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  1. Hello. I noticed that Rachel hasn’t been seen with the other girls except with some few. And I also noticed na her kasama sa kwarto is not warm kay Rachel. Yung isa busy sa kaka mingle sa ibang candidates. Worried ako kay Rachel. Tapos parang uncomfortable sya sa Facebook live. Iba kc ang calm and relaxed sa tensed. May balita ba kayo mga mare? It must be toxic kung kontrabida ang roommate mo. Reminds me how Urvashi treated her roommate 2 years back.

  2. I’m not impressed w Indonesia’s looks (I don’t want to say the word coz I was raised to be always kind) I like Keke much more than the current one (Keke looks like a corporate girl)Rachel looks more relaxed like miss universe 2004 . my foreigner hubby finds Rachel sosyal even w her carefree styling. Hindi ho damit nagdadala sa Tao . mas maganda yun carefree styling kasya mukha ka nanghiram ng damit

  3. If u want to be threatened , look at Russia
    But I’m not going to concentrate on that
    I know Rachel will deliver where and when it matters … and that’s what counts

  4. Venus naman… wearing international brands does not necessarily equate expensive-looking. Nasa nagdadala yan. Will the woman wearing the most branded OOTD (“outfit of the day”) help her get to the semis? Kahit ilang Chanel, LV o Louboutins pa ang suot ng kandidata, kung hindi naman marunong sumagot at walang personality na irepresenta ang IMG, wala rin.

    Hindi pa tapos ang laban. May preliminary judging pa. Don’t worry too much 🙂

    Rachel is naturally confident. You can tell, she’s at ease with herself. When she speaks, it is with sense … and that is way more important than strutting branded clothes.

    • Nakaka GV ang games nila. Parang chill lang silang lahat. Was surprised with South Africa na larang likeable pala sya. Sa pre-arrival pics, parang ang sungit ni ate eh. Haha. And it’s nice to see her mingling with Rachel. The 2 Peters for the final 2 is very possible. Haha.

      Although this is just a game and i want our queen to relax lang. Pero natawa na lang ako sa upo ni Rachel na parang upo nya lang nung send-off party na parang nasa bahay lang talaga. Ang kamay nya between her legs. Haha.

    • Morena , I agree . Wearing expensive things does not necessarily make you look expensive .
      Case in point : Mommy Dionisia .

  5. Kanya-kanya lang siguro talaga ng tingin pero di ko din makita kung pano nag stand out “daw” si indo sa pic na ito. Mukha syang nagulat for me. Lol. Again, Rachel all the way. 😉

    And i think, pics like this (na selfie ang datingan) is not really counted. But i have to agree with some here, na kelangan masmag step up ang dating at sinusuot nya. Pero maaga pa naman nga kaya wait na lang ako sa pasabog. 😉

  6. off topic:

    shout out to
    signorina itallia della trentino, alto-adige: alice rachele arlanch

    i like her
    there’s not a lot of noise around her, but i think she is worthy of your attention

  7. They are both gorgeous. Though mukhang nagulat sa second (bottom) pic si Indonesia.

    Good luck ladies.

  8. it looks like rachel is conserving
    her energy and calculating the
    right time to peak

  9. Seems like Clenci had a more polished look, better OOTD/wardrobe than Peters during her entire stay in Vietnam competing in Ms. Grand International.

  10. Indonesia for me is more pansinin than Rachel kung puti ang mag judge kc Asia ang dating. ..thanks to sash factor and palaban na figure ni Rachel kaya top 9 sure tayo. Gown nlang problem para top 6. Q & A. ..best of luck Rachel for “Country of the year” – Philippines 😄
    Styling pls hindi yung just one of the average girls ang dating. ..hihiji
    Elizabeth Clenci. ..Helpppp🤗

  11. I trust our rep enough but not KF. Sana mas naturuan sya ng tamang projection if Aces and Queens nag train sa kanya. I worried so much about her walk. I am not a fan of KF’s pasarela training. Sorry, pambarangay ang lakad na turo ng KF. Masyado OA. Sana hindi ganun maglakad si Rachel.

  12. They’re both beautiful. Medyo may something “off” lang sa ilong ng roomie ni Rachel. Sorry kailangan ko lang I-tagalog ayoko maka-offend. Good luck to the both of you, Misses Philippines and Indonesia 🙂

  13. Nakuh kahit pagbaliliktarin ang mundo eh hangang picture Lang mga yan. Rachel is the epitome of beauty and grace with brain.

    • deadma si Laura sa mga fast track…ayaw daw nya mag effort tulad ni Catriona last year pero naligwak sa finals kaya ayun natrauma lola nyo…Kampante si Laura kc judge nman daw si ALV sa finals…CHOS !!!

  14. In the future can KF and Aces agree not to train our competitors for MU. This is not good! They should put country before money. Bungga is standing out in these pictures. Rachel step it up girl! You can do it . We believe in you but please take control of your make up situation. Whoever is styling Indo is doing a great job. She has been wearing major international brands unlike Rachel and Thailand who are using local designers . The result : Bungga looks expensive

    • In fairness, Pia’s outfits were majorly chipaypay too.

      Pretty sure they are limited by what BPCI allows, which is probably Cumbia and Baúl fashions.

    • Where is Bunga standing out ?
      I have to buy a new pair of glasses because I m not seeing it ..unless your idea of class and beauty is different from mine

      • @Jorsel
        We have to face a fact that the whites prefer exotic beauty. Bunga in my eyes is clearly standing out with photos in groups and pairs. She has an exotic beauty and shining. May somethibg ung pagtrain ng Aces na magshashine ka talaga. Rachel is kinda looking dry. Please don’t get me wrong here. Constructive lang toh. Im being honest although all support ako kay Rachel. Rachel needs to smile more in photos because her smile is one of her assets.

        If you guys try to recall how glowing rachel was when she guested GGV, nagglow cya dun. Compare nyo ung skin nya dun kesa sa mga recent released photos sa MU. May iba eh. Hopefully we see an improvement of her wardrobe as days pass. Im still considering that it is still early and it might be part of her game plan. But i hope KF is knowledgeable already of how ACES do their thing and make a good match to that game plan. Rachel is starting to fade and channeling an MJ vibe. Nawala ung Vega vibe. Im worried huhu Rachel sana mabasa mo toh. Wag ka patalo. Pressure is definitely on!! FOCUS LANG 😦

      • And one more.. whenever she does a fierce look, that set of veneers always finds a way out of her lips! nakaka.irita

    • Feeling lang naman yang mga iyan. Nakapasok lang sa top 10 eh nakalimutan na yung help ng pinoy trainers at titirahin pa ang reps naten. Ewan ko ba at bakit nagti-train pa rin tayo.

    • I agree @Venus. You all have to have a second look. Wag kayo biased. Bunga is standing out. I love rachel and support her all the way pero nakikita ko pa rin ang nangyayari. Wag kayo biased then mapapansin nyo.

      The close mouth smile Rachel does all the time just shapes that bulge on her mouth. Kakainis na veneers na yan

      • Bunga is beautiful!!!! Nakaka pangamba. Moving forward MU RP Reps should come from Aces and Queens.


    • It’s business dahling involving money one can not refuse. Have faith lang sa kandidata natin. Wag lang siraan.


  15. Rachel’s social media is too quiet. She’s been there for a few days now. I don’t think we need one thousand photos, but one every day or so will make her online presence more consistent with the other ladies. Doesn’t KF have social media folks to help her?

    Really she just needs to take a page from Colombia or Venezuela and scream into her phone “AYMMM SOOOOO HAPPEEE TU BEE HEERE!!!” and post #missuniverse #planethollywood #confidentlybeautiful #bake #siargao #rachelholics… 10 seconds tapos na.

    C’mon KF.

    • Post mo yan ‘teh! Medyo zzzzzzzzzzzz yung social media mo. Parang wayang excitement to follow your journey…

      Tingan mo si Bungee Rope, ang dami yung posts. Parang ready, willing, and able to promote her presence. Parang si Keysi at Laura nasa MISS JUNIBERS BEGAS BAYBEEE

    • Post mo yan teh! Parang very sosyal and getting to know the other ladies her at Miss Universe! Nakakasawa na yung beach beach posts. Pakita mo so excited to be in the MU activities ka!

      Friendly suggesting teh!

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