9 comments on “Our pair of entries to Super Model Universe 2017

  1. Team Philippines continues to dominate the international pageant stage, winning titles in Supermodel Universe 2017 pageant!

    A student of Integrated Montessori Center Hadrian Kim Bueno was named Mister Super Model Universe 2017 in Sofia, Bulgaria on November 10, 2017 (Nov 11 in PH) . He bested 13 other men from all over the world and succeeded last year’s winner Gagan Verma of India.

    Meanwhile, Thamara Alexandria Pacursa, a senior high school student in OB Montessori Center, was crowned Super Fotomodel Universe, a subtitle in Female Category.

    According to their website, The pageant “Super Model Universe” was created with the idea to present new models for the world podium and its best modeling agencies.

    Congratulations Hadrian and Thamara!

  2. Naintindihan kaya Ng mga organizers Ang meaning Ng supermodel? Parang walang bahid Yung reps natin. Lol! Good luck still!

  3. Speaking of Davao Momma Norms, you featured once or twice about a Beauty Pageant that originates from Davao City with few international candidates/representatives and you’re the PR/media manager if i’m not mistaken 🙂

  4. Not a super model type, mas bagay sa kanya pacute role sa tv, totoy na totoy ang mukha

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