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  10. Puro but I pa Suguro man nod Kayo no live,gumastos ng pear hindi text ng text as Harappa ng PC,bumili na ng ticket for Las Vegas

    • Dios ko, ang galing ng sagot, hindi nagpaawat. Parang tongue twister lang. at may mga laman ang sagot. Napanganga lahat. Very well said and clear. Vote now for laura

    • Compelling. Everytime I hear her speak her mind, I like her more & more. And there’s spontaneity in the way she expresses her thoughts (compared, say, to Catriona Grey’s somewhat programmed way of answering questions). I think World 2017 is Indonesia’s to lose. But Laura is really representing our country well. However she places (we all know that World can be unpredictable), I’m already heaps & heaps proud of her.

      • I have voted. Yes, suntok sa buwan, pero gotta support our girl pa rin. Thank you to everyone canpaigning for Laura.

  11. Bakit ang mga pinoy ang hihilig manisi kung makuha ang gusto. Ngayon pa lang andami ng potential na sisisihin. Nakakadiri ang mentalidad. Glad that I’m out of that pathetic country. Sa totoo lang sa ngayon, there is nothing to be proud of my beloved country not even its people.

      • Jeremiiiiii Dahhhllinnn……

        How are you? Kumusta naman ang blood pressure natin? Ang mga wrinkles?

        Umbrella Brother lang (Payong – Kapatid. ) Let us try to be more mature in our choice of words. Making a general, sweeping statement like how “pathetic and there is nothing to be proud of” about our country and people speaks volumes more about the speaker rather than the subject matter. Wag ganyan kapatid. Lol.

        Beauty pageant lang eto. Will this matter two weeks from now? Two years from now? Two decades from now? Is it worth all the negativity and anger?

        Remember, just a few years ago, the Philippines was not placing at all. We made (and are making) decent strides. Some countries (like Indonesia) , will eventually will. While I understand that for some it is a matter of national pride, these pageants will outlast long after all of us forumers are way gone. So chill lang lahat.

        World Peace.

      • Well all these comments are just a microcosm of Filipino mentality. Another one is the sweeping victory of a megalomaniac and psychotic president which speaks volumes of what Filipinos are these days. It is hard to admit but it’s the truth.

      • Dear JD (Jeremy Dahlin),

        I hate to be a Pollyanna here because I am not. Lol. But you know the saying, it is better to light one candle than to curse the dark? Dapat ganun tayo. If you think the country is a mess, the leaders are a joke, the people are pathetic, the solution ba is to leave and abandon the country? (insert touching patriotic music here…). Lol

        Presidents come and go, Beauty queens’ reigns stop after a year, we all become fertilizers one day.

        The past is all done, the future is but a dream. Today is a Gift, that is why it is called a Present. (thunderous claps….Lol)

        World Peace.

      • Thomas dahlinn im ok my bp is just on the higher side (joke)
        Well you have a point there too but I will take it as a “reserve” for now hihihi

      • Hindi ka kawalan sa Pilipinas inday! Sa ugali mo mas malaki kang kahihiyan sa bansa! I do not wonder if you have bathe yourself with clorox for years now and have your haired dyed blonde! And let me add I do not bash others kasi wala akong megalomanic tendency na kagaya mo!

    • Wow naman sa feeling malinis. E isa ka din sa mgagaspang ang ugali dito sa blog. Sus

    • at kahit san lupalop ka pa mapadpad isa ka sa kahihiyan ng Pilipinas. Wag ka na bumalik.

    • The Philippines does not need u either bi atch! Racism is here and now. Ang galing2x mo neng!

      • Jorsel
        Now that comment of yours is another reflection of Filipino mentality.
        You just mentioned racism out of my comment but when you people call Indonesians as inDogs and Thai as Tae, it is not racism, right? Tsk tsk tsk Filipino nga naman mahilig manlait pero pag sila nilait di matanggap. Kakaawa

    • I can’t blame u Jeremi for feeling that way.
      May mga Pinoy naman talaga na kasumpa-sumpa?
      Have u been to DOLE and had to deal with that floor of lawyers to clear your name because you have a namesake with a criminal history ?
      Those were the worst people I have ever met in my life . No conscience at all. I was st the window for hours and no one would even come and say anything .. could u wait for a second or somebody will be with you shortly …blah blah
      Jeremi , I am ok to stay an outsider for the rest of my life than to deal with some of the worst people in the world . .. they Are everywhere in the Philippines… even inside a church or a hospital

      • So DOLE na pala ang nag iimbestiga about criminal records of someone! I did not know that Lola Fabie. Thanks for this info.

      • That is why I am thanking you for the info Mam Fabiana! It is either your judgment is warped or hindi ka marunong magbasa ng English. Will i translate that in german? Duh!

    • Jeremi that sweeping mean comment of yours just pulled you down gutter level. It definitely put you in the same league that you so berated.

    • Hi Jeremi, you despise the pathetic Philippines and its deranged people and yet you still come back to where you’re from 😉 It’s the home-grown culture and mysterious obsession with beauty pageants that brings you back “home” 🙂

      What you have said is true and I definitely agree. Karamihan sa atin, masyadong mapanisi at mapanlait. Instead of focusing on what is a positive trait, a lot tend to hold on to what’s negative. It’s weird. For a very religious country, where going to Church every Sunday is a must and knowing from the bible to “love one another”, “be kind” and other wonderful values and yet here in this blog and in social media, everyone’s freely lambasting our past and present candidates or one other (with the common excuse of “eh sa totoo naman!”) and the corruption of the country is out of control… bizarre!

      Anywho, I do like that we’re all able to share our common interest in beauty pageants 😉 Peace out!

  12. Balik tanaw sa patimpalak:

    MU Judge Winner Philippine Representative
    1974 Carlos P. Romulo MU Amparo Munoz , Spain Guadalupe Sanchez Top 12
    1989 Josie Cruz Natori MU Angela Visser, Netherlands Sara Jane Paez Unplaced
    1991 Kuh Ledesma MU Lupita Jones, Mexico Ma. Lourdes Gonzales Unplaced
    2011 Lea Salonga MU Leila Lopez, Angola Shamcey Supsup 3rd runner up
    2014 Manny Pacquiao MU Paulina Vega, Colombia Mary Jean Lastimosa Unplaced
    2017 Pia Wurtzbach TBA TBA

    • 1994 Emilio Yap MU Sushmita Sen of India, Charlene Gonzales Top 6

      2014 Mj is Top 10

      • Lol. You missed me, Bong. Did you?

        I am just lurking around, but still reading this blog. I work, work, and work! Love ya. Mua.



        PURO SAT SAT!!

    • Aling Fabiana she did mention unplaced. Did I mentioned runner up si MJ? Duh! Palibhasa sa twilight years na Lola ko! Eewness!😟😟😟😟😟

      • Jorsel ,
        U are one of those people I m talking about.
        U have no respect for anyone
        U talk… always trying to insult people .
        Are u one of those gays who were bullied in elem and hs? Sorry you had to go through that . But it doesn’t mean you have to bully others too . What does it say abt you ?

    • @ Fabiana Reyes who mutates into different creatures. It seems like you have a different understanding of unplaced. So pag pasok sa semis unplaced? Betcha by golly wow! Disappointing!

  13. This is a good blend of telecast judges. There’s a TV personality from a drag show so he probably knows what to expect from pageant ladies, a Miss Universe from the Caribbean, a Miss Universe from Asia, a creative director and make-up artist,
    and a Latina YouTube content creator. Now if I put the puzzle pieces together, MUO is probably looking for maybe an approachable, intelligent, bubbly, and fashionable woman who can be a social media influencer. Just my theory. The choice of judges might have been random. Miss USA could win based on this mix of judges.

    • Nakalimutan ko yung news presenter. Anyway, kontento na ako sa high placement ng Filipina queens natin. Ok lang din na walang placement si Mariel because she did her best.

    • No they are trying to be politically correct. Especially have you noticed no straight male is a judge? In light of the recent sexual harassment brouhaha going on in Hollyweird, this is probably a good move. So Rachel should show her “veks” side cum coronation night… hihihi

  14. Good afternoon!!!

    Ilan pong semifinalists ang kukunin? (Sana 15 or 16 hehe) 🙂🙂🙂

    • Singkwenta kukunin para sure na pasok si Felepens syempre

      Ipis ka ba Alex?

      Bakit antagal mong mamatay?

  15. Makisawsaw kayo sa pagkapanalo ni Pia as Miss Universe pero ngayon maka judge kayo na she will play things dirty because of camp wars. NAKAKALOKA KAYO.

  16. Miss World update! May Group 16 Head and Shoulders 😂 Challenge upload na! Sana iupload na bukas ang Group 17 or kung masmaaga masmaigi. Dapat sa Miss World nagcomment yung fan ni Rachel na matumal ang update ng MWO or baka boycott din niya ang MWO. 😂

  17. I am borrowing these comments from Misso forum. Some things all of us should reflect on

    From Ms. Bicolandia:

    “Lea not favoring Shamcey and Megan not favoring Catriona are pure myths. SOME PEOPLE PRESENT “IDEAS” AS THOUGH THEY ARE FACTS. Let’s not dwell on sweeping conclusions because they can sometimes sway others’ beliefs.”

    From UNO – God of Beauty:

    “Miss Universe 2015 will be sitting as a judge on the finals night.

    What can then be the scenarios?

    If Rachel Peters will win, bashers will question it because a Filipina is a judge.

    If Rachel will lose, bashers will question Pia and worst case scenario will blame her. But we saw Lea Salonga and Manny Pacquiao in recent years judging and yet both Shamcey and MJ failed to win. Manny and Lea were not scrutinized.

    There are mixed reactions. Someone has expressed his opinion that Pia wont allow to have another Filipina crowned as Miss Universe this early. I asked him why? In his opinion, he believes that crowning another Pinay means she will be replaced right away knowing her career is on it’s way to the top with all her present endorsements and projects. That, human enough, it is strategic on her side not to allow Rachel Peters to win because it could mean competition or even death to her career.

    But, in my opinion, Pia is better than this. And I know she will be a fair judge. Rachel might not have strong desires joining showbiz anyway like her. And, I do not think Pia will be closeminded nor insecure regarding this matter. Pia Wurtzbach is Pia Wurtzbach. She is a brand of her own and given the opportunity to be a judge, I know she knows that it is a big responsibility. If Rachel is deserving and if it is her fate to be the next Miss Universe, I do not think Pia will take that opportunity from her.

    They might be coming from different camps, but, both Pia and Rachel are from the Philippines. Pia can very well understand what Rachel is going through because she was once a Filipina candidate wearing the Philippine sash. I know it will be a tough call, but we shouldn’t really judge nor blame Pia. Pia represents IMG. She is an Ambassador for WME/IMG.

    So now that Pia is a judge, I know people will start debating. But one thing is certain, Pia will remain CONFIDENTLY BEAUTIFUL WITH A HEART, and I do not think she will play things dirty.

    So to Rachel, do not lose hope. Disregard the negative thoughts and focus on your journey. Believe and fight harder. In 2001, Denise Quinones was crowned in her native land Puerto Rico. Dayanara Torres and Marc Anthony both seated as judges. Both were Puerto Ricans. Yet, Denise won. I know people will have their say if ever Rachel will win. And just like I said, people will still have a say if she dont. All I can hope for now is the best for Rachel. Let’s all pray my fellow Filipinos and let’s stop thinking about camp wars and politics.

    In the end, I believe in the kindness of humanity.”

      • tenkyu powz! char. pero seryoso these comments from misso forumers make sense naman talaga

    • Denise Quinones really did her 1,000%. She wanted the crown so badly even if the pageant was in her own turf. I can’t fault her for winning the crown despite the tricky situation. She wore an all-metal gown! If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.

      Hopefully, the Filipino fans are intelligent enough to know that these are all theories. Even scientific studies are not considered as facts immediately. It takes years and even more similar studies to approve or debunk them.

      In reality, we wouldn’t know the facts unless we were the judge ourselves.

      Shamcey didn’t win because Angola was a million times more beautiful on that pageant night. She was just radiating Miss Universe. That girl was unbelievable even if I didn’t understand what she was saying.

      Kuh was a finals judge not a preliminary judge and our candidate did not make the first cut.

      Catriona didn’t win because she was pageant patty/debutante-looking and Puerto Rico’s overall presentation was better. But I still wanted for Cat to win though.

      • I beg to differ with your description of Cat. Come on. The travesty was clear. Duh.

      • Just a tidbit: They had the same set of judges for the the preliminaries and the finals up at least until 2000. The judges weren’t allowed to talk to them until the final show is held, except during one-on-one preliminary 1-2 minute personal interviews with each judge. The only difference nowadays is that they do panel interviews – probably to save on time.

      • I think you were pertaining to Zuleyka re all metal gown comment? But yes, I agree with you. =)

    • very well said.. so true.. pageant or no pageant, we SHOULD all believe in the kindness of humanity.. enough with all the negativity..!!

  18. Nakakatawa mga tao dito… Lahat na lang napakalaking isyu. Si Pia lang ba ang dating MU na nag-judge? Bakit parang sa atin lang malaking isyu na judge siya samantalang sa ibang bansa, wala namang pakialam ang mga tao kung yung dati nilang MU ay maging judge?

    OA sa overanalysis mga tao dito ah.

  19. Rachel making patol to haters is a bad pr for her. Napakalayo sa ugali ng pia. Bad image ang nakikita ko kay rachel.

    • Her reply to the fan is alienating and the fan shouldn’t have posted his or her frustration. Rachel is insinuating that if you don’t like what she’s doing she doesn’t need you. My goodness, beauty pageants are all fun and games until someone gets butthurt. Fans, don’t make negative comments directly on her social media account/s. We can not always filter our words but be mindful in posting in other social media avenues.

      It’s tough being in the public eye. Rachel is a private citizen so she actually doesn’t owe the fans anything. It is her personal journey actually. I’m sorry we are too hard on you but we are just trying to enjoy the journey with you. We love our Filipina queens even the haters do deep down in their hearts. Mag criticize na lang kami ng ibang candidates. 😉

      • The fact the she represents my country means may karapatan tayong mag comment as filipinos.

      • Private pa rin siya kasi BPCI is a private organization. She is just in the public eye. If we insist she is public then NCCA will have to take over BPCI and then we can invoke free speech however harsh it is. This is why the media can say whatever they want about Duterte and will not backdown from his staunch defenders and supporters. Lumayo na naman ako.

      • Erwann Pierro – I totally disagree with you. All of these competing ladies have different strategies. They have spent a good time of their young lives preparing for this event, so let them play they game. Sending disparaging remarks will only dampen their spirits and will enable the trolls/bashers – unless you are one of them. Are you?

      • I think the easiest to do is SIMPLY TRY TO PUT URSELF IN HER SHOES. Pipiliin niyo ba magselfie nalng ng selfie rather than enjoy the full moment? Tama naman si Rachel, journey nya ito and that journey is a big memory that soon she’ll bring years from now. Everyone needs to think in Rachel’s shoes before even typing. Not everyone wants to keep taking photos etc just like how others does. Magkaiba ang mga tao. Akala ko ba gusto niyo maganda placement niya? Let her do her part if she wants to give that full focus.

        She’s been already told by past MU Phils beauties that she should know when to peak. Easy lang kayo, wag demand ng demand sa pagpost niya sa social media. Yes we are supporters of hers but we need to give her that space too and let her breathe rather than being choked that way. Providing constructive comments whenever we see something is understandable but demanding a photo too often isn’t. Iba-iba ang pamaraan ng mga taong gustong lumaban ng buong puso.

        And as mentioned by one here, oo pilipino tayo at may karapatan tayo magcomment pero isipin niyo rin si Rachel in her day to day activities. And i love how genuine rachel is towards candidates. Give her the moment to enjoy. Buti pa nga may pinopost pa cya. O cge subukan nyo nga gawin toh sa lahat ng Filipino reps sa Olympics.


  20. From Romulo… to Kuh Ledesma… to Lea Salonga… there was some candidate better than the Filipina rep. even if she were deserving. In this Pia’s time, would the result be different or the same? Mapagbigay ang Filipino.

  21. If I were Pia I will not accept it. Likewise the care of the national director of Miss World. Wag nang tangapin.

    • Pia is under contract with IMG. I don’t think it’s an option for her to decline what her bosses told her to do

  22. Damned if you do . Damned if you don’t for Pia. If Rachel wins people would say it’s because Pia voted for her and lowered here closest competitors scores. If Rachel loses its because Pia didn’t want her to win because of different camps or it will take her shine away having another pinay MU.
    Why did Pia tajebthis gig?! It’s a no win situation for her. Couldn’t she have lobbied for a backstage host position ? It would have been more airtime , less controversial role .

  23. Totoo nga chicka ni Aling Upeng kahapon na judge si Pia.

    May article si Norman a year ago na ang gist is “Has Filipino fans turned into pageant brats” and totoo din nga after that convo of Rachel.

    Mga atat masyado at gigil to the extent na Hindi na natutulungan Yung candidate but for personal gain na lang ang ginagawa.

  24. “kalma lang guys. Ako bahala, babawi tayo sa MU! Oh ayan Miss P, na luz valdez si mariel, go ahead😂😂😂

  25. If I were Pia , I would give Rachel the highest score and try to convince the other judges to join my side.
    But really , Rachel does not need that .
    She will win on her own … fair and square.
    Laura is MW 2017
    Rachel is MU 2017

    • You will be wrong …. again… Mark my word friend . I do enjoy our rivalry here Fab. Hope you know it’s all in the spirit of fun . Nothing personal chos!

    • Lola Bianang Pia is a person of probity. Let us not pre-judge her. If Rachel is fated to win it, then she will on her own merits. Gets Lola Fabulous? Na disappoint ako sa classy ideals ng Lola Bianang ko huh!

  26. Djusko ang mga veks dito sobrang makahusga ka Pia kaagad. We should be happy she is a judge. That is an accomplishment as it is already. She will pick the one who nails the Q&A the way she handled it in 2015.

  27. Hindi papanalunin ni Pia yang si Rachel kc pag nanalo as MU si Rachel mawawala agad ang limelight to Pia kc malilipat kay Rachel as the new MU titleholder from the Phils…nageenjoy pa si Pia sa attention kaya ayaw nya masundan agad…chos!

    • Nah, medyo may bahid ng katotoohanan naman. The more years pass after her win, the more Gloria Diaz ang nagiging vibe ni Pia instead of being like a quiet, but classy Margie Moran.

  28. Akala ko ba sabi ni Pia na it’s too early for her to be a judge…then eto judge na nga sya…I guess hindi sya makatanggi sa invitation ng IMG

  29. Yeah, with the recent happenings between the camps, duda talaga ako kay Pia. Anyway, still too early for her to judge for an international pageant as big as Miss U. Kung Bininibi pa ito medyo okay pa. Feeling ko naman yung dalawang kapitbahay ang makikinabang, hindi si Rachel.

    Funny, todo deny siya a few days ago about this. Sabi niya “too early for that” daw, but here we are. That being said, alam ko naman hindi totally nakasalalay sa kamay niya ang kapalaran ni Rachel. I just can’t help but side-eye this after realizing how petty and spiteful both camps could be when it comes to one-upping each other.

  30. Sorry. Let’s face it. With the recent happenings between the camps in Miss international, Top 15 will be the highest placement of Rachel. Russia will win.

  31. Latina vs Asia Vs Africa/Caribbean ang labanan jihihi galingan mo lang European baka makasingit 😄
    Last 2 woman standing :
    Indonesia and Philippines 👏👏👏
    Cherette 😄

  32. Sorry Rachel Pia is one of the judges, whenever there is a Filipino in the panel of judges they tend to think of their being delicadeza syndrome they tend to give a low score on their countryman. Proven based on the studies . Hmmmmmm and aside from the fact that Pia is from Jonas camp, DONT TELL ME IT WILL NOT AFFECT THE SCORE …………//////////////

    • I disagree. She will be a fair judge. She will choose the best woman, be it Rachel or not.

      • nag mamatter pb what camp sya galing? the fact is Rachel is wearing the PHILIPPINES sash…she deserves all our support…and Pia will not take it against her that she’s KF trained

    • Sana based on merit. And Filipinos tend to nitpick on compatriots. Hindi pa pwedeng bawas from being overcritical but look at the overall aura. May isang Filipino judge nagsabi pa na malapit sila talaga and can see the flaws. OA lang? Perfectionist masyado tayo. We don’t know how to appreciate kapwa Pinoy natin. Crab-mentality talaga. Yung delicadeza alibi lang yan. We wouldn’t be a country constantly struggling for more than a century if we have delicadeza. Corruption, political dynasty,and red tape are contrary to delicadeza. Tsk tsk anyway this is a beauty pageant blog. I got lost there. LOL

  33. So happy it did not take long a Filipino will sit again as a telecast judge in MU.

    Sana makita ni Pia ang merits ni Rachel despite belonging to opposite camps.

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