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  1. Oh my goodness what are these people saying about hollywood dream? I dont find anything hollywood-ish on Pia.

    • What did life do to you to make your character so disagreeable & ugly? You never miss an opportunity to make a nasty comment. Does it give you pleasure to be so nasty & sadistic? Why set limits or parameters on another person’s dreams? Even if they don’t make it, there’s no harm in trying to make it happen. In fact, better to try than not try at all.

      • I’m just being realistic..the problem with people like you is that you advocate false hopes. Don’t judge my life because I am pretty sure, I’m doing much much better than you do. Who told you that I always disagree to everything? I agree to anything that is in my OPINION agreeable and I negate things that I think are against what I feel. Who are you?

      • Jeremi u said Pia would never be MIss U ever .
        Now U r saying Pia will never be a Hollywood actress . The odds are prob in your favor given the language issues and the fact that Hollywood prefers white- black-Hispanic or in that vicinity .
        But u never know where the ball of fate will be rolling .
        She has proven u absolutely wrong one time.
        She will do it again.
        Luck favors the kind the hardworking and the persistent .. no matter what the negatrons like u say
        Tse hihihi

      • Oh Fabie my Fabie…I’m telling you I dont see any hollywood-ish on Pia at all.
        Megan Young 100% yeah.,…

      • Interesting, isn’t it? Yes, who am I to oppose what YOU feel & think–to disrespect & set limits on your opinions, to tell you what to say and do? So let me pose the same questions to you: who are you to tell another person (like, say, I dunno, Pia) what to do with HER dreams? Who are you to set limits on her life and its possibilities? Even if she falls short of success in Hollywood by whatever measures you set (an Academy Award win, an Emmy, Golden Globe, etc.), I’m sure she will have amazing experiences just by trying, amazing memories she can share with her grandchildren at the end of her life. So even if she never reaches her destination (success in Hollywood), the journey to that destination can also provide moments of meaning (whether fun, challenging, exciting, etc.) in her life.

        And as for judging your life, I certainly hope you are doing better than I am. Life has not always been easy for me. Growing up, I struggled with my ultra-conservative family rejecting my sexual identity. Oftentimes, this left me feeling that I have to fend for myself alone in this world, without the acceptance and support of my family. So I still struggle with self-confidence, with accepting my value
        as a human being. And when it comes to material possessions, I don’t always get what I want, but I am more than comfortable, and I am grateful for what blessings I do have.

        But since you are, most likely, better off than I am, why not let the generosity of life’s blessings to you inspire a generosity of spirit as well?

  2. Pia deserves all the happiness she gets! I hope she gets enough rest abd time for herself too. No need to try for Hollywood , she is already a success.

  3. With all her endorsements and a movie, she couldve easily earned P30 Million. Will you choose trying it out in uncertain Hollywood or earn the said money here in the Philippines? I say she did the right thing.

    She also teased about a major announcement soon. I hope it’s an international opportunity.

  4. I hope more opportunities come Pia’s way . She deserves them and will have them in due time.
    It’s unfortunate how some people below see her effort as desperate almost to the point of saying ‘ wala na Syang makain’. The nerve of these people ! Have you seen Hollywood standard Pinoy films ?
    Snotty Pretentious high-and-mighty , these people are !!!

    • I agree wholeheartedly Ate Bianang. Ambait mo na ngayon that someday soon, pwede ka na i nominate for canonization. Miss yah ateng

    • no more Hollywood i believe. sayang ang ganda. wala lang talagang talent si queen p. Dagdagan mopa ng user bf at lumaking ulo na manager (jonas)

    • I have to agree. Maybe she wants to stay in the PI? I mean, if I saw all the crap she did after her win who would blame her for wanting to go home. Instead, she toughed it out for over a year.

      Anyway, Hollywood is a tough town. Look at what’s her runner-up’s name, she did a D-List movie that no one watched even though her fans proclaimed her to be the next Sophia Vergara. Now, she’s just another DJ’s girlfriend. And O-Jo’s just another blonde posting from Runyon Canyon instead of working just like 1,000,000 other pretty faces and bodies in LA.

      A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do 🙂

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