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  1. Okay, im starting to see a change in Rachel’s aura. She doesn’t look Malamya anymore. I have to agree with Norman, Rachel is getting in the groove of things. She actually does stand out sa group photos (and I’m not just talking about the pics above) I hope it keeps improving from here.

    Although I agree na your clothes won’t send you to the Top 5, I think there’s no harm in providing our reps a good collection of wardrobe. I mean yes, our past MUPs have cracked the Top 5 numerous times even with the hideous Cumbia outfits, Until MJ broke that Top 5 streak in 2014. BUT thats when we made an uproar and finally Madam Stella listened to us. our reps finally have a chance to wear designs by talented filipino designers. So let’s take advantage of that!

    Rachel has the height, the facial beauty, the body, the intelligence and the communication skills! Why not make her even more appealing by providing her an amazing wardrobe collection. Diba? Honestly, I think what bothers me the most is Rachel’s straight hair lol. It just looks really boring. She should put volume!!!

    Anyways, Im gonna leave it to Rachel and her camp. Pretty sure they have a game plan. If the plan is to have okay styling in the beginning and gradually amp it up until prelims/finals. OR if the plan is to have so so styling and then PASAVOGUE sa prelims and finals then so be it!!

  2. just for perspective

    my observations

    miss vietnam 2015 was social media, early favorite
    miss venezuela 2016 was social media, early favorite

    both did not make it to the finals

    iris, france, miss universe 2016
    pellissier, haiti, 1st runner up 2016

    were both under the radar at the beginning of the pageant

  3. [video src="https://scontent-lga3-1.cdninstagram.com/t50.2886-16/23629455_2029484117336503_3040732799985254400_n.mp4" /]

    • [video src="https://scontent-atl3-1.cdninstagram.com/t50.2886-16/23583381_551286095221720_191103917000491008_n.mp4" /]

      • and the worst that it’s a Julia Morley Cooking Show! Asa pa?! Di na natuto? Ano tanga tangahan lang ang peg?!

      • These beauty pageants are learning, networking, travel, and work opportunities for many of these girls. Last year’s MW controversy may have caused Quirino to end ties with the organization and we should be happy with that as a sign of protest, sort of. However, we can not be indignant towards Laura who wants to pursue her interests and the fans who support her. We are free to choose what we want to pursue in life and during our spare time. We can also protest but we can not impose this on the girls and their fans.

  4. Her styling and wardrobe is really off, did madame help her pick the outfits? Anyway, Rachel should learn from her roommate, Indonesia is always on point!

  5. this might be off topic. and not for rachel but for the handlers.. i dunno, but watching our reps in intl stage with their natcos, I think Gold ensemble suits our reps well. or with a touch of gold. It gives a glow and a wow factor. I remember parul shahs and wynwyns. karen ibasco was black but the gold in the design and pattern also made it stand out aside from size. not to mention kylie modern terno where you can see the faces of other candidates in the background as if they were sayin “damn that was a very nice dress”. liz also had gold chains and threads in her natcos. hopefully we get to see more GOLD pieces with red (chanel olive’s bbp natcos) and others combos. this is just me but perhaps NO to white, silver and black, they are not as exciting to look at. it’s just a wish to see more colors and GOLD as they bring more glow to our reps in their natcos. god bless ph.

  6. If Janine could make 1st ru with her poofy jacket ala Primark and Barraza aquamarine grandma panty dream, Pia could win with her poofy jacket and Cumbia maroon interview disaster, Rachel is just fine. Wardrobe has never been PI’s strength. Never.

    That’s just the reality when you have a country that believes polos and jeans are dressing up. Nilamon tayo talaga ng ibang cultura in style. 100% admit.

    But this is not a style pageant. If anything, I’m glad she is upping her social media presence as that is more important that wearing top of the line clothing to welcome dinners at chipaypay places like Buca di Beppo of all places.

    Anyway too much drama and insecurity ever since Mariel didn’t place and Indonesia won. Too much inflated ego couple with insecurity = drama. Time to check out. See you all after prelims nalang!

    • I don’t know why your post received so many thumbs down… Eh totoo naman!

      That line about Buca is so true as well! Haha. Kung sa PInas, yung magbubukas na Buca, maybe over there, high end na yon… Pero dito sa California, parang Olive Garden lang yan.

      • re: buca di beppo, they are more famous for having the humongous portions than anything else.
        in the video, rachel was with miss italy, i wonder what her impression was of the food at buca

    • This is soooo true.

      I remember Venus wearing a hideous sequined dress worn over and over my BBP candidares in the 90’s when she competed in 2010.

      Really, it’s something between the ears that matters.

    • Everything is clear in hindsight. The criticisms are present, actual and immediate which is realistic and actionable.

      What did she wear for Buca di Beppo? I think it was alright. However, it is not pleasant to say that the restaurant is cheap. It’s casual dining! McDonald’s is not cheap. It’s fastfood. Carenderia is not cheap. It’s home-style food, family-owned, or streetfood. No need to be a snob to prove a point. Propriety. Something that these comments lack sometimes.

  7. Photo shoots sa Philippines ang gaganda ng outfit. I still have to be wowed by her outfit. Liz was wow all throughout Miss Grand International. Its only two weeks Rachel. Show us all those outfits na mapapawow kami. Dali!!

  8. I believe in Rachel pero gusto ko sunugin outfit nya lately, ang babaduy. Saving grace na lang talaga once she speaks

  9. Rachel’s 10 out of 10 in personality and comm. I hope her stylist can catch up.. her public wardrobe’s been hit and miss so far.

  10. Ang gaganda ng nga outfit niya sa photo shoot sa pilipinas. I still have to see her in an outfit I can say wow.

  11. 1st time to happen, Indonesia will be MI MW and MU beating India with these very historic wins.. trained by The Philippines, so we can say we made history with them!

    • i don’t think we should concede yet, the filipina candidates that are competing right now
      are very well trained and worthy

  12. Oh siya huwag na kayo mag-away o mambash ng ibang kandidata kasi panalo na si Rachel based sa prediction ni Psychic Gurmeet. Chillax.

  13. I beg to disagree na nilalamon ni Bungang Araw si Rachel. I have been scanning the totality of this girl at wala akong makitang katiting na “it” factor sa kanya kung hindi yung pagiging PILITA CORALLES nya. Mukha syang tumanda na may bagong pustiso.

    Please lang, wag nang ipagpilitan katulad ng mga nauna sa kanya.

  14. How True ito sa miss World????

    Continental Queens

    In the history this is the first ever it will be 8 Continental queens that will be selected out of the Top 25 (after being selected from the Top 40) and will become the Top 8 automatically. After that, the final question will be asked and Top 3 will be selected.

    North America
    Northern Europe
    South America
    Southern Europe

    Kaya pala invited dito sa Punas ang lahat ng reigning continental queens? Kung gayun malamang eto na ang Top 8.

    • eh di para nang MIC format yan na kung saan ang mga finalists will come from every continent…then out of the finalists, a winner will be chosen…ang alam ko is top 40 – 15 – 10 – winner

  15. Wag kayong excited mga veks. Rachel is in demand because of sash factor. hihihi… I’m afraid I might be seeing Nina Ricci Alagao or MJ 2.0 in her. hihihi…

    • Ganern 4M? 🙂 Realistic but why such a downer?

      Actually, I want to see roomie do an interview. I want to see her speak and how she handles questions. And all other “front runners” and let’s see how they fair.

      • I am not a downie. It happens all the time the last few years. The amount of interview is generally because she is Miss Philippines. Period. Also there is a solid Filipino media outlets in Vegas that help cover Rachel as well. Let’s not be too excited about media coverage. I will be more surprised if she doesn’t. Like I said, I can see a Nina Ricci vibe in Rachel. Morena beauty who can speak. Let’s see if she does a Nina Ricci or MJ or better. hihihi.

      • 4M, mas gusto ko ang “or better” lol … I’m always hoping for the best and expecting for the worst 🙂

      • “Hoping for the best and expecting for the worst”? 😄 Ano ba talaga Miss BB?

      • GMW, ibig sabihin … always have a positive attitude but have a fall-back para di masyadong masakit kung matalo man si Rachel 😉

        I’m supporting Rachel all the way throughout her MU journey!

    • 4m , Nina Alagao would have and should have been in the top 10 .it was just not her destiny .
      And since u r on the subject , what about Shamcey ? She is in the same facial category as Nina MJ and Rachel.

      • Trulala Fabbie. I was quite surprised with Shamcey’s placement actually. Her beauty wasn’t my cup to tea. I have a feeling she made it in because of the continuous placements of her predecessor. It’s a momentum kinda thing.

      • anung momentum? 2000-2009 unplaced ang Pinas then 2010 Venus managed to be 4RU..then comes Shancey na…in reality wala pa tlgang momentum…sadyang nagperform lang si Shamcey ng maganda…ang daming countries na naging clapper after making the cut the previous year…the momentum of the Phils started after Shamcey’s placement…A momentum cannot be sustained if the reps aren’t good enough

      • Momentum started with Venus veks. Especially that “major major” incident. It brought life back to Philippines delegates in a “major major” way!!!! hihihihi

      • Fabian – Holy crap! Still whining about Nina’s non-placement 17 years ago? LOL. “Should have been in the top 10” is a pretty loaded statement coming from someone who wasn’t even in the room during the prelim judges’ final deliberations.

    • Ano ba naman hanggang ngayon you still keep bashing MJ!! She represented us well!! I was happy for her. Stop it please!! It was not her destiny to win .

    • Only in the prelims. I think they had Fil-Am judge in the past as well so no biggie…. And remember Manny P? hihihi

    • ayyyy ito na ung post mo kanina ate 🙂 Nagconnect na hihi tanong ko pa nga kung sino kausap niya dyan! That’s good news for Rachel 😍

      Thanks for this update!

  16. Good evening sa inyong lahat!!! 🙂🙂🙂

    By the way, nasaan na si Miss Laila? Dati kasi ang dalas-dalas niyang magpost ng updates. Pati si Miss Ana Winter, nasaan na po sila? 🙂🙂🙂

    I still believe in Miss Rachel. She is still Top 3 material for me. 🙂🙂🙂


      • I have been very respectful to everyone in this blog. I do not deserve these words. No one does. Not me, not Mr Angelo, not Miss Gemma, not Mr/Miss 4M. If you have issues with yourself, do not bring it here.

    • They’re dead! And reincarnated sa ibang mga hukluban na active sa blog na to.




    • Laila is one of the pageant Titas at IG. She’s Tita Lavinia there who is responsible for pageant reviews. And if you know her personal account, may mga invitations na siya sa mga pageant related events.

      • Galing naman ni Laila!!! Congrats well deserved yan. At least nakakaaliw ang titasofpageantry hihihi

  17. I’m back, sinong siga dito, lol. Anyway, goodluck my beautiful queen. I’m sure ikaw ang magwawagi bilang miss universe. Yung mga nagmamagaling at puro puna Reyna ko, go to hell. u know who u are, actually isang tao lang siya pero daming alias niya. Siya ang pinaka active mag post dito feeling niya siya ang pinaka sikat dito. Hahaha. Alam na. Sige subukan lang Niya

  18. Indonesia’s win on Miss International is a sign that our dominance over beauty pageants is starting to decline. It’s so sad that the golden age of Philippine pageantry is about to end.

  19. Dear ate rachel. Just place higher than thailand ang indonesia please. Thank u. To ate laura naman, place higher than indonesia po, baka maging country of the year sila if they will win the MW crown, which is very possible. Thank u mga ate.

  20. What happened to Miss International? Bakit 70 delegates na lang ang sumali sa patimpalak? Naungusan na sila ng MGI sa dami ng kandidat
    a ha. Ang basehan pa naman ng major pageant ay ang dami ng delegates from around the world . Sa dami ng delegates nasusubok ang popularity at credibility ng Isang beauty pageant.

    • Ewan ko sau star. Never naging basehan ang quantity. Its always the quality of candidates. If u dont know the defunct Miss Tourism Queen International used to have 100+ candidates yet they buried alive 10ft below the ground because of low quality candidates and not so established national franchise organisations.

  21. JUST IN!!!



    • As per Nawat’s email reply to SMA

      We are willingly acceptable by your proposal too send two miss philippines next year. we want to be fair because you are the powerhouse of beauty pigeon thats why it was certainly a honor for us to receive MISS KF PHILIPPINES and MISS A&Q PHILIPPINES next year. but we suggest that the sash will be NORTH PHILIPPINES for A&Q and SOUTH PHILIPPINES for KF just for the relateness of internarional pigeon fans. And i thank you!

      booba sa grammar ang lola TAE!!!!


        pakialam ko kung sisikat posts ko o kung lalangawin man at walang magbasa? Di nga naka turn on ang notifications for replies ng post ko kasi I dont even care what would be your reactions!!! Its just a mere expressing of my wild ideas. So i believe ikaw ang #1 masugid kong follower bcoz u frequently replying to my post! Ikaw kaya pinakasikat dito wala kang kaagaw. Nakiki entra ka na lang ngayon sa posts ko kasi naubusan ka na ata ng pakulo. LODI pa naman kita pero ngayon tila LAOS ka na at nakikireply nlng sa posts ko which I believe na dalawa o tatlo lang naman kau ang interesado.


      • Hahaha kaw po ang tunay na papansin!!! Replying to my posts makes you your own shadow!!!!So now na napansin kita, i hope na gagaan pakiramdam mo. At least na effortan kita ng reply. Dont talk to strangers and told them KSP because that actual act makes you the one you told them who they are.

      • How does that make me one lol connect mo ung punto mo pls? replying to ur post makes me ksp? hehehe omg. Ikaw nga post ng post ng non-sense dito eh ^^ ngayon lng kita pinatulan kasi nasobrahan na. nagmamagaling eh wala naman laman ang sinasabi at times. hehehe buti nga d kita nireplyan ng mas mahaba pa. o cge pumatol ka pa sa babae, bakla ka nga 😉

        sorry ha pero nairita lang talaga ako sa kadalasang non-sense post mo minsan. lam ko di ko dapat mabasa pero ginawan mo parin ng paraan mapansin ka kasi all caps pa ginamit mo.


      • Hahaha kaya naman pala. Amoy puke ka pala jusko kababae mong tao pinapababa mo sarili mo nakikipag diskusyon ka sa mga baklang katulad ko. Teh maghanap ka ng kasing ganda mo. Kawawa yung mga babae nakikipag away sa bakla kasi sa bakla lang nila kaya umangat at hindi sa kapwa nila babae. Kababaeng tao, kalevel mo bakla lang? Mahiya ka!!!

      • Last patol ko na yan sayo teh ha!!! Wag mo i down sarili mo. Kababae mong tao, ugali mo bakla!!!

      • Ate d ako yung tipo ganyan ang hangarin sa sarili. may friend din akong bakla. I don’t consider u lower omg. Ikaw lang ang maysabi nyan. Nairita lang ako at nagreply yun lang 🙂

  22. I found this comment in Missosology hihi gusto ko lang ishare.

    Postby Roman Reigns » Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:14 pm

    My professor once told me that 3 decades ago, the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) was established in the Philippines, and countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam came to the Philippines to learn how to produce rice. However these ASEAN neighbors just did not plant the variety of rice that they learned from the IRRI, they made their own research and in the end, they came up with rice with a much higher yield on a per hectare basis. This is not to mention that they used mechanical equipment in order to speed up production. Now, the Philippines is importing rice from these countries. Amazing! 😀

    • See how generous we are in giving away proprietary knowledge that gives us a competitive advantage?

      The Indonesians are doing everything better than we are right now, with our input, and at our expense. We have to recognize they are the emerging global beauty powerhouse. We have willingly given our momentum to them. But at least we experienced one brief shining moment of back-to-back victories at the alpha pageants.

      As someone who lived through the long drought, gotta say thank you to the camps for developing our candidates to the next level so we could taste victory. At the same time though, I gotta shake my head at how willingly & stupidly they have given our advantages away, again, at the expense of our delegates.

      Because I remember the drought, I know how easily all these victories can dissipate.

      They say Pinoy hospitality & generosity are some of our strongest points as a people. I say that sometimes we are generous to the point of stupidity.

      I guess we are a crossroads right now, where we either elevate our game & competitiveness and continue winning, or whether we will concede and watch Indonesian domination in the coming years. The thing is, we can elevate our game but if we train delegates from other countries, we are elevating their competitiveness as well.

      This year is Indonesia’s to lose, though. Bunga & their Miss World candidate have the edge right now & the momentum. They also have the better wardrobes lol

      2018 will be a defining year for us: the beginning of another drought or the resurgence of our competitiveness. All I can say is, please let’s not waste the opportunities to showcase the best of Pinoy style & design because seriously, Mariel’s national costume & gown were heinous.

      • I agree to the nth power. Thing is that.. we are too kind and generous and always try to do what is right in our heads and been blinded of the possible outcomes. I do hope Filipinos wake up sooner to all possible situations in relation to this in their lives. Pwede rin naman we can tweak lil things and be innovative of how to keep some stuff for ourselves and improve it for the benefit of future plans :)) Long term thinking in short.

        What the camps are currently doing will cut things to short terms in business. Oh well i hope they could somehow listen and wake up from being blinded with their ego and boosted income.

        BPCI please do something asap. The presence of camps in that foreign country already proves they have qualified people to do such training and create their own brand approach for their candidates with their own formulas.

        Katangahan ba ito na ginagawa ng dalawang camps natin o nablinded sa pera?

        Kitang kita na pinapadala ang isang specific rep ng shupit bahay sa camp kung saan magaling magtraining sa ganyang pageant. In less than 6 years hindi tayo dapat magtaka kapag kaliwa kanan ung pangkapanalo nila dahil spoonfed sila sa pinaka mabait na pinoy.

        Comment pa ng fans na they pay for service daw. Leche talaga. I believe filipinos values a thank you more rather than an answer of they paid for service together with their never ending bashing of how ugly our reps are. Speaking of ugly, they had forgotten how people living in the Philippines have so much diversity in bloodlines which creates a good breed. A breed that gives a great result when partnered to any nationality.

        D nila kalevel ung reyna na binabash nila. For sure walang masabi yun at dudugo ilong nila kapag haharap sa mga reyna natin.

        anyways.. im done hihihi nagpalabas lang ng usok sa galit 😂


      • Lahat siguro shall agree that pageant is a profitable business… Both two camps try hard to bring all eyes pageant enthusiasts to Filipinas by producing winners in the last couple of years…. To trained foreign reps and resulted in winning against our own candidate, certainly, business in a right direction of expanding. On the other side nationalism at stake… Uso pa bang patriotic thinking sa ponahon ngayon?

        After all, the good teacher can help you to be successful but at the end of the day ikaw pa rin ang magdadala ng sarili mong pangarap at sa tagumpay.

      • While we lament on our competitive advantage being given away to neighbouring countries, another phenomenon that is as insidious is the Filipino pageant enthusiasts’ penchant for bashing their own reps. These are now the roadblocks to our quest for international beauty titles. The training of other countries’ reps push up the odds of winning for such countries. The merciless bashing in the social media of our own reps by our own people pull down the odds of winning for the Philippines.

    • @scourg I hear ya. Thanks for reminding us to treat our delegates with a little more consideration, a little more gentleness—more encouragement & support, less bitchy nitpicking (which even I have been guilty of). I remember the bashing Maxine received while competing. I commend her team for preparing her mentally, as she remained upbeat & bubbly even in the midst of all the nasty comments thrown her way.

  23. Minsan sablay styling ni rachel. Minsan nilalamon sya sa ibang pics. Namiss ko tuloy si clenci na kahit maliit standout! Then again may mga mas importanteng events like the preliminaries. Dun magkakasubukan.

    • Sandra Seifert is dressing up Rachel with a so far underwhelming wardrobe. Check out Sandra’s instagram feed…kaloka! Mediocre is an understatement!

      • Seriously? 😨😱 Rachel’s wardrobe has, so far, been quite inexpensive-looking, in addition to matronly, like off-the-rack outfits bought at a department store by a mom to wear at work. This is a downgrade to Maxine’s wardrobe which was young & modern & stylish & high-end, and, most importantly, showcased the best of Philippine designs (except for her underwhelming finals competition gown). Or perhaps this is Rachel’s version of middle-aged normcore? Or is Cumbia back in the mix of our delegate’s wardrobes? At any rate, whether Rachel makes it into the finals or not (I think Indonesia has the edge), she is already a winner in my book, her boyfriend is gorgeous AF.

  24. Doesn’t look like a queen. Doesn’t look expensive 👎
    Her OOTD do not impress me compared to like Clenci.
    Clenci looked like a contender for the crown everyday she posted a photo when she was competing in MGI.
    Good luck to Peters 🤞

  25. Idk if ako lang ba nakakakita but sometimes I see Rachel as a taller and sexier version of Nia Sanchez in some angles.

  26. Feeling ko may kulang pa styling, pero di naman ako ganun ka-bothered. Mas nagma-matter naman ang major events/ activities like prelims, interviews at finals talaga. Tanda ko last year, although kasama sa top 15 ng karamihan si Iris, pero laging si Mariam (na laglag sa top 15), Maxine at Colombia ang napapag usapan. Isama na din natin sina Thailand at Indo pero hanggang Top 9 at 6 lang din last year. Halos di rin naisip ng lahat na kasama last 2 standing si Haiti.

    Kaya kalma lang din ako. Rachel will win and will bring home the MU 2017 crown. 😉

  27. May Miss World pa nga eh. Excited na agad pag usapan ang Miss Universe wala namang ganap puro pictorial saka make over. Amboring din pala kung ganyan! Kahit basher ako ng Miss Earth at MGI, parang mas maganda pa sundan and pre pageant ng dalawang smaller pageant na yan! Parang innovative talaga unlike MU na selfie dito selfie doon. Make over dito make over doon. Phootoshot sito Photoshoot doon. Walang talent portion! Walang treeplanting! Walang charity visit! Meron nga silang Governors Cup ata yn na parang subastahan tapos nasa party set up paden. Jusko Miss Universe! Kakaumay na ung show nyu!!!

      • sa totoo lang..mejo boring at walang ganap nga sa MU…sikat lang kc ang pageant na toh at glamorous…kung ikaw si candidate at alam mong malaki ang chance mong mag clap at ang habol mo lang is yung experience at puro ganap, sumali ka sa ME o MW…mahaba prepageant activities at daming lakwatsa esp ME…daig mo pa ngbakasyon…lol





      • I agree with the content but not the manner in relaying the message. Universal peace po madame!

    • Yeah I agree with you Baklah. Miss Universe is not newsworthy until preliminary competition comes. I’m looking for more Miss World updates but it’s frustrating. I need diversion from stressful uni exams here downunder.

  28. hi rachel, given your beautiful skin tone, i dont think black suits you. you look lovely in white, red, bright colors like yellow, orange, fuschia or perhaps in floral print. i dont want to compare you with liz clenci but her styling especially the hair, almost everyday it was different that seemed to be well thought of as it complemented and well suited with what she was wearing. given the two weeks we might be stressing you out with the shoulds, coulds and woulds. smile more, think that you are the loveliest. be excited like you always are when you speak bring them to the photos. no to black, if thats okay as it gives a vibe that you dont want to be noticed. good luck. sending you love and colors. 🙂

  29. People here are OA. They are overanalyzing things . Give Rachel a break !
    ( look who’s talking ? Hihihi )

  30. At dahil from KF si Rachel, nagtrain ang Aces and Queens ng ibang candidate para ilaban kay Rachel?
    Ganun na ang labanan ngayon?

      • MI ng Indo and Japan trained by KF while MU ng Indo trained by A&Q? ganun ba yon… kung ganun Filipino trainer mga mukhang tanga at pera pinag sasabong na silang dalawa bira pa din ng bira…. Pera nga naman pera…

      • Miss Universe
        Miss Philippines – KF
        Miss Indonesia – A&Q
        Miss Thailand – A&Q

        Miss International
        Miss Philippines – A&Q
        Miss Indonesia – KF
        Miss Japan – KF

        Ang galing diva?

  31. I’m excited for Rachel. She is the best when she’s in motion.
    I think she’s kind of similar to Iris… doesn’t necessarily look the best in pictures, but in motion, YES!

  32. I love Rachel when she speaks and in motion. I agree that her styling can do better but I really cannot complain with her communication skills. This and her easy-going personality are what will bring her to the front line. Kalma lang siya.

    I’m hoping to see more of her in Instagram but she’s like a rare breed – patago lagi. She doesn’t post as much compared to the other ladies, where I find some are just too obsessed with themselves (their selfies are very telling). Rachel isn’t an attention-seeker; this is another trait that I like about her.


  33. Keep the faith … no what others say who think the world is about to end because they claim Rachel and Laura are not living up to the hype
    Rachel is MUP 2017
    LAura is MW 2017

  34. After that insensitive instagram thing, I’m kinda rooting for Bunga so Mariel can congratulate her on Instagram too…. hihihihihi…

      • 4m I will bet your ass hihihi
        Mariel is a good Christian . She does not believe in ‘eye for an sye’ . She spreads love , not hate or anger .
        Besides , she has no one to blame here ( I am trying to be careful here ) .. She had 7 months to lose weight and train .
        Well, all is well in the deleon’s Abode . She has a good looking dad and a pretty mother to go home to .

  35. it’s too early to make an assessment
    as the events they are in now are more the casual type
    once we get to the swimsuit photo shoots then we will see
    how she presents her figure (you better highlight your best assets,
    rachel, front and especially the back!)

    and then that outdoor photo shoot where i expect her to
    stand out since she is a sporty type of a woman

    then you go to the more cocktail/dressy events
    like the charity auction…that’s when you will get
    the idea of how she will be styled for the pre-liminaries
    and the finals and how that will stack up with her competitors

    most likely week 2 will be more important for that
    assessment. week 2 is unfortunately is the time when
    the weaker candidates lose steam as well

  36. It’s really difficult to make an objective assessment based on candid photos alone guys. For example, Miss South Africa is considered the candidate to beat, the candidate whom everyone is predicting to win. But based on the one candid photo below, using it as an example, Miss South Africa (5’7”) suddenly looks less imposing standing next to Miss Croatia (6’1”) and Miss Argentina (5’11”).

    So candidates can look entirely different depending on the lighting, angle, or even what’s around them. Some candidates also look different in motion than in stills, and others take on a different quality as soon as they start talking.

    Among Rachel’s strengths are her personality and communication skills which mostly are not captured by candid photos or translate into images. I’m sure she’ll do great in the prelim interviews which will determine to a large part which candidates enter as semifinalists. I’m confident Rachel will do well in that regard.

    • I super duper love your assessment.

      Ganyang klase ng mga comment ang gusto ko mabasa!


    • and it’s good to take into account to that
      pictures posted social media are most likely filtered/altered/edited
      and official and studio photos are most likely

      everything is a little bit (or a lot ) removed from the truth

    • That doesn’t make sense . How can u be objective in any setting here … candid photos or what not ?
      Your personal preferences will always ‘interfere’ With or ‘lead ‘ you to your judgment as to who is amazing and who is not .
      I do not think this over analyzing helps the contestants or not . If at all, it is probably making them panic . .. especially Rachel who is at the center of all these negative diatribes.
      In the end , it boils down down to the judges and the organization and their preferences … and this involves a lot of luck .

    • I am sensing that Miss South Africa will suffer the same fate like her compatriot Melinda Bam…

  37. IMO, Rachel looks really good in pastel colors with a fresh light make-up playing with the shades of nudes. Idk how Rachel plays her gameplay, but i’m expecting alot once she makes a step of releasing that bomb. Is anyone here familiar how she performs from pageant start to finish? Like from the past pageant she joined dito sa Pinas?

    Is it true that Poonterlarp is training in the other opposite camp which explains why sa kakaikot niyang pagvideo at picture, wala tayong Queen R nakita? Halos or parang lahat na yata ng Asia candidates ang naging katabi niya na.

    Pansin ko rin ni Queen R na may wall siya to the girls who she thinks na pinakamalaking competition niya. Idk i hope d ito totoo pero na.observe ko lang. Alam ko cnabi niya noon na alam niya sa TH at SA ung mga maging kalaban niya talaga.

    I still have high hopes for Rachel. I know she’ll impress the judges sa closed-door interviews. Laban lang Rachel and huwag mawalan ng focus kagaya ng sinabi ni Pia sayo.

    To be safe, maging maingat rin sa galawan sa kasama mo sa kwarto. For sure tinuruan din ung kung paano magstand out etc.

    Anywayssss… that’s all for me. Di na ako babanggit sa lost ng spark niya at ung MJ vibe etc. I’ll give it some time. Baka stratehiya lang niya yun.

    Everyone is welcome with their thoughts 🙂

  38. Guys!!! off topic. Medyo OA lang hehe. pero ok lang… Last h2h video posted is batch 14. Batch 17 si laura so baka mamaya ma post na. so Habang d pa na popost ang H2H video nila laura. Please unlike Lauras Official FB page now!!!!!! Miss World – Philippines yan ang FB official account nya. Unlike it now and Like it again once their H2H video has been posted. Hinde counted ang likes ngayon. Counting of likes will start once the video has been posted in MW page and Youtube. Also create more account para makavote pa tayo sa MW Website. Same din sa mobstar. Please Pass it!!!!! Alisin muna ang hate sa MW. She is still representing our country and still in China. Please support her to win Head To Head Challenge. Thats her easiest way to get a spot in the semis till to win the crown and please asks supports from senora and other popular FB Pages. Thank You!!! 😘😘😘

    • Im sorry but there has been news from a very reliable source that Mobstar has been hacked. Don’t waste ur efforts on that app. Kasi kapag magclick ka daw ng kandidata for voting maiiba ung resulta kung cno talaga binoboto mo.

      • ah pati yon na hacked? pero try pa din. Pero so far ang FB ok naman. so i unlike nayon Miss World – Philippines FB page now and like it again once h2h video has been posted. baka maya ma post na nila.. kokonti lang kase nag na la likes sa page nya so para may points sya pag na upload na ang video…… Eh i unlike muna natin now ang page at i like ulit kapag may h2h video na.

    • Thanks for that trick,

      Yun Lang din ang hinihintay ko, h2h para full blast Yung support

  39. Guys!!! off topic. Medyo OA lang hehe. pero ok lang… Habang d pa na popost ang H2H video nila laura. Please unlike Lauras Official FB page now!!!!!! Miss World – Philippines yan ang FB official account nya. Unlike it now and Like it again once their H2H video has been posted. Hinde counted ang likes ngayon. Counting of likes will start once the video has been posted in MW page and Youtube. Also create more account para makavote pa tayo sa MW Website. Same din sa mobstar. Please Pass it!!!!! Alisin muna ang hate sa MW. She is still representing our country and still in China. Please support her to win Head To Head Challenge. Thats her easiest way to get a spot in the semis till to win the crown and please asks supports from senora and other popular FB Pages. Thank You!!! 😘😘😘

  40. Rachel dear, Kindly tell uncle Rodgil to please pay proper taxes and apply study visa for his foreign girls. di sila pro bono org. wag hintayin mag kalampag Ang BIR at immigration. the foreign girls doesn’t have proper visas to train

    • Kung mag aral ako ng baking or make up/hair dressing sa abroad ng ilang araw lang, so dapat mag student visa din ako?

      • yes Marvin, opo I took a 3 week course of human resources short course in Nottingham UK. I took student VISA. I don’t want to risk never to enter UK.
        Sa immigration paper may option may I tick ka what is your purpose to travel.

      • Yes, because the “visa waiver” for ASEAN countries is intended for “tourism” purposes and not for “training” purposes.

    • Palagay ko nga Ninang Kaya baka Hindi nila mailantad before dahil baka ma-BIR dahil technically walang official receipt for taxes which is unlike nung Kay Jonas na may front na modelling agency.

      • @Gemma dear kaya nagreact ang iba nagulat . Kung May permit sila at legit training center , pay taxes at proper immigration entry since day 1. di nagulat mga Tao. at nakaka proud na queen maker sila . oo kailangan kumita also may kaakibat na responsibilidad yun. Tao pa hawak nila.

  41. but in fairness, Hindi naman sya nagblelend in. Angat parin ang Ateng queen sa mga group pics

  42. haven’t been that impressed with Rachel honestly. Her styling is so off and boring… Laging naka lugaw ang buhok. Parang no effort. Even her aura, and lamya, Bunga looks so much better, I’m not gonna lie. Ganda pa ng stage presence.

    I hope Rachel steps it up. I’ve been waiting for MU for so long, and I was really expecting Rachel start with a bang. Ang Ganda Ganda Nya sa TV guesting nya sa pines prior to her departure. Why can’t she bring that back LOL

  43. Dear Madam Stella Araneta:

    If the training camps of A&Q and KF will just end up sabotaging each other’s delegates to international pageants by training rival countries in their never ending quest to one-up each other, please please please consider just banning these two training camps’ candidates from competing in Binibining Pilipinas. Start fresh, and develop your own pageant trainers and open your organization to our talented Filipino designers and stylists. Philippine pageantry will survive the loss of these two selfish training camps. KUNG GANYAN LANG DIN NAMAN ANG UGALI NINYO: R.I.P. NA LANG SA DALAWANG A-HOLE NA TRAINING CAMPS NA ITO.

    • i understand those camps point. But Isipin naman nila ang bbp organization. They gave the titles to them for a word TRUST. need nila ng pera i know but dont make it an excuse. They always won they should have other side business para hinde sila maubusan ng funds. Eh pano kung hinde na manalo ang pinas e d nganga. So sino maiipit? ang bbp. eh nagastos ang bbp.

  44. I give Rachel a B-…. Nilalamon sya ni Bunga… hihihi… Nakow baka super hands on si Lola Jonas with Bunga to avenge Miss International…

    • Bunga looks very Asian – pretty Asian. Peters is only pretty on a pinoy standard. Not a PH material for a pageant like MU. If the trend on Rachel will continue up to the finals night, Rachel will clap. Bunga will win plus her camp factor.

      Ano ba kasi. Stop sending reps to MU from KF.

  45. kpag katabi nya yung mgaganda, nilalamon siya. She really looks old and dry. Kaka sun bathing?

  46. Rachel is MU 2017 . Period.
    Laura is MU 2017 . Period.
    Chanel is MSupra 2017. Period .
    Done with the lows . We are heading for the most wonderful time of the year for Pinoy fans.

    • I feel like crying! Thanks God ambait ng Lola Fab ko. Sana ang iba jan kagaya din nya. Buti na lang sa kanya ako nagmana. Cherryt!

    • ‘To rin ang sabi nung kay MJ noon. Magpapasabog daw sa finals night. Yun ligwak sa top 5.

      Tigilan niyo nga ko sa mga lumang paandar ng KF. There’s a difference between “knowing when to peak” and “stay consistently good and then peak”.

      I still see a lot of MJ styling with Rachel. Sometimes, namamalik-mata ko, akala ko si MJ. Tatak KF talaga. Ok lang naman sana kung KF, problema, yung styling at technique nila noong 2014, walang pinagbago sa 2017. Ilang taon na nakalipas?!

      • Ang totoong tanong, ilang korona ang nakuha ng KF from 2014 to 2016? Yung relevant. I’ll wait.

        Problema kasi sa iba di marunong mag-take ng criticisms. Kala mo ang gagaleng na, kaya ayun, palaging nahuhuli, hindi nago-grow.

        This is not about KF camp alone. Si Jonas may mga weaknesses, pero he learns from it.

        Yung mga paandar na “pasabog” or “strategy” daw. Ni sino? Ng KF or nang imahinasyon ng iba? Ok yung may strategy, pero siguraduhin mo na meron talaga. Ang iba jan, ang gagaleng gumawa ng kwentong di totoo.

  47. Hmm. With what I’m seeing at this point and with her pambarangay beauty pageant pasarela, CLAPPER!!!

  48. Oh my God Rachel Im your no. fan since BB but I dont like your ensemble in the first pic. You look old. I know stills dont do you justice but look at Indonesia. Im afraid

  49. Too low-key for my liking, pero it’s not like a lot of our queens where everywhere when they were doing the pre-pageant activities, either. Plus, I have my faith in her. So as long as she nails the prelims and the interview, then good.

  50. Move on to the next pageant. Laura Lehman just crossing my fingers including my legs hopefully she will be included sa top 15 atleast.

  51. I don’t like filipina to be a judge kasi they pull down their fellow countryman. Aminin KYLIE

    • Intrigera talaga to. Ano na naman valid proof mo. Sama talaga ng ugali mo. Huwag manghusga ng basta basta, tapos pagsinisita kaw pa ang galit. Langya ka, GAGO ka ah.

  52. Oh my , will Indonesia double down with Universe and International ? I sincerely hope not. Rachel should always try a youthful look ; even though she is supposed to go for an elegant gorgeous look, she should always make sure she looks young and fresh

  53. Still waiting dor that OOOMPH! From Rachel.
    I’m sure she is reserving the gotg outfits for the actual events.

  54. I’m not losing hope😊
    Sash factor is still there 😗
    Plus Pia as judge (if 8s true) helps a lot🤗
    If the Gown is super Wow, then, top 6 is so easy☺
    Top 3? It’s in the hands of Pia. ..cherette 😄

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