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  1. Cheap make up! My gad ang cheap ng sponsors ngayon pati photographer parang pang grad pic lang ang kinuha.

  2. Wala na yata pahinga ang mga kababayan natin pagkatapos ng ibang patimpalak pinutakti naman po mga magagaling na “non-certified beauty experts” ang lahat ng kilos at ayos ni Rachel Peters kulang na sila ang papalit sa puwesto ni Miss Philippines. Hayaan po natin sila sa diskarte nila, magtiwala tayo sa KF. Just relax and calm down people. Take a chill pill.

    • I trust our rep enough but not KF. Sana mas naturuan sya ng tamang projection if Aces and Queens nag train sa kanya. I worried so much about her walk. I am not a fan of KF’s pasarela training. Sorry, pambarangay ang lakad na turo ng KF. Masyado OA. Sana hindi ganun maglakad si Rachel.

      • I have to agree here. Nung lumabas yung Pasarela video ni Rachel halos lahat super napa wow. Pero for me parang oa masyado, walang grace yung lakad. Parang mas nagfocus dun sa “wow pak na pak ang lakad” kesa sa “wow mukhang mamahalin yung lakad” so ang ending nasobrahan sa pak na pak. Kung ganyan kasexy katawan mo i dont think kailangan mo pa ng pak na pak na lakad

  3. Ang ganda ni Korea. Pedeng dark horse. Compare to Thailand, parang mas bet ko ang beauty ni Korea. Pero syempre, Rachel all the way pa din. Hahaha

  4. Ayaw ko man maging isa sa kapulongan ng patimpalak si Arnold… Alam ko naman na kayang kaya itawid ni Laura para mapatunayan nya na sya nga ang karapat-dapat manalo ihambing man sa naganap noong nakaraang taon.

  5. Galing ni vene magproject! Sana Olive skin tan ung ginawa sa kanya. Naging tuyot cya tingnan dahil sa sobrang tan. I love how she plays with the camera.

    • I trust our rep enough but not KF. Sana mas naturuan sya ng tamang projection if Aces and Queens nag train sa kanya. I worried so much about her walk. I am not a fan of KF’s pasarela training. Sorry, pambarangay ang lakad na turo ng KF. Masyado OA. Sana hindi ganun maglakad si Rachel.

    • Now she looks masculine ! She looks more like a man than Rachel ! Rachel will place better than her

  6. Personal choice top 15 for MI2017 (Alphabetical order):

    S. Africa

  7. I find Rachel’s make up here as amusing, she looks masculine.. We’ll she can’t forever hide behind her own make up or that of her regular stylist..

  8. So its confirmed that Arnold Vegafria will sit as a judge in the upcoming Miss World. Brace yourselves Kababayan because the bashing will continue if Laura will be crowned. Lalong magngingitngit sa galit mga shupitbahay nito,hindi pa nga sila maka moved on kay Karen dadagdag pa si Laura. wahahah

  9. Naalala ko si Clenci na paglabas nya in every activities ay napapansin kaagad sya. class, social at elegant. Sana ganun ang styling ni Rachel na parang dugyot.. diosmio parang magmalling lang hihihi cherette 🙂

    • You guys are aware naman sguro that this photo shoot was done kinabukasan pag ka lapag ni rachel sa vegas. She only had 3 hours of sleep so give her some time.

  10. not gonna lie, I’m not the biggest fan of Rachel’s styling here lol. BUT it’s only the beginning of the competition, I have faith that Rachel has her game plan and she’ll peak at the right time and the right pace. She looks very beautiful talaga in motion which will definitely work in her favour!

    Pansin ko lahat ng mga candidates during this photoshoot, they looked blah. They all looked old and dry.

  11. What to expect on the preliminary interviews … kayang-kaya ‘to ni Rachel!

  12. The Miss World Organization released the Top 20 semi-finalists of Beauty with a Purpose Award. The Beauty With A Purpose award is one of the most important fast-track events of the Miss World Pageant. It awards the candidate with the most relevant and important charity project in her country.

    Miss World 2017 “Beauty With A Purpose” 20 Semi-Finalists:

    1. Australia
    2. The British Virgin Islands
    3. Brazil
    4. Cook Islands
    5. Finland
    6. Fiji
    7. France
    8. India
    9. Indonesia
    10. Mongolia
    11. Nepal
    12. New Zealand
    13. Philippines
    14. Russia
    15. Slovakia
    16. South Africa
    17. Tanzania
    18. Thailand
    19. Vietnam
    20. Zimbabwe

  13. Mga veks make sure to watch Laura’s BWAP. Djusko parang napacry ako sa sincerity ni Lau. Mas gusto ko na sya than Cat.. hihihih

    • Straight from the heart.

      Laura is a product of Ateneo. Every Atenean is taught to be “men and women for others”. I’m glad that Laura is able to express this mission through her BWAP. Beautiful.

      Congratulations again for making it to the top 20, Laura! Win or lose, you have made your countrymen very proud!

      • Lels ka dyan veks… I thought Cat was the best until I saw Lau’s video… hihihi…Catriona’s downfall was she seemed too rehearsed.

  14. Sobotage! Why did they do this type of make up. They made her look dry and old!!! Please Rachel insist that you do your own make up. You look better when you do!!!

    • @venus: Actually, many of the other candidates looked awful in this “Perfect Face” photo shoot. Miss Mexico is a prime example. So Rachel’s not the only victim of this unskilled photographer, plus the girls have barely got over their jet lag. And you are right – Rachel looks much better when she does her own make-up!

      • Yan ang disadvantage ng sagad-sagaran ang arrival day. Same thing with Nelda.

        Assuming na dumating siya ng 11pm at nahatid sa hotel ng 12mn. Tulog siya ng 1am. Gising siya ng 5am to prepare so 4 hours sleep Lang. Hindi pa recovered skin mo from plane decompression. And Yung “body clock” niya di pa adjusted.

        Tignan mo si Maria, fresh na fresh! Two days before nasa L.A. na siya then LV. Haysss, BPCI! Permanent na picture na yan na saten lang maganda tignan!

      • @Melanie
        yeah there were some misses. in fact the front runners photos were not the best
        (you might have a point there, @ Venus)
        i think because the lighting is harsh and direct
        no diffused light, no shadow

        i’ve been over-analyzing the photo, the skirts cut and material just did not move with rachel’s body curves. the leather (i think) was too stiff and thick, from her pose it should have given her a nice curve. alas, the high waisted cut made her waist disappear along with the curve of her thighs
        and the mock turtle neck also cut off the line of her neck and hid her best assets

        i do remember pia’s first photos weren’t the best either. they did not seem to know how to work with her mixed asian/caucasian features but come finals night she got that down and she glowed.

        ahhh, it is just the first few days, when we see steady improvements from her day-in day-out then we will
        know that this was just an aberration and will be forgotten rather quickly

  15. Rachel isnt’t the most photegenic of all the BbUiniverse we had. But think about it, even Janine wasn’t very photogenic but she managed to make it to the last two. I think Rachel will make it count the most. During the interview portion. She’s gonna kill it there. I just hope she has two gowns like Cordovez in MGI…

    • Janine belongs to Aces. Rachel is to KF. Mas magaling ang KF so that’s the difference!

      • Mas magaling magpatalo kamo. Pero setting aside the camps, wishing Rachel all the best. For the Philippines!!!!

  16. Sa pre departure Niya may nag comment na admin na Latino na Kung ganito daw Ang ichura na pwede sa MU magpapa sex change daw siya at sasali next year.

    Isa pang comment is Kung mananalo daw si Rachel what sinusulit Lang daw ng MU any franchise fee natin.

    Unfortunately, walang feature tong comment box for screen shot upload. Ayoko Rin embed Yung admin at baka makuyug at pangit nanaman ang labas ng mga faney!

    • i so agree
      and this is actually an advantage as the judges (whose impression of her is the only thing that matters come finals night) will see her in real life, moving and talking
      and not the still photos on websites

  17. Hope she does not get overwhelmed by the audience during the Q and A.
    I don’t know if she has had enough public speaking experience to withstand the pressure.
    The good thing Is , she is very fluent in English . So that’s a ton of weight off her back


    • Ikaw na lang kaya sumali angela! Malamang pag ikaw ang nasa stage babatuhin ka ng bulok na itlog at bibigyan mo nga kahihiyan ang Pilipinas for the rest of its existence. Sali na. Maganda ka naman di ba? Magandang ikuskos sa palayok itsura mu!

  19. Nung isang photoshoot tinanong sya ng photog kung “have you modelled before?” . I had the impression that she wasnt delivering well kaya sya tinanong. The video on the ig was cut so i dunno if the photog was impressed or unimpressed hence the question

    • That’s a weird thing to ask as not every MU contestant is a model. A good (and experienced) photographer knows how to make its subject project to get the composition/angle they want.

    • The other way of interpreting it Is .
      ‘Wow , u r a pro , have u done it before?

      • Naku sana nga ganun fabian! Putol kasi video. She was giving parang one dimensional poses kasi na medyo mahinhin unlike siguro ng mga latinas wgen they were shot as seen on their videos kaya i got worried.

      • Fabian you got the right interpretation because it’s Miss Universe. If that could have been asked at ANTM, then it can be that the contestant may be doing so good or so bad. In this case, since it is not a modelling contest, the camera man was impressed

  20. Ganda ni rachel ning arrival. Dyan parang puyat ang eye makeup. Kulang ba sa lashes? And true about the girls too preoccupied with their iphones.

  21. she looks like a latin American beauty. maganda yun kuha partida pa puyat sya .I like this than the glam shots she had before na over photoshop.

    • We have to take it in account how serious laura is 😦 Kawawa talaga cya at cya pa ung kandidatang na kulang sa suporta natin. She has a big heart and a good follow up to cat.

      • thanks for highlighting this, Pageant Luv…very touching video for a very helpful program

      • Parang c Hillary lng na Di pansin ng mga bakla kc busy sila kay Pia pero top 10.
        I hope Laura – Valerie W. II can surprise us too 😗😋🤗


      • Veks si Hilarie talaga eh walng masyadong dating… HIhihi she is quintessential Pinay beauty but she didn’t have that spark.

  22. Not my favorite look and make up for her. I guess she is still adjusting to the time difference so I’m sure may pasabog sya in the coming days. Two weeks of activities will be enough to showcase what she’s got! Gow Rachel Gow!

    • @Dawn —

      She’ll be ready for you hahaha! I have to take into account she probably had only 3-4 hours of sleep last night based on her arrival time. I know what I look like after that much sleep and she tops that 🙂

      Plus, I remember when Pia’s Fadil came out. Naku, napaka dramatic here. Indo’s was better! Thailand’s was better! Vietnam’s was better! I always get excited for the arrivals (especially since I am under the weather this weekend) but I have learned that we need to wait to see who the contenders will be. Laru-laruan lang yan first day activities and photoshoots.

      • So true. Know when to peak and i think Rachel knows that very well. Too bad you will miss her coronation live in Vegas. And I will miss you being there 😦

  23. Glad to hear about Val Taguba, not a surprise, but confirmation is good. My guess is that it will show off her legs and boobs and be beige/gold toned — Rachel seems to like that color palette. I think the nude effect of the palette makes her look even taller, so I would be happy with that.

    Also, I’ve noticed this year’s batch is attached to their iPhones. No offense, but it makes them look like they are more interested in text messages or the social media accounts than being in the moment. Rachel sort of put it away at the beginning of the interview but it appeared again. Leave the phones in your purses ladies, my two cents. And if you are using them as a fashion accessory, please. Anyone can buy an iPhone with a credit card or even installment plan. Not everyone can be a BbP for a year so focus on your duties and not your phone.

  24. She should avoid turtle neck as she doesn’t have a Swan neck and her shoulders are broad. Who is her stylist?

  25. Rachel absolutely looks stunning. She sounds relaxed and comfortable on cam so I believe she will do well in the competition. Did i hear it right she will be rooming with Miss Indonesia ? Good luck, Rachel 🖒🖒🖒🤗🤗🤗

  26. Not a good shot or bad angle or sabotage… parang naging bunsong kapatid ni Ai-Ai hmm

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