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  1. Rachel looks great here. Miss China has this modelesque type of aura, very high fashion.

  2. I hope & pray kabugin ni Rachel ang prelims like Pia did. Pia was so elegant in that event that she instantly got so much attention.

  3. Maganda si Rachel dito, pero honestly, first look sa image, yung mata ko nandun kay Ms. China. I am not sure why ha. May something sa kanya, na pumupunta mata ko sa kanya. Hindi star or X factor ha, something else. Lol.

  4. Yehey! May Lebanon this year. I hope she will be wearing Zuhair Murad for her evening gown.

  5. The most important thing , for me anyway, is for Rachel to have a balanced mix of fun, thru interaction with the other candidates & staff and live the experience in Las Vegas, and business, which is to perform very well as to continue the streak of our country thru another appearance in the semis.
    I can sense that her game plan is to save her energy and crank up the volume where it matters most, which is the preliminaries and the closed door interview.
    She looks like she’s in the groove and doing things at her own pace. Yes, the wardrobe in a way, makes her looks presentable and corporate but it’s her genuine emotion and personality that makes you look at her. The last thing we want to happen is for her to look stiff, very serious or worse, bored as f**ck.

  6. I just feel Rachel has a plan.. sna nga lang ume-fect at hindi underwhelming, or worse disappointing. Nakakatakot na kasi yung mga “abangan” “may pasabog” “tignan sa ganitong panahon/day” tas ang ending nganga at hindi na mahahabol….nahuli na tayo. laglag pa….

  7. Rachel classified together with Pauluna Vega / Gabriela Isler. Not great in photos but excellent in motions.

  8. Ilang beses na kasi proven na wala sa pagiging all over the place ang batayan to get a semi-finalist spot, a placement or the crown. Last year, may nakahula ba sa katulad ni Kenya at Haiti? Si Iris ba sobrang consistent sa top 5 final hot picks? Si Habach na todo gamit kay Max and with all the special awards that she got sa pre-pageant activities, na-guarantee ba yung spot niya sa top 13? Second, yung pa-picture at pa-mingle with the other girls eh makaka-develop ba ng genuine friendships? Si Pia noon may mga pic at a couple of instagram interactions sa mga matunog na candidates during her time (with the likes of Ary, Urvashi at Spoya)…anong nangyari? Never pala nila naisip na deserving siya even after finishing her reign.

    Except maybe for MJ, Ara (and a bit of Shamcey, I guess), hindi naman talaga naging matakaw sa updates yung mga pinadala natin sa Miss U. Nung time ni Pia halos kuyugin na rin siya for not updating, pero kita naman kung anong nangyari.

    All I’m saying is, very little bearing kasi yang pagpipilit sa kanya magpakalat-kalat katulad ni Bunga at Maria. That is not where they base who will ultimately make it – actually, sa ganyan mas importante pa nga how you interact with the staff and the chaperones eh.

  9. The National Costume is slated for Nov 18 , but where the venue is unknown. MUO has scaled down.

  10. I must agree with Sir Norman, she is slowly heating up ! Hopefully, she’ll step up in the wardrobe department, the Clenci way – Liz was absolutely classy and queenly all throughout her MGI journey !
    Go Rachel ! You can doit 🙂

  11. I’m sorry, but I don’t think Bunga is pretty at all, whether on stills or in motion.

    She has the bone structure of the Grinch:

    Then again… with her country seeming to be pageantry’s apple of the eye (and the money that lines A&Q’s and KF’s pockets), Bunga may just steal Christmas from the Filipinos, much like the Grinch! 😉

  12. Okay, im starting to see a change in Rachel’s aura. She doesn’t look Malamya anymore. I have to agree with Norman, Rachel is getting in the groove of things. She actually does stand out sa group photos (and I’m not just talking about the pics above) I hope it keeps improving from here.

    Although I agree na your clothes won’t send you to the Top 5, I think there’s no harm in providing our reps a good collection of wardrobe. I mean yes, our past MUP have cracked the Top 5 numerous times even with the hideous Cumbia outfits, Until MJ broke that Top 5 streak in 2014. BUT thats when we made an uproar and finally Madam Stella listened to us. our reps finally had a chance to wear designs by talented filipino designers. So let’s take advantage of that!

    Rachel has the height, the facial beauty, the body, the intelligence and the communication skills! Why not make her even more appealing by providing her an amazing wardrobe collection. Diba? Honestly, I think what bothers me the most is Rachel’s straight hair lol. It just looks really boring. She should put volume!!!

    Anyways, Im gonna leave it to Rachel and her camp. Pretty sure they have a game plan. If the plan is to have okay styling in the beginning and gradually amp it up until prelims/finals. OR if the plan is to have so so styling and then PASAVOGUE sa prelims and finals then so be it!!

  13. Wow, Indonesia is slaying hihihi 🤗
    The Tugonon/Ariela way hihihi.
    Philippines say thank you sash factor plus MUO owed Mr. Universe (jawskuh, natawa ako big time ng iaward ni Mama Paula yung sash kay lolo) Singson.
    Kaya magbayad pa po kayo madam Paula hihihi.
    Indonesia and Philippines will do well in the finals. ..
    Sino Kaya ang mas talo hihihi
    Basta ako, Country of the year is Philippines 😚

  14. Ihanay na kaya kay Miss SA, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Russia, Thailand, at USA para mag kaalaman na whether she looks good, or what? hihihi…

  15. I wouldn’t stress about this even if she is looking mediocre . SHE WILL MAKE TOP 10 FOR SURE! IMG and MU knows that there will be a riot in Vegas with the rabid Filipino fans. For security reasons they will include her in top 10. I feel bad for other pretty girls without sash factor. They have no chance against favored candidates like Rachel and Kayci

    • Venus Rah ,
      In 1999 2011 and 2013, Did rabid Pinoy fans factor in?
      And every single time Miss U was held in the US where Miss Philippines lost , did the judges think about those rabid crying Pinoy fans?
      Just because u r not a Rachel ‘s fan does not mean you have the right to belittle her .She is representing the Philippines for a valid reason . And I’m sorry that u don’t see that.

  16. Meh. Okay she looks better but aren’t we just trying to make ourselves feel better . Like one picture out of 10 ? Let’s face it Norm she doesn’t take great pictures . Her true edge is when she is in motion and talking .

    • The winner won’t be chosen because of great pictures, duh! come finals night the one who’s best in motion, atleast in judges’ eyes, one of which is Pia, and the one who’s the best in talking will be the winner.

  17. Love how natural she posed for the photo 🙂 MU na MU ang dating hihi she even looks gorgeous with a simple shirt ❤️

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