34 comments on “normannorman.com Exclusive: Interview with Manhunt Philippines 2017 Daniel Azurin

  1. Sherep sherep naman kaya lang parang may nasmesmell aketch. Achoo achoo amoy pepper. Cherette!!!

  2. I agree that he is good-looking, but I don’t find him well-spoken.

    But language, just like beauty, can be polished so good luck tol. 👍💪😘

  3. Boy next door type?

    Ang disadvantage lang ng very Oriental looking is pag tinabi mo sa mga Middle Eastern guys or hirsut guys nagpe-fade unless he is tall or very buff which is advantageous sa mga neutral looking guys or hafu.

  4. Good luck Daniel ! He’s such a cutie. Hopefully we get to start a winning streak in the male international pageantry as well.🤗👏👐

  5. ehhhhhh Hi Baby daniel ko… EHHH.. CHAROT. ang pogi!! Jusme at hong sherep. LOL yes guys, he has the body na pang laban! Jonas knows talaga sino ang masarap ipadala.. i mean dapat ipadala. CHAR!

  6. i hope he has a deliciously toned body to back up those really good looks. kasi pa sherepen yata ng katawan ang manhunt di ba.. he needs to beef up his physique but beyond that he already has everything to give the Phils a back to back title. he also has a very clean look so tailored clothes will absolutely amp his appeal.. crush ko na siya 🙂 oh and btw, please lang ha. he shouldn’t do what andrea biondo did during his formal photo shoot wearing a clunky aviator watch in a formal suite. i trust since A and Q siya, he will be styled tastefully.. ang cute niya!

  7. Tito Norms, was he handpicked by Jonas? If so, I was expecting somebody with a more discernible X factor. Like what I’m getting from Neil Perez nung pinagtabi sila.

    At any rate, ang sexy naman ng voice ng interviewer. 😁

  8. Sir Jonas Gaffud have an eye talaga kung sino ang best rep na pwedeng ipadala. One of the best looking rep we have. Tito norms any idea kung meron ng support group si Daniel? 🙂

    • Mag aral ka muna bakla para makapag judge man lang sa mga barangay pageant, tulad ng madalas mong sinasabi. Gusto mong ipakita na nag aral ka pero asal basura ka bugok!

  9. Jonas gafud’s flavor of the month. Parang ice cream lang. Mejo hiponish. Mejo lumalaki na ulo ni jonas ha. Kala mo ka level na si ousmel.

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