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  1. Kawawa naman itong babaitang ito. Napag iwanan na sa pageang na ito. Buti na lang di masyado napapag usapan ang MW ngayon kundi halata ang pangungulelat nya. Kung si Cynthia Tomallia sana ang anjan (who by the way is more deserving than LL) eh di sana nangunguna na tayo sa mga fast track events and lagi center of attention. Itong si LL waley.

  2. Hi Gemma- here’s the transcript of the scandalous video with your dear Lorraine. Enjoy!

    Journalist: What if we offer more? Now we will talk to Moscow, the President of our group – a generous man. He has agreed to double the amount
    Lorraine: Oh my God! This is quite another matter!
    Journalist: So, the price – four million dollars, your word?
    Lorraine: Well, yes. But not in this show. This is all laid out. If you want for the next year without problems we will arrange Russia first. True, but I will have to work hard with the members of the jury
    Journalist: But you know how to go to them, so to speak, through the back door?
    Lorraine: Yes. The main thing – to not flawed to the press. It must be realistic as possible. There should be no question on the voting.
    Journalist: If we agree how we will transfer the money?
    Lorraine: Agreed to carry four million in cash – that’s insane! Transfer through a bank. We can always come up with it sponsorship or anything like that. This is not a problem!

    • When someone here created an issue about the meeting of Lorraine and Alyz I put the link here from missosology where that transcript came from.

      And for Lorraine’s side of the story for that, Joyce Burton published it on her blog where the link is below 👇👇👇👇

      U might even be shocked with the other links I posted below 👇👇👇👇👇

  3. Laura’s chances of winning is 100% if she trained with KF. Kaso hinde eh, so ang baba ng probability na manalo sya. Hay.. sige nood na lang tayo. Pageant pa din naman yan, yun nga lang di winner ang Philippines

    • Beh, antagal nang handle ng KF ang Miss World nung 90s pa lang pero never sila nanalo. Nanalo lang nung 2013. Huwag mong sabihin na mananalo si Megan Young dahil artista siya where in fact sinabi niya she needed training. Also, si Maggie Wilson nga artista at KF trained di rin nanalo.

    • sa dami ng comment mo dito ako mas natawa 😂. Miss Globe nga at MGI d mapanalo MW pa. and oh! MU muna bago MW. Mahirap manalo sa MW ngayon kahit KF ka pa or anung team. Pag nanalo kayo sa MU this year which is Very very fine for all of us here eh aagree ako sa sinabi mo. uulit ulitin ko/namin ang KF is The Powerhouse of The Philippines!!! agree mga ka Aces? 😂

  4. I like Laura.. I support her. but I lost interest lang talaga sa pageant na to. I don’t know.. maybe nasa maling pageant siya?

  5. I’m concerned that she’s not getting any exposure compared to USA, Mexico, Indonesia and Russia. I wonder what’s running inside Julia’s head right now.

  6. good luck, laura!!!
    i hope that you do not feel abandoned
    it seems like the fans support you but not the MW org.

    sanya looks great, enjoy!

    • Nobody abandoned her. We support her in a form of a prayer. But to engage in a phony ploy of Julia, we learned our lesson.

      Let it be known also that the case of ME is different from our predicament last year from MW. ME has accounting firm to support it’s decision and Lorraine is willing to open it’s result with court order as she said before. Julia only has Blink Forest, her dummy tabulator whom you can’t even search at Google neither at Linkedin.

      And pertaining to a vote of Lorraine on the judging panel, such that it favors Karen and pulls the other candidate down, then how come Miriam Quiambao was able to penetrate the Top3 at MU1999 despite the fact that she was given a score of 2.2 at the evening gown competition.

      • Bago nga pala may mamilosopo about the relationship of this comment Kung paanong napunta Yung scoring from ME to MU.

        It’s the concept of accountability of the accounting firm.


      • Well at least Julia has no recorded conversation of offering the crown for an amount. Something Lorraine can’t claim and deny. Remember the controversial conversation with a Russian? Lol!

      • Veks, Miss U removes the highest and lowest scores and averages the rest. That’s to remove the so called “bias”… hihihi

      • adventuresofabeautyqueen.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/lorraine-schuck-tells-abq-i-did-not-accept-russian-bribe/amp/

        That explains about the bribery issue years back

      • good point…magkaiba ang case MW result last year and ME ngaun…walang clear basis ng result. Kwestyunable ang resulta, kwestyunable ang mga judges,walang tabulation na naganap, no accounting firm to officially audit the scores…the entire process ng coronation ang kinukwestyon. Dumagdag poa yung fact na Catriona nailed every fast track event and given the most covincing answer in the final round contrary to PR’s non placement in all fast tracks. In ME, karen performed exceptionally from prejudging all the way to the finals night. All the perceived front runners and heavy favorites failed to shine in the finals. There were judges who scored the candidates and an accounting firm who tabulated the results. With this facts malinaw na niluto ang MW last year while karen’s win can be justified

  7. Alam naman ng lahat dito kung gaano ako kagalit sa mga TAE. At ang advocacy ko sa buhay na There should no Thai girl to win Big4 Crown Forever. Kaya Super tawa ko nang tumama ang hula ko kay Fahsai Lupasay na nganga sya sa Top4. At sa ngayon plang yang Maria Porntetarp na yan hanggang Top 6 lang kaya nyan na possivle highest placement. At sa MW nila na mukhang PLATO ang mukha, humagulgol raw nang natabi kay Laura kasi nasabihan siya ng isang press na pakigitna si Laura at tumabi si TAE.

    • Ugly & racist undertones to this comment. Pageants ought to be fun & entertaining & opportunities to develop understanding of the beauty of different cultures. You’re just promoting hate. And to use derogatory terms to refer to Thailand, one of the most beautiful countries & cultures in Southeast Asia … it’s seriously shameful that Pinoys like you exist. Some basic manners & respect & human decency & kindness please.


    • @baklah maledukado! Una hindi namin alam na galit ka sa kanila. Sino ka ba para malaman namin lahat ng hinanakit mo sa buhay. Pangalawa, huwag mong igeneralise lahat ng Thais. I am working with a lot of Thais and almost all the Thais I know are well-mannered and good people. Kung may Thai na bumitak ng puso mo, baka naman ikaw din ang may kasalanan kasi nga mukhang maledukado ka. Kaya lubayan mo ang mga Thais. Magtrabaho ka na lang mabuti kasi success is the best revenge.

  8. Kawawang Miss World!!! Di mabenta sa Pilipinas. Yung mga Pre pageant activities nila jusko walang ka interes interes mga baklah sa h2h challenge na yan!!! Hahahaha

    Walang wala sila sa MGI at ME kahit nga MI eh mas masarap pang panoorin ang activities. Miss World para kaung hindi Beauty Pageant. Nakaka walang gana panoorin lalo na yung BAKLANG PUNGGOK nyu na host na super annoying Canadian Accent. Ewwww!! Antayin ko nalang ang DANCES OF THE WORLD saka ANNOUNCEMENT OF WINNERS. Saka ung FAREWELL WALK ng Despacito Girl from Puerto Rico!!!

    • Compare them to the winners (past and present) and owner of the “3rd biggest pageant” daw who throw shades to Karen and you will just scratch your head…

    • Ayy ang classy ng veks. Despite being from different camps she still wished her well. Love love love Kylie na!!!

      • ganyan nman dapat…magkaiba man ng camp at the end of the day, PHILIPPINES lang ang sash nilang lahat na reps ng bansa natin…suporta dapat

  9. I hope Laura can weather the onslaught of bashers and doubters. I have high hopes that despite this no-to-MW noise by a tiny fraction of the Philippine pageant enthusiasts and supporters, she can emerge victorious.

    • i dont think it’s a tiny fraction. She’s actually not getting enough votes compared to the previous years. I am sure she will get Top 5 placement tho as damage control of last year. She might be even get Top 3 as Julia changed her plans of making Miss Indonesia win.

      • An Indonesia is still highly possible. Every freaking segment by Barney in the Head to Head challenge, you’ll always see Indonesia. USA and Mexico have high chances of winning too.

    • I don’t think she’s being bashed. It’s more the Pinoy fans who turned against MW. Who knows it might actually be good for Lau to be under the radar…

  10. It’s going to be a tough, uphill battle for Laura. After last year’s MW “madhouse”, I kinda lost interest following MWO. It seems like its popularity has dwindled and overpowered by the relatively lesser known MIss Earth, MGI & Miss Globe. Admittedly, I have closely followed those 3 as well as RHA. I haven’t even browsed through the MW website at all. Be that as it may, I wanna wish Laura the best of luck in her MW journey. Good luck, Laura 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • This blogpost of Miss Colombia shows her civility, intellectuality and compassion. It politely reminds us all to express our opinions with respect. As beauty may be subjective, we all have to respect divergent opinions. We cannot force on others our own beliefs through bullying.

      In the face of all these histrionics on Karen’s win, it takes a level-headed foreigner, and a runner-up at that, to remind us to stop the bashing. My foreign friends too are all shaking their heads in disbelief that this is happening in the Philippines. We look so pathetic. To think we claim to be a beauty pageant powerhouse.

      • exactly…some pinoys are bi polar tlga…nakakahiya ang mga asal…we’re known for bayanihan spirit pero eto tayo nanlalaglag ng kapwa pinoy natin…

      • Si baklush dipa maka move on. Mag aral muna para next time maka upo kana para maging judge man lang sa barangay beauty contest.

  11. View this post on Instagram

    WARNING : NOBELA PO ITO. Pagbigyan 😅 Some people say its an unknown pageant, a small pageant, an insignificant pageant but if you really do find time to know about it you’ll be surprised what Reina Hispanoamericana is. The first few days was really tough kung alam niyo lang and naiyak talaga ako pero i pushed myself and nabuhayan ako ng loob dahil sa mga pinoy. ❤️ Gusto ko lang po mag thank you sa mga tao na tumulong saakin sorry if medyo nobela. 🙈 thank you sa wynaddicts na sobrang pinapasaya ako sa group chat and sa pag update sa lahat. Mga pages who also helped me spread the word for the votes, all fans of my friends – aldub and iba pa salamat!..:) my tikis, puks, southville, mga prof ko, tita gelene and sa lahat ng kaibigan ko na simula palang naniwala at walang sawa mag remind na kaya ko at pagalitan pa ako pag nasisisra loob ko. Pong, Renz and JP you 3 made sure i will look like a queen everyday kahit madami nag dodoubt saakin kayong 3 hindi ako iniwan and you made sure that i have everything i need to look like a queen thank you so much. MWP family, my sisters, bessie,pj and sir arnold salamat sa lahat ng help sa lahat ng stress natin nalagpasan natin hehe and sa ACES and QUEENS family ko mga mama ko my gosh kayo reason kung bakit mas naging confident ako mag perform, YOU GUYS pushed me and you never gave up on me and thank you soo much kahit minsan nag oover think ako naiintindihan niyo ako hehe (mama j ikaw reason bakit ganito lakad ko mana ako sayo haha – mama ru, momi, tito nad, kuya pau, albert ..sa lahat ng aces and queens i love you) . To mama, daddy, tita via, pangga ko and to my whole family kayo ang rock ko thank you for being beside me sa lahat lahat even if may point na ayaw niyo na ako sumali kasi nakita niyo kung gaano ako nalungkot pero dahil nakita niyo na gusto ko talaga you guys held my hand all the way to my dream ❤️ (continuation on my next post)

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  12. It seems Miss World lost the excitement. No Facebook feeds, nothing as if they are hidden on the imperial palace of mystery. My bet to win is Miss Macao.

  13. A girl wasted. She could of at least get a minor crown and get an international crown than joining in this MessWorld

  14. ang kapal ng feslak ng tga Thailand na panget daw si Karen, e Diyos ko ang kandidata nila sa Miss World ay mukhang P.A ni Laura. Kapal ng Fes

    • Ateng, intindihin mo nalang sila. Lahat ng hotpicks before the finals siya Ang bet Kaya disappointed sila tulad natin last year sa MW.

      Kung maipo post ko Lang yung mga Meme na ginawa sa kanya talaga namang mga below the belt but I’d rather not at baka sundan pa dun ng mga keyboard warrior Wala namang kahahantungan. World Peace!

      • Although parehong bet si Fahsai at Catriona ng mga hotpicks ang pinagkaiba si Catriona nagdeliver come finals night as expected but was denied the crown…si Fahsai didn’t delivered unexpectedly kaya di nanalo….yung disappointment nating mga pinoy may basehan. Yung sa kanila wala.

  15. And for those who Are opposed to the hair flipping , watch Clenci at MGI . Initially , it gave me a shock factor . Once I got used to it , I realized Clenci’s SS performance was excellent .. to say the least .
    As for Rachel’s version of hair flipping , I think it makes her look extremely feminine while maintaining class . This girl really looks expensive .

    All our reps are definitely it girls – Clenci Laura Rachel Mariel Chanel and yes Karen.
    Ibe is a little coy and provincial
    Whereas Kat behaves more like an urban hip hop girl .shes so ‘black’

    • Fabian you are such a racist rat tse hihihihi
      I understand you live in the US where citizens have issues against blacks.
      What do you mean by “she is so black”. I am insulted by that statement because myself is leaning towars being “black” and I don’t find anything wrong with that at all.
      Please go and live for a while somewhere in Africa to recalibrate (Karen Ibasco’s word) your mind about black people. Tse hihihihi

      • Bakit ka negative, kung makatira akala mo alam ang pinaghuhugutan, langya. See, hindi mo pa pala alam ang tunay na kahulugan ng sinabi ni Fab. Alam mo, kaw dapat mag calibrate ng utak at ugali na rin. Ganyan parati ang ngawa mo dito kahit wala ka sa tamang lugar! Kung hindi alam, maging mapagkumbaba at alamin muna ang katotohanan bago manira!

      • Ay Bayan Ko ikaw pala yan? Di kita napansin
        Im so sorry! Please read the undertones of my comment. Dont take it seriously dahlinn… oh if i remember it correctly, you are the dutertard right? No wonder.

      • Undertones? Palusot ka pa! Dyan ka nga magaling. I just prefer to support kahit sino man ang nakaupo sa pwesto dahil ang bayan ang nagluklok sa kung sino man ang presidente. Kung hindi ka satisfied sa kung sino man ang nakaupo, kaw ang may problema. Tapos na ang election, ang kailangan ng gobyerno ay suporta bilang hinirang ng madla, unless parati kang nagmamagaling at nagmamarunong.

  16. Can’t deny. My eyes went straight to Miss Venezuela. Muy hermosa!

    Best of luck, Miss Philippines!

    • Yup Venezuela is very pretty . She seems humble and reasonably articulate .

  17. 2 major crowns await the Philippines – MW and MU . The country is repped by 2 gorgeous smart ambitious and extremely articulate girls .
    We are going to have Miss Supra as well.
    And if no one gives a strong speech, it maybe the first back to back ever for Mi.
    MIntercon Phils. , good luck!!!

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