143 comments on “Miss Universe 2017 Official Welcome Event

    • Awww, that’s very nice of Charlene. I still remember Sushmita’s story about her kindness during the MU 94 competition. True beauty will always radiate from the inside out. And Charlene still looks every bit as beautiful as she did when she competed. I hope this is a good omen for Rachel.

    • Oh my Charlene Gonzales! You are still my Miss Universe. Idk but for me the 1994 MU pageant is still the best MU ever. It was classy. Filipino culture was showcased. The heavy involvement of the filipino men (rare in pageants) as Christelle Roelandts stole their hearts and crotch hehe (toneladang bulaklak pinapadala sa hotel from the pinoys).. And of course, the exciting win from behind but very deserving of Sushmita. It was like david vs 3 golliaths (Minorca, Carolina & Charlene). Not to mention how the reigning queen fell in love with the country (and Aga) and so did Michelle Van Eimeren (to Ogie) and Viveka Babaje.

      Not so well-known trivia:
      1) Mj Lastimosa was one of the little sisters.
      2) Ruffa Gutierrez crowned Ms Greece Ria Totounzi that went on to win Best in Swimsuit prelims and finish in the Top 10.
      3) Viveka Babaje (RIP) went on to join showbiz and got involved in 1994 MMFF fiasco. Sinubukan din cyang ipair kay Zoren.
      4) Christelle Roelandts came back the following year to promote Rubics Happy cube. She got many offers to do movies and commercial ads but turned down everything as she was about to be engaged/married her bf from military.
      5) Aga Muhlach confirmed picking Anna Concepcion as his #1 in the Bbp 1994 competition. little did he know he’ll marry Charlene years later.

      Hay napaghalataan na ang tanda ko na. Hello Millenials hehe.

      • Hi ObservingYou!

        Yes, the 1994 MU in the Philippines was full of such great memories! What a festive event that was! I vividly remember Minorka Mercado’s disappointment (really showed in her face) when she was called 2nd runner-up. Carolina Gomez was such a goddess! Ang ganda ng mukha! Who can forget Charlene’s “high tide or low tide” banter ๐Ÿ™‚ And of course, Sushmita’s winning answer to the final question “what is the essence of a woman?”

        Thanks for the trivia! Learned something new today ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Yeah Morena good old days… but why oh why is the 2016 MU was so dry and boring… at may manyakis na Mr Universe na umaaligid hmmm

  1. Wow, nakakahiya naman kay Indonesia at sa harap pa talaga niya sinabi ni Paula kung nasaan c Rachel philippines hihihihi.
    Ang Power ng pera ay mahalaga hihihihi
    Tandaan mo Paula, DI KA PA BAYAD .

  2. So, totoo pala yung sabi ni Ateng Arnold na Top 4 sa BWaP c Laura and now nanalo sya sa H2H group challenge.
    I’m confident na Top 10 pinakababang makuha ni Laura at cyempre di papayag c Ateng Arnold na Top 10 lng c Laura hihihi… Ateng will do magic like what Liliana bruha indonesia did to Catriona hihihi.
    Laura will win at kung mamalasin sa Q&A ay first RU lang sya ๐Ÿ™‚
    Indonesia will be 2nd or 3rdRU hihihi.
    Pero huwag ka kc kampanti c Liliana na manalo si Indonesia kaya stay away sya sa Finals para walang reklamo diko lng alam kung paano ang lutuan hihihi…
    Prepared na c Indonesia sa Question, Wny you should be Miss World… JawsKuh namemorized na at galing pa sa Oxford University ang nagsponsor sa sagot ,,cherette hihihi ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Liliana will not be attending the finals so her hands will be clean. This is probably to deflect a MasterChef controversy because Indonesia will win. My conspiracy, my theory, allegedly.

  4. so, paula shugart was tasked to look for rachel for the fil-am community of san francisco

    i am most impressed that she was able to plug MU coronation night with the correct date and time
    (even adding the all important eastern standard time)

    when it comes to speaking, i truly believe she can’t be beat
    she has a sharp mind and clear focus

  5. Laura will win MW if Philippines will give Spratlys and Benham Rise to China. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I think Julia will give it to Indonesia because they have a physically convincing rep this year. Pa thank you for hosting in 2013. ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Seriously though, 2nd princess is Miss China, 1st princess is Miss Indonesia, and Miss World 2017 is Philippines. This is from the bottom of my patriotic heart.

  6. anybody have any idea what rachel’s national costume will be?
    (hints were given that it is sarimanok-inspired)
    just curious, because last year when iris came out with the
    can-can ensemble is when i thought that there was the winner
    (i understand natcos doesn’t really account for much, points wise,
    but it was the way she presented it: fun, sexy, full of confidence)

  7. Super pretty tlga ni iris, bakit nagbbloom ang mga queens right after they are crowned? Maybe di na sila stressed sa pageant. Super ganda ng mata nya now,super kinang. Her reign might not be as busy as pia’s but i will always remember itis being crowned in our own shores. Very humble and kind. Wishing u all the best for urfuture endeavors iris. โคโคโค

    • Because they have more endorsers, more sponsors, more connection, more money.

      In other words, more chance for Dermatology care, duh!

  8. Oh please Iโ€™m starting to vomit when most of dutertards proclaiming Indonesia will win. In Miss universe sorry to say she will have this stuttering effect during the question and answer portion. I saw it ,whenMiss Indonesia answer question last Miss World in DC but placed miraculously because of the power of money. On Miss international was just an epic fail. With the help of idiotic dutertards.

  9. so the official welcome event already happened
    which means that the next few days activities until
    the finals will be the ones that will have an effect
    on the candidates standing

    just stating the obvious

    • Rachel is so much more compelling in motion & when sheโ€™s speaking. Stills just donโ€™t do her justice. Gโ€™luck to our girl. She looks like sheโ€™s having fun and Iโ€™m glad to see that. Thatโ€™s so important because in the end, whatever happens, Rachel deserves to have great memories of this experience for the rest of her life.

      @Will. Thanks for sharing

      • she has great qualities…perfect for a brand spokesperson,
        which is what i think IMG/MUO is looking for

  10. Miss Universe is just in a different league in terms of quality of candidates. I see at least 20 girls who can win it this year. You can tell that they want the crown really really bad.

  11. sad to say Marielle started the trend, Philippines will not place in MW and MU, Indonesia will win both MU and MW because they were trained by Filipinos

    • Possible if this is true.
      What will happen to the previous Filipina beauty queens who worked hard/trained hard just to put back the Philippines on top of every pageants?
      Self destruction awaits because of camp war?
      Why is there a war? Sad…

    • Miss World is Indonesiaโ€™s to lose. She is the clear frontrunner, she just has to claim the crown. Miss Universe is not quite a slam-dunk for Bunga as Miss World Is for Achintya, but Bunga is definitely a contender & I think she has the edge over Rachel right now.

      The Indonesians have wanted it & worked hard for it for years. They were just never able to take their game to the next level & win titles until they received training in the Philippines. That is the difference between the training received by our queens in Venezuela & Colombia, and the training received by the Indonesians in the Philippines. The Philippines never actually won a crown when our delegates were sent to South America for training, whereas the Indonesians have won 2 crowns now after being trained in Manila.

      Anyway, it is Indonesiaโ€™s time now. Letโ€™s cheer on Southeast Asian beauty. And hey, our streak was so much fun to witness & live through, wasnโ€™t it? Iโ€™m at least grateful for that. It may never happen in our lifetime again.

      • Diyos ko. We all know why Indonesia is the frontrunner in MW. At MU, Bunga really? Walang Liliana plus di siya maganda. Tapos. Dont start me with fanaticism. Did not say anything about Rachel.

      • Four words: THERE’S ALWAYS NEXT YEAR. By 2018, one will never know who will join Binibining Pilipinas, Miss World Philippines or Miss Earth Philippines. It depends on the quality & caliber of candidates who will show up on the day of registration. Deep inside, I have a feeling that next year will be a tough year for any Filipino woman who dreams of becoming an international beauty queen, if , the ” promising ones”, those gorgeous women we expected to compete next year, will suddenly appear & make their presence felt that they are the ones to beat. But too early to tell. Right now, our present queens have an ongoing battle to give glory to our country in the international pageant scene. Let’s support , pray and wish that the stars will align in their favor. Make us proud, girls.

      • I happen to love Bungaโ€™s morena beauty. Her styling has been on point. I havenโ€™t heard her speak yet so I canโ€™t evaluate her abilities in interview (which is where Rachel shines & has the edge). Yes, Achintya is the frontrunner at World for various reasons, but letโ€™s also give the Indonesians due credit. Ariska & Kevin won with arguably 2 of the most beautiful gowns ever seen on a pageant stage. In national costume, the Indonesians always manage to come up with unique & showstopping outfits. Why not be gracious & just acknowledge that they are on a roll & deservedly so. I want us to win, but they just happen to be doing everything better than we are right now at the alpha pageants (yes, with our help, but thatโ€™s just how it is). I choose to celebrate the fact that another ASEAN country is representing beauty from our part of the world & doing it so well.

      • I am not a fan of Bunga’s beauty and I don’t think her beauty is Miss Universe quality. Her type of exotic beauty is good for a runner-up finish. But let’s see, all these are useless banter anyway because none of us are judges =)

      • For MW malay natin dahil sa batikos at preemptions, Julia wont crown Indo or Phils or China. She will surprise us with a European or African winner. Laura maybe 1st R-Up, Indo 2nd Runner Up at best ๐Ÿ™‚

        For MU, Hmmm kung makakasagot yan ng tama at makapagexpress with conviction sa QA si Bunga maybe but I doubt it. But considering the panel of judges at the live telecast so Top 13 her is highest placement. Rachel will be in the Top 3 or Winner ๐Ÿ™‚

    • This is very possible. Sad that it all just boils down to love for money (Aling Hulya),
      over-competetiveness (as in the case for the traitorous a-hole “Philippine” training camps – yeah, both of you a-holes), and potential desire to tap into the fairly new and burgeoning pageant-crazy market that may make the stars align for Aling Dionisya to win all three major pageants in the same year.

      • We already know how MI was won.

        Might I add too: Aling Hulya is probably already feeling the pressure of having to crown Aling Dionisya as MW, but is just waiting for a fairly credible candidate from that country, so she can make the cooking show more believable. I think their current MW delegate is the closest thing to a convincing MW winner that Aling Dionisya could ever field. For a funds-starved Aling Hulya, this year is now the easiest ever for her cooking show to crown an Aling Dionisya rep.

        With regards to Miss U – it remains to be seen. Out of the three Aling Dionisia reps, their Miss U rep is probably the weakest. She still looks like the Grinch to me, but who knows… with A-holes & Kweens’ expert training in an attempt to one-up Ka-a-hole-ang Flores, Bunga Grincha may just manage to pull an upset and steal Christmas after all.

      • Hindi na kasi ganun ka profitable ang pageants. Ang balita ay out of her own pockets ang staging sa DC last year. May pa beauty products din sila this year para income generation. Miss World Cosmetics yata ang tawag. Check Miss World’s Youtube account.

    • People donโ€™t raise the white flag yet .
      We have excellent MU and MW candidates .
      They will win !!!!!

      • But Julia Morley has the last say. No matter how great, how high the points of our candidate or even if she topped all the fast tracks ek ek na yan whoever Julia Morley chooses wins! Khit mukhang sandok p yan or ang bilbil hanggang tuhod, the “chosen/ pre determined” one will win…d pb natututo?

  12. This is one of the good things about hosting in Vegas, the candidates are so relaxed and approachable. I think you can catch them at the Planet Hollywood buffet around 9-10pm, after daily rehearsals.

  13. Reminiscent of MU 2015 welcome event photoshoot where the Philippines emerged triumphant from behind a sea of beauties to claim the title Miss Universe 2015. We had seen this happened before. We can’t complain if we see history repeat itself.

  14. Hello ana winter noong nag say goodbye ka sa blog ni momma N, anong bagong name ang ginamit mo kc kinati ang kamay mong mag comment hihihi๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜

    • Hala! Talagang naumay ang Pinoy Kay Julia!

      Despite the massive campaign ng mga pageant admin na daang libo ang followers para hatakin si Laura lagapak pa rin Ang turnover!

      Kung Hindi mananalo si Laura, umpisahan na ng mga fans ng MW mag aral ng Bahasa dahil dun na Lang mag-a-amplify ang mga publicity nila!

  15. This is so casual, well, like Pia’s time.. Ganyan din sila noon di ba? But what I like about this year is they’re wearing the Vegas Strong statement tees! Sana lang uniform ang suot nila I mean like Dark maong pants lahat or black pants/skirt lahat.. no jackets and all. mas may unity.. yun lang naman…

    But wait, Iris is wearing the Diamond Nexus crown.. so does this mean sa coronation night, yan na din ang gagamitin? I just wish na since may problema sila with the current crown supplier (DIC) they just terminate the contract and look for another supplier for a NEW crown.. since iba naman na ang may ari ng MUO di ba? it would be great to see a new (AND IMPROVED) crown design. hehe

  16. Remember that Vegas was the site of a shooting earlier this year with a lot of casualties. In today’s world, it would be in poor taste to kick it off with a glitzy event without acknowledging that. That would be similar to hosting Miss Universe 2013 in post-Yolanda Tacloban or MIss Universe 2015 in post-shooting Paris as a VIP-only black-tie event.

  17. Good Luck Rachel and Laura too. Today I bid adieu in Norman’s blog with fond memories. I have better things to do in life rather than follow MADAM BIANANG who mutates into different personalities. Ayoko maging clone nya so I better stop. Mga bes stop the hate lang. Enjoy life if you don’t want others to enjoy your passage into life beyond. Ciao. Babu Aling Bianang. Will miss you certainly…๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

    • Jorsel, I understand your feelings. Sometimes, I also ask myself: What am I doing here? From the corporate world of polite language, pragmatic thinking, and fact-based declarations, being in the midst of anonymous voices blabbering hilarious, amusing, libellous, pathetic, inane, somewhat intelligent, and what-have-you replies, has always been a draining and riveting experience. Yes, this blog erases the tedium of daily backbreaking office work, but sometimes when you receive rude reactions in gutter language you’re not used to receiving in the real world, sometimes I also like to do what you just did.

  18. Off-topic: Nakakaburat talaga ang MUO, super halata ang favoritism kay South Africa and Thailand. The latest proof? Unang una inupload ang kanilang vids sa Road to the Crown page.

    • minsan kasi unang post mo is pang hakot ng crowd/audience. hindi nila inuna si Philippines kasi kahit kelan naman nila ipost, andyan ang pinoy to go crazy sa MU fb page.

  19. Off-topic: Nakakaburat talaga ang MUO, super halata ang favoritism kay South Africa and Thailand. The latest proof? Unang una inupload ang kanilang vids sa Road to the Crown page.

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