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  1. Sabi ko na nga ba, unexpected winner ulit! Wala na talagang bearing ang fast track eklavoo and H2H chenesss. LOL. Pero Im happy that India won! she’s beautiful! Bet ko!

    Laura, thank you for representing our country well! We know you did your best! It would have been nice if you made the Top 3, cause we all know you were capable of doing so. But everything happens for a reason! As long as you know within yourself that you gave a good fight, that’s all that matters! Mabuhay ka!! ❤ Next up BBP Universe 2019!! LOL

    • Actually i was relieved too! Sa ig nga nung nacut si laura daming kuda ng mga shupit. Ok na yan parang miss supra 2016 lang din. Bawi na lang sa mu

  2. India deserved the crown din naman. pero Im sure maganda ang laban if nasa top 5 si laura. Hinde ko maintindihan pano nila na trim yung 40 til top 15. walang luto sa winner pero sa pag trim down ng finalist meron eh. imposible na binase sa FT scores kase may judges selection na nakapasok sa top 15 na wala namang nakuha sa FT. Kung back to zero score nila at binase sa ganda nila laura also deserved to be in the top 15. haysss. nakakaloka talaga. No to miss world here in PH!!! Kung gusto nya d2 ganapin sya ang gumastos!!!! hinde kung sino sino sponsors d2!!! nakakagigil talaga.

    • Oh my move on na bakla clapper na manok natin. Hindi at par ang ganda ni laura sa alin man dun sa mga nasa top 15

  3. To Jeremi na paulit-ulit sinasabing di maganda si Laura: MAGANDA sya. Kala mo kung sinong eksperto sa pagandahan ‘tong hambog na ‘to…Ang ganda mo bang bakla? Makapanghamak ka ng pinay queens, ganun-ganon na lang…Nirepresent tayo ng mga Pinay na yan ng maayos sa international pageant scene…Kung di ka proud o di nagagandahan, wag mong patayin yung pagsuporta ng kapwa mo, at lalong wag mong lalong ibinababa pag natalo…Hirap magtimpi sayo loko…Pa-know palagi…

    • Im still proud of laura. A bit disappointed that among the bwap winners sya lang di nakapasok sa top 15. I think that laura is pretty but among the past mwp winners she has the weakest facial beauty except kay gwen ruais. In this pageant mas marami di hamak din na mas maganda facially kay laura.

      • Oh except Gwen Ruais na muntik lang naman nananalo. So yun pinakapangit ang cyang naging 1st R-Up? 🙂

      • Yes in my opinion lang naman. I was never a fan of gwens beauty but kudos to her for placing second. That was actually the start of our success in mw which coincidentally was the start of cory quirinos leadership. I an jot a fan of lauras beauty as well, but she deserved to win mwp in her batch. She looked verya radianttonight though in her fuchsia gown.

    • Di sya kagandahan talaga my goodness… kitang kita naman nung tinawag yung top 15 buti nga nakapasok pa sya sa top 40 eh

  4. Expect the same result at Miss Intercontinental!

    India is the host county and she will be part of the Top5 as continental queen of Asia!

    Mexico defeated Dominican Republic who won the sports challenge and h2h?

    And for the 7th year Venezuela is out?

    Tsk! Tsk! There’s really something wrong here.

    I didn’t watch the show. And with the snippet at IG it’s predictive.

    Mother should receive the highest salary? It’s not a profession, it’s a commitment!

    Still no accounting firm for Julia, I suppose.

    Hmm! Hayysss!

  5. Congats India!!! You’re the fairest of them all. Welcome back to the pageant winning circle…hihihi…Help us supalpalin the trying hard Indonesians… hihihi

    • Never naman nawala ang India. They always winning minor if not major pageant.

      Miss World 2017
      Miss Supranational 2016
      Miss Scuba International 2016
      Miss Globe 2016
      Mister World 2016
      Miss Supranational 2014
      Miss Earth 2010

      Yan lang naman ang mga natatandaan ko lang ha extemporaneously!!!

  6. #MissScubaInternational 2017 FINALS!
    Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia / November 18, 2017


    2. LATVIA
    5. USA


    Miss Congeniality – Bhutan
    Best in Talent – France
    Miss Marine Conservation – USA
    Miss Photogenic – Philippines
    Best National Costume – Indonesia

    • Winner – USA
      2nd RU – LATVIA
      In Top 5: Indonesia and Philippines

  7. I thought I’d feel better if Indonesia lost.
    I didn’t realize India’s win would make me feel worse.
    Laura u r still MW 2017 for me .

    Well, let’s move on to a much bigger thing .. MU 2017. I will keep my expectations low …… Be ready for any outcome but hope and pray for the best.

  8. Lola Julia Morley, please lang Iupgrade mo naman ang Pageant mo . Its a tie na kayo ng Miss International sa pagkaboring show ha,major pageants pa naman kayo hindi ko na kailangan ng sleeping pills, watch na lang ako ng MissWorld sureball knockdown ako

  9. Oo na pahiya na ko ay assumera! Congrats india!!! Well deserved win!!! Masarap ang tulog ko tonight wohoo!!! Congrats din laura!!! You represented us well!!

  10. Ganda ni Ms. India, wala kong angal kasi deserve naman. Kamukha niya si Janine Gutierrez. Sayang yun di pa nag pageant. Sweet face na bagay sa Ms. World.

  11. Seriously, ME is better than Miss World, atleast sa ME makikita mo na deserving ang nanalo because of performance lalo na sa q and a portion at tabulated pa ang result every portion nang auditing firm SGV and company Pero dito sa Mess World, aba ang bilis ng pangyayari,From top 40 biglang top 15 and top10, . Boring Show pa Mess World ..pasalamat na lang si lola Julia Dahil respeto na lang sa pageant niya na pinakamatanda sa lahat pero hindi naman nagevolve through the years

    • Uulitin ko ung napost ko after BBP 2017 coronation. “IT FEELS VERY 2014!!!”

      ME – KF’s Jamie Herrell (WINNER)
      MI – AQ’s Bianca Debigote (CLAPPER)
      MW – AQ’s Valerie Wehmann (TOP25 laglag sa Top11)
      MU – KF’s MJ Alltheway (TOP10)

      ME – KF’s Karen I-bash-ko (WINNER)
      MI – AQ’s Mariel Deleon (CLAPPER)
      MW – AQ’s Laura Lehman (TOP40 laglag sa Top15)
      MU – KF’s Rachel Peters (JISKODAY!!)


  12. Happy for Miss India!

    In the end, the quarreling between Southeast Asian fans was pointless. None of them reached Top 5.
    Good job Miss Indonesia for reaching Top 10, and China for hosting.

    But it was the Philippines which surprisingly stole the limelight. It is interesting to note that the show looked more like a tribute program for the Philippines than a pageant. Thanks to Megan Young, Arnold Vegafria, Fr. Rocky Evangelista, and Catriona Gray.

    Still happy to be Filipino!

    • Julia’s peace offering to the Philippines one way or the other… time to move on. Wala naman na cyang choice kasi if ang peace offering nya through the crown or higher placement sabihin na naman na consuelo de bobo from last year. Now with Ateng Arnold in the judging panel and Laura made only up to Top 40 nagmukhang fair at walang luto-an.

      Hindi rin nya binigyan ng crown si Indonesia or Top 5 man lang para ma erase ang impression na luto-an. Julia tried hard to regain her credibility. At cguro si Liliana nagexpect ng crown this year at ayun nalaman nya plano ni Aleng Hulya so ayun si Ate Liliana nagsilent walkout (gawa gawa ko lang) hehe..

      Im happy with the results overall. Now babawi tayo sa MU. Go Rachel!

  13. nagbabalik na ang India as powerhouse
    1994 all over again
    MW and next is MU

  14. Alam mo talaga ang mananalo kasi may pa interview ek ek pa sa relative. Congrats India.

  15. Miss World 2017 is Miss India.
    Na predict sana ni Norman ang winner kaso just to appease his readers on the blog sinama pa nya si Laura.
    Ano naman kaya ang lutuan ang sasabihin ng mga unreasonable na bakla rito

  16. Sayang si Ms. France. Kahit runner-up man lang.
    Para makadalaw sya sa Pinas kapag nag crown uli ng MWP. 😦

  17. kapag nainterview ang Nanay mo sa audience ikaw ang mananalo
    nangyari na yan kay Megan eh

  18. Beauty pageants are only interesting to me as long as a Pinay is doing well. Once she is out of the competition, I lose interest 100%.
    The last week has been a downer… 2 Pinays at 2 major pageants clapped. I wish A&Q had found a way to enhance their facial features and trained them in their presentation ( make them more aggressive a la Pia and Venus)
    I need to find a new hobby 🙂

    • Oh fabie my fabie, remember my past comment saying Laura and Mariel will be the calppers this year while the rest will do well.

      • Not really Fabian. Maybe I just dont practice blind patriotism when it comes to beauty contests. Just factual and realistic.

      • U were opposed to Kylie and Pia but they won .
        What do you call that? Judas-ism?
        Hihihi just kidding

  19. Seriously, ME is better than Miss World, atleast sa ME makikita mo na deserving ang nanalo because of performance lalo na sa q and a portion. Pero dito sa Mess World, aba ang bilis ng pangyayari. Boring Show pa Mess World ..pasalamat na lang si lola Dahil respeto na lang sa pageant niya na pinakamatanda sa lahat pero hindi naman nagevolve through the years

      • Lol. So dapat sa Food Channel ang Miss Earth & Miss World, ganun? Tapus KF can have a show where they share their recipe for winning Miss Earth because we all know Rodgil has the formula down pat.

    • Banggit si Catriona at ang project ni Catriona. Yun ang tangible na nagawa ng BWAP – ang project ni Catriona. Talk about missed opportunities.

      Yung Humanitarian Awardee, Pinoy din.

      Kaya di pwedeng si Laura ang manalo this year. Too many Pinoys in the limelight. Dagdag mo pa si Arnold as judge at si Megan as host. Sabi sa Sash Factor dati, ito yung “Bokang Montjane effect.”

      • Pautwas, “di pwedeng manalo si Catriona” ?!!!
        Hello di nga nakapasok sa top 15, mananalo pa kaya
        Hays pinoy nga naman daming excuses, di na lang tanggapin na talo ang manok

      • Do you even know what the Bokang Montjane effect is? If not, then look it up instead of just mouthing insults like it’s all your mind contains. Which is probably the case anyway.

      • Yes i know that and it’s just a theory dahlinnn
        Kays stop making excuses and admit the fact head-on that Laura lost fair and square because she is not that beautiful. Just take a look at those included in the Top 15. They are all at par with Megan Young’s beauty while Laura? No. Sorry

    • And they featured Fr. Rocky earlier …

      Catriona’s big heart to help the poor – that is a Miss World in itself.

      Sikat ang Pinas sa telecast ng Miss World 🙂

      • Cat was the obvious and rightful MW 2016 winner to many ! The results back then triggered a lot of questions and doubts about MWO’s credibility. And it looks like it’s now starting to do something to re-build its tarnished image.

  20. Congrats ladies. Congrats indonesia for a job not sooo well done. Im pretty sure they are not using their local currency RUPEES to enroll in one of these training camps in our beloved country. Dolyares. And highest bidder wins. Filipina aspirants planning to enroll in either of these training camps just convert your pesoses into dolyares to have a good place in services. Baka mag enroll na rin ang ladies from middle eastern country. Mapera pa naman sila. Economy wise for training camps. Bravo

  21. MW originated from England
    England is Mw 2017

    paranf Miss Earth lang yan

  22. Sa pagsagot at laman ng sagot: India, England, France
    Sa kagandahan: France, India

    Mexico’s answer sounded rehearsed/memorized.

  23. hey guys,
    they just released rachel’s yamaymay swimsuit photos!!!

    just kidding, just wanted to break the tension

  24. Kasama natin ang colombia at brazil na laglag sa MW at MI. Bawi na lang sa MU. Go Rachel!!!

  25. Laglag ang indonesia sa top 5. Pero talagang prepared na ang list. May kumanta lang, top 5 na agad. Hahaha

    • O akala ko na sabi ninyong lahat dito na niluto na ni julia na Indonesia ang mananalo nagyon na ligwak sya iba na naman ang lutuan na sabi nyo at sino naman ngayon. Nakakadiri talaga ang pag iisip ninyong mag baklang pangit kayo

      • Haha sino nga ba ang nagsimula ng lutuan? Pati sa livestream, affected na ang ibang lahi. Bina-bash tuloy tayo. Hahaha.

        Obvious yung last year, hmmm yung ngayon. Baka kung sino na lang talaga ang feel ni julia sa Q&A. Lol.

    • In terms of beauty …. I love France’s beauty! Oh la la la …

      And then India … it’s between those 2 🙂

  26. I have to give it to Laura for trying her best and gave a damn good fight in this pageant. She gave her all and I couldn’t ask for more. This is the way the cookie crumbles, either you win or lose because it is a competition. Still, a Top 40 placement isn’t that bad. Good job, Laura.

    Next stop: Rachel at Miss Universe, Chanel at Miss Supranational & Katarina at Miss Intercontinental. Ladies, bring it on, the stakes are getting higher. It ain’t over till it’s over.

  27. O ano na mga teh? Baka naman ngayon pa kayo madadala ha? Useless na kung boboycot pa tayo next year dahil inunahan na tayo ni lola hulya by way of excluding Laura in the top 15. This year could have been the perfect timing para sana iboycot itong cooking show na to after Catriona’s loss last year. Wais talaga si tanda noh? Ginamit pa si uto-utong Arnold V as one if the judges kuno para kay AV natin ibagsak ang sisi. Well, what else do we expect anyway?

    • Dyusko naintindihan ko pa kung bKit nanalo si karen kasi transparent ang me kahit di ko sya bet pero eto di ko alam saan nagmula ang top 15 and top ten. Di ako nagmamaasim sa exclusion ni laura pero di ko maarok sistema ng MW.

  28. See how Julia works? Now kung sino man nakakakilala sa national director ng Pinas ask him kung pano ang judging. Verify nyo kung tama yung sabi ko. Preset na yung top 10, type written na sya yung top 40 top 15 pampahaba lang ng show. Then unfortunately galit si Julia sa Pilipinas because of the bashing last year, I was told by my insiders Philippines will no longer be allowed to penetrate the finals kasi wala naman daw kawalan ang Miss world .more than 100 countries kung mawala daw ang pinas more than 100 parin daw ang candidates. So lesson learned wag away in. Si Julia bagkus dapat humalik sa pwet nya.

    • Kailangan talagang halikan ang pwet niya? Eeww. Walang Latinang pasok din sa Top 10. I’m sure strategic din ito, i.e. vs. Miss Universe.

      I’ll throw your question around – malaking kawalan ba ang Miss World sa Pilipinas? Kung vindictive ka pa nga, pwede mong sabihing you can ask an NGO to buy out MWO’s stake sa mga charities dito para wala na talaga silang place. Pero why would one do that?

    • I think the reason why na nakatoon ang pansin sa atin ni Julia dati ay dahil nagkakaroon ng interest ang MU sa atin. Kaloka after magpakilala ng judge my top 15 na.😁😁😁

  29. Top 40 is a hard feat so let’s be happy that Laura made it to the list. Congratulations and thank you, Laura!

    Can we take a moment to appreciate Megan’s beauty? 🙂 Ang ganda!

  30. Ang di ko ma gets kung paano kinuha o nag arrive ang top 15. Sila ba ang top performer sa fast track?di ko gets tong pageant ni hulya. At yung pag announce pa talaga ng top 15 eh sa backstage

  31. Hindi pagandahan to. Look at these top 15 finalist. Indonesia, maganda ba? Lets not talk about inner beauty. Lets talk about facial figure. Cheekbone structure. Parang ordianry lang ang face. Pangmasa lang. ifs another overcook show

    • On the contrary, Indonesia and all the other top 15 are way ahead of Laura Lehman in terms of facial beauty. Please tell me kung saan ang lamang Laura, ang kaputian nya? Well she should have stayed locally sa Pinas where the basis of beauty is how white your skin is.

      • Hana ko what’s KF? Sorry i dont know that but I definitely know a beautiful woman when I see one and Laura is not one of them.

      • Pautwas, sige una she has a pleasant beauty, queenly, a demeanor that is reminiscent of Megan Young and most importantly, maganda ang ngiti nya di tulad ng mouth and gums ni Laura

      • Catriona Fan
        Paano ako naging bitter kay Catriona na isa ring loser. Just like now, I also thought that Catriona is not that all. Well Catriona is actually prettier than Laura in so many ways that is why she placed higher but both are no Megan Young

      • But then Gwendolyn Ruais got all the way to 1st runner up & Laura is prettier than Gwendolyn.

  32. Ligwak ang A&Q sa alpha pageants ngayong taon.
    Lumaki na kasi ulo ni Jonas nung nanalo si Kylie last year.

  33. Indonesia will win MW and MU.. A&Q and KFamilia trained them to be..
    Congratulations Indonesia!

    To the Philippines…. we had our time..

  34. Hays tulad ng lagi kong sinasabi ligwak si Laura kasi di naman talaga maganda. It is sad but true. Lesson: Be factual and realistic. Mga pinoy kasi basta representative ng Pinas, sya mananalo, pinakamaganda, the best ek ek. Di naman talaga maganda si Laura. Kung si Wynwin yan sigurado win sya! Haysss ano naman kaya ang mga excuses at sisisihin ng mga bakla dito na mga unreasonable at unrealistic amd blind

    • Bakit maganda ba Indonesia? Maganda pa yung katulong namin sa Pinas. Jeremi before you throw some premise make sure you already have won the battle in the first place. Next time sana ipadala ka ng Pilipinas hindi sa beauty contest kundi sa Iraq para mabawasan ang mga dutertards sa Pilipinas. I thank you.


    • Indonesia is way beautiful than Laura. Sa bunganga and gums pa lang ni Laura wala na. Sorry but please be open minded and open your eyes. Ayan na nga ang truth right in front of your eyes na ligwak ang manok natin. Puhleazeee

  35. Ayan na. Laglag nga si Laura sa Top 15. Hanggang Top 40 lang sya. Mukhang tuwang tuwa pa naman sya na 5 sila na winners sa BWAP.

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