31 comments on “When Meryl Streep met Ana Wintour

  1. I sort of hate Meryl Streep
    I can’t stand her acting especially when she does accents . They sound so fake
    I like her in August Osange County and River Wild though

  2. I’m one of the people who will forever boycott Meryll Streep movies. Libtards here in the US like Hollywood, NFL, Antifa has been destroying, obstructing the platforms of our President Trump. I hope he will be welcome in Manila respectfully tomorrow🇺🇸🙏🇵🇭

  3. Meryl Streep the Actress is Celine Dion in the music industry and i love them both.
    Ana Wintour? Mas Kilala pa nga yung friend kong c Ana Winter hihihi 🙂
    Namiss ko rin yung acting ng isang batikang thunder actress na si Sally Field 🙂

    • Bong 700, I hate Celine dion’s songs . Her voice is irritating . But I like her Hindi sya pasaway

  4. I like her in The Bridge at Madison County where she won an Oscars.
    That breakfast scene and closing scenes of that movie remain vivid in my mind even up to this day. She was absolutely brilliant in that movie. I have seen some movies of Nora Aunor on TV and she reminds me of Meryl. I don’t know why. Perhaps on their nuances.

    • Oh my God ! Do your research. I am sure of it as I was able to watch her accepting the awards. I cant even know what to say to both of you Fabie and Jorsel.
      Fabie I taught you live in the US. Where in the world are you?
      Jorsel, Susan Sarandon won an Oscars in her role in Dead Man Walking helllooo

      • Jeremi I am 100% sure u r wrong
        Look it up on Wikipedia Or IMDB or at the Oscars’s homepage

        Like Pia said , think before u click hihihi

      • Ok Fabie you are right this time. Meryl was nominated as best actress for that movie but did not win… my bad

  5. Ana Wintour, the fur hag! 🤮
    Thinking about the extreme suffering animals undergo in the production of fur apparel makes me really angry 😡

  6. Dear Readers,

    Indulge me on this one.

    Jonas Gaffud is my all-time favorite beauty queen mentor and Rodgil Flores is such an iconic trainor of fashion and style that I just can’t help but be delighted with the thought of them finally meeting.

    Jonas has been featured in Mr. Norman Tinio’s blog so many times. I hope the blogger will host and record a one-on-one meeting between the two.

    I will watch the video asap. Lol.

    World Peace.

  7. Huling inannounce ang MWVzla para palabasin na ang over all winner is World which is ano ang gusto ni Julia pero ang lumalabas na tlgang winner is MUVzla basing sa expression ng mga candidates during announcment of winners. At sya lang yung may cape sa tatlong winners…not to mention pa yung attention ng media ay sa kanya nakafocus

    • tineknikal lang ni Osmel si julia…binigay lang nya yung requirement ni julia na dapat yung biggest winner is yung world or to hold a separate pageant intended for world…obvious na obvious nman na para tlga sa MU rep tong pageant nato

  8. Love Meryl and Ana! And the beginning reminded us of the Devil Wears Prada opening sequence. Two icons! Thanks for this Tito Norms!

  9. I like her in “Devil wears Prada” and “the Manchurian candidate”.

    I’m waiting for that movie to come online so I can watch it knowing Steven Spielberg ability to give life to real events in the likes of “Munich”.

    Timely din siya coz according to synopsis, that the Vietnam war was just a ploy to contain China.

  10. I’m not exactly a fan of Meryl Streep’s
    I hate her when she does accents , she really sounds fake
    I like some of her movies though like River Wild and August Osange County

  11. Same here… my favorite actress Meryl Streep and …
    Angelo Reyes’ best friend Ana Winter

    • Maganda siya kaso medyo weak Yung pasarela Niya. Nagkaroon sya ng 16session training Kay Adrian pero Hindi pa Rin ganun ka polish. Last year pa ang clamor ng mga faney na ipadala nga daw Sana sa Pinas para mag training pero waley pa Rin.

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