71 comments on “Hail, Hail, the Gang’s All in Tokyo for Mariel!

  1. I have faith in Mariel. She will do well in MI. B2B is not an easy feat but I know our girl is prepared. She fits MI, timid and fierce at the same time. I believe in you gurl, bring home our 7th!!

  2. MU 2017 Philippines
    MW 2017 Philppines
    MI 2017 if none of the finalists give a good speech , Philppines for a b2b

    • Kung si Duterte Lusot kahit pumapatay ng Tao .
      Why not Isabel Lopez ? Traffic violation lang naman yun
      Tse hihihi

      • Fake news fabian hihihi
        Even De Lima can’t prove it during her term as CHR chairman or justice secretary at puro press release at tsismis lng pinagsasabi kaya she’s having a delima now in prison hihihi.
        Big Karma and more karma to come hihihi.
        Dilawan has a lot of cases in the ombudsman and ombudsman chairman dilawan morales is doing nothing but the big karma will happen nx year after morales will step down kaya bilis mga Dilawan at patumbahin nyo na c DU30 para tuloy ang kagaguhan nyo hihihi.

      • @bong700


      • Have you seen him kill? Have we seen Isabel violated the traffic rule? Madali ang sagot diba. Matalino ka nga sana, but you choose to be ingot! Simple ruel, di niya sinunod! Talagang may problema nga siya di lang sa utak kundi, again sa pagiging ingot.

  3. Morena,

    Gracias, Salamat, Thank you for posting all these wonderful photos!!! What a glorious pleasure you have given us!!!

  4. O ayan, naipasok ni Laura ang BWAP niya … top 20 semifinalist siya 🙂 Congratulations Laura!

    Congratulations to Miss Philippines LAURA LEHMANN! She's part of the Top 20 semifinalists for Beauty With A Purpose. 👸😍💖 To watch her BWAP video and for full story visit http://www.powerhouseph.com #MissWorld2017 #MissWorld #LauraLehmann #LauraForTheWorld #LabanLau #powerhousePH

    A post shared by powerhousePH (@powerhouseph_) on

    • Morena, thank you so much for sharing all these IG posts. So much fun to read. Start pa lang ng day, you made my day na 🤗❤️

      • You’re welcome, jd. I try to share what I see on Instagram as much as possible 😉

    • It’s too bad Alisah was sent home even after her amazing performance while a couple of mediocre performances passed. I guess this proves only Brits have any real chance of winning at all.

      • Simon controls the result.
        He doesn’t like alisha in the beginning.
        Bad comments from him after every spectacular performance of alisha.
        Anyway, I didn’t expect alisha to win bcoz it’s in the UK unless Morissette Amon is the Philippines rep. hihiji

      • We should just be thankful that they allow non-Brits like Filipinos to join and get exposure. Divas are becoming dime a dozen these days in many parts of the world anyway.

    • Miss Top Of The World Plus Size 2017 is Miss Philippines, Jodel Mesina from Cebu City! She won in Singapore tonight.

      Super Model Universe 2017: Ekaterina Revykina (Russia)
      Super Foto Model Universe 2017: Thamara Alexandria Pacursa (Philippines)
      Super Model Universe 2017 I: Dennis Spitter (Malta)
      Super Model Universe 2017 II: Olga Kudreyko (Moscow)
      Super Model Universe 2017 III: Julia Efimenko (Siberia)
      Super Model Universe 2017 IV: Nikoleta Angelova (Bulgaria)

      Special Awards
      Miss Refan Gold: Thamara Alexandria Pacursa (Philippines)
      Miss Derma Act: Dennis Spitter (Malta)
      Faces on Jan Pole Mynee: Anna Birjukova (Estonia)

      Winners for Male category
      Super Model Universe 2017: Adrian Kim Bueno (Philippines)
      Super Model Universe 2017 I: Mert Tuaran (Turkey)
      Super Model Universe 2017 II: Sergey Tkachev (Russia)
      Super Model Universe 2017 III: Sander Ivanov (Estonia)

      ageant Location: Panama City, Panama
      Pageant Date: 13th October 2017
      Pageant Edition: 1st Edition
      Number of Candidates: 6 Female & 5 Male Candidates


      Female category
      Miss Young of the World 2017: Simone Amorado (Philippines)
      1st Runner Up – Miss Teenage: Samantha D’Agostini (Canada)
      2nd Runner Up – Teen Gorgeous: (Contadora Is.)

      Male category
      Mister Young International 2017: Rod Contreras (Philippines)
      1st Runner Up – Mister Teenage: (Grande Is.)
      2nd Runner Up – Teen Gorgeous: (Panama)

  5. Wawa si Laura walang supporters. Halos lahat nasa Japan. Nakuh yung mga aso na kapitbahay inis na inis dahil room mate daw yung aso nila. Oh well suck it up! Buti Nga merong kang free promotion diba free airing. Lol

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