176 comments on “Sunday Specials: On the Victory of Karen Ibasco as Miss Earth 2017

  1. A simples sugestion: change the TITLE of Contest! From “BEAUTY” Pageant to “INTELIGENT, SMART GIRL”, for example. The critics raise because Karen has lots of great qualities. But she is not, absolutely… A “BEAUTY QUEEN”, please!…

  2. Sorry. The only detail about It is: Miss Earth os a BEAUTY PAGEANT. If It become a CONGENIALITY PAGEANT, ok to Karen. She may have all good qualities, a great Heart, Ok. But she is not a BEAUTY QUEEN.

  3. Kailangan ng Pilipinas ng isa pang Earth warrior kasi sobrang napakarumi, napaka-polluted na ng Pilipinas.. hahaha! A future Miss Earth should come from a country which does not contribute so much pollution to our Mother Earth. That alone would be enough to set a very good example to the rest of the population in the entire world, not from a country which does not even exemplify such value in protecting the world we live in.

    • Guys, please watch Karen when she competed at Miss Philippines Earth 2017. Tell me if she was not outstanding during said national competition. Did she deserve to be brutally criticized because she won Miss Earth? Just asking.

  4. The girl doesn’t deserve the hate and the bashing. I was really expecting Thailand Colombia Venezuela to be the last 3 ladies standing. Karen isn’t the most beautiful – let’s admit that but the girl worked hard for this. she deserves at least an elemental crown.

    But after the q&a.. tanggap ko na.. she’ll win Miss Earth. sabi ko pa noon – sana di maganda sagot niya.. sana mas maganda sagot ng iba.. pero wala talaga e. alam na alam niya ang advocacy niya, ang nangyayari sa environment. masyadong obvious para hindi siya ipa-panalo.

    Hindi ko nga alam kung okay ba tong Miss Earth na nangyari ngayon or not. Okay kasi kahit alam nilang iba-bash to death sila.. sinunod pa rin nila ang tally ng nanalo. hindi nila inisip na “wag na yan, maba-bash lang tayo..” Or hindi okay kasi hindi nila naisip na kakapanalo lang ng Pinas…

    But… huwag naman natin ipagkait sa tao yung nararapat na para sakanya just for the sake na reputation na sinasabi. If the girl is really deserving naman.. Why not?

    Di ba nga, may back-to-back-to-back pa na nangyari sa Pilipinas.. yung Tourism pageant sa Malaysia..

  5. To avoid a “Karen Ibasco Scenario” in the future, the Miss Earth Organization should consider modifying its selection process. First, the Top 16 will compete with their opinions on #hashtags. The Top 8 smartest ladies will advance to the swimsuit and long gown portions. From there, only the Top 4 most gorgeous ladies will duke it out in the Final Q&A.

    P.S. While I agree that her beauty is unconventional, I think that Karen deserves the 2017 Miss Earth crown and we should cut her some slack.😁✌🏽

    • But there were also other candidates who were just as “deserving”. How should they and their national directors supposed to feel about it? Should they just shrug this off and content themselves that they were just used as props?

  6. Take note na lang ang mga ND ng other countries. Next year, send a girl that’s smart and confident. Someone who is witty and can perform under pressure. Hindi yung maganda lang sa panlabas…

      • Fabian – True. Unfortunately these candidates were intentionally excluded from even reaching top 4 for obvious reasons. They would have given the favored one real competition during the Q&A.

      • It is without doubt that Karen did well in the hashtag and final question rounds but so did Miss Colombia considering her limited grasp of English. Since 2011, I always knew that our delegates would nail the Q&A but I have consistently wondered how Athena, Stephany, and now, Karen, cleared the swimsuit and/or looks round/s of the competition. As Fabian Reyes and the others have shared, there were other equally smart delegates from the USA, India, Indonesia, among others, who did not make the cut. While Karen did work hard to win, the Philippines winning three times in four years does not look good. If the MEO truly wants a spokesperson but insists on the current format, they should either translate the hashtags to the native languages of the non-English speaking contestants and/or demand from NDs that only fluent English speakers be sent.

  7. I feel bad for Karen. She’s being hated just because she did her best and the judges rewarded that. Is it a wrong to do your best so that you could win for your country? Guys, if you didn’t agree with the result, then question the judges who made the decision…bash them if that’s what will make you feel good. Maging sensitive nman tayo at makatao…wag nman tayong mga pinoy ang mangunguna pang laitin sya. Hindi man sya napakaganda sa paningin nyo pero maganda sa iba…subjective ang ganda. Pero ang talino hindi subjective yan. Kung magaling ka mag isip, kahit cno kaharap mo at kahit saan ka mapunta eh matalino ka di tulad ng ganda na depende sa kung cno tumitingin. Kung ayaw nyo sa kanya at sa MEO eh di unfollow nyo. Ignore them. Hindi yung nanggagalaiti kayo jan. Don’t you feel bad in bashing someone who has done nothing wrong with you all? Manahimik nalang instead of saying negativity.

      • Bobo, kung chaka yan sana di naka sali sa kahit anong pageant. Kung chaka yan sana hindi nakasali sa bb.pilipinas. Kung chaka yan sana dugyutin ang balat at pandak na hindi pwede sumali. Kung chaka yan kahit anong isuot mukhang basahan pa rin. Alam mo, kaw itong chaka, lalo na sa pag-iisip at ugali. Yang klaseng ugali ang hindi magbibigay sayo satunay na kaligayahan sa buhay. Talo mo pa ang malansang isda. Makapagsalita parang may karapatang manghusga. Gago!

      • Chaka pa din friend. Chaka. Kung gusto niyong tanggapin namin na siya ang ME, tanggapin niyo din na chaka siya. Chaka.

  8. I, myself was shocked when I found Karen won ME. I mentioned something here before that my bets for ME were Thailand and Venezuela because I felt like they were the complete packages. I had no doubt that Karen would make it to the top 16, not because she’s the host country but because she met the qualifications to make it to the semis. However, I did wonder why Venezuela or Thailand did not make it to the top 4.

    I finally watched the pageant and now I understand why Thailand did not make it. Her answer during the hashtag portion lacked clarity, substance and power. Her answer was so weak compared to the others. Karen obviously nailed this portion advancing her to the Top 4. Now Hindi ko gets why Venezuela was left out sa Top 4. I thought her answer was great, she delivered it with such confidence and class. I really thought she did better than Russia and Australia. but that’s just my opinion.

    Karen nailed the final Q&A again. She gave the strongest answer without a doubt. Seeing her facial expression when it was just her and Colombia standing made me feel bad for her. She almost looked nervous to be called ME. Like what Norman said, it seems like Karen knew the cons of winning the competition = major bashing and bullying.

    I’m not going to sit here and be embarrassed of Karen. I think she did amazing representing our country. She did the best she could do to represent our country. I have no doubt that she will work hard throughout her reign! Congratulations Karen Ibasco! Mabuhay ka!! ❤

    • Also, I think it’s time to accept the fact that some beauty pageants (ie. ME and MU) are no longer foregoing for facial beauty alone. I think they’re trying to prove to people that beauty is a multidimensional concept. Beauty isn’t just defined by how pretty you are facially. Confidence, intelligence, and grace make a woman beautiful too.

    • One more thing,

      after the crowning, it looks like most girls were happy for Karen naman. Isn’t that good?

      • exactly…kung yung mga kapwa delegates nya nga masya for her….and agrees for her winning tayo pb na nanunuod lang?

      • Exactly! Ako din, I’m surprised that the favourites did not make it sa Top 4. I was so positive that Thailand and Venezuela would make it.. But Thailand really fell short sa Q&A. Waley. And for Venezuela, still sad she did not make it to the top 4 but luck did not accompany her sa finals.
        Also I’m hearing Venezuela might back out next year… Are you kidding me? They just won an elemental crown last year??? Hindi lang nakapasok sa Top 4 this year, back out na kaagad. Oh well. At the end of the day, anything can happen sa finals — Some favourites will crumble, some will keep soaring, and the silent killers will come out of nowhere, giving the favourites a good fight for the crown.

      • Karen is an oriental beauty…wala bang karapatan manalo ang mga ganyang klase? para narin nating cnbi na walang chance manalo yung mga east asians like mongolia, kyrgyztan, etc…kung makapagsalita nman yung iba dito eh akala mo napaka pangit ni Karen….and regarding Venezuela backing out next year, I don’t think that will happen. ME will stay. They can weather this. Karen can prove them wrong by having an excellent and productive reign. The NDs from different country should consider really sending an articulate candidate next time.The times are changing. Beauty pageants now adays crown women who can speak their minds fluently and with sense

    • Packing tape! Two crown in just one day! And two 1st runner up yesterday! #bashpamore #pakyawanngcorona

      • Yeah but Winwyn deserved it. No comment about the other one coz I don’t wanna go to hell. 🙊

    • Congratulations Winwyn! I am not ashamed to say that I am a proud Filipino…when we deserve it. And Winwyn deserved her crown. She was radiant and beautiful. I’d rather not say anything about our other crown because my Filipino heart truly breaks for the other countries that also deserved it.

  9. I am torn between whether to be a nationalistic or realistic. For the first time in my life, I have never been this unhappy with a Filipina winning a crown in an international arena. Colombia may not be as eloquent as Karen, but she has all the goods to win. Her beauty alone screams “Beauty Queen”. That kind of beauty makes me want to listen to her platforms. I’m sorry, I find Karen’s face “baklain”. Yes, I agree, beauty is in the eyes of the holder, as we are all entitled to our own opinion. This is worst than MW 2016. For me, Colombia should’ve been the winner.

    • Bakla move on na. Hindi kasalanan ni Karen yung Ibang kandidata eh bobo na katulad mo. At lalung lalu na hindi kasalanan ni Karen na matalino sya. Unanimous yung desisyun…. so move on na.

      • Oo nga at hindi rin nga pala kasalanan ni karen na hindi sya maganda para manalo. At lalong hindi kasalanan ang magbigay ng opinyon sa blog na to. Bobo ako? Okey lang, opinyon mo yan, Di ako pikon sa bagay na hindi totoo.

  10. Congratulations WIN wyn ! Another victory for the Philippines in beauty pageantry ! We are on a roll indeed ! In fairness, her answer to the question albeit delivered in English was very well said. Excellent job, win wyn ! We all know you could do it. Mabuhay Ang Pilipinas 🤗🤗🤗

  11. omg nakakatawa kasi pagkatapos ng top 10 sa RH, ako ay nakatulog hahaha paggising shettt panalo na si WYNWYN !! hihihi ❤️ Congrats Teresita!!!

    May ibang comments sa youtube ng mga latino na ayaw nila si wyn mananalo kasi mawawala ang pagiging RH dahil di daw cya marunong mag-espanyol. kakaloka

    • Pwes, i-copy paste mo ang sagot ng nueva Reina Hispanoamericana:

      “Language can be learned, but the will and determination to contribute something to the organization, cannot. It has to come from the heart, and it has to be natural. I believe that kindness is a universal language. That if you treat people with tolerance, patience, and love, you will understand each other. The Hispanic culture is not about language only. It’s about love for God, love for country, love for history and culture, and love for family. As a Filipina with a unique heritage, I have instilled that. I am ready to promote the Hispanic culture not just in Asia, but in the whole world. It is time to celebrate the Hispanic culture. It is meant to be celebrated.”

      Ngayon, i-translate mo yan sa Kastila. Wahaha.

    • O.o nga. But she said language can be learned naman. Na justify niya sa sagot niya dun sa question. Her answer was heartfelt kaya I’m sure yun Ang nagpanalo sa kaniya 👏👏👏

  12. felicitationes, senorita marquez!
    la reina hispanoamericana 2017

    uno, dos tres
    start learning spanish 🙂

  13. Mga veks anong hanash nyo sa waging pinay sa Bolivia!!???? I bash nyo na naman????

  14. Wow! Against all odds… Wyn-Wyn did it!

    Felicidades, A La Nueva Reina Hispanoamericana 2017!!!

  15. Panalo si Wyn wyn!!!!! Nakakaloka wala kong naintindihan hahaha. Akala ko Top 5 pa lang tapos nagulat ako may last 2 standing na at Filipinas na ang winner. hahaha!

  16. Reina Hispanoamericana 2017: Filipinas
    1st Runner-up: Brasil
    2nd Runner-up: Venezuela
    3rd Runner-up: Mexico
    4th Runner-up: Bolivia

  17. And yes I am very sure na kung sa ibang bansa ginanap ang ME 2017, ni top 16 di mkakapasok yan si KAren. Ganda pa lang waley na

      • Di mo matanggap na pangit si Karen?? Hahaha be realistic bakla. Eh sa totoo naman na di sya kagandahan may magagawa ba tayo dun? Seerte lang sya na dito ginanap kung hinde dito di yan mapapansin

  18. Dapat pala Ms Q&A ang title nitong si Karen kung yun ang ngpa panalo sa kanya. Ang alam ko kasi, Ms Earth is still a BEAUTY pageant. Yes with emphasis in BEAUTY kasi dapat talaga maganda ka. And mind you, answers of the others are not bad after all. Whatever happened to “Delicadeza”. Oh well kung meron nun ang MEO, kung wala eh di deadma, tuloy tuloy ang pgpapanalo ng Philippines sa ME.

    • What a stupid comment! Oh well what should I expect from you? Please go back to school and learn how to decipher the mission and vision of miss earth. I pity you ! Your a savage ! That is the paramount reason why your country still howling because of a person like you.

      • Eh sa pangit talaga si Karen eh! Ano magagawa mo? Pangit talaga, pangit. Parang ikaw, pangit din.

    • Tama na pagmamarunong. Daming alam. Kung hindi mo type ang beauty nya, di iig sabihin na pangit na! Ano ka hurado! Tapos ngawa ka pa ng ngawa dyan, hindi ka na nakakatulong. Now, ano ang sense? Ano ang kabuluhan ng papel mo?

    • @Baby Nica hindi ko akalain na darating ang araw na mag aagree ako sa comment mo. Pak na pak

    • Tse sa himpilan ka magreklamo hihihi
      Wynwyn is not leaving with any stone unturned
      She is strong and persistent and will do anything so she goes home having no regrets all .. win or lose
      Btw Ganda ng Brazil hihihi

  19. It is pathetic that some noisy Filipinos keep on questioning the triumph of a deserving ME winner. From the crypts of the cyberspace, they even incite other countries to join their eerie chorus.

    But what is this seemingly life-and-death matter they are so upset about? That Karen is not beautiful? Not if the standard is the Western beauty stereotype our colonial masters have for centuries systematically shoved into our brains! But if the standard is the Oriental beauty archetype, there is no denying the fact that Karen is a quintessential beauty.

    Is there a global beauty standard? None. There is some notion of it as dictated by the dominant culture, the West, but that is now changing. The concept of beauty has now gone beyond the physical but to include cerebral and spiritual. That is what people now say “outer and inner beauty”. Nowadays, one is beautiful if she also has intelligence, compassion, and concern for those around her.

    In keeping with the times, the global pageantry business adopts advocacies to reflect their search for the total woman—beautiful inside and out. It is evolving into a platform for some causes their worldwide audiences can identify with. It has to transform itself into an interactive platform where anyone anywhere can learn how to be “confidently beautiful”, how to take part in “beauty with a purpose” projects, and how to be an “environmental hero”. In today’s internet-connected world, has to select a spokesperson who can best embody its essence up close and personal and real-time.

    Obviously, the global beauty standard is getting to be holistic beauty—not just physical. To keep on relegating pageants to physical beauty, let alone Western stereotype, as the only yardstick for the winner is to consign it perpetual irrelevance. What is sad is that this intransigence is coming from some obscure niche in the global beauty powerhouse Philippines.

    • it may be prescient that they chose a candidate with a far eastern look.
      i feel that the sphere of influence is switching (i.e. china, korea, japan, eventually SE Asia) towards
      the east and the standard of beauty might change along with it in the future

      we will see

      and yes, the standard for beauty had already changed, there is more and more appreciation of
      the “other” looks

  20. Sakit sa puso na yung pageant na nagpakapagod kang ipagtanggol dati, sila rin talaga gumagawa ng ikakabagsak nila. Sa mga hindi makaintindi kung bakit binabash ang ME, Yes, Karen gave the best answer pero hindi lang naman yun ang criteria di ba? Same lang si Philippines at Indonesia na well spoken pero kulang sa ganda pero bakit unplaced si Indonesia tapos nagtop si Philippines? Because she’s wearing the Philippine sash. Imagine kung ibang sash ang suot nya, hindi sya mapapansin at kung magtop 16 man, hindi magaadvance for sure sa top 8. Sana nagpadebate nalang ang ME. Haaaaays. Kayo nalang sumuporta jan. Swerte nalang kung marami pa rin sila makuhang sponsors kasi for sure di na interested ang international fans sa ME. Tunay na magiging minor to. Haaays. Focus nalang sila sa advocacy para di naman sila mabash kahit dun man lang.

    • syempre may influence yung sahfactor dun…sash factor of a certain country is based on the perceived skill and preparedness of the reps of that country as proven by the track record of it’s predecessors…all the philippine reps, karen included enjoys that heavy sash factor…BUT, sash factor can only do so much like making you make the cut (semi finalist) perhaps…from there you must really have to prove yourself and impress the judges…which karen did. and with flying colors.

  21. Reina Hispanoamericana 10 Finalist


    Miss Friendship – Australia

    • Held my breath so many times during that Q&A. That’s what it feels pala kung kailangan ng translator ang isang candidate sa isang pageant. I loved Wynwyn’s answer.

  22. Questions to think about: should USA, Puerto rico and other English speaking countries been in the top 8 top 4, would the results have been different?… Were they eliminated early to pave the way for the winner so that there would be no competition knowing they were also intelligent and eloquent? Was the giving out of so many medals (by continents) during the preliminaries already a form of pre-conditioning “pangpalubag loob?

  23. Off-topic, but just watching Reina Hispano-Americana pageant, we do share the same sentimentality music-wise (medyo mas makaluma lang sila ng konti). Our local music in the Philippines, in terms of themes and sentimentality, may be a good fit with Latin Americans. I’m they haven’t had as good a quality of singers as we do in the Philippines either. Filipinos should go back to learning Spanish, and maybe even pursue Spanish-language music markets, music-wise.

    Just a thought…

    • i agree wholeheartedly, George. i understand there still some bad things that need to be shaken off from the spanish colonial era, but there are definitely some beautiful things to come out of it: architecture, crafts, food, literature, music, dance, fashion, arts etc. and possibly language. i regret spanish had basically disappeared in the philippines. ironically, my first contact with the language was in california. anyway, could you imagine if the philippines were tri-ligual
      how much of an advantage would that be in a global economy? the positive impact of the spanish colonial architecture can already be seen in the tourism sector when vigan and the spanish baroque churches were declared UNESCO world heritage sites. my hope is that whatever is left of the spanish colonial era is rehabilitated and preserved.
      it is a big part of the philippine heritage and patrimony. i like that the reina hispanoamericana pageant of all things is putting a spotlight on this aspect of phillippine culture and history.

      sorry, if that’s a little long-winded.

  24. Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 Opening and Introduction Of Candidates

    Wynwyn simply shone onstage in her national costume at the 4:06 mark.

  25. Basta sa Phils ginanap ang pageant, ace the Q&A and you’ll get the crown. Karen deserved it kung Q&A ang basehan, but then again, it is still a show, kailangan i-satisfy ang audience, hindi magandang puro Philippines na lang. Nasacrifice nga si Sandra dati…

  26. i always thought in every competition “luck” is a factor
    whether bad luck for your one competitor and good luck for another
    even in sports this happens

  27. Huwag naman sana i-bash si Karen. Wala syang kasalanan, ginawa lang nya lahat ng kanyang makakaya. Hindi nya kasalanan kung siya ang nanalo. Yung nagpanalo sa kanya ang i-bash nyo mga unggok!!!

      • Di ko gets kung ano yung scoring na yun. Pero leading nga siya. Wahaha.

        Gusto ko yang fan epek nila sa dulo ng stage. Kaso naman naka-bun si Wynwyn kaya wa epek.

    • OMG, ang haba ng sagot lol, but it was perfect. That’s why Filipina queens rule- as Clenci, Karen Ibasco and WynWyn have proven, beauty is brains talaga. Always was, always will be no matter what the ugly (yes, pag maitim ang budhi mo, pangit ka talaga) bashers say

  28. Tanong: pinupush ba talaga mg ME ang Colombia Vs. Philippines scandal ng MU hanggang ngayon? Pansin ko lang, pati yung host ganun yung nasa script niya about sa Colombia vs Philippines. Ewan ko ba kung sino ang naghahandle/ publicist ng ME, pero so 2015 pa yang binubuhay nila na rivalry choochoo na yan. Wala na silang mapipiga na publicity diyan, dahil wapake na ang mga pageant fans. Ngayon, pinaguusapan sila dahil chaka ang winner. At walang katapusan yan. Hindi mo maiipipilit sa mga NDs, fans, etc na deserving ang pagkapanalo niya sa Q and A, dahil natatabunan parin ng fez niya ang win niya. Bakit nga ba nakapasok sa top 8, kung beauty and poise and basehan sa top 16 to 8 cut? Di man nakapasok pala sa top 16 prejudging sa beauty si Karen. Lol

    Eyniways, I’ll just leave you with this

    • awww, miss thailand, still looking gracious and beautiful
      such bad luck getting that hashtag millenial question
      i hope she joins another pageant

  29. For me, Karen Ibasco deserves the crown as far as the question and answer portion is concerned and if that is the only deciding factor for the crown.

    • Agree, if intelligence is the only criterion.

      30% intelligence
      35% beauty
      20% form & figure
      10% poise
      5% attitude

      We must be objective and stick to the maths. It should have been Australia or Colombia.

      • that’s the criteria in entering the semis…should you make the semis, it is already understood that you fit all of the criteria…in judging the semifinalists, the confidence and interview skills are the deciding factor. Why do you think the final rounds of the competition in selecting the winner is Q&A?

  30. Isa lang ang solution diyan, mag step down si Karen at ibigay ang korona kay Colombia, not kay Australia dahil half-filipino yon at same trainer na KF. Imagine na magiging malaking good publicity to sa ME, Philippines giving the crown to Colombia. Kung ME knows business, they will do this. Kung may delikadeza ang Karen na yan, give up ang crown. Wag na magtapang-tapangan dahil one year yang pambabash na matatanggap niya, hindi ito gaya ng kay Angelia nan nag-stop during the last few months of her reign. 3 wins in 4 years sa Philippines. Again, like I said sa post ko below, kung mala-Catriona ang level niyang si Karen, baka tanggapin pa ng people of the worldz. Pero wala eh.

    La Bomba, one of the biggest tv show sa Venezuela/Globovision. Dami nagtatawanan at galit sa Post nila dito:

    • Siguro akala ng Miss earth pag ginandahan ang production at stage, maitatawid nila ang win ni Philippines sa pambabash. Pero No, no, no, di majujistify nang kahit ano ang mukhang ganiyan. Kaloka! So sino nga ba ang dapat titihin? Di niyo ba napansin na dami nag unfollow sa Miss Earth pages at di na nag grow ang follower counts, unusual eto dahil kung may alam kayo sa social media, coronation nights at final events like this ang opportunity na mag double ang fans at followers online. Nag trending nga sa twitter, for the wrong reason naman. At 10k tweets lang yang pinagmamalaki ng Miss Earth. Lol.

      • Hoy vaklang walang pinag aralan mahiya ka naman sa baho Ng bunga nga mo. Mag trabaho kana muna iha. Puro kana pang lalait, dipa ba na consume yung renta mo sa computer. Hay kawawa ka naman purita walang pinag aralan at walang pera. I can sense na na iskwater kalang mag trabaho ka na muna.

    • katarantaduhan yang suhestyon mo. Lalo lang gugulo sitwasyon sa gusto mo. At pwede ba kung di mo nagustuhan yung resulta yung judges yung ibash mo at wag si karen. Wala nman sya ginawang mali kundi gawin ang best nya. Hindi nya deserve yang panlalait mo. Matapang ka lang kc you’re not using your real name and showing your face kaya kung makabash ka wagas. Ilabas mo tunay mong pangalan at mukha at saka ka mambash…tutal naniniwala k nmang may point ka diba?

  31. kahit ano pang pag justify ang sabihin mo tito norms, ibasco did not deserve to win. anyway enough of this cooking show. nag pm na ko sa mga national directors not to send their representative to mess earth anymore and they are all agreed. i also told them not to invite ibasco to their country for any reason. we will punish mess earth. pagbabayaran nyo ang pandaraya ninyo. kakahiya ka loraine shuck! its the start if your downfall after that crown buying incident may i remind you.

    • Aysus isa din tong baklush na ito. Nag Pm kuno. Oh sige mag revolution ang bakla. Ika din iha mag trabaho muna. Kaya yung Pilipinas eh walang development kasi sa mga Taong katulad mo.nemag aral muna iha at magma trabaho at magkapangalan para next time ikaw na ang judge by then siguro nagunaw na ang mundo kasi sa Tulsa Mong walang pinag aralan eh walang mapupuntahan kundi sa kalye.

    • at sino ka Sultan para pakinggan at sundin ng mga ND? at mas lalung cno ka para ipunish ang ME? kakatawa ka lang

  32. This is why i think the competition was not fair:

    1. They alloted 35% for beauty, and only 30% for brains. Once the brains part outweighs that of beauty, then this is no longer a beauty pageant.

    Australia belonged to the top consistently for the face, figure, and intelligence. Colombia was just out in the figure category, while Karen, out in the face department.

    Even if we are to give Karen a perfect score for intelligence, and say, another perfect for figure as the maximum possible score, let us all be fair we cannot give her a high one in the face department.

    It would have been Australia or Colombia in the final around if we are to think of their inclusion in the top face, figure, brains categories.

    To those who are saying, Miss Earth is a job for the merely intelligent and “nice”, then stop labeling this as a beauty pageant. Why the need to wear swimsuits and be judged face-wise, if it will all zero into merely having brains?

    I think Karen is a very nice person, but this is not fair to the rest of the beautiful women who are neither”stupid” nor “un-nice”. I am certain they too are just as smart, save for the language barrier to most.

    If you can recall what happened to Kris Janson, we went bashing that thai candidate for being way out of Kris’ league–this is just what happened, beauty-wise.

  33. Wala naman kasing kaso kung Philippines ang manalo kahit back2back2back2back2back pa yan. Ang problema eh BEAUTY pageant parin eto, meaning BEAUTY on the outside less sa inside choochoo(dahil hindi naman mag heart2heart talk ang mga judges with the gurl during the coronation night). Charot! Sa MU, MW, at MI, sa huli ang maganda parin ang nananalo, example na lang yung kay Haiti at France na best answer si Haiti pero France parin ang winner. In short, imagine kung mala-catriona level yang Karen na yan, siguro di unanimous ang pambabash ng whole world sa Miss Earth. Kahit san ka tumingin, mapa latin pages, european pages or neighboring asian countries na pageant peeyyyjess, iisa ang sinasabe! Miss Philippines is ugly. Kaloka kahit gaano katalino natabunan parin ng chakang face niya ang advocacy choochoo niya. Eto ang great example na “Beauty attracts people to listen to you”. Eh paano siya mag spread ng advocacy niya kung walang gusto makining dahil ayaw sakaniya.

    Agaynnn, at the end of the day, BEAUTY PAGEANT parin ito, and Karen Chorva is no beauty.

  34. Karen’s answers are rehearsed. Pati mga guards sa building yun ang comments.

    Australia dapat ang nanalo.

  35. Kung hindi nakapasok si Karen sa Top8? Sinu sa tingin nyu ang dapat na pumalit sa kanya based on Face&Poise during Top16 announcements? Sa tingin nyu ba deserving si Karen sa Top8 based on that round? Gusto ko si Karen pero honestly inulit ulit ko ung round na yun and eto assessment ko.
    Guatemala – (x) Kulang sa poise at napakaboring. Weakest among Top 16.
    Cameroon – (x) May laban si ate umaattitude pero waley sa fez.
    Angola – (x) Kulang sa fez pero ayos sa Poise
    USA – (×) Kulang sa Face si USA. Di nga sya nakapasok sa prelims top16 Fez&Poise eh.
    Bosnia – (x) Stunning Fez at Poise pero natapilok si bakla kaya bawas Poise.
    Vietnam – (√) May Fez at may Poise kahit medyo komplikado dalhin ang gown niya. She is better than Karen for this round.
    Tonga – (√) Dabah winner sya dati ng Face of Beauty International!! Kaya we xant deny the fact she is betterbthan Karen in Fez . Eh sa poise? Better din po. Kitam nyu naman napaka calmado ng Poise ni Tonga. She deserve Top 8 than Karen.
    Switzerland – (√) Maganda ang fez superb talaga!!! Saka yung poise maayos. If we question one thing about her, that would be her hair kaya sumemplang sya sa poise. Kasi pag short hair ka nababawasan ang femininity appeal kaya bawas points sa loise. Pero she is better than Karen for Top8.

    • Di dapat umabot sa declamation si Karen eh. Hay naku. Kaya madalian talaga ang judging para di mapansin ang angking kachakahan. Lels

  36. Lu Sierra was right all along. To sum up the new trend: Beauty alone just doesn’t cut it.

    Thanks to IMG for setting the pace. We are now back to the ideals of the pre-Trump pageantry era where a balance between good overall impression and a genuine well-rounded personality reigns supreme over too much emphasis on physical beauty alone.

    And there is an additional consideration of whether the candidates is in line with the thrust of its respective pageant organizations. So it is imperative for aspirants to be beauty queens to know what they are signing up to, and not just join just because they are outstandingly physically beautiful.

      • Kailangan ila i explain ang Beauty of Face & Poise round panu nakalusot si Karen din to reach the Top 8 over Switzerland, Tonga, Vietnam and even Bosnia na natapilok.

    • i dont agree with this…. in that case.. it should balance the percentage of every segment not intelligence gets 35%. This is still a beauty pageant. I dont blame Karen at all. It’s Miss Earth’s fault. Balance it out. How many girls from Phil that answered the best but did not win? Nicole in MGI, Janine in MU, Catriona in MW etc. it’s bcoz the organization still have the last say and they know how to handle their own pageant. The problem with MEO is they just didnt care. They just wanna hire judges and that’s it. They forgot that they still own the pageant and still answerable for chaos like this. Well… hmmmmmm….

      • The MEO cares enough to let the final judgment be the final judgment- its black and white pero di mo yan matanggap kasi ENGOT ka na nga, DERANGED DUTERTARD ka pa!






  38. No matter what? This is the most rigged pageant, credibility is lost. Bye Miss Earth…you are now a minor pageant.

  39. Just to point out though: seems Karen’s fellow candidates were very happy for her win, and rushed up front to congratulate her.

    Katherine Espin’s fellow candidates did not have that much enthusiasm congratulating her, although no Miss U-level sourgraping such as that which we saw with Paulina’s and Pia’s wins.


    Intercontinental -Puertorico
    Grand International -Peru
    Earth – Philippines
    International – Philippines
    World – Puertorico
    Universe – Prance (sabi ko diba letter ‘P’ mananalong Miss Universe!! Kaya ayan!! PRANCE!!! — Madamme Auring toh!!!)

    • lol
      thanks for the chiuckle
      it released the tension a bit 🙂

      but if you put an “h” there like so
      it could still be pronounced like “france” i just realized

  41. Mga veks baka bad karma itey sa mga future pageants… Baka kuyugin ang ating mga veks sa Bolivia, Japan, Las Vegas at Sanya… OMG baka mabokya na lahat at magsama sama ang ating mga kaaway na Latina at Asiana… Djusko Miss Earth bat naman ganyan….

    • Di naman veks hihihi
      Basta ako Miss Universe ang gusto ko
      I just want Peters to win or place high para masaya.

      • Syempre veks Miss U forever and ever hihihihi… Yung iba dyan eh saling ketket lang but the most important thing is they represent Felepenssssss with proudness and we support them naman…

  42. After watching the Q&A, I must say that COLOMBIA and AUSTRALIA could have been a better winner thank Karen. Remember that intelligence isn’t all that but it is a balance of beauty, poise and intellect. As a proof, Karen did not even manage to crack the top 16 of beauty of face. I especially like Colombia’s answer. I thought it was from her heart and not just a pageant patty answer. Karen sounded very rehearsed. So I must say that I agree there could have been a better winner tonight.

    • Agree Australia is super pretty . Colombia is really cute too .
      Honestly I was underwhelmed by Thailand . She needs a lot of toning and a lot of energy and confidence .even her face that night was subpar.
      Venezuela wasnt that pretty either that night. . Parang tiyot sya
      I was more impressed by USA . She was really well put together

      • Veks I was really disappointed that Netherlands did not make it. That beauty was close to Oxana Federova(?)… Super gorg…

      • Hi 4M, I agree. Netherlands is super gorgeous … but during Q&A, she wasn’t impressive at all. If it’s beauty of the face – yes, we have a winner in her.

  43. Thank you to the Miss Earth 2017 Board of Judges!

    Cory Tran – Vietnamese
    Carlos Mercado – Filipino
    Vyacheslav Shakel – Russian
    Shontelle – Barbadian
    Lorraine Schuck – Filipino
    Sudesh Puthran – Indian
    Michele Roget – Australian
    Teresita Herbosa – Filipino
    Salvador Medialdea – Filipino
    Anna Melissa Ofilada “Peachy” Veneracion – Filipino
    Ramon Monzon – Filipino

    Good job to the handsome and talented host Filipino- British James Deakin!

    Congratulation Miss Earth 2017 the beautiful Karen Ibasco from the Philippines!


  44. This debacle demonstrates that MEO’s brand has an identity crisis. What Miss Earth stands for is clearly known only to the national organization of the Philippines. If foreign fans and national directors alike voice out their disdain/dismay about the results, with only Pinoy fans vocally defending the results, there’s a disconnect in what the pageant has been saying to the world, and what it actually stands for. What is Miss Earth ultimately about? Beauty? Brains? Environmental conservation? All three aren’t equal in the org’s eyes, so they need to spell it out more clearly because the foreign audience isn’t buying it. And I’m not talking about a few countries here – MEO has legitimately and somewhat ironically angered its (former?) fanbase across the World, err the Earth, rather.

    This is not good news for an organization that wants to make “macro” changes. The last thing you want is to be an island when your supposed raison d’etre cause is for the world. This affects some of the current ND’s if they would want to keep the franchises, especially if their more vocal fans are calling for a boycott. This also doesn’t help MEO’s profile, especially if what they want is to be a respected global brand. Fans keep saying that it’s legit Big 3, but it can’t hold on to this status if it keeps alienating its foreign fans. This irks me to no end because any loss in Miss Earth’s stature is ultimately another pageant’s gain.

  45. I am not bitter about Karens winning kasi nga sya naman talaga PERSONAL CHOICE ko as i had posted last Oct30.
    Pero mga bakla dabah sa prelim ng Beauty of Fez & Foise wala sa Top16 si Karen? Tapos nung tinawag ung Top16 Semifinalists ay immediately jinudge sila wearing their gowns for Beauty of Fez&Foise ule. So bakit nakapasok ng Top8 si bebeh Cars? Andameng Beuaiful Fez&Poise sa Top16 na naiwan na nung tinawag ang Top8. Sina Bosnia, Switzerland,Vietnam at Tonga pasok sa Top16 ng prelims of Fez&Foise pero laglag sila sa Top8 kapalit ni Cars na waley during Fez&Foise Prelims.

      • Pinagtatawanan ngayon ni MAXINE ang mga Pinoy Fans!!! Mas malabo raw ugali ng Pinoy fans kesa sa sagot nya last MU Finals. Hahahaha. Pesteng Q&A daw dapat alisin na sa Beauty Pageant at speech nlng lahat para walang gulo.

    • Gets nyu ba mga bakla?? Out of Top16 of Fez&Foise Prelims, ay siyam lang ang nakapasok sa Top16 Semifinals.
      Pero sina Philippines at CzechRep umabot ng Top8 after that Fez&Foise Top16 Final Competition. Si CzechRep kasi maganda talaga saka matangkad pero si Karen ampanget talaga ng STYLING at MAKE-UP saka nasobrahan sa emote ang Poise. Kaya bitter ang mga dayuhan at kapwa ilang Pinoy dahil sa nangyari.

  46. This is what I know about Miss Earth. When you win this pageant, you actually have the obligation to serve the cause of the organization which is environmental works and education. It’s more of a job rather than being glamorous and sitting in a posh hotel and go shopping all day. Yes, it requires a brain in able for one to get this job done. And communication skills to get your point delivered. Based on those points, I believe that Karen will do a great job. It’s not her fault that she won, she just did her job of representing our country. It’s just that no candidate was smart enough to outsmart her and beat her in her own game.

  47. Karen is really beautiful . I just don’t know why her stylist failed to capture it with proper make up and hairstyle . I cannot blame the bashers because what they see is a made up face .. which is not easy to defend .
    To say that the bashing is due to colonial mentality is nothing but a cop out ? I think people simply want a winner to have a pleasant – looking symmetrical face . If Mutya Bea or Janine won , I don’t think the reaction would be this strong .
    Having said that , I don’t think Karen has anything to be ashamed of . She did her job well and was rewarded for it .

  48. I have to say the Host of Miss Earth is super hot… From his looks to his voice… Perfection.. hihihi… Mga veks ok lang na nanalo si Karen. Djusko parang bipolar ang mga veks dito. Pag hindi nanalo because of great Q&A eh bash ng bash… Pag nanalo because of Q&A eh bash pa din ng bash…

    However, I do not think Karen deserved to be in the top 8 in the first place. Waley ang ganda nya talaga… I AM SORRY BUT PANAMA should have been there… hihihi…

  49. Pageants should show the judges’ scores on screen for transparency.
    Miss Universe & Miss Earth used to flash scores on screen.
    Miss Earth really needs to hire true professional translators.

  50. I’m not surprised because this brazen, unbridled cruelty comes from the very top. When you have the leader of the country itself espousing death and destruction to anyone who disagrees with him, it filters down to those who support him or to those who have the same tendencies which they are now free to flaunt to everyone because the leadership has legitimised them.

    I feel sorry for Karen, for the MEO but most of all, I feel sorry for the Philippines…

  51. The online hate for Karen is horrible. Reading somewhere in this blog about how happy it is to see people from all around the world unite to mock her is terrible. How is this acceptable? How is it okay to bully a person who did her best to represent her country? What have we become as a society if it makes us happy to see a person get hurt? Shame on the bullies and bashers!

    Karen, if you’re reading this – please stay strong and don’t mind those bashers. Block the negativity from your Instagram/FB. You don’t deserve this. You did great on the pageant. You will do great in your reign. Congratulations for a well-deserved win!

  52. A much deserved win! Obviously, she nailed each segment of the competition and gave the most intelligent answer during the final Q&A portion. So, why the bashings?

    It is pathetic that to this day, some Filipinos still have vestiges of colonial mentality in their concept of beauty— Western archetype– white skin, pointed noses, wide eyes, and long legs. Yet, there is no global beauty standard as the concept is culturally defined! But Karen is the quintessential Oriental beauty! Moreover, her inner glow makes her more beautiful—intelligence, character, achievements, social compassion, and genuine concern for the environment. And her academic credentials speak eloquently of a beautiful mind—just a masteral degree in physics.

    So what if she’s from the home court? Are we going to lose the opportunity of having an excellent spokesperson of ME’s advocacy just because she came from the same country of the organizers? Yes, it would be a shrewd business decision to name any other country as winner, but between business and advocacy, the judges chose the latter.

    Sometimes, I just shake my head at the Filipinos’ capacity for self-flagellation. Accordingly, an Oriental and Malayan beauty is no match to Western beauty stereotypes. A hometown decision is embarrassing to foreigners. And yet, we jeer to oblivion MW for denying last year the title to our representative, a Western beauty type with a foreign-sounding name.

    But I have faith in Karen that she will do justice to the crown. I believe she is the type who can solidly define what it means to be an Earth Warrior. There is much urgency on the challenges planet Earth is facing today– global warming, rising sea levels, desertification, frequent super typhoons, excessive flooding, extinction of plant and animal species…. Beyond tree planting and reuse-reduce-recycle campaigns in the grassroots, I believe much of the work lies collaborating with United Nations agencies and with the Paris Treaty Secretariat, linking up with global NGOs, governments, academic institutions, and celebrity activists for the environment. If Karen can do this, she will have silenced all the squawkings coming out of the crypts in cyberspace. And she will have solidified the brand essence of ME and its image as pacesetter in advocacy-driven pageantry.

    • I am sorry but she did not deserve to be in the Top 8 in the first place before the hashtag portion… Ligwak ang veks…

  53. Beauty pageants are oft-called having cookie-cutter beauty standards but we are no longer in that age people. There are four aspects of judging in the pageant and not only one standard. Beauty after all is in the eye of the beholder.

  54. There’s a lot of work to be done for Mother Earth. Responding to bashers and the likes is the least of her concern. It’s time to buckle down to work. Filipina queens will always get criticisms and be bullied by pageant community. I just don’t agree that we Filipinos should be leading the choir. Tama na, sobra na, tigilan na yan.

  55. Karen Ibasco deserves her win! I had my doubts as well with regards to her somewhat average facial features falling short of society’s stereotypical standards of a beauty queen. Even though she is very much appealing in her own right and is by no means homely. But the abundance of her other attributes particularly her intelligence, eloquence and ability to think quickly on her feet plus a good measure of the right curves and statuesque bearing convincingly proved my apprehensions wrong . And just the mere sight of many of the other candidates cheerfully rushing to her side shortly after her crowning to sincerely congratulate and be happy for her says a lot about how they perceive and accept the credibility of her triumph. There was no iota whatsoever of sore losing and griping of Miss Universe 2015 magnitude. If the competitors themselves can conduct themselves that way with grace and dignity, why can’t us mere spectators do the same?

    Sadly it is just to her misfortune albeit manageable that our very own candidate winning in a Philippines based pageant has been so unjustly and arbitrarily stigmatized – by many of our very own countrymen at that – no matter how worthy of the crown she may be.

    At any rate, I wish her a most productive, meaningful and fulfilling reign ahead knowing that she has proven herself to be more than capable to rise up to the requisites of being Miss Earth 2017 which is MORE than just a beauty title.

  56. i have the same thought with her facial reaction… sad that she has to feel that, she very well deserved her win… congratulations. good job and good luck to MEO.

  57. I’m one of the worst critics here. But candidly speaking she deserved the crown. Those people who are bitter, are those who wanted to win Miss Thailand, the girl fumbled. If she only have Alexa on her hand and ask the word Millennial she could at least answer it but even so her answer are based on the templates that she always used such as from home to blah blah blah. To other bashers from different countries move on, next time send a candidate who have The caliber to extemporaneously expound the answer with sense. To the Filipinos who up to now can’t move on because of the results shame on you shame on you forever and ever. Miss Earth still one of the best pageant who really cares our only home and I Thank you.

  58. IMHO, Karen’s victory is well-deserved based on Sunday’s over-all performance. What set her apart from the rest of the favored contenders, was her wit and intelligence, making the panel of judges come up with a unanimous decision to declare her as the winner. Lest we be accused of favoritism and out of delicadeza, may I suggest that ME should refrain from appointing a Filipino to sit in the panel of judges and yes, that should include Lorraine Shuck. It is just unethical, if you ask me.
    And I agree, Karen’s facial expression when it was just her and MIss Colombia as the last 2 women standing, was uncertain, knowing the repercussions it would create if and when she wins.
    Oh well, it is what it is. 😦

  59. If we want to be a great a country, we must not have an ounce of self-deprecation. Be proud that we won fair and square.

  60. “One half is wanting to win the crown after such a sterling performance during the last Q&A, while the other half is showing uncertainty on whether she wants to be called Miss Earth for fear of what could happen next.”

    Norman, this must probably be the weirdest feeling. I can’t even imagine.

    now that you are crowned, Ms. Ibasco….ignore and forget the bashing. You have a bigger responsibility now as a spokesperson for the Earth and the Environment!
    please keep that in mind and use it as your motivation.

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