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  2. in the end, i only hope for a fair placement for
    laura (even if that’s a win or not). she had been consistent and her bwap
    really good

    well done and
    good luck!!!

  3. Philippines is number 1 in mobstar. Si Catriona nga lang. Lol! 1 year na syang number 1 trending.

    Laura is 22nd now. She is number 1 in her group.

  4. Indonesia is ripe to win MW, it is time to be celebrated, it is time to be cooked

  5. Laura is a superb speaker. I wish her well at this competition, hope she makes the top 10 and zoom from there with her speaking ability

  6. Makikipagpustahan ako, kung may papatol man dito. Indonesia ang mananalo this time with China and Philippines as runners up. Ang 1,000 mo mananalo ng doble. Game?

    • i doubt if they will be the top three. Highest placement for Laura would probably be top 25. I mean if it were true that top 8 will be the 8 continenetal queens, Indonesia or China will be Miss World Asia.. it’s quite unfair becuase Asia is the largest continent. Pero walang Miss World north Asia, South asia or achuchu, but then again dehado tayo ksi still they may still favor Indonesia( miss world southeast asia) lol.

  7. Wow! I sort of dismissed Laura before since I didn’t really find her facially as strong as the others; however, after listening to her respond to the questions thrown her way, I must say she is quite the QUEEN. She may not be the most facially attractive one physically, but she more than makes up for it with her inner beauty and intelligence. Should she end up surprising most of the world and end up winning the crown on Final Night, I think Laura will make a great ambassador for the MW brand. A brainy beauty indeed.

  8. I can’t wait to wake up on SAt am seeing Laura with a blue crown on her head ! I am so excited hihihi!!!!

  9. Three reasons why Lesotho is my dark horse (pun may or may not be intended, as you wish) :

    1. When she says she is excited to see who the winner will be, she is implying it will not be her. That, to me, is CLASS. She is not full of herself.

    2. I like that she spoke of procrastination as something young people need to avoid, of using academic excellence to pay tribute to your loved ones, and how important it is to effect change in your own small way. Nothing grandiose or messianic. Simply sincere and sustained effort.

    3. I like that she loves languages.

    • Sorry. Not “excellence to pay tribute to your loved ones (that’s Thailand)”, but the importance of moving up and beyond problems by focusing on finding a solution. It may sound like rhetoric pageant-patty, but it is nice to be reminded of it once in a while. Think beyond the adversity. Do not be blinded by the pain.

      • @ tim : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        I will be more than happy to vote for Lesotho. Thank you for your reminder. Much appreciated.

    • Its a given that she’s fluent in English, Tagalog and Spanish… I wonder what other language she speaks?

  10. Wait, so ang ending votes din ang magde-determine ba ng winner sa head-to-head challenge? If Laura doesn’t get enough votes, literal na baboo na sa top 40? Forever confusing talaga itong Miss World.

    • kung di manalo sa head to head because of not enough votes pwede pa rin makapasok ng top 40 through judges’ pick. 2o head to head winners + 15 judges’ pick + 5 fast track winners. So ultimately, may kapangyarihan tlga si Julia panalunin ang gusto nya kahit na mahina sa votes

  11. Andaming hanash. Kung ayaw nyo kay Julia at sa MW, then move on to the next pageant. Di kayo nakakatulong sa gustong sumuporta kay Laura.

  12. I think Frankie Chenuh stood out here. She is very articulate and poised. I will not be surprised if she wins the H2H challenge for this group.

  13. Well, if Laura wins other countries will still think it’s to appease the pinoys. Still a grave injustice for Laura and the Philippines. Why waste time, money and effort? So…

    • A win is a win and as long as you’re mature enough to not absorb everything that others throw to you after it, then all should be well.

  14. No question about it, Laura edged out everyone in Group 17. She showed intelligence and class.

    It would be a big mistake if Filipino pageant enthusiasts will not vote for her simply to slight MWO for last year’s “snub” of the Philippine candidate. Boycott will not create a dent in MW popularity because the Philippines is just one of the over 100 countries participating in the pageant. Will it matter if Filipino pageant freaks are absent in online MW discussion sites? Other countries are just too happy to fill in the vacuum: Indonesia, Thailand, India, Latin countries simply swarm social media accounts on MW. Let us remember that we cannot hope to change anything if we do nothing. Vote for the queen who can give a solid meaning to the tag “beauty with a purpose”.

    • Well, if Laura wins other countries will still think it’s to appease the pinoys. Still a grave injustice for Laura and the Philippines. Why waste time, money and effort? So…


    • it’s just but right to boycott this cooking show with no transparency in voting.

    • Blah blah blah. We will not be complicit with the cooking show. Ang mali ay mali. Period!

  15. Off-topic: Nakakaburat talaga ang MUO, super halata ang favoritism kay South Africa and Thailand. The latest proof? Unang una inupload ang kanilang vids sa Road to the Crown page.

  16. Pre determined…Cooking show…Mess world.

    May saysay pb ang mga yan? Really?
    Hindi natuto? Tanga-tangahan lang?

  17. Kahit gaano pa ka-deserving si Laura, di na ako masurprise kung papanalunin nung haliparot na Julia yung we did ett Indoneechaaa chakanene gurl na yon. Ganun din sa Miss Universe. Ganiyan ang magaganap kapag may mga corrupt na “big Indog public figure/ politician” ang involved at atat manotice ang country nila through big pageants na kilala sa many, many, many countries. Gusto nila ang big 3 crowns this year at napakalaking publicity sa country nila yan pag nagkataon na makuha nila ang 3 wins in one year. Ka irita lang yung mga bobong indogs na nagyayabang sa social media, eh Filipino naman ang mga nagtrain sakanila. Money at power talaga ang labanan. At yan ang meron ang Indoneecha ngayon. Lol. Eyniwaste, Chaka parin ang MU at MW representatives nila. Di elegante at sosyalin ang dating.mNakikiuso narin sila sa veneers veneers na mukhang dentures sa puti. Di attractive tignan ang unnatural smile. Hmmm… I guess dats all I’m going to thay. I’m done here. Obvious ba na nagpapalpitate ang mga ugat ko sa elbows at talampakan sa mga hambog na neighborsssss nato?!? Di pa nila time, tita!! Grrrr!!! Roarrrr!!! Meeeeowww!! Scratch scratch!! 💪🏼😼✋🏻😽👊🏻😺

    • Impossible manalo sa MU ang Indo ngayong taon. Possible sa MW saka MS. Pag nagkataon napantayan nila achievement naten. MI MW MS in 2013. Pero sa MU wala yan si LYCA GARANOID.

      • natawa ako dun sa lyca garainod…napatingin ako sa mga pics, may tama ka baklah !!! lol

  18. Suggestion lang, perhaps it would help if there was a link or some information as to where we can support Laura by voting for her. I know a lot of people don’t want to participate because they feel that this pageant is already pre-determined & that our votes will make no difference in the outcome (Indonesia will most likely win anyway). But I feel we could at least show Laura that we see her efforts, that we didn’t abandon her. Voting can be our way of sending her our love especially in the last stretch before the finals telecast.

    • I was also looking for the links in this blog, something that it provides in the past. I had to go to other sources for the links.

    • I unliked the Miss World-Philippines Facebook page and then liked it again. The increase in the number of likes after the H2H upload is what’s counted. I went to the Miss World website and created accounts for my whole family then we logged in and voted. Strange thing is that after we voted, the vote percentage went down. I don’t know why it’s not the actual number of votes that’s posted. Nepal fans are defensive that it’s normal because probably votes may have increase for other contestants. There delegate is almost at 40%. It doesn’t matter though since a winner wil be taken from each H2H group to advance to the 40 semifinalists. Laura was at 2.44% before I voted then went down to 2.33% after the 5 votes cast. At that time, she was still leading Group 17 on Miss World’s website. I don’t know about Facebook and Mobstar. I boycott Mobstar because they have already claimed earlier that they were hacked. So they’re unreliable. They just want people to download and use their app. Marketing. 👎

    • They do matter. At least kita sa challenges kung sinu-sino ang deserving. Kung totoo man na iha-handpick ang winner eh bahala ang Miss World. Pero these challenges shows the audience kung sino talaga ang queens – Di man sila crowned, sa puso at isip ng tao, irerespeto sila as real queens. 🙂

    • True, just look at Miss Puerto Rico last year. She’s nowhere in fastracks and votings but won because she was favored to win…. THERE IS REALLY NO POINT OF THIS VOTING BROUHAHA… AND THEN WHAT??? AFTER THEY LOSE YOU WOULD START CRYING FOUL?? STOP THIS STUPIDITY… VOTE TO WHERE IT MATTERS…. VOTE IN MISS UNIVERSE… NOT MISS WORLD… WAG TATANGA-TANGA!!!!! SUSME… MGA PINOY NGA NAMAN.. Ang taong pinalaking TANGA! ay tatandang tanga!

      • Hello Ms. Antarctica! You are the queenest of queens among penguins, octopuses, and other sea creatures! Congrats! U deserve to be crowned the most beautiful among the ugliest creatures in the universe! Take your first walk!

      • Josel , u know what u remind me of every time I read your post ?
        Someone with his hands on his waist screaming like a queen duck in heat

    • Totoo yan! Pero “one time courtesy” Lang to. Para Lang walang masabi si Laura na di natin siya sinuportahan. After this, kahit manood ng coronation huwag na nating gawin dahil paaasahin Lang tayo ni Julia.

      • Mas kaabang abang pa ngang panoorin Victoria Secret Sa Shanghai on 20 Nov kahit di nabigyan ng Visa si Bella Hadid.

  19. Sa sobrang tumal ng updates sa Ms. World, hirap pakiramdaman sinu-sino umaangat. So kung di man China, Indo o Philippines ang mananalo, di parin ako magugulat.

    I love Lau. Binibini days pa lang, lalo na nung parada, nagustuhan ko na sya. Hanggang sa nag-courtside reporter sya sa UAAP kung saan madalas ko sya makita in person wearing the thinnest of make-up na almost bare na and in polo shirt and jeans. She’s really beautiful – and friendly! Madaming mga metikulosa jan na di nagagandahan kay Lau. Pero ako, walang time na di dumaan sa harap ko si Lau na di ako natutulala 🙂

    That’s why kahit anong mangyari, isa si Lau sa mga favorite Pinay queens ko – kalinya nina Ara, Pia and Nicole Cordoves.

    Go Lau, be our 2nd Miss World!!!

    • MW, kay Lau ako…pero very possible na Indo nga bilang charming ang ate mong Tya….pero MU? Aaahhhmmm…NOPE.

      • 1972 was also a good year for the Philippines. Our candidates all had placements in MU, MW and MI.

      • Kahit record 2013 record di nila matatalo
        MU-4th MW-1st MI-1st

        Feeling ko kaya nila manalo sa MW pero sa MU di sila makakapasok ng Top5. Ampangit ni Bunga.

    • Hija basahin mo ang comment ko under padede boy. Para sa yo yon. Napaka itim ng budhi mo that you deserve to be in the hellest of hells!

  20. OMG, I made a long post after viewing the H2H video but it was erased when someone special person calls me on the phone 😙
    Idigest ko na lng hihihi.
    Laura convinced me to believe in her beauty😚
    Kahit meron pang mas magaling sa kanya sa ibang group na H2H challenge video, saludo pa rin ako kay laura.
    You’re now my Miss World 2017🤗
    In relation sa cyber bullying, as what GMA said in Garci Case to Filipinos “I am sorry”😢
    Be on Top 10 and ateng Arnold will do something hihihi 😊let’s be real people 😋
    Congratulations Laura👍

  21. Here we are again hoping against hope that Laura will get the crown. It’s China period no more elaboration.

  22. Wow! Laura you make me proud. You are not only beautiful, but you are so intelligent. You have the gift of words. Laura you are definitely a Miss World winner.

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