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  2. I’m definitely gonna get a lot of hate from this. But honestly, I wasn’t that impressed with Mariel throughout the competition. Nung naka blue ball gown lang ako napa wow. But after that, her styling was mostly a miss. Parang Hindi nakuha ng A&Q ang right styling for Mariel. She looked so much better sa BBP honestly. But even without the looks and styling, the vibe I got from Mariel was very different from Kylie’s. I didn’t see the same hunger and fire in her. Something was off lang talaga.

    And her performance tonight was also meh. Her national costume was disappointing. It had potential but wow, it wasn’t great at all. Ung head dress lang and maganda. Mariel’s EG too, it wasn’t that nice. mas maganda dress Nya from BBP.

    Oh well! Congrats Indonesia! I don’t mind our camps training international beauty queens, pero siguro train these ladies with reservation lol. OH, and these indos better thank the pinoys for giving their reps proper training lol. Hindi puro kabastusan and kayabangan ang nasasabi. mejo epal kasi.

  3. why is Australia the Best Body ??? I do not get it.

    Where is Lithuania, Netherlands, Canada, Brazil … & of course the Philippines

    The top 15 in Miss International always end up being mysterious with low profile candidates being sneaked in as if trying to give them a shot at the crown despite the hype of other candidates

  4. Mariel is definitely beautiful and gave it her best shot, but I don’t think Miss International was the right pageant for her. Miss World might have been a better fit, especially with Mariel’s talents.

    I don’t want to open old wounds or stir up new conflicts, okay, and this is not an “I told you so” moment either. All I want to say is that my bet to win Bb Pilipinas International this year was Jehza Huelar, whom I think would have given Miss Indonesia some serious competition given MI ‘s preference for delicate doll-like beauties with large expressive eyes like Precious Quigaman and Kylie. I hope Bb Pilipinas should consider more carefully how they allocate the Bb Pilipinas titles next year.



  5. Now that it seems the 2 most popular camps in our country are now becoming business oriented, it’s high time someone patriotic out there step up and take charge and set up a new training camp dedicated solely to PH reps.

    • Filipino training camps rushing to make a quick buck by training our foreign competitors is both short sighted and self-defeating.

      Do you think that in a couple years, once our competitors have been taught and have learned our beauty camps’ trade secrets, that they’ll be back to pay again, year after year, to train here? LOL. Of course not.

      I predict Indonesia will have their own training camps in 3 years using the very methods they’ve learned from us, which we have so readily sold to them! So much for “crown and country” — my ass!

      • What is new… tayo noon we are sending our rep to be trained abroad until such time na copy or natin sila… and we train our rep sa sarili nating lugar… ganun lang yon…

  6. Congratulations Indonesia. You deserve it nman.

    Let’s all be happy for Indonesia. 👏👏👏

  7. I was surprised by the exclusion of Colombia, Lithuania and Mexico from even reaching Top 15. These candidates were part of the frontrunners circle in many pageant forums.

  8. I was not impressed with Indonesia . But it’s just me . She won it fair and square.
    I was not impressed with Mariel either . She was too voluptuous for MI and her presentations were all over the place . I guess it’s more about the candidate than the team they belong to . The team can only do so much.
    As I said , Mariel would have trouble climbing in to the semi-final round but once she got there , it would be easy to imagine a placement due to her comm skills .
    Oh well , it’s just another yr.
    Let’s concentrate on where it matters more .. Miss U. ( and maybe MW)
    Laura and Rachel for the win !!!!

    • Fab-B,

      It’s not the physical look at all!

      If ME is mission oriented, MI is character selective!

      Pag binigyan ka ng flowers to do an Ikebana, they are testing how you express yourself.

      Pag tinapat Yung face mo sa steamer ng isang Panasonic product, you have to learn how to be innovative on how you could possibly encourage people on how to use it.

      Pag binigyan ka ng Sakura brush, you have to express your thought on a language that the locals know.

      Pag sinabak ka sa mga middle class employees, you have to be engaging and level headed with them.

      Colombia, Canada, India, Lithuania ang mga nasa list ko na magaling sa EG and SS pero ligwak. Doll like ba si Tutsui? Katangkaran ba si Laos?

      Yan ang mga bagay na Hindi maintindihan ng BPCi sa pagpili ng MI candidate. Parang kelan lang diskusyon natin to pre-Binibini, diba?

      • So Dewi Sukarno was a judge ?
        If so , I’m taking back what I have said . Indonesia did not get the crown fair and square hihihi

      • Dewi Sukarno still has a grudge on Filipinos thats for sure… I also agree that MI is character selective.. I saw how Mariel interacted with the highschool students which is great opposite of Kylie.

    • Candidly yours from the most fabulous queen of them all. Dapat ganito ang attitude ng iba Lola Fabie, giving credit to whom it is rightfully due. Luv u Granny!

  9. I heard somewhere that Dewi Sukarno – Indonesia’s former First Lady – was one of the judges. Does anyone know if this is true?

    • Yes, Dewi is the woman in the pastel green gown to Miss Australia’s right with the chunky turquoise (?) jewelry. She looks great #aginggoals

    • Yes!

      Siya Yung NASA 2nd picture awarding Miss Australia.

      Judge din siya during Precious Lara’s year.

      Pssst! Kaaway ni Minnie Osmena Yan pero friend ni Imelda Marcos!

      • @jd & gemma: Thanks guys! I really have no big qualms with Indonesia winning its first MI crown. But I have to wonder — would the placements of the top 5 been any different had Dewi Sukarno not been one of the judges? Curacao might just have won its first grand slam title.

  10. Andaming sinasabing dahilan kung bakit clapper si Mariel keso ganito keso ganyan. Hayss tulad ng paulit ulit kong sinasabi hindi talaga kagandahan si Mariel at yun ang tunay na dahilan kung bakit talo sya. At tulad ng sinabi ko maging realistic sana ang lahat lagi na lang mananalo mananalo kahit di naman talaga maganda.

    Next to clap is Laura Lehman na di rin maganda pero gandang ganda ang mga pinoy dahil mestisa helllooo…

    Si Winwyn na nilaitlait dahil hindi mestisa eh nanalo dahil kahit saan mo tingnan maganda sya.

    Hala sige mag rally kayo dahil nanalo ang Indonesia. Kahit ano pa sabihin natin magagnda ang reps nila this year and I think Rachel Peters has a stiff competition in Bunga Jelitha. Miss World Indonesia is pretty too.

  11. anu kaya masasabi ni madamme stella sa ginagawang pag te train ng kampo natin sa ibang bansa??? i do understand those camps reasons. Pero mas intindihin sana nila ang bbp. eh pano kung malugi ang bbp e d nganga.

  12. She’s very doll like. She deserves it based on performance and face . The problem within Mariel is she looked heavy and tired . Too many retouched photos right before the pageant . Made us expect she was more prepared than she was. I hope Laura and Rachel don’t have the same fate.

  13. Kung ako naman sa mga training camp at pera pera din naman ang labanan at mistulang iskolar ang mga locals, magtaas na sila ng fees ng country na naipanalo nila

    100% if winner

    75% if first runner up

    50% if 2nd runner up

    25% if naka top 10

    Professionalize na nila para sa ganun kahit na maging ingrata Yung nanalo, bayad pati budhi pero magtanim din sila ng ebidensya na magpapatunay na produkto nila Yung kandidata para naman kahit papaano ma-save reputation nila gayong Hindi naman Sila publicly acknowledged.

  14. Guys matalino ba si Kim de Guzman ng Miss Philippines Earth? Pwede siya sa Miss International. Gurl sali ka na ng BBP2018

  15. The truth is di masyadong nagfocus ang Aces and Queens kay Mariel and also Mariel itself nawalan ng kumpyansa. The pasarela is weak, the natcos,swimsuit,gown not suitable to her body type.Boring ang performance niya!! Well sobrang saya nina Bea Santiago and Rachel Peters dahil close sila ni Miss Indonesia bilang KF GIRLS nga.Baka KF Team din ang gumawa ng speech ni Kevin Liliana kaya ayun sure pasok sa banga ng mga judges na hapon. Knowing KF, forte nila ang MI .. Lara Quigaman and Bea Santiago are products of KF that won MI. Laking tuwa ni Rodgil Flores na nakoronahan ang alaga niya kahit hindi pinoy pero nevertheless , we should congratulate Mariel for representing our country, ganyan talaga ang buhay may nanalo at may natatalo.,Bawi na lang next year, I am rooting for Janela Cuaton,Cynthia Thomala or yung 1st runner up ni Apriel Smith sa Miss Cebu,sino ba yon?for Miss International.

    • Akala ko ba palaban sya hmmmp… now i fully understood that humility makes a person proud because humility is kindness and kindness is love and love is pure and being pure is Miss International hihihi di ba parang angel c Indonesia unlike mariel has a fake smile because behind those smile is sadness that can’t hide bitterness of life hihihi
      Next time SMA huwag panalunin ang overweight sa Beauty pageant standard. Sana c mariel na lang sa MU dahil sa Ms Canada history and Rachel sa MI hihihi 🙂

      • I agree. Mariel should have been in MU so that both of them will not clap. Rachel is a sure clapper this year. Indonesia is country of the year,

  16. OMG, natulog lang ako at pagkagising ko ay nakarma kaagad ang hihihihi 🙂
    Congrats Indonesia hihihi.
    Elizabeth Clenci pls go to las vegas to save our “Country of the Year” OMG, ayoko ng dugyutin na candidate at walang class manamit hihihi 🙂
    May nabasa ako na nagtanong kay philippines daw ng “are you a model in the philippines”? hihihi
    Parang sinabing bakit dugyutin ka manamit eh model ka pala….ganern hihihi.. kaya wake up na Philippines at baka mawalan ng gana ang Big 3 pageants in the Earth hihihi.
    Buti na lang judge c ateng arnold sa MW at puedeng gawan ng milagro ang Valerie W II leukemic beauty(kulang na lang kabaong) Miss World-Philippines hihihi 🙂
    Ateng Arnold, save our “Country of the year Award”.
    Buti na lang nanalo si Karen Devila, pasalamat kayo kay Karen Devila mga bayot na pangit hihihi.
    Yun lang.. Arigato, sayonara Pilipins hihihi.

    • Gurl, ibigay na yan sa mga newbies afterall hindi na magkasya sa cabinet nina Lola Rodgil at Lola Jonas ang trophy na napanalunan natin.

    • Defense mechanism of a loser hihihi cherette.
      Ok gays bukas na naman ako mambuwisit sa mga nakakabuwisit hihihi
      Sana di ako matoxic now para go uli sa mga kuda dito… hay naku hirap mag-ipon para maitayo ko na yung project kong building hihihi 🙂

  17. Ohhh di lang pala talaga si indonesia ang nagtrain sa kf, pati palansi japan. OMG!!! I hope binibining pilipinas and stell can think of ways to regulate these camps. Again, walang masamang magtrain ng ibang reps, pero seeing our own rep out of top 15 is totally heartbreaking. ;(

  18. Miss indonesia deserve to win. Accept na lng natin. Miss International has a prototype talaga. Maliliit face, queenly, elegant, balingkinitan. At least hindi rigged and Mariel gave her best I’m sure. I’m proud of her too. Winning is destiny.


    Meron akong fling na hapon at bagets rin katulad ko at gift nya saken ang makapanood kami ng live ng Miss International kanina. Mayamaya may gagawin kami kasi nakacheck in kami ngayon sa isang hotel dito sa Tokyo. Bukas ang flight namen to Okinawa para mag beach. So ito na talaga review ko.

    STAGE & VENUE. Bongga pala pag personal kang naroroon sa venue unlike sa tv na mukhang cheap dahil sa camera footage. Kapag live pala anggara para akong nasa Cinderella Ball. Yayamanin kasi mga tao saka iba ang ambiance talaga pag andon.

    STAGE ASSISTANTS. Ampopogi ng dalawang guy. Hihihi. Pero di ako nagpahalata sa jowaers ko.

    NATIONAL COSTUME. Favourite ko yung presence ni COLOMBIA nakaka agaw ng atensyon pero nung lumabas si INDONESIA napa OMG ako parang may nanalo na agad! Nung lumabas si Mariel, jusko parang alam na this sabi ko. Kahit si Mariel nawalan ng confianza sa suot nya. Gusto ko rin si LITHUANIA omg ganda nya.

    SWIMSUIT. Nung lumabas si Indonesia naku savi na nga eh planchado na to. Si Venezuela din. Aftrr ng swumsuit sabi ko talaga it cpuld only between INDONESIA and VENEZUELA. at nawalan na ko pag asa nun kay Maruel. Clap na talaga!

    GOWN. Grabe speechless ako sa gowns ng INDONESIA at VENEZUELA. Sa kanila na ko nagfocus dalawa. And for this rpund i go with Venezuela.

    TOP 15 & GOWN FINAL LOOK. Di na ko na shock for Mariel and even Colombia na kulang talaga sa beauty of Fez. Pero nung isa isa na rumampa sa gowns ang Top15. Umangat talaga din si Kevin. Ang galing pramis. Mukha syang Fairy mula sa aking kinauupuan habang winasiwas nya kaunti ang manggas ng gown nya.

    THATS IT PANSIT kinukulit na ko ni boyfie.

  20. I was in awe that Philippines wasn’t able to penetrate top 15 for whatever reason. But I was dismayed with what KF posted that it was a double victory for them what a shame ,shame on you KF .dont you have the decency at least for your fellow countryman. For me it is akin to being traitor period.

  21. May statement ang KF after Kevin’s win… Lam na dis!!! hihihi… For “krown and country” pa din ba Lola Rodgil???? Just make it “For Krown and more Krowns”.. Pa ek ek ka pa dyan… hihihi

    • TAPOS SABI NG INDOGS FANS, “Philippines only wins in home pageant with ugly winner but Indonesia save the best girls to real grandslam pageant and win!”
      Tapos pareho lang palang KF??? HAHAHA

  22. Naalala ko lang yung blog about the Sarimanok costume a few days ago. May oa mysterious effect cho cho pa. Kesyo sinondaw ang mgsusuot at kung ano ano pang kyeme. Sus pglabas kanina ni MDL sa NatCos parang kahon ang damit na nilagyan ng wind vane sa taas. Mega expect pa naman sana ako na kabogera ang Sarimanok NATCOS kaso waley, ng mukha mascot at kandidata natin. Sa unang tingin parang outline pa lang yung damit, parang work in progress ba. Haha
    Di ko talaga kaya ang pa suspense blog about that, parang baby dynamite yung pa press release ng blog tapos watusi lang pala sa actual.


  24. I’m sorry pero ang pangit naman kasi ng mga damit ni Mariel, di talaga standout material, even hair and makeup very safe and boring tignan. Pang actress lang talaga siya pero as a beauty queen 50-50 ang chances.

    Congrats to Kevin, maganda talaga styling nya and makeup. Stand out ang peg.

    Anyare Aces and Queens?! Palibhasa si Jonas kampante na dahil naka pag produce na ng mga winners, kay Winwyn lang nag effort kasi first crown. Let’s see how Chanel and Katarina will fight. Alangan ako kay Laura Lehman.

  25. Reposting this from the other post:

    Ligwak tayo mag vecks… Anyways congrats to Indonesia with assist from Philippines on that first major major crown!!! hihihihi

    With them getting International, they are also on fire in getting World and most likely Universe… Nakow mga KF and A&Q, you better start thinking about your side business of training these girls. Next thing you know Philippines will slow down while our neighbors are winning. Pero ok lang din since pageantry is cyclical in nature. Look at Venezuela. They haven’t won anything in the last few years. Even Colombia failed to get a runner up position despite that beautiful fez..

    I thought Mariel could have added some moves in her swimsuit pose. Kylie’s pose was a mixed of flirt and conservatism with her back pose half turn stare. Marial sorta just stood there. hihihi

    Ano ang nangyari sa Sarimanok???? Djusko dapat fitted ang terno at hindi parang kahon. The gown was pretty but seriously, she needed a colorful gown to contrast her porcelain skin. Haven’t you seen that emerald gown she wore in her last shoot? Mas ok pa yung Bb gown nya which was more red wine color.

  26. Mga vecks ayan na ang rise ng Indonesia…hihihi. After 5-6 years of Philippines being the dahling of pageantry, it seems like Indonesia will be the IT-girls in the next 2-3 years. Honestly they have it easy. With their crazy pageant fans I wouldn’t be surprised if they pull off major crowns as pageant organizations try to expand their Asian market other than Thailand and Philippines.

    • Oh, they will. If they keep placing…their loud fans would be taken more seriously, eventually getting favored without them having to pay for it anymore (example: inviting the current MU for Puteri Indonesia and their MW shenanigans).

      Maingay at marami ng balahurang Pinoy fans nung kasagsagan ng drought natin, naging mas matibay lang clout natin nung nangyari yung winning streak. Hindi malabong mangyari sa Indonesia rin ito.

      • Trulala… I hope that A&Q and KF start realizing that training our neighbors could potentially backfire. If they train someone, they should train strictly non-Asians instead.

  27. Ano bang kinakagalit ng mga negatrons dito sa Indonesians? What is wrong with Indonesia winning the crown? Obvious naman umi-effort sila para manalo, tini-train nila ng maayos reps nila so they would place well.

      • So? Nagli-level up naman talaga mga reps nila. As if the Phils did not go through that process. Ayaw pala natin maungusan tayo ng iba then ayusin pa natin hindi yung magdown ng iba for us to stay on top

      • Hey vecks yes they are improving but don’t talk trash if you only have one major crown in your arsenal… hihihi… the way they talk sounds like they already are equal with Philippines or Venezuela in terms of pageant accomplishments…

      • I am not defending the Indos but I think we’re just threatened na papaangat na ang Indo in terms of pageantry kaya ganyan na lang tayo kung makareact. Let’s move on, learn ,and do better next time. We should at least be proud that another Asian nation (our neighbor) is doing well.

      • Personally I am not threatened. Competition is good as long as it is “healthy”… It brings out the best and sometimes worst. I think the other issue is that Indonesia isn’t winning not because of their own skills. They come to the Philippines for training too. Sobrang inggrata magreact pag nanalo.. hihihi,.

      • And what difference does it make? We’re not even at par with Venezuela but we act as if ka-level na natin sila. Indo winning the crown is just a call for us to do better next time.

      • Is Indonesia at par with Philippines? hihihi….”We need to do better next time…” How about Indonesia start training on their own next time so they can win in their own merit???? hihihi…

      • They look up to the Phils as a pageant powerhouse reason why they send their reps to train here, there is nothing wrong with that. Seeking our help just means that they acknowledge that we know pageantry better than they do. Keeping what we know to ourselves won’t do anything good, might as well just share it. Let’s admit the fact that thay really have strong contenders these days. We had our time, and I hope we can bounce back.

      • Exactly my point. Indonesia is not even at par with us when it comes to pageantry so what is there to rant about Indo winning a crown? Why are we so affected if they claim that they are already a pageant powerhouse? Why are we so negative about Indo winning a crown? Move on an let us do better, a lot better next time. Indonesia deserve to win!

      • EV, when did you hear their queens acknowledge that in public? Have you heard them thank the Philippines when they win? Of course not.

  28. Matalino din tong indonesia, kung anung camp ng pinas ang magcclinch ng national crown eh dun sila sa kabila nagpapatulong, baka ang siste neto eh in a few years time, indo will rise as a powerhouse country kase naluto nila at na mix ng husto ang formulas ng A&Q at KF; so pano ba yan momma jonas at momma rodgil, ayaw nyo pa rin bang magkasundo at bulag pa rin sa ganap ng negosyo? Baka magsisisi kayo sa huli na lagi na lang ligwak ang mga alaga nyo in the next few years.

    • Sobrang ironic if ever na yung dalawang camps na may major contribution sa winning streak natin eh siya ring major contributor ng pagbaksak ng mga kandidata natin.

    • Haha agree. Wala namang masamang magshare ng tips at magtrain, kaso may reps din tayo na kakalabanin ng mga tini-train nila. I really don’t get it.

      Indonesia may deserve the crown, kaso ang fans nila (which is tulad ng ibang pinoy fans din) ang medyo hindi nakakatuwa. Lol

  29. Walang problema sa pag train ng foreign reps, pero ang tanong…paano ba ang pag-train? Kasi Kevin performed really well, but at the same time her performance was very reminiscent of Kylie’s. Meron kasi tayong “timpla” – ito yung puwede mo ituro in a general sense, pero siyempre, dapat nandoon pa rin yung individuality nung kandidata. Kaya nga the Philippines was able to set themselves apart from our Latin counterparts; we took notes from them but we made it our own as well. Hindi yun ang nakita ko kay Kevin, eh. Ang dating kasi parang pinahiram mo na ng notes tapos ginawa mo pa ng actual kodigo na ginamit nung topnotcher nung nakaraang taon. When I saw Kevin, I saw a Kylie 2.0. Masyadong parehas – buti sana kung ang pagitan ng wins nila eh at least 5-10 years. Ang siste, heto yung mga reyna natin na kanya-kanyang gawa ng speech or personalized strategy sa pageants nila, tapos yung iba may set of detailed notes na kokopyahin na lang. Although, hindi ko naman ito isisisi sa Indonesia or sa mga camps natin 100% kasi at the end of the day MI ang may last say.

    Tignan natin kung anong mangyayari sa MU, kasi this time Aces naman ang nag train kay Indonesia (and Thailand, apparently). If the results favor the foreign trainees then these two camps should start rethinking how they handle this business. Walang masama sa negosyo, pero kung ang ending eh ganito eh aba, mag-isip na rin.

    That being said, she’s a Kylie 2.0 pero kaya na tanggapin. Tutal she has 1 year reign to still set herself apart and make her time as MI unique to her.

    • Agree. Kevin’s speech was very reminiscent of Kylie’s. Even her phrasing and tone, and strangely enough, in her thank you speech afterwards.

      The sad thing about this A&Q and KF competition is, if their ward does not win the chance of representing the Philippines in an international pageant, especially MU, MW, or MI, they will train our neighbor countries not just as a business venture or goodwill towards the other countries, but as a way of one-upping and even sabotaging the chance of the other training camps’ Philippine delegate to win.

      Hope these training camps agree not to do this to each other. It’s hurting the country’s gameplay.

      • @ George:

        She was a Kylie “clone” all throughout. Don’t get me wrong, may ibang kandidata rin naman na nag take ng page out of Kylie’s winning campaign last year – even Venezuela’s Diana Croces did (sa kanya naman she also took a page from Edymar, pero ang ending she competed as herself and not as a mirror image of the two previous queens). Even her gown was similar to Kylie’s gown last year. Parang gets ko naman na hindi maiwasan na may influences, pero ganun katindi? To be fair sa mga reyna natin, if you notice, may tatak sila na hindi kayang i-claim ng latin candidates where we took our original cues from. Ito kasi yung issue ko kay Kevin. Parang low-key cheating, kahit hindi naman totally kasalanan ni ateng, after all, humingi lang rin naman sya ng tulong.

        I’m not well-versed dyan sa camp wars although matagal ko na namang naririnig yang sinabi mo. Medyo spiteful nga rin from my personal observation sa totoo lang, at sana ma-realize nila to before it’s too late. Kasi kung biglang mabura tayo sa mapa this early, puwedeng mawalan din sila ng negosyo in the long run.

        **side note pero napansin ko dati, para ngang even the foreign reps are sort of affected kapag alam nilang from the other camp nag train yung isa. Naaalala ko kasi si Felice Hwang – keri naman si girl pero ang awkward niya kay Kylie. Hahahaha. MEMA lang

      • Yes, newbiecommenter, when I saw Kevin’s walk in swimsuit, I was immediately reminded of the way Kylie moved & presented herself. Then the color of Kevin’s evening gown … just a shade lighter than Kylie’s gown when she won last year.

        Hey, when Indonesia becomes the next global beauty pageant powerhouse, maybe Filipinos can send our queens to train in Jakarta? If that happens, It’ll be pretty ironic that we taught them our moves & game plan, and now we will have to send our queens to learn the strategies we taught them in the first place, hahaha.

      • Si Bea Santiago po ay isa sa mga nag-train kay Kevin. Sa pasarela pa lang, it’s very Bea.

      • @jd

        I had to side-eye MI a bit nung unang rinig ko sa resulta kasi, ayaw nila ng semi-final placement, ng back-to-back win, ganyan – eh tignan mo yung nangyari parang back-to-back din ang Kylie tuloy, hahahaha. Kasi sobrang parehas. Kung naghintay man lang sila ng kahit isang taon pa para manggaya baka okay pa.

    • I observed the same thing. She performed almost the same way as Kylie with just a little roughness in pasarela and speech. Kylie was the epitome of sweetness and refinement. A very close copy indeed. It’s not a good idea to just clone. All the girls will look the same then.

      • @Adrian:

        Same observations. Sa akin, bakit naman natin pipilitin yung mga camps huwag mag train? Eh some of our previous candidates spent a good portion training in Venezuela/Colombia dati. Kaso iba kasi yung applying what you learned to copying what you see. Hindi ko alam kung itong mga camps ba ang nagbigay mismo ng ganitong kopyahan method o baka naman initiative na yan ng Indonesia after mag-train, pero this has to be discussed and addressed very soon.

      • Si Bea Santiago po ang isa sa mga nag-train kay Kevin. It should be compared to Bea’s MI performance and not Kylie.

      • @thenewbiecommenter Indeed it needs to be addressed. The camp will realize that as soon as they lose business from blatant immitation.

    • Bea Santiago was a part of Kevin’s training. Kevin’s performance was similar to Bea’s. Sa pasarela pa lang, it’s very Bea.

      • @Nathan

        That doesn’t change the general observation that she had Kylie’s overall aura when she competed. The speech, the gestures (minus the pasarela) – they were a dead giveaway.

      • Well, I don’t see Kylie but Bea sa overall performance ni Kevin. Si Bea po ang isa sa mag nag-train so obviously Bea will help and train Kevin the KF way.

  30. Sabi ng mga latin pageant sites kung kelan maganda rep ng Pinas clapper…kung cno daw di kagandahan nananalo…aguy….hhahaha

    • Well, let the Indonesian fans realize how fake these latin fans are, haha. Kung magtuloy-tuloy sila with their success sa kanila naman mababaling yung pang-babash ng mga yan.

    • Sino maganda? kung maganda talaga nakita yan ng mga hurado kaso hindi… lahat ng candidates may chance to prove them self in front of the judges… 3 segments yon para ipakita ang gandang mayroon ka… kaso meron ba…

  31. Moving on to Miss Universe, I hope Rachel’s gameplan is to peak when it matters. As much as I want Rachel to at least land top 6, it seems like it’s not in her destiny however. It must be her easygoing vibe from living a life of privilege much like Mariel and Laura.

    It seems having a compatriot sitting as one of the judges or as sponsor in a beauty pageant is a trend these days and their girl reaps some benefits. Now, I’m torn between wanting Laura to win and dispelling this observation. Arnold Vegafria sitting as judge at the pageant is a tricky proposition. Another theory would be that Laura will not win with a compatriot as judge and Julia will prove her doubters wrong.

    At the end of the day though, pageants have a good cause whether it opens doors of opportunities for the winners or helps champion social causes while at the same time entertaining their audience.

    • I admire you for saying that without hesitation. I wouldn’t go as far as putting down the camp though. Criticize the output not the person/people involved.

      Anyway, enough of my PC tendency. What is happening Philippines? Is this our trough stage in pageantry? Hopefully it doesn’t turn out into a decade long drought for us. Am I over panicking?

  32. Congratulations to Indonesia…naramdaman ko na when the top 8 made their speeches and when she was awrded best dresser that she might win…lalo nung tinawag si venezuela as 2ndRU at curacao as 1stRU…Alam kong winner na tlga sya…ilang taon nang umeeffort ang Indonesia kaya this is really bound to happen. Congratulations to Mariel too, alam kong ginawa mo ang best mo at alam kong you could have given a great speech pero maybe it’s really not meant. Next year bawi tayo…malay mo tayo ulit manalo !!!

  33. Baka maging country of the year ang indonesia this time, if they will win in MW and place high in MU. Still congrats sa indonesia! Asian beauties na ang peg ng big 4 pageants ngayon, they are favoring asian ladies to win. Sa MW at MU kaya? Will an asian delegate win their title? Except dun sa isang copycat pageant na mala 90’s ang peg, ang hilig sa mga latinas. Chemeret.

  34. Sige lang KF and A&Q. Keep training foreign candidates…



    Give it another 5 years of your idiocy. I swear, it’s already begun.

    • Hey, at least we were able to live through & witness the resurgence of the Philippines as a powerhouse pageant competitor, thanks to A&Q and KF. I’m hoping this isn’t the start of our downward spiral, but it really is the Filipino beauty camps prerogative to train whoever they want. And Indonesia is deserving as well. They’re more hungry for the titles & they’re working harder for it.

      • The problem is , we’re just recovering from the 10 year drought that we experienced in Miss Universe. Venezuela has been doing this since the 80’s and they just opened their camps to other foreign delegates in the mid 90’s. We as the Pinoy pageant fans, are we ready witnessing this as our neighbors are claiming the glory using our past experiences and strategies competing in these international pageants? Even Osmel Souza clamped down training foreign delegates when Amelia Vega won Miss Universe. There is limitation to what we can help to others especially if our own representatives are being eliminated in the process. We have a quote like this in Tagalog ” ginigisa tayo sa sarili nating mantika”. One day we will realize everything we worked hard to gain knowledge and experience in able to succeed will boomerang against us.

    • ang aga nman kc nating tumanggap ng mga foreign trainees…kasisimula palang natin mamayagpag sa mga international pageants…Venezuela and Colombia namayagpag muna ng matagal sa mga pageants bago magtrain ng foreigners…haiisssttt

  35. Last year Grand International. Ngayon nman International…isa isa nang napapanalunan ng Indonesia ang mga major pageant. Nag uumpisa nb silang matuto sa mga training ng mga camp natin sa mga beauty queens nila? Dapat nb tayong mangamba?

  36. You did your best Mariel. Flawless performance from SS to EG. wala ako mapintas. Di talaga matimpla ang type ng judges. But still, Mariel did an amazing job. Wala pa rin akong ibang maisip na pwedeng mg represent sarin sa MI kungdi sya. It was clearly a game of destiny. Mariel is one tough and brave lady and I salute her for that.

  37. Indonesia will also place higher than PH in Miss Universe!!!!! Indonesia will also win in Miss World. Indonesia is country of the year.

    • Quite possibly. They seem to want it more as well. Hey, I’m just grateful to have witnessed the peak of Philippine pageantry. It may never happen for us again in our lifetime. And I’m happy that at least another Asian country is taking up the cudgels for beauty from our part of the world.

  38. Congratulations to Indonesia! You have turned into a formidable competitor. Kevin Liliana’s wardrobe & styling & preparation was impeccable. And it paid off.

    • Queen Kylie though. Showing us why she won last year even when giving up her title. She looks amazing.

  39. Congratulations to the first big crown for Indonesia!
    Congrats to beauty queen maker, Jonas as well! ❤

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