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  1. Nakakaamoy ako ng pagka-insekurada. Wala pang nakikitang pictures ang mga fans na magkasama si Rachel at si Miss Tom Yum soup. Sino kaya ang insecure kanino???

  2. Okay, im starting to see a change in Rachel’s aura. She doesn’t look Malamya anymore. I have to agree with Norman, Rachel is getting in the groove of things. She actually does stand out sa group photos (and I’m not just talking about the pics above) I hope it keeps improving from here.

    Although I agree na your clothes won’t send you to the Top 5, I think there’s no harm in providing our reps a good collection of wardrobe. I mean yes, our past MUPs have cracked the Top 5 numerous times even with the hideous Cumbia outfits, Until MJ broke that Top 5 streak in 2014. BUT thats when we made an uproar and finally Madam Stella listened to us. our reps finally had a chance to wear designs by talented filipino designers. So let’s take advantage of that!

    Rachel has the height, the facial beauty, the body, the intelligence and the communication skills! Why not make her even more appealing by providing her an amazing wardrobe collection. Diba? Honestly, I think what bothers me the most is Rachel’s straight hair lol. It just looks really boring. She should put volume!!!

    Anyways, Im gonna leave it to Rachel and her camp. Pretty sure they have a game plan. If the plan is to have okay styling in the beginning and gradually amp it up until prelims/finals. OR if the plan is to have so so styling and then PASAVOGUE sa prelims and finals then so be it!!

  3. With all due respect, groufie not groupie. Groufie is an amalgamation of group and selfie to mean a picture taken of yourself with others in a group. Groupie is a derogatory term coined after young women who would follow around initially rock bands or groups and later on in the 90’s boy bands with the hope of having a sexual encounter with them.

    • i agree she is exceptional
      she will be a great spokesperson, she looks best when she is talking
      i noticed that on her little interviews, she can sound professional and casual, relatable
      (and IMG is not looking for a model, they have quite a roster already)

      she’d be great for charities, causes and endorsements

  4. Me thinks (from the famous line of the blogger) that Rachel is doing good, but her chances of winning will increase should she have trained under Aces & Queens. A&Q habe already mastered the formula for MU. Kahit sinong ipadala ng A&Q sa MU pak na pak lagi starting from Venus’ time. But mind you kahit before Venus pa eh pang MU na rin mga taga A&Q like Lia Andrea Ramos and Theresa Licaros, di pa lang nakuha ng A&Q ang formula that time kaya di pumasok sa semis.

    At any rate, Rachel has good chances pa din naman. Good luck gurl!

  5. I’m satisfied when she breaks in the Top 3 in case luck won’t smile upon her.

    I would love to see her snatch the 4th crown as I find her fit with the job.

  6. Ahh-ha-ha-ha … ahh-he-he-he

    I’m hoping to see a video of Rachel with Maria and Bunga …

  7. Sa group photo, si “standout” roomie pala ‘yong nasa likod? Di ko siya nakilala, parang iba ang itsura niya dito … napatingin agad ako kay gorgeous Rachel.

  8. Wow ang ganda ganda ni Rachel.☺
    Para syang c G Togni hijiji
    Kasing bait at talino rin kaya nya c G.
    Sana mag guest c Rachel sa show ni G. Togni hijiji😊

  9. All 4 ladies representing countries from the Malayan Archipelago in one frame!

    Brunei Darussalam
    Timor Leste
    Papua New Guinea
    Christmas Island
    are absents….

      • Si lukaret na nica maysabi nyan miss tissa hijiji🤗
        Kapag nakaligtaan nyang inumin ang gamot nya saka lng maging solid KFtard yan hihihi.
        Di ba baby nico hihihi 🤗

    • Baby Nica
      U can’t say she is baduy.
      She is an it girl . No matter what she wears , sosyal pa rin .

    • lol it’s not baduy. You can definitely wear a brown belt with black jeans. Especially if you’re top is an earth tone like olive green.. And that’s exactly what Rachel is wearing lol

  10. there you go rachel
    that’s more like it 🙂

    sleek, sporty, streamlined and very modern

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