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  1. Mga baklang pangits bakit ba galit na galit kayo eh runner up naman ang favorite nyong si Mariel 1st Runner OUT hahahaha. Don’t worry madadagdagan pa ang galit nyo after Miss World dahil tiyak 2nd Runner OUT yang si anemic beauty Laura Lehman ninyo. I have a feeling na si Indonesia ang mananalo sa Miss World. Naku nakakatakot baka mag crush ang site sa bitterness ang mga bakla. Sa Miss Universe malakas din ang laban ng Indonesia. Ano kaya kung this year eh MW,MI,MU ang Indonesia in just one year taob ang Pinas. Naku di ko maimagine ang pagputok ng mga bloated egos ng pinoy pageant fans na sobrang lomobo na na ikinoxompare na agad sa Venezuela na isa talagang powerhouse. Helllo its time for you to go down to earth.

      • Of course not pero I will accept it wholeheartedly di gaya ng iba dito na kung ano ano na lang sinasabi dahil sa sama ng loob sa pagkatalo. Kadiri ang pag iisip ng iba na gumagawa lagi ng excuse kung bakit di nanalo ang Pinas. I am not that kind of person sorry. I’ve lived and worked in 3 continents including Africa kaya siguro. Hindi sarado ang mind ko and can easily accept defeat without any questions

    • Indonesia is definitely the next global pageant powerhouse & at the rate they are winning, they will leave the Philippines in the dust. I also think that 2017 is theirs to lose. I know they have stronger candidates in World & Universe with better packaging, styling & preparation. I don’t mind that, given the fact that they are more hungry for it as well, so they are deserving of their success. I think the resentment among Pinoy fans comes from the the fact that Indonesians have taken their pageant game to the next level because of their training with the Pinoy camps. We have helped their delegates win crowns seemingly at the expense of our own queens. Again, this is like Apple teaching Samsung how to make better phones. That just seems counterproductive for our own queens. Anyway, I’m glad to have seen the Philippines taste victory at the alpha pageants these last few years. This streak may never happen for us again. But at least we can be happy that Indonesia has taken the torch for beauty from our part of the world & take comfort in the fact that Pinoy talent helped Indonesia achieve that.

  2. It only takes this ordinary face for Indonesia to finally clinch the crown but it takes the beautiful faces of Gemma, Aurora, Melanie, Lara, Bea and Kylie for us to win the same crown. Indonesia have an easy access pero tayo parang pinapahirapan pa.

    Kevin still looks very ordinary even if she’s fully made up. Walang ka appeal appeal. Walang X factor. Mas maganda pa nga sina Krista Kleiner, Dianne Necio at Nicole Schmitz sa kanya, to name a few, pero hindi man lang sila naging runners-up sa Miss International. Sa totoo lang mas maganda pa nga mga katulong namin kesa sa Indo na yan.

    Si Kevin junget talaga kahit merong make up and I’m not even impressed with her overall performance at all. If Miss International is desperate to crown an Indonesian, I’m sorry it should have not been Kevin. There are far more beautiful Indonesian girls than her.

    • Kevin had an exceptionally beautiful gown, arguably more beautiful than any seen on a delegate from our country ever. And her speech was topnotch. Felicia Hwang is/was facially more appealing (to me at least) but Kevin is quite deserving as well.

  3. If the Philippine candidate is from KF, will KF still accept training candidates from other countries?
    Same with Aces and Queens.

  4. Oh my goodness…all of these comments are just a microcosm of what Filipino culture and mentality really are. If Miss Indonesia did not win, Im sure none of these comments would have not posted here which actually stem from being sore losers and being close-minded. The camps have been training foreign candidates for quite sometime now, but Filipinos just reacted this way because Indonesia won. Filipinos always find ways to get the credits as much as they can and tend to discredit others in what could have been an individual case. While Kevin’s training with KF could have played as a factor in his victory, there are countless factors that have to considered. Remember, these kinda of training do not aim to totally change a beauty queen but to enhance and to harness their innate beauty, personality and potential. Kevin won in her own merits and it was a well-deserved victory for Indonesia. Mariel on the other hand does not fit the word “beauty queen”. Nakakahiya kaya di umuusad ang Pinas.

      • Did you think Kevin would have won without KF training then? You cannot say someone won in her own merit and claim that training could have played a factor in her win. If Kevin trained on her own, used her own resources and win then you can claim the victory is on her own merit….

        I think most people here are outrage because of the Crown and Country BS that Lola Rodgil claims. If youre going to train other girls outside the Philippines then don’t claim you’re business is for the country. It’s only for the country if your girls win… hihihi

      • 4M on the contrary I think Filipinos are enraged because Indonesia which they hate so much won. As simple as that! Nasaktan ng husto ang ego nila

  5. All candidates deserve to have access and resources to all trainings. Ganyan din ang mga queens natin dati na pumupunta pa sa Colombia. Ang issue ay ang pagkatalo ni Mariel, tapos ang sisi kung hindi kay Jonas,kung hindi kay Ms. indonesia kay Rodgil. Hindi ba natin nakita kung bakit malayo ang perofrmance ni Mariel kay Queen Kylie para sana mag backtoback victory? Maliit ang mulha ni Queen Kylie, how bout Mariel? Slim masyado si Queen Kylie, di hamak na malapad ang katawan ni Mariel. Sa rampa, di hamak na malayo ang performance nila. How bout sa ugali, i think we all know that,it’s a given fact. Sige,isisi nyo sa ibang tao ang kapalpakan ni Mariel. Be objective, be factual!

  6. Dear Madam Stella Araneta:

    If the training camps of A&Q and KF will just end up sabotaging each other’s delegates to international pageants by training rival countries in their never ending quest to one-up each other, please please please consider just banning these two training camps’ candidates from competing in Binibining Pilipinas. Start fresh, and develop your own pageant trainers and open your organization to our talented Filipino designers and stylists. Philippine pageantry will survive the loss of these two selfish training camps.


  7. Congrats KF. It’s your right to choose who to teach and share your knowledge with. you need to pay income taxes. please make it legal. Apply for a training center license pay your taxes and your foreign students should apply proper student permits. student visas. for love of country wag colorum.

    • Basta may datung, welcome na welcome ng kf gawing beauty queen. Baka mag train na rain sila mula sa mga madatung na bansa tulad ng UAE, SAUDI, QATAR.

      • @Joyful they can train to earn but pay proper income taxes. and apply necessary permits. di naman free service nila . sa immigration pa Lang paglabag na. Ang walang proper student visa

    • Super duper love your comment Ninang!

      Exactly what’s on my mind!


      • yes Gemma dear.. It’s KF freewill to teach but one needs to pay taxes. di pwd mag tourist visa Lang mga foreign girls since they are studying/training. It might even help some people to be employed thus make it legal.
        di pwede Ang drama non profit org chuva since they are making profits.

  8. Oh please. Osmel trained Miriam Quiambao in 1999. Miriam went on to almost win the crown while Ms Venezuela finished Top 5 only. Miriam topping Ms Venezuela both in SS and EG rounds and kitang kita parehas ang pasarela and poses ng dalawa pero keber si Mama Osmel. At the end of the day, beauty camps are business.

    • He wasn’t totally “kiber” about it, though. Especially when Amelia Vega actually won.

      Beauty camps are business, almost everyone can concede to that fact. What a lot are saying is, they need to be more careful. Habang yung KF at AQ ay nagpapataasan ng ihi, itong Indonesia ay parehas silang ginagamit. They were smart to send Kevin to train under KF (known for producing MI) and Bunga to AQ (known for producing MU finalists/winner). They don’t need to stop accepting foreign trainees, ang sore loser naman nun. Pero they should reflect on this kasi ang ending Filipino reps from both camps are hurting in the international stage. Hindi pa grabe ngayon of course – pero hihintayin pa ba natin yung time na yun? If Indonesia (or any country for that matter) finally gets the most important trade secrets from both camps, sila rin ang mawawalan ng negosyo sa huli.

    • Just want to point out that only Miriam actually placed in her pageant. All the other candidates who trained in Venezuela and Colombia did not make the cut. It was only when KF & A&Q formed to train our delegates to be more competitive internationally (they stepped in to fill the need since BbPCI was so inept) that we started winning titles. Lara Quigaman was the first from the camps to achieve a victory at the Allha pageants. But I think it was Venus Raj’s magical run to the top 5 in Miss Universe 2010 that really energized Philippine pageantry, in the same way that Ariska’s victory last year at MGI has energized Indonesian pageantry. Indonesia is certainly doing everything better than we are right now. What remains to be seen is whether Indonesia will maintain the upper hand in 2018, or whether we can up our game once more. A&Q’s styling choices for Mariel at MI seemed half-assed & tamad, almost like they styled her in their sleep. If that becomes the pattern of the way we prepare & present our delegates, then we can kiss the winning streak goodbye. Maybe another drought at the Alpha pageants is what we need to make us hungry & competitive again.

  9. ,the cat is really out in the bag, as in ang sagwa nung na sa gitna..lol ..on a serious note, I understand the sentiments expressed here as to kf/aces training other natonals..well, times are a changing..and I don’t see any problem with that..e dati naman pinapadala natin sa Colombia MU candidates natin so what’s the fuss..all candidates train, while big factor ung trainor, in the end ung sariling ganda pa rin ng kandidata ang mananaig, and a load of other factors

  10. Darating ang araw magti-train narin ang mga pinay sa injonesia dahil nakuha na nila recipe. So kayong mga beauty camps, mawawalan na rin kayo ng pagkakakitaan. Ganon lang ang buhay.

  11. So ganun pala yon!
    Pag ang candidate ng Philippines ay from aces, magtetrain ang KF ng foreigners para ilaban sa manok ng Aces and vice versa?
    Aces and Queens VS. KF VS. Philippines

  12. On the debit side, I truly believe it’s an epic fail for KF to sell out to the competitors the trade secrets in molding our beauty queens. They should have declined despite the lure of big bucks for patriotism’s sake. That’s a big no-no in the corporate world and should be made a mandate in local pageantry.

    On the plus side, IMHO Karen Ibasco looks more queenly and visually appealing than either of the Indonesians in this pic. It just goes to prove that her waterloo during the Miss Earth finals is having made poor choices in make-up and hairstyling. Otherwise, I will have her over the other two on any given day.


      • Hold your horses. Who ever said it’s okay for A&Q to train the competitors?

        My opinion applies to all local beauty queen training camps for patriotism’s sake as I said. Kaya wag mema. 🙄

      • I merely singled out KF because this article is about them. Or haven’t you noticed? 🙄




    • Huli ka na sa balita 😗
      May membership fee na ngayon hihihi
      Yung Di pa bayad will experience problems with their posts hihihi 😊cherette lng😄

  14. Fabian, hindi naman mukhang prostitute c Rachel.
    Parang sex starved matron lang hihihi 😗
    Ngayun naniniwala ka na kailangan nya help from clenci hihihi
    Gosh, Dugyutin beauty hihihi
    Di ako toxic now hihihi 😄

  15. Naniniwala parin akong mas lamang parin tayo sa mga kapwa nAtin ASEANS sa pageantry…in terms of diverse beauties of our reps and the communication skills…every year we send reps who have different kinds of beauty, better communication skills kumpara for example to Indonesia na taun taon magkakamukha yung mga rep nila. Di tayo mauubusan ng mga world class reps…kumbaga sa basketball, we have a deeper bench of players. The quality of our beauty queens, even at their raw states are superb and when subjected to training would result into a magnificent filipina candidate

  16. Indonesia looks like a queen Rachel looks like a street achoochoo
    Why not get some pointers from Clenci ?

      • Self-deprecating?
        Ayusin mo hane hihihi
        Well , clenci looked very classy during her whole MGI journey . I wish Rachel could get some pointers from her

    • Honestly, natatabunan na si Rachel. Ilang weeks lang pa ang Miss U? Dressing up like a stripper make her stand out but in a wrong way… sorry. So far si Clenci pa lang nagustuhan kong rep natin in terms of styling.

    • Nasaan na yung mga suot niya sa tv guestings – GGV and TWBA. I’m guessing part ito ng gameplan? Dapat mukhang simple ba? Na knowing when to peak? May individuality? Sorry parang pang entertainer suot ng ate niyo. Ang galing talaga ng KF.

  17. Talk about KF’s bragging…kung di kaya nanalo yang si kevin lilliana as MI iaadmit kaya ng KF ang pagtetrain jan? just like what they did with Dea..na nananahimik sila at ayaw magconfirm kc talo naman pero eto super press release sila agad na may we congratulate pa na kesyo sila nagtrain kc nagplace si Japan at nanalo si Indonesia…napapataas nlang kilay ko…tsk tsk tsk

  18. Some words to describe these so called “patriotic beauty camp”

    Sell Outs & Money Hungry

    I do not understand the logic of training a candidate of another country when OUR OWN candidate is also competing? Talk about conflict of interest!

    That is no different than training Timothy Bradley, Manuel Marquez or Ricky Hatton by the same trainer that is training Pacquiao.

    Why are these beauty camps doing this? This is very self destructive. Philippines took YEARS to formulate our own “winning formula” and have achieved it. And now we basically have spies selling them to other nations.

    Shameful. Very shameful.

    For these beauty campa seling out, I have one question.


  19. my only advice to the beauty camps is to keep innovating, change with the times…
    tides always turn
    just keep in mind that there were “powerhouses” before
    and new ones to come after
    the formula might be working now
    but who’s to say it will work in the future
    as for the philippines, there will never be a shortage on great candidates
    so i am not too worried about that

  20. Natapos na ang laban at tanggapin na natin resulta ng patimpalak na ito. Huwag sisihin ang mga hurado na puro Hapon at huwag din natin ibunton ang galit sa mga taong tumulong kay Miss International 2017. Masisisi mo ba kung may taga ibang bansa na handang magbayad ng malaking halaga para mag-ensayo lamang dito. Sino nga ba ang taong ayaw ng pera at hindi naman ako naniniwala na ginagawa lamang ito ng libre para sa ating kababayan. 日本が大好きです ありがとう ございます

  21. I posted this comment earlier as a reply, but please bear with me for posting this again as I feel rather strongly about this issue.

    Yes, I agree that this proves our beauty camps’ excellent skills, that our foreign competitors come to us to be trained.

    But what I am concerned about is this: that our beauty camps are selling, so to speak, their trade secrets so readily to our foreign competitors, especially when it took years for our beauty camps to develop and perfect their training methods. Now, thanks to them, our foreign competitors can learn them in a matter of weeks.

    The very reason these training camps were formed in the first place was explicitly to make Filipina beauty queens more competitive internationally. This purpose seems now to have been lost in exchange for foreign currency.

    Now, it seems we’re practically giving away this form of intellectually property to our competitors which contradicts the reasons why our beauty camps were formed in the first place.

    • Melanie it’s beauty pageants and not nuclear technology that they are selling. Lighten up beks ! They just polish the raw materials . KF is not yo Ble for Mariel doing poorly. She was not their type and the judges didn’t like her … end of story

      • Venus , beauty pageants make a lot of us happy especially if our bets win.
        Being happy is as impt as being safe healthy and up todate
        So it’s ok to take this business as seriously as nuclear achoochoo hihihi

  22. Kudos to Pinoy trainers.. that proves the tremendous skills of Pinoys.
    Their status goes up to the international level and that is a feat not easy to beat.. Can ngrats, guys!! That is a marketing ploy that would bring them to the global business market someday. There is nothing wrong to what they are doing: let’s all be humble and simple that their work is being sought for in the global world..

  23. Mag veks OK lang yan. When Bea Rose won, ligwak tayo, then ligwak din tayo after Kylie so that means, we will WIN next year. hihihihi… And I would like Indonesia to pass the crown back to where it rightfully belongs… hihihihi

    • I’m happy kung ganun para maging 10 yung score ni pia kay Rachel at 6 ang scores ng mga latina hihihi cherette. ….Di ba gemma@night hihihi
      4 d Country of the year. ..kaya magician kailangan now like Papia and Vegaonfria hihihi

  24. The sad fate of the Philippines in this pageant economics:

    On the supply side, Filipino pageant mentors’ competencies push up the odds of other countries winning an international crown.

    On the demand side, Filipino pageant enthusiasts’ penchant for bashing compatriots pull down the odds of Philippine representatives winning an international crown.

    So there goes now our claim to the tag “beauty pageant powerhouse”…

  25. Filipino training camps rushing to make a quick buck by training our foreign competitors is both short sighted and self-defeating.

    Do you think that in a couple years, once our competitors have been taught and have learned our beauty camps’ trade secrets, that they’ll be back to pay again, year after year, to train here? LOL. Of course not.

    I predict Indonesia will have their own training camps in 3 years using the very methods they’ve learned from us, which we have so readily sold to them! So much for “crown and country” — my ass!

  26. That’s prove the “excellent” skills of Pinoy beauty trainers.. their skill is not only recognized locally but internationally.. KUDOS for them.. It’s a great “class” status for Pinoys beauty trainers, I’d say.. a “feat” to be reckon with.. My hat’s off for you, guys.. Great work!!!

    • John – I agree with you that this proves our beauty camps’ excellent skills.

      But I am concerned that our beauty camps are selling, so to speak, their trade secrets so readily to our foreign competitors, especially when it took years for our beauty camps to perfect their training methods.

      The very reason these training camps were formed in the first place was explicitly to make Filipina beauty queens more competitive internationally. This purpose seems now to have been lost in exchange for foreign currency.

      Now, it seems we’re practically giving away this form of intellectually property to our competitors which contradicts the reasons why our beauty camps were formed in the first place.

  27. ha!
    i read a comment on IG
    the latinos are saying it’s been the “asiaticas”
    who had been winning

    not too long ago every body was saying, it’s always the latinas
    who were winning

  28. What will SMA think about this? I’m dreading the thought that BPCI will henceforth train its own queens and provide their wardrobe again for international competitions and ditch training by camps. As i see it now, there’s conflict of interest. Parang sabotage lang. But madam knows how the camp works kase she used to her girls for training in Colombia and Venezuela. Yun nga lang, natauhan na rin ang mga Colombians and Venezuelans when they found out Filipinas are outwinning their girls so they stopped training BbP queens. Matauhan kaya si Mama J at Rodgil? Your guess is as good as mine. Anyway Congrats Kevin and KF! #kfamilia

    • My dearest Dawn,

      First I like your red beret and your red purse!

      BPCi already has an “in house” trainer. On top of that they also have John Robert Powers and Dale Carnegie. But all are just appearing as supplement because the primary source are the training camps who got the pageant’s forte.

      Financier ni Lola Osmel is Venevision na may kapangyarihang ipahinto ang training ng foreign delegate which is nangyari nung time ni Amelia Vega.

      Colombia is parang Pinas. Fabian and Franklin are independent camps. Trained ni Fabian si Raquel Pellisier ng Haiti.

      • Gemma thank you for the compliments. You are right but what will SMA do? There will be some consequences for sure for the actions of these camps. BPCI needs to protect its interest as well. If other countries are winning because of these camps and leaving our queens in the dust, SMA will have to raise hell, don’t you think?

  29. Tama na yang mga kuda nyo.
    Bakit pagbawalan nyo ang KF at A&Q to train other country’s candidate.
    That’s dictatorship at ayaw ni DU30 ng ganyan kaya malaya ang dilawan sa katatahol at mag rally pero itong mga dilawan naman is suppressing freedom of information/expression kasi ayaw nila na malalaman ng sambayanan ang katotohanang galawan ng dilawan hihihi.
    Babaliin pa ang balita ng dilawang mainstream media at palabasing masama ang mga pro-DU30 at c DU30.
    Karma is coming. Cherette 😄
    Kung totoong magaling at mabuti kang tao, then, share it to others.
    Only insecure and evils do such greediness/selfishness 🤗
    Mga hayup kayo, hayuuuuppppp😋 hihihi

    • @bong700

      • Hihihi. Nasaktan ka ba mare or dika pa quota para may anda Hihihi.
        Di naman ako papansin kc wiz ako namulot sa basura or kunwari nag-aabang ng bus pero kaplastikan pala or kunwari traffic enforcer o kargador Hihihi puro panlilinlang ang alam Diosmio bakit buhay pa ang mga yan Hihihi
        Walang maitutulong sa bayan ang mga mapagkunwari at manlilinlang gawwwwddd Hihihi 😄

  30. Kevin was a deserving winner. She may not have been my choice, but I knew she was consistent from the beginning. And she came prepared. I wish her the best in her reign as Kylie left her some pretty big shoes to fill.

    As for camps training foreign candidates, it is their prerogative. They are not a public entity supported by Filipino taxes. I understand the financial need. Pageantry is one thing Filipinos are good at. It was only inevitable for us to export our skill. This is much akin to India’s Brain Drain – the loss of their IT experts to 1st world countries. Yes, those IT professionals were educated and trained in Indian schools, some public that were paid for by the government.

    However, what saddens me is the competition amongst our beauty camps. For the past few years, almost each time an East/Southeast Asian wins, she is usually trained by a rival camp with a slight hint of malice. I still remember the sadness I felt for Kris Janson who so deserved to win! The camps are bitterly divided. Before, I thought “Competition is healthy! This is good for our girls!” But this is quickly turning into an unhealthy competition of one-upmanship and revenge-seeking.

    As Filipino pageant fans, the only thing we can do is believe in the quality of our delegates. We still have a lot of things going for us. We have the diversity. We have the communication skills. In fact, I was watching interviews of Pia when she was MU and all the American hosts seemed to be so impressed by her humor and candor. When the same hosts interviewed other MU winners, there’s an awkwardness and even the hosts mentioned it.

    Moving forward, let’s work on our weaknesses. Our national costumes aren’t up to par with our neighbors. There’s always drama with the evening gown. Clenci’s and Kylie’s wardrobes prove that we have the goods, we just need to be more consistent. Let this be a lesson learned for us to be even better.

    • Apple teaching Samsung how to make better mobile phones. But kudos to the Indonesians for upping their game. We have turned our momentum over to them, but at least they are carrying the torch for Southeast Asian beauty & carrying it well with better national costumes, better evening gowns, spot-on styling & presentations. We are a generous & self-sacrificing people, that’s for sure, to the extent of putting others before ourselves.

  31. BPCI should add a new rule that camps of title holders must never train a competitor. Violation of such would mean sanction.

      • Well, pwede naman po isama yan sa contract ng nanalong alaga ng mga camps. Worst case scenario is award sa iba ang title if mag insist sila magtrain ng reps ng competitors natin.

  32. ayan na nga ba…kaya pala yung mga galawan at pasarela ng mga Indonesian reps are very similar to karen and clenci’s…ang siste kc imbis na magtulungan yung dalawang camp kanya kanyang training ng mga kalaban ng rep ng pinas…kung A&Q yung rep natin, magtetrain ng kalabang country ang KF and vice versa…Sana bago nyo icater yung ibang bansa , inexclusive nyo muna para sa mga pinay…pinatagal nyo muna ang pamamayagpag ng Pinas sa international pageantry…nagsisimula pa nga lang tayo matitigil na agad…at lumabas na pera pera lang tlga labanan? pinagkakakitaan na ngayon ng mga camps yung passion kuno nila to train…ending nito nganganga na ang Pinas sa mga darating na panahon sa mga pageants

  33. Mga Boobita!!! Kakatapos lang namen ni jowaerz…


    Walang sinabi si Lola Rodgil na Pilipinas ang KOUNTRY na tinutukoy! It could be anyone’s Kountry!!!

  34. A & Q versus KF versus the Philippines – This is going to be interesting in the days to come !
    Ethics, patriotism, delicadeza, money, anyone ? 😦 😦 😦

  35. Pakigoogle ung isa sa mga judges, Devi Soekarnoe. Former 1st lady of Indonesia. She also hates the Philippines and search what happened between her and Minnie Osmena, the granddaughter of former Pres. Osmena. Hmmmm. Interesting.

    • She was one of the judges when Precious Lara won and a close friend of Imelda.

      May mga nagsasabi na Yung movie na “Memoirs of Geisha” is actually her story.

    • She’s japanese born and was an entertainer in a bar when she met Gen Sukarno, the President of Indonesia…may december love affair…kaaway yan ni minnie osmena…hehehe

    • Nasa Colorado sila nun then Sabi ni Minnie na tatakbo siya as Vice President of the Philippines, tinawanan siya ni Dewi. Sagot ni Minnie, “that Geisha!” Sa galit ni Dewi binasag niya Yung bote ng alak at nilaslas niya Yung mukha ni Minnie resulting in 21stitches.

  36. May pa press release pa kayo na training is for free, sinong niloko nyo? Kakalungkot isipin, I thought there are people who will really sacrifice time and resources para sa bayan pero di pala kasi pag pera na ang pinag usapan, ipapanalo ang iba kesa sa sariling candidata.

    Well, totoo naman oras at resources ng KF yan, so karapatan nila pumili kung sino inttrain o hinde, kaso kung may pa ek ek ka pa na for krown and Country, sonrang plastic, halatang hinde sincere ang pgkamakabayan at ginagamit lang ang followers.

    Sana lang wag na gamitin ang pagiging makabayan para mka kuha suporta sa mga trainees nila, porke alam nila na maraming pinoy ang aligaga sa pageants.

  37. Ang masasabi ko Lang Ang chaka nilang tatlo dyan.

    Kevin Keri Lang manalo – deserve naman nya. I mean hindi sya kasing annoying ni Dea.
    Karen – deserve naman din nya magaling pero out of delicadeza sana binigay nalang sa kanya elemental queen.
    Dea wag na natin pag usapan.

    Actually hindi lang naman KF. Aces din may involvement sa transformation ni Bunga. Binitbit ni Albert Kurniawan sila Dookie para sa makeover shoot Ni Bunga may pa Patricia Santos Kathryn Bernardo gown pa.

    Anong point ko? Independent entities pa rin mga pageant camps. Wala silang formal mandate na bawal mag train Ng ibang lahi at bawal magpabayad. Masama Lang loob natin ngayon Kase mukang mga Indonesians nag bebenefit but that’s just because focused tayo sa kanila. Remember that even MI Japan and MU Cambodia trained here. Ilang araw din Lang naman training nila so it’s not like KF and AQ spilled everything.

    At the end of the day prep pa rin Ng girls natin mangingibabaw. We can give the best training program to our girls or our competitors pero Kung ayaw say kanila ng panel of judges Ng year na Yun – ayaw talaga.

    Mukang na rattle lang tayo ngayon na mainit ulo natin sa mga camps.

    • I don’t really care if they train other girls. But my issue is the hypocrisy of KF to say that this is for the country. hihihi…

      I think we all know about A&Q trained Bunga. At least Albert K is connected with Indonesians being he is one. I don’t have any problem with that at all.

      It would be interesting if Bunga wins Miss U and Lola Jonas gets his last laugh… hihihi

      • true,,,,wag na syang gumamit ng tag line na FOR COUNTRY. FOR CROWN….tapos ibang lahi nman pala tinitrain nila…ang ipokrito ng dating..buset…

    • ay, naligaw si tita lavinia.

      wow ha, ang brave ni tita L tawaging chaka si Karen Ibasco dito sa normannorman pero di niya magawa sa sarili nilang IG account. puro puri at defend ka sa titasofpageantry pero dito lakas ng loob sabihing chaka siya.

  38. Oh well, after all its business. But then again sana palitan ang tag line na For Crown and for Country. Lakas mka iporkita.

      • Woke up to this news.
        Lol!! Hindi no. Spokesperson ng KF yang si Baby Nica. Mukhang sya nga din yung bong ambisyosa na nagsabi na Aces and Queens nagtrain kay Indonesia. Yun pala KF nagtrain. Haha Lang.

  39. Sorry nadisappoint ako. Lalo na kay Rachel. NagIG story congratulating Kevin. How insensitive kung sincere talaga ang friendship niya with Mariel. Ayokong iwish na maging clapper siya kasi masisira ang streak ng Pinas sa MU pero sobrang disappointing. Goodluck na lang.

    • Gets ko naman na magco-congratulate siya kasi ka-camp niya. Pero sana lang in private kasi by the end of the day, ang nakasuot ng sash na PHILIPPINES ay si Mariel

    • korekk…mejo nadisappoint ako kay Rachel…sana naisip nya si Mariel yung rep natin dun na binibini sister nya…in private nlang sana nya ginawa yung greeting

    • Sobrang disappointing itong si Rachel Peters. Gagalita ang peg ang akala ko eh sensitive sya ek ek from her bbp answer. Veks I just want to remind you that your actions are being scrutinized by everyone so please “think before you click”…hihihi

  40. O ngayon Aces its your turn supalpalin si Rachel peters . Since nagtatrayduran na namna kayo ituloy tuloy nyo na. Ang backlash sa inyo rin. Think carolina indriago and miriam quiambao

    • idagdag pa natin. mariangel ruiz of venezuela and amelia vega of dominican republic (she was trained in venezuela).

  41. The triumph of Indonesia in MI, and the respectable finish of its candidates in the recent contests, can be viewed as pageant economics at work. And it can be a harbinger of things to come.

    On the supply side: Indonesia is increasingly being noticed for the quality of its representatives. This is because it has lately been actively searching for potential beauty queens, and putting them on rigorous training with Philippine beauty camps.

    On the demand side: Indonesia is increasingly earning notice as a big market for pageantry business. It is the world’s 4th largest country in terms of population and the largest economy in ASEAN. Like the Philippines, it has a very noisy pageant netizens. But unlike their Philippine counterparts, Indonesian pageant enthusiasts are not known to bashing their compatriots.

    Last year, a lesser known pageant tried to crack the Indonesian market by crowning its representative. The Indonesian candidate clinched a place in the Top 10 in last year’s MU. The country has been earning respectable finish in recent MW contests. This year, Indonesia fields a formidable team for MU, MW, and MI—courtesy of Filipino beauty mentors. All of them are considered frontrunners, and in fact the winner at MI.

    If the Philippines doesn’t watch out, it will sooner lose its title to Indonesia as the “beauty pageant powerhouse”.

    • @scorg — May I add that Indonesia has had 4 consecutive semifinalist placements in Miss Universe that started in 2013 which includes their top 10 finish last year. A clear sign of pageant economics that you mentioned, indeed, but this also reflects Indonesians’ determination to be Asia’s next pageant powerhouse if this current trend continues.

    • I think we should definitely recognize Indonesia as the next global beauty pageant powerhouse. Their candidates are increasing in competitiveness & slowly doing everything better than our candidates, with better national costumes, better evening gowns, better presentations. The interesting thing is that we’ve given/sold our competitive advantage to them. This is the equivalent of Apple teaching Samsung how to make better mobile phones. Instead of the Indonesians figuring out pageant trade secrets on their own, we’ve given it to them for a price—and now they are doing it better than we are.

      At any rate, I’m still disappointed in the styling decisions made by the A&Q team with regard to Mariel. I think Francis Libiran is still the best Filipino designer for pageants. Rhett Eala can do cocktail & events, but not gowns for competition. Cary Santiago is a big no for me & I’m sorry but perhaps his best work is now behind him. Mak Tumang did some very pretty dresses for Hillarie Parungao (in my opinion, Hillarie & Maxine had the best wardrobes of our recent candidates, I only take exception to Maxine’s Universe finals gown—it was uninteresting). Val Taguba is great with sequins, but his designs can sometimes be cliche & repetitive. Is there no Ivan Gunawan among Filipino designers? His competition evening gown designs for Ariska & Kevin & Felicia Hwang were outstanding. Now that BPCI is giving Filipino designers the opportunity to shown their work globally by dressing our delegates, why are they not stepping up?

      • exactly, it’s our trade secrets and strategy in beauty pageants that keeps us ahead of our competitors…things that we learned and discovered through many years of trial and error…and for just a price of money, we easily shared these things

    • Scorg, one word – momentum. Right now, we have to give it to our neighbors. They send reps that are well prepared and armed to the teeth as far as their ward robes, cat walk and speech is concerned. And picking the right girls to accomplish the job.

      As for your point of our neighbors being possibly the next powerhouse, another word: Filipino resilience. That is our strength genetically speaking. We don’t let set backs like this crush us. Why? Because there is always next year. It happened before, when Bianca Guidotti clapped, then the following year, Janicel placed in the Top 10 and then Kylie happened.

      There is no shortage of beautiful women in our country that will give our neighbors a run for their money. After all, pageants are big business here in the Philippines as well, and a fast ticket to fame and popularity for any pretty girls living in obscurity. But first, timing is everything. These girls need to be matured enough before they compete. Right now these names are stuck in my head as the next wave of world -class Pinoy beauty queens – Daisha Jimenez , Angelica Alita, Samantha Lo , Julia Gonowon, Gazini Ganados , Crystal Aberasturi , Cynthia Tomalla for BbP, Catriona Gray for BbP and so on and so forth. Give them time to be ready to represent us emotionally because beauty queens are the biggest targets of bashers these days.

      This is their first MI crown. How many do we have, by the way? SIX. There is no way 1 is greater than 6 , last time I checked my math. And if the trend continues, next year, it’s their turn to clap.

      Congratulations to them. But as far as I’m concerned, it ain’t gonna be over till the fat lady sings.
      Nasa dugo natin ang pagiging kontesera . It’s part of our DNA.

      Next stop : Rachel at Miss Universe, Laura at Miss World, Katarina at Miss intercon and Chanel at Miss Supranational. Laban lang mga magagandang dilag.

  42. Congrats KF you are on roll!!! But please stop using “For KROWN and KOUNTRY” slogan please.. I call that “BULLSH*T”. Hihihi Tito Norms please relay my message to Lola Rodgil please.

    Also, good job training Kevin to act like Kylie… hihihi.

    • yeah, ugly faces BUT they have won their competitions. Ikaw Erwann Pierro, asan ka? They gave honor sa country nila, ikaw, is your country proud with you? honest tax payer ka ba?

  43. Well I guess KF has its 3rd MI crown. Congratulations—? Kevin Liliana deserves her win, she was packaged & trained really well. It still somehow feels like a betrayal though …

  44. With this, congratulations to all queens from KF, then whether local or international. This proves that they already have the IT factor, just a little push and boom! A CROWN or a high placement.

    From Clenci to Ibe to Karen, just wow! Now my hopes for Rachel just went even higher! Looking forward to Miss Universe!

    • I fear that Rachel will not make top 10. Her face is startling to show its limitations. Sure she has a banging body but that face needs light light make up . She looks dry and tired lately

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