141 comments on “Sunday Specials: The Philippines wins its 4th Miss Earth crown

  1. nag pm na ko sa mga national directors na ibasco already knew the question before hand thatcis why unfair sa ibang girls. anyway they are not sending delegates next year. never ever accuse miss world a cooking show when we all know its mess earth who is notorious of manipulating the results. may degree ka pala sa culinary arts loraine shuck? di ko lang alam kung classmates kayo ni julia morley. mandaraya ang mess earth!

  2. Im trying to weigh things about Ms Ibasco’s win… i am not a fan but i pity her for all the negativity hurled on her as if it was her fault. i bet MEO knew too well the backlash if Philippines wins but out of respect to the judges’ decision they did what was right. Ms ibasco may not be facially beautiful as the other preferred candidates by the pageant fans but there are other aspects to this competition that I believe she excelled. She has a body to die for and unquestionable wit and intelligence. The org is looking for a spokesperson and she fits the bill right. Could you blame her is she gives her best or should u prefer she underperform just so she wont get the crown? That wont be fair to her. Next year MEO will expect less country participation turn out and Ms ibasco will be the most hated and bullied winner. But if they stick to their advocacy and if they believe in their organization’s thrust, it will last. In the end, these girls job is to make Earth more beautiful rather than themselves. Peace!

    • , it was partly her fault coz sumali sali pa sya on her own volition e d-i naman sya kagandahan.. E beauty pageant etong nasalihan nya.. And yes spokesperson ang hanap, one with brains, articulate, but take note, matched with a beautiful face and body. E kinulang sya d’un sa ganda factor.. Kaya d-i mo rin masisisi mga bashers.

      • That’s very painful Marvin
        Karen joined pageants because she knew she was beautiful .
        And she is beautiful
        I’m just not sure she is beautiful enough to deserve an international crown … everything considered including her background

  3. We just have to face the fact that Karen aced that Q & A right on target. Honestly, I’m kinda disappointed that the front runners didn’t live up to the hype. Much as I want Thailand to win, its either she got nervous or she really didn’t get the concept of being a millenial. I expected Venezuela to enter the Top 4 but that didn’t happen. Netherlands delivered a short, run of the mill, rehearsed answer. Karen’s closest competition is Australia, who clearly understands the question and gave a coherent answer. Russia has the same answer as Karen but delivered it unconvincingly. Much as I lauded Colombia because of her effort to answer in straight English, her answer lacks something. In short, no one was smart enough to beat Karen in her own game. But what is done is done. Moving on to the next pageant.

    • And congratulations to Miss Ibasco. Her intelligence and background will be a great asset to the cause of The Miss Earth Organization. May she succeed in her reign as an environmental warrior.

    • Actually Colombia answered it properly and I preferred her answer than the rest.. Poor English should not be a basis of the overall context of the answer.

    • I prefer Colombia’s answer too. It was sincere and unrehearsed. I dont know but I have a feeling that Karen already knew the question and that delivery alone tells it all.

  4. A much deserved win! Obviously, she nailed each segment of the competition and gave the most intelligent answer during the final Q&A portion. So, why the bashings?

    It is pathetic that to this day, some Filipinos still have vestiges of colonial mentality in their concept of beauty— Western archetype– white skin, pointed noses, wide eyes, and long legs. But there is no global beauty standard as the concept is culturally defined! Yet, Karen is the quintessential Oriental beauty! Moreover, her inner glow makes her more beautiful—intelligence, character, achievements, social compassion, and genuine concern for the environment. And her academic credentials speak eloquently of a beautiful mind—just a masteral degree in physics.

    So what if she’s from the home court? Are we going to lose the opportunity of having an excellent spokesperson of ME’s advocacy just because she came from the same country of the organizers? Yes, it would be a shrewd business decision to name any other country as winner, but between business and advocacy, the judges chose the latter.

    Sometimes, I just shake my head at the Filipinos’ capacity for self-flagellation. Accordingly, an Oriental and Malayan beauty is no match to Western beauty archetypes. A hometown decision is embarrassing to foreigners. And yet, we jeer to oblivion MW for denying last year the title to our representative, a Western beauty type with a foreign-sounding name.

    But I have faith in Karen that she will do justice to the crown. I believe she is the type who can solidly define what it means to be an Earth Warrior. There is much urgency on the challenges planet Earth is facing today. Beyond tree planting and reuse-reduce-recycle campaigns in the grassroots, I believe much of the work lies collaborating with United Nations agencies and with the Paris Treaty Secretariat, linking up with global NGOs, governments, academic institutions, and celebrity activists for the environment. If Karen can do this, she will have silenced all the squawkings coming out of the crypts of cyberspace. And she will have solidified the brand essence of ME and its image as pacesetter in advocacy-driven pageantry.

  5. There’s nothing to be ashamed! Well deserved victory for Karen Ibasco. I’m glad pageants are evolving. It’s not just physical beauty but the overall personality and brain of a queen. Don’t apologize for doing your best Karen. And certainly the Philippines is on a roll and you expect bashers and trolls coming our way. Not pageant fans will surely applaud that the smartest one won. Period. I’m not a fan of Karen but I am now. Love love love

  6. Ang mga baklang bitter. I pity those who can’t even accept the fact that Miss Philippines outsmarted them all. I like to criticize things that I don’t like but gurlMiss Philippines deserved it. You can’t send a candidate to United nation and talk about climate change if you don’t have the mastery to expound your notion. Spell millennial mga baklush Kung Hindi nyo alam bitter as in bitter. Next round Miss Philippines 🇵🇭. Don’t cry may next year pa naman. At Kung ayaw nyo sa Miss earth wala naman kawalan sa organization. Cia baboo mag aral muna mga baklush. At please mag trabaho na.

  7. it was weird for me seeing comments that MEO should not let karen win
    because she is a philippine candidate competing in a philippine based pageant
    in the meantime she was working hard and trying her best
    i, for one, would not want to let anybody give their best and tell them “…but you are not going to win because…”
    i applaud karen for not letting that faze her and just keep on keeping on, that is the spirit.

    in comparison, you would not hear americans wish that miss usa would not place or win as often
    on a us-based pageant.

    it’s a difference in mentality: some filipinos think about how a philippine win would look in the eyes of other countries, whereas in the u.s. the clear goal is to win

    • She should not win because she is UGLY and not because she is from the Philippines. Look at her close up pic with her baku bako face and get back to me if you find her beautiful. Lol!

      • Ryan it seems that you just a plain stupid faggot or a plain crab 🦀. She fought fair and square. Unfortunately the other candidates weren’t able to deliver The goods that they supposedly deliver. Karen outsmarted the rest of the candidates. If they are talking in front of the United Nation and they don’t even know what is The word they talking about like you a low creature in this world that needs to be educated.


      • @Ivan Read and check out the blogs and posts of pageant fans all over the world. They all find her UGLY. Lol! Call me stupid and faggot all you want, At least I’m telling the truth. Fans like you, Karen and the MEO are the world’s laughing stock right now.

        @Sunkist that pic is not edited. Ask her co candidates in Miss Philippines Earth and they will confirm that her face is like pinipig crunch. 😂

      • It is pretty obvious that at some point in your life nanalo ka na sa isang int’l beauty tilt. Thank you for making our country proud. Pwede ka pa sumali ulit sa ibang patimpalak because I am very sure you have the face, body and intelligence to nail it again! Advance congratulations ineng!

    • Majority if not all of the Miss U candidates from the US come ready and prepared — physically and mentally .
      So it’s no surprise that most of them make the semifinal round At least.
      Last Miss USA win at MU was in 2012 then 1997 then 1980 ( dethroned pa).

      So let’s compare notes .

      • i dunno, Ryan, somebody commented that that particular photo was doctored
        she looked great in the no make-up part of the competition, so i have doubts about the autheticity of that photo

      • Fabian, that’s exactly what i mean, in a way.
        the u.s. will pick and prepare who they think is the best candidate
        and will be supported with the goal to win regardless of whether the pageant is based in the u.s.

  8. Lol this pageant’s credibility decreases every year, they ain’t even trying anymore. Anyways congrats to her and GOOD LUCK to her reign, nafi-feel kong magiging matinik ang reign nya lols. I wonder what ME is thinking..

  9. I feel sorry for Karen, should she underperform, she could have been bashed, and now that she perform beyond expectation she’s still criticised!

    Questionable Ang dating sa ibang mga ND and pageant guru ng pagkapanalo niya especially with her exotic beauty!

    For now this is a bitter pill to swallow for ME though they did the right thing.

    • If Karen was hypothetically put at MU, in both ways she would still reach the Top 3 given her good comm skills and pasarela and no one will question the result if she wins.

      • At MU , she had to make it into the semifinal round first .. and then the swimsuit and the gown competitions … before the question and answer.
        I don’t think she would make first base at MU.

    • At Miss USA And Miss U and just abt any pageant , it’s not always the prettiest that wins .
      But facial beauty should factor in big time as this is the first thing that people see. Based on this alone , Karen should not have made it into the top 16.

      • Okay but ME and MU are straying away from this idea. It’s not just about facial beauty anymore. They gravitate towards women who are empowered, confident and intelligent. And Karen Ibasco meets these factors without a doubt.

        Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting her to win either. I really thought Thailand and Venezuela were the complete packages this year. But basing on their performance sa finals, these ladies fell short.

        I also disagree with you, even though facial beauty was worth more, Karen would’ve still made it to the top 16 because she knows how to walk on stage, she’s confident, she’s intelligent and she’s physically fit!

  10. Iba na ang format ngayon ng mga pageant thanks to MU na nagsimula ng ganyang format nung ginanap ang MU dito. Fast paced na ngayon thanks to technology kasi may mga gadget and internet naman kaya mabilis ang collection and transmitting of results. Di kagaya dati na manual counting. Kahit sa election nakikita yan! Saka SGV naman ang nag audit so ok na may credibility naman sila. haha

    With regards to production siyempre kung producer ka you would run the show in a most efficient way kasi more time=more money spent. Hindi na uso yung ubusan ng time sa isang kandidata, Kung kaya ko silang pagrampahin lahat why not? The judges will see who’s a good candidate from a bad candidate right there and then.

    Iba na din ang mga winners ngayon more on confident, empowered, and intelligent speakers na. Beauty cannot make you win alone it’s the overall package. Di kasalanan ng ME kung mahihina ang ipinapadala ng ibang pageants sa kanila. Yung si Ms. Thailand nga eh latak lang ng Ms. Universe Thailand 2nd RU lang siya dun let’s face it so meaning kahit maganda siya, may kulang sa kanya.

    Let’s all embrace change and stop complaining sa mga bagay na hindi naman kacomplain complain. I understand your disappointment but let’s think some sense about it di yung mga maliit na bagay ginagawa niyong big deal.

    ME is our country’s pageant so we must support it rather than degrade it. If you have frustations go ahead and write a letter to Carousel or better yet mag apply kayo dun ang let’s see what you can do to make it better. All pageants are not perfect they still have flaws.

  11. I agree that Ms Phil did good especially in the Q&A portion but so as the other 3 or more who are gorgeously beautiful. Maybe they should solicit less pinoy judges in the future. San hindi na isinama sa judges si Ms. Schuck. Just my take…

  12. Things I noticed in this year’s edition of Miss Earth:

    1. The introduction was unique. Having the candidates introduce themselves wearing superhero costumes and shouting their aliases instead of their names breathes a fresh air to the usual parade of nations.

    2. Announcing the top 16 of each preliminary round was also something new. It gave you an idea of which ladies will advance to the final 16. Although, that was no longer needed because the list that matters was that of the 16 semifinalists. They could have used that time for other rounds in the competition.

    3. I find the transition of the competition rushed. While the top 16 were being called, they were already graded for their beauty and poise. Then during the swimwear round, they were grouped in fours and had little exposure to show their goods. I was kind of confused when the final 8 was called one by one, judges were still grading them. Will those grades have any bearing for the next cut? As I have observed, what catapulted those ladies in the final 4 were their answers in the hashtag round.

    3. The invited entertainers’ musical numbers were not really put into advantage. I was really quite amused with Shontelle’s outfit when she sang upstage. I think, it would have made an impact if she sang while the girls were flaunting their swimsuits. Same with Iskandar, the violin is a great background instrument for the evening gown competitions. I guess, he settled for the final look for the top 8 ladies instead. Their musical numbers were just wrongly place in the program.

    4. James Deakin’s hosting skills were remarkable. He really knew what he was doing that time. There were just times when he announce the finalists, as if something was lodged in his throat and was about to cough out some phlegm. Nevertheless, he was nice to look at on screen.

    5. There were some technical difficulties. There was an instance that a microphone feedback was heard. Then you can hear people talking at the background. The LCD screens were kind of okay, though.

    6. I was surprised when Thailand did not enter the top 4. Her answer to her hashtag gave her away. Venezuela’s was plausible, but she got the same fate as Thailand’s. In my opinion, majority of the judges were Filipinos, and they were looking for a kind of winner who has a great command in the English language. It has always been our habit, conscious or not, to critique others for the way they use the English language. It’s not just about the ability to speak fluent English, the accent, or the construction of grammatically correct sentences, but it’s also about how coherent, cohesive and relevant your answer is to a question. Unfortunately, Fahsai and Ninoska just didn’t pass the judges’ standards.

    7. This has got to be the most controversial winner (perhaps most bashed) ME has ever had in its entire existence. I cringed when I heard Philippines and Australia got included in the top 4, for both of them are Filipinas. It would have been better if Australia got included and no Philippines, or the other way around. I was really rooting for Thailand or Venezuela to win, but you already know how they performed in the hashtag round. In fairness to Karen, she really did well on all segments of the competition, especially on those that tests one’s ability to think under pressure. She did deliver great answers which made the judges voted for her to become the eventual winner of the contest. I even hoped that Colombia would win instead of her. I think MEO should think twice on letting the Philippine representative place in the top 4. It’s already enough that the pageant is shrouded with many controversies and conspiracy theories, and now this? It’s like MEO gathered ladies from all around the world here in our country so that they can witness our own contender getting crowned. Don’t get me wrong. It’s just too soon to crown Philippines after that back to back win on 2014 and 2015. This might affect the pageant’s buy in to other countries and they might speculate that something’s really not right even if the judges’ decision is transparent. Oh well…

    All in all, the production gets a 6/10 rating. Better than last year’s, perhaps. Congratulations to Karen Ibasco for Winning Miss Earth 2017!

  13. one thing’s for sure. Hindi minanipula ng MEO ang tabulation para manalo si karen. SGV ang accounting firm and credible sila. Sadyang naimpress ang judges kay karen. Hindi sya ang gusto kong manalo pero kitang kita ang lamang nya sa Q&A. wAG TAYONG MAGBULAG BULAGAN. Naniniwala ba kayong nandaya ang MEO? Bakit pag sa ibang country ginagawa gusto nyo plging panalo tayo pero pag dito gustong gusto nyong piniplease ang mga foreigners to the point na ayaw nyong bigyan ng credit ang efforts ng rep natin? Judges ang nagdecide. Let’s all be rational. Karen won because the judges saw something in her that we refuse to see to begin with.

    • Has there ever been a host country that has won 3 crowns with a back to back win within just a short span of 4 years? Please tell us.

      • so whats your point.. dahil nangyari bawal?? the competition and the judging had been very fair. if di ka convince, maybe you can write to MEO to furnish you the scoresheets. next time tell mpe to send below average phil delegates or have sacrificial lambs mga one decade.

      • So Ms. Earth ang mag-aadjust ganon? Karen was the strongest performance there so if deserve niya manalo it’s her right to win the crown. Di naman kasalanan ng Ms. Earth kung hindi kalakasan ang pinapadala ng ibang countries. Makikita mo talaga kung sino ang nag training at hindi yung iba dun hilaw pa talaga. Kung gusto manalo ng ibang mga country better yet send a good speaker to ME, have a wide knowledge of environmental topics as well as current issues para manalo ka. That’s how it works now!

      • You should check Miss USA track record in Miss U. Not in the 4 year span but overall.. hihihi

    • In regard to Q&A, how the hell did Australia get into the top 4 when she choked on her hashtag question. Most likely because she’s half Filipina, which points to MEO’s biased mindset in selecting the finalists.

      • She did choke but she still delivered it and if you listen to her answer alone, you can see that it has substance. Isip2 din!

      • Agree ako sa case ni Australia. I like her over Thailand pero mas gusto ko si Venezuela ang nasa Top4 before Australia base on Hashtag round. Russia and Venezuela may translator pero ganda ng sagot at mas maganda pa sa sagot ni Colomvia. I think average score ng swimsuit at hashtag ang nagdetermin ng Top4.

  14. Congratulations, Karen ! She may not be the most facially beautiful among the candidates, but, she is undoubtedly the smartest ! i strongly believe her wit and intelligence won her the crown. The bashings have already started, but, let’s all remember it is not Karen’s fault. Let’s wish her the best as she starts her journey as Miss Earth 2017 and hopefully prove all her bashers and detractors wrong. Peace out 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. Napagod na ko kakatanggol sa Miss Earth ah. Pangit na nga ng format lalo na ng swimsuit. Mas malala sa MU. Buti pa run tinatawag per country at nakakalakad ng solo kahit in threes ang pasok. Eh sa ME jusko apat na nga sila di pa nakarampa ng solo. Wala pa atang 5 minutes yun tapos may resulta na agad for top 8. Wala ring evening gown competition. Sana nagpaQuiz Bee na lang sila or Miss Q&A. At the end of the day it’s still a BEAUTY PAGEANT. Sobrang disappointed ako. Di na ko magpapakaKeyboard warrior kakatanggol sa Miss Earth.

    • the evening gown was done on the spot after their names are called in the top 16…poise wearing their evening gowns were judged to get the top 8…when the names were called during the top 8, they were scored by the judges automatically as they walk in font…that’s figure and form plus the earth talk interview…then trim to top 4

  16. Imagine if this pageant was Chinese-owned, and Miss China won its 3rd crown in just four years, I wonder how Filipinos would react?

    • The exclusion of strong competitive and articulate candidates from the top 8 such as Miss USA, Puerto Rico, India, US Virgin Islands, etc. favored Karen to win.

      Australia, half-Filipina, flubbed her hashtag answer to “terrorist attacks” and should not have been part of the top 4. Venezuela was thrown under the bus to make room for her.

      Sorry, but not sorry.

      • Agree ako dapat wala si Aussie girl sa Top4. It should be Venezuela. Sayang talaga si Bosnia kasi siya ang nag topnotcher sa prelim ng Poise and Face pero kanina natapilok sya kaya naligwak sa Top8.

    • eh kung bopols sumagot sa q&a yung rep nila at nananalo parin tlgang magrereact ang mga pinoy…tuwing kelan ba nagrereact ang mga pinoy? diba pag natatalo yung candidate natin sa final round even if sya may pinakamagandang sagot? o ayan…palung palo ang sagot ni Philippines…impressed much ang mga judges kaya nanalo tapos ayaw nyo? feeling nyo not fair? ano bang mentalidad meron kayo

  17. Humihina na ang lakas ng Venezuela sa mga pageant, last year nganga sila this year si Nawat pa lang nakapag place sa kanila. Colombia at mga ibang latin countries na ang umaangat. Dati sila parati nananalo pero ngayon since Q and A na ang labanan mejo tagilid na which is a sign of a good change dahil hindi na pang beauty lang ang mga pageants. Ang baba kaya ng tingin ng mga tao noon sa pageant kasi feeling nila ganda2 lang pero bobo naman, but now look at the change mga empowered, confident, strong women ang sumasali. And seeing the trend, mga taga South East Asia ang nananalo which will continue for the next years.


  18. naku naku naku as in malaking NAKU. Shoeses ko po na marami…anong kababalaghan at katarantaduhan ito Miss Earth..magkaroon naman kayo ng hiya at delikadesa. Ito ba ang nanalo chakaness to the max. Dati nung nanalo si Angelia Ong sa Austria, ok pa ng konti pero ito? Shoes ko po. Parang nagpakamatay ang Miss Earth. Sana tatlo na lang na bansa ang sasali sa 2018 para matauhan kayo..


      • Di Porket Pinoy eh dapat mag bulag bulagan para lang suportahan Ang kababalaghan Ng Miss Earth. Pangit si Karen PERIOD. No amount of explanation can justify her win.


  20. I know people will bash the outcome of #missearth because Karen won but if we OBJECTIVELY scrutinize who gave the BEST ANSWER tonight, no doubt y’all will agree with me that Philippines deserves the crown. BEAUTY is subjective and to some, she may not be the prettiest but her WINNING ANSWER made her the most beautiful girl on earth tonight! I wish Thailand and Venezuela were there too but i don’t know why they didn’t make it. Anyway, the decision has been made. Let’s support love rather than breed hate. ❤️ Pag next year Philippines pa din nanalo, ayawan na hihi

    • Wala naman umaangal sa pagkapanalo niya sa Question and Answer. Ang tanong? Bakit nakalampas siya sa top 16 at naungusan ang beauty ng 8 other super diyosa na gurls? Wala namang rampahang naganap so keber sa performance choochoo defense kuno. Hiyawan lang ang naganap. Kalorka menorka! Pero im happy parin kasi may chance na country of the year ulit this year ang feelepeens! Lurvetttttt 😂😂😂💕

      • Bet ko maging country/performer of the yr tayo ulit, beh. Anyway,na koronahan na si karen and we cannot do anything to change what happened. Perhaps deadma na lang and support other pageants. Lets us spread love na lang ❤️❤️❤️

    • But if you also OBJECTIVELY look at her beauty she shouldnt have made the Top 16.

      3 wins in 4 years di pa ba sobra?

      • Ang BEAUTY kailan man subjective yan hindi yan objective. Saka kahit na hindi siya ganung ka-beauty gaya ng ibang kandidata her performance, ramp, stage presence and Q and A will make up for it. Iba na kasi ngayon hindi lang puro BEAUTY may BRAINS na din. More on 30% beauty, 70% brains na ngayon.

      • Beh, pili ka: sobrang ganda pero di katalinuhan or saktong ganda lang pero eloquent speaker? Only a certain amount of beauty is needed for you to make the crowd listen about your advocacies.What i frown upon is the back to back and sandwich victory that we just had but it happened already. Karen deserves this. Perhaps next year Lorraine should just intentionally decide not to send a goddess/smart candidate kasi pag Miss Philippines pa din next year, ayawan na. Itigil na natin ang usapang ito. Hehehe

      • Passable candidate naman si Karen pero she’s blessed to speak intelligently and at the end of the day ang pipiliin ng org is someone who can do the job done. Di lang yan basta korona, it’s a responsibility. So kahit anong ganda niya what if maarte siya, sayang lang din. Kaya dun na ko sa willing na tumanggap ng responsibility and may utak para mag grow yung org di lang siya sikat kapag coronation night. Iba na mga pageant ngayon more on charitable/mala NGO cause na.

      • karen may not that facially beautiful compared to other delegates ( the result of top 16 on beauty of face – karen not included) but the other 2 criteria which is beauty of figure and form plus the Intelligence and environmental awareness, she nailed it…and that’s enough to propel her to top 16

      • anung sobra? eh kung magtuloy tuloy din mga panalo natin sa MU.MI,MW aangal din ba kayo ng sobra? eh sa pumalo ang sagot nya sa Q&A at naimpress ang mga judges anung magagawa natin? Gusto nyo maniubrahin ng MEO result ng tabulation para ibang delegate manalo instead of karen? mali nman ata yun. Yung judges nagdecide hindi yung MEO

    • Wala naman kasi yan sa country nasa overall performance yan ng isang candidate. Hindi nga ganong face value si Karen pero in terms of rampa, performance, stage presence, Q&A… pasok siya! Pinatunayan niyang deserve niyang humawak ng responsibility na maging Ms. Earth. Hindi lang pang ganda, pang trabaho talaga for speaking events, educating people, raising awarness. Mga ganern! hahah

  21. OOT: Super handsome pala talaga nitong si James Deakin ano?!? Mygohhd! Keber na kung walang kasupense suspense at sigaw ng sigaw sa pag hohost, ang gwapo talaga! And he has many, many, many luxury cars. Bongga si daddy! Parang gusto ko magtransform at magkaron ng vajayjay at humilata sa harapan niya at umemote ng “wag po koya, wag po!”

    • Yung bang tipo na pag nag-smile siya sayo ng ganiyan 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 At all of a sudden gusto mong maging virgin ang keps mo again. Like vergin mary kuno. Charoot!!

    • naman !!! pinapanuod ko tlga sya sa CNN phils…I would choose him anytime against hunky models…I found him sexy tlga !!! hihihi

  22. congratulations, ms. ibasco!

    i feel bad for ms thailand, it seems like she had it in the bag
    until that millenial question
    i am sure she can compete in other pageants, perhaps miss universe

    • #Millenial kasi, ewan ko lang kung na-explain ba ni James “Piyok” Deakin yung meaning ng Millenials

    • yeah…i fell bad for her too and Netherlands…they gave weak, disconnected answers…I think Thailand doesn’t know what millennial is…she didn’t answer immediately and even asked the host about it

  23. Anawindang is TRIGGERED! HAHAHAHA! Go lang bes magpaka stress ka jan at high blood at nang ma-ICU ka jan! HAHAHAHA! Love it! Sorry Anawindang ako makakatulog ako ng maayos. Inaasar lang kita. Ikaw magpaka stress ka jan kakapost pero di mo na mababago ang katotohanan at nangyari. Di ka makakatulog sa sobrang galit at inis. WOOOOOOOO REGINE! hahahahahaha! Happy Sunday for you!

  24. Sa kabilamg dako naman tayo. Alam ko na may iniisip ng kamalditahan yang si prince chulio chechar. Nakikipag agawan siya dun sa franchise ng miss world at mgi. So goodbye mezz earth venechuela franchise na ba? Avamgam.

    • On the other hand, I feel bad for prince julio kasi LOOK di siya nag-heels tonight. Known yan na pag alam niya na angat siya sa party na pinupuntahan niya at type niya magmaldita, mag lu louboutin heels talaga yan. Like last year coronation kuntodo heels siya kasi di pa gaano importante ang mezz earth sakaniya. In short, gusto niya magpakita ng respect sa mga filipino people kaya, kuntodo bow tie and normal shoes siya diyan.

  25. Congratulations to all winners of Miss Earth 2017! #credibilitynomore #donotsupport #foreverphilippinesonly #noshame #impertinenadvoccy #hastagreallymatter

  26. Miss Earth 2017 together with Miss Earth 2008 and Miss Earth 2015 winners Are ALL REJECTS in Bb. PILIPINAS, UNPLACED NOT EVEN IN TOP 15!!!! Haaaaahaaaahaaa, Jajajajaja…2w

    • Dayanara did not win at MI either .
      It goes to show luck plays a key role .

  27. Magwala ka dito Anawindang pero sorry ka, kahit 1000 comments pa gawin mo you will never be Karen who is a beauty queen, degree holder & a professor. Buong mundo man mang bash sa kanya it will not make her less of a person. Accept that reality on your brain at wag ka nang magpaka delusional diyan. Hating Karen will not add value to you as a person.

    • Vaklang ULUL ka ba O talagang Vaklang ULUL ka lang? Ikaw ang delusional, di mo ba makita na ikaw lang ang naiiba ang sentimento mo dito? Magreklamo ka sa baranggay. UGOK! Pake mo ba sa gusto namen i comment dito? Bigti na friend. May pa “accept accept the reality” “on your brain” talaga ha?!? Hahahahhaha eh bakit di mo accept ang reality na di lahat ng tao agree sa katarantaduhan mong anak ng puta ka! Hahahha. Dami mo hanash. Kiskis mo sa pader ang bayag mo ng magising ka sa katotohanan.

      Pasalamat ka at nasa good moodz ako today at ready akong makipag commentan sa kahit kanino. Charot! Last mo na yan. You’re welcome. Laslas na sa leeg fwiend! 🤣😋😜😘😺💕💋

      • Eh di wow sa mga fake likes and dislikes mo. Sorry ka na lang! At hindi ako magpapakamatay para sa walang kwentang kagaya mo utusan mo pa ko bwakang ina ka. Mamatay ka sa galit at inggit kay Karen jan! Pumutok sana ugat mo or mahighblood ka sa galit hanggang atakihin ka sa puso dahil sa galit kay Karen or malokring ka na ng tuluyan! Delusional ka naman talaga. Bagay sayo Ms. Mental 2017! Hahahahaha!

    • Please. Just stop defending/justifying. With what happened, bash all they want is now their right. Kaloka.

      • You have no right to stop me because it’s my right to comment too just like theirs. Bye!

  28. Miss Earth winner did not even make it to Top 16 in Beauty and Poise hahahahahaha….. and she didnt even make it to Top 15 in Bb. PILIPINAS when Pia Wurtzbach won d title. NGEEEEEEEEEEE…..

    • o ngayon? wala kang magagawa kc di ka judge…ang gawin mo kausapin mo lahat ng nag judge at sa kanila mo paratingin yang mga hinaing mo

  29. Oh my god talaga nakakahiya na talaga
    Look at that group pic alone ng mga winners
    I can’t even know what to say. Sayang tong Miss Earth na to.
    Filipino nga naman… tsk tsk tsk

  30. So far I can say that KF is doing a good job…. Almost complete ang placements… Clenci 2nd RU, Ibe 1st RU, Ibasco Miss Earth 2017, let’s see ang huling alas.. Si Rachel!

    As far as A&Q let’s see if Winwyn will win the crown (which I support and predict), Laura (di ko alam), Mariel(mejo malabo), Chanel(pwedeng manalo), and Katarina(pwede ring manalo).

    Since madaming bida2 dito gawa na din kayo ng beauty camp ang let’s see how will it fair against the big wigs of the pageant industry. Hahahaha!

  31. When Lorraine gave Karen a Perfect score in ALL segments of the Miss Philippines Earth finale, I already knew Karen would get at least an elemental crown. She was highly favored, albeit unfairly. I didn’t expect that they will go that far and crown Karen with the Miss Earth title. Yes, she is intelligent but that face is undeniably average. Palakasan talaga and Walang delicadeza.

    Now the people are in an uproar, including a lot of Filipinos. The MEO deserves the bashing that it gets. Buti nga!!! Karma nila Yan for ALL the girls they unfairly judged because of politics. There is only big 3 in my books and in a lot of Filipinos right now and Miss Earth ain’t one of them.

  32. The Beast and the punggok beauty. Disappointed si Prince Chulio at Alyzia keesh na may pa road to the crown pa ng globovision. Hahaha. Gandang di mo inakala talaga. Aylurvett!! Saya lang. akala ko mainis ako pag manalo si Phil, pero kakaibang saya pala kapag nagsanib pwersa ang people all over the world sa deserve na pambabash sa gurlaloo na to. Aylurvett!!😋🤣😂✨

    • Cant decide if I like her nose more O yung trademark KE EP veneers niya? Miss Earth SANDOK 2017! Ganon! 🙀👅 amaze ako sa shape ng face niya na animo eh anitong sandok. Lablablab 😌💋

  33. Panoorin niyo ang video di yung ibabase niyo sa mga edited screencaps ni Queen of Fake News Anawindang! Kung si Karen ang Ms. Earth, sayo ko naman ibibigay ang Ms. Fake News crown dahil quota ka na sa fake news dito! Balahurain ba naman ang blog ni Norman sa mga edited pics na pixelated. Kapal ng mukha mo mahiya ka naman uy!


    • Barbie bulag ka ba? Sa eye bags pa lang dapat disqualified na yan sa any kind of beauty pageant.

  34. My thai friends went wild… while she deserved the crown based on her answer, i dunno… 3 crowns in 4 years! Expect less turn out of candidates next year. But anyway i hope they focus on their advocacy despite a whole year of bashing.

  35. Karen Ibasco, you truly deserve your win! Congratulations! I had my doubts at first but you convincingly proved me wrong. And just the mere sight of many of the other candidates cheerfully rushing to your side after your proclamation and crowning to sincerely congratulate and be happy for you says a lot about how they perceive and accept the credibility of your triumph.

    Sadly it is just to your misfortune albeit negligible that our very own candidate winning in a Philippines based pageant has been so unjustly and arbitrarily stigmatized – by many of our very own countrymen at that – no matter how worthy of the crown she may be.

    At any rate, you did your country proud despite the bashers and naysayers! Here’s wishing you a most productive, meaningful and fulfilling reign ahead!

    • Napansin ko rin gano kasaya ung ibang candidates na nanalo si Karen. Iba kesa sa reaction sa panahon nina Karla, Jamie, at Angelia na medyo malamig.

    • Panoorin niyo ang video di yung ibabase niyo sa mga edited screencaps ni Queen of Fake News Anawindang! Kung si Karen ang Ms. Earth, sayo ko naman ibibigay ang Ms. Fake News crown dahil quota ka na sa fake news dito! Balahurain ba naman ang blog ni Norman sa mga edited pics na pixelated. Kapal ng mukha mo mahiya ka naman uy!

    • Ang ganda ganda ng Miss Colombia sana sya na lang nanalo,,, mas kapuri puri pa sana ang Miss Earth. Punyeta talaga. Nasasayangan lang ako sa Miss Earth dahil maganda talaga ang adhikain pero ganun talaga kasi pag pilipino ang meari walang delikadesa.

    • Anawindang . Saving grace is that she is really pretty without make up ( the other candidates saw that) and she sounds very sweet feminine and smart. I just wish she had not made iit into the to p 16 . Once she got in , it was superb performance to the very end …. can’t blame the judges.
      I was disappointed that some really deserving candidates like USA did not make it . She was really pretty to night . If she had made it into the top 16 , Karen would have had a competition for the crown .

      Wynwyn is likely to place high.
      If Mariel makes it into the semi -final , it’s not hard to see her be part of the top 5 .
      Then there are I s Chanel …. and Rachel … and Kat

      Wow it could be a really great yr for Philippine pageantry

      • fyi,,,USA made the top 16 but not the top 8…if USA got in the top 8 she would have given karen stiff competition. based sa crowning moment, mukha nmang masaya yung mga delegates sa result. Mukha nmang tanngap nila resulta. Nag shine nman kc tlga si karen

    • Did you even watch the pageant Jeremi, see for yourself before you judge. Philippines was the best answer of them all. Q&A na labanan ngayon wala na tayo sa makalumang Trump era na ganda2 lang ang panlaban!

  36. Salamat sa mga nirentang tagahiyaw niya at sumagad sa top 8 at umariba sa q and a ang chakang babaita na to. I can’t believe sa mukhang ito, naungusan ang mga diyosa sa top 16. Kailangan pa ba tanungin ang kasagutan sa akong katanungan. Charot! Sabi nga nila PH pageant by PH owner ganaps sa PH venue. PAK!

    • Edited yan marunong ka ba tumingin? pixelated yung mga pimples. Hahaha. Fake news Anawindang strikes again. Magwala ka sa galit jan sorry ka na lang jan!

      • Epal ka lang punyeta ka? Gumawa ka ng sarili mong comment. ULOL! Tahol ka ng tahol. Kung ayaw mo sa commentz ko, scroll lang vaklah! Kailangan lahat ng comment, naaayon sa gusto mo? Epal ka lang. BUGOK! HAHAHAHAHHA!!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

      • Nakakairita kasi comment mo may pictures pa edited naman. Wag ka ngang epal dito! Mag rally ka sa Carousel office kung sa tingin mo ay di deserving si Karen! Shoo baklang alupihan!

  37. She did well on the Q&A.

    Remember we were disappointed when Janine provided the best answer and yet failed to clinch the crown. Same thing happen with Catriona.

    Lahat ng bashers natin mawawala Yan pag pumwesto pa ulit sila Mariel, Laura at Rachel. Dire-derechohin nato. Kumpletuhin na natin Ang Big4 crown!

    Pressured na siguro si Rachel kc lahat ng KF girls pumwesto sa mga pageants nila!

    • I agree with you Gemma, yung mga tao dito lalo na sa baba ko jusko mga BASHERS AT KEYBOARD WARRIORS! Hahahahaha! Isip2 din manood kayo ng buong pageant at tignan niyo who has the best answer! Karen may not be the prettiest but this girl can speak and can be a great representative to Ms. Earth. Yun lang di lang to basta2 pagandahan, advocacy to. Yung mga nagreklamo mag wala kayo sa mga judges. Kakapal ng apog niyo!

    • @Gemma dear. I watched live!!! It’s a well deserved win though my esposo is protesting until now

  38. I agree with you Norman she deserves it, most intelligent answer during Q and A, pangalawa si Australia, third si Colombia, at Fourth si Russia. Ok sana yung kay Thailand kaso sa topic siya nag fail, di niya naiconnect yung Millenials masyado sa tanong. Nood2 din kasi ng buong pageant, di yung maka bash lang at mema!


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