanda so expect continued high placement. Hehe

        On Puerto Rico and Spain though pang filler lang yun. Kaya Indonesia muna ngayon. Then if maghost tayo sa 2019 si China papanalunin then sa 2020 na ulit ang crown natin hahah

  17. Read Gurmeet’s predictions a long time ago and everyone thought it’s Indo’s chance to win this year sa MW. Unfortunately, I can see it just by judging how well they were placing in the previous years. And feel ko, bet ni Madam Julia and Into. But Gurmeet’s predictions are never easy to predict. Last year, the clues that were given seemed to point to Catriona and everyone was convinced. Tapos ngek, is Puerto Rico pala ang winner LOL. Idk, anything can happen in MW cause it’s just so so now. Ever since Rolene won, Hindi na credible and MW. May pa fast track fast track pa, tapos wala palang bearing in the end. LOL. I want Laura to win because she’s very much deserving and she’s the IT girl. but knowing MW, I’m gonna lower my expectations. sigh.

    This brings me to my next point. Gurmeet’s prediction about MU seems to point to Philippines. But I’m not gonna rely on that. Baka mawasak pa puso ko.

    • Put your faith on Laura. If it’s her destiny, it’s bound to happen. If it’s not, then let’s not cry over spilled milk. Laura did her best in representing the Philippines – and that is all that matters.

      Best of luck to Laura!

  18. Indonesia or South Africa will win Miss Universe and Rachel as Top 5. This is based on Psychic Gurmeet. Phil Indo South Africa falls to almost the same prediction. The tie breaker is “some men can marry several wives”. South Africa and Indonesia muslims do that.

  19. Laura didn’t have a strong BWAP during MWP tho? Hers back then was “may maipasa lang” BWAP. Halatang halata na she only did it because it was a requirement, a FAR CRY from Catriona who started her projects way before she even thought pf joining MWP.

    • Cat’s BWAP was made with blood, sweat and tears without any help from Miss World Philippines. Kaya bilib talaga ako sa babaing Yun. I hope she is meant to win Miss Universe.

  20. Her beauty is not coventional? Isn’t that a civil way of saying Indonesia is ugly.
    I mean she’s not ugly but she’s certainly not beautiful . She looks like an orphan walking down the dirty streets of Jakarta. .. only with make up on .
    Pls stop justifying an Indonesia win , bayaran din na kayo ? I can live with Vietnam winning if beauty is the only parameter but Indonesia? Oh no . But then again , I would prefer Indonesia to Thailand anytime .

    • Fabian, Fabian. I crack up with your comment. Lol. Comparing her to an orphan walking down the dirty streets of Jakarta – with make up on is just priceless. But you are being mean, please don’t insult the orphans. Lol.

      Many think you are a bitch Fabian. I’d say you are not ALWAYS a bitch. Sometimes, you are sleeping. Lol.

      World Peace.

  21. Lau proud of you win or lose. Let the Indonesians have their moment kahit alam natin na hindi gandara ang veks…hihihi I can’t wait for KF’s another statement win “For Krown and Kountry”…hihihi

  22. Honestly , I do not see anything special with Indonesia . She is not even pretty by any standard .

  23. Wala tlga akong gandang nakikita dito kay Indonesia…di bagay blu crown sa kanya…chooossss!!! Go Laura !!! kahit alam kong suntok sa buwan…hihihi

  24. diba half european tong si achintya? eh bakit walang bahid ng foreign blood…looks very Indonesian….plain and ordinary Indonesian GIRL…I used girl not woman because she looks very nene to me…if she win, she’ll be breaking the trend of gorgeous winners in MW…MW winners are facially appealing….at taun taon pare pareho tema at formula ng BWAP ng indo…para kong nanunuod ng Wish ko Lang…may drama sa simula at may pagtulong sa huli…sana nagpatulong si laura sa GMA gumawa ng BWAP nya para kabog.

  25. Naalala ko nung kakatapos ng BBP 2017, nagcomment ako dito sabi ko parang “Its like very 2014!!!”

    MW – VAL (AQ) – TOP25
    MU – MJ (KF) – TOP10

    MW – LAURA (AQ) – ?????????
    MU – RACHEL (KF) – ?????????

    I am feeling Half Full Half Empty!

    Nangalahati na tayo at we are currently in the same pattern!!!

  26. laura will be like Marielle, clapper.. Indonesia will win since last year it is already cooked, trained by Filipinos she is. MW is Indonesia

  27. i thought miss usa
    has a pretty good chance as well

    but, i would not mind laura winning

  28. Indonesia is so Miss World for me. There is something in her that reminds me of Megan Young.

  29. Laura is my and many of our fellow Filipinos’ sentimental favorite to win MW 2017. With politics playing a pivotal role in choosing the winner, however, I am not keeping my hopes high ! After last year’s very questionable results, and with a Filipino sitting as a judge in tomorrow’s finals, MWO’s prestige and credibility will continue to be at tainted and questioned ! It’s about time for Julia to bring about change and do something positive to bring back the credibility that MWO has lost – enough of politics already, and allow all the candidates compete, fair and square ! 😦 😦 😦

  30. Read the review of Global beauties about Indonesia. Di na Tuloy pupunta si Liliana para di obvious ang cooking show. Lol

    GB: Achintya is not conventionally pretty but there is something very uniquely beautiful about her. She is also very intelligent and well-spoken and handled this challenge with ease. If she does well, I sincerely hope it’s in her own right, without her national director sitting on the panel of judges.

  31. I want to hear Laila’s sound opinion. Its hers that i can usually relate to and respect.

  32. Theory ko ginawa lang judge si Ph ND para maappease tyo, and that when julia crowns indonesia, ( and phils as runner up/finalist) she can say na ” o, ha! Pinoy ND judge yet indo wins! Fair and square ha!”

    • Tama ka jan. Ganyan utak Briton kasi may ari kaya very wise tapos ung ND naten ambobo nagpagamit naman para exposure nya din siguro kunwari sikat, utak talangka lang ang peg!

    • @Mike, you are right. PH ND should have politely refused the offer to sit as one of the judges. Not only is it inappropriate, but it is an argument Julia will use to justify her pageant’s rigged results, as well as justify having NDs of other countries sit as judges in future pageants.

  33. Its indonesia. I want laura to win, but i feel thats its achtinya. She may not be the most beautiful in this batch, but shes a complete package compared to her predecessors. Its time. Its indonesias time.


  34. Go Laura! Eto na naman ako…Crush ko kasi talaga toh e! No matter what happens, Lau is my Ms. WORLD! Pero ang lakas ng pakiramdam kong mananalo sya. 🙂

  35. Whoever wins the Top Model has the best chances of winning.
    Also mga beks please stop spreading the rehearsals winners. Rehearsals lang yan like Miss U. hihihi. Unless someone from MW can confirm those remain #fakenews…hihihi

      • I don’t understand why people will think Indonesia will win MU. Thailand has better branding than her. MUO will not crown a winner who is just a model. They want someone with academic and professional achievements just like Deshauna, Kara and Iris. Thailand knows this, so the first thing that comes out of her mouth during her video is “After I finished my Masters…” SA also knows this and she unfortunately doesn’t have the same impressive credentials as the others so she is capitalizing on her hijacked at gunpoint experience. Very smart of both ladies!

        I also really like Rachel’s branding. She is not resorting to any gimmicks like being a domestic abuse survivor. I think the org can easily see through some of these “background stories.” Rachel is a simple island girl who owns a small cafe in the beautiful island of Siargao who actually downplays her modelling achievements. She may not be a human rights lawyer and she may not be a speech pathologist, but not everybody can be so why not be your authentic self? And I think this is what Rachel is doing. Just do you, Rachel!

      • She is beautiful.. Indonesia has really did a good job in selecting their winners this year. I wont be surprised if they bag the top 3 crowns this year. I sitll have high hopes for my favorite Philippine candidate this year Rachel Peters.

  36. Respectfully disagree Tito Norms. It’s Indonesia or India or a black contestant who will win .

  37. I thought only 1 girl per continent could advance into the top 8
    Magdilang anghel ka sana Norman

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