86 comments on “Sunday Specials: Christmas comes early to Filipino pageant fans and supporters

  1. Pahiya ang mga nagsabing di mananalo si Winwyn at lalamunin siya ng mga latina. Eh di wow! Masyado kayong bilib sa mga latina, panahon na natin ngayon ang matagal na nating inaasam so we must savor it while it lasts. Go go go Philippines!


  2. As we celebrate this early Christmas gift, and in anticipation of more gifts to come, let us be reminded that we are celebrating beauty in its multi-dimensional form. Our queens did not aspire for the crown, and the pageant organizers did not bestow upon them the title, only on the basis of physical beauty. Along with the tide of global change, the concept of beauty has expanded to include brains, character, social compassion and achievements— “beauty inside and out”, as the cliché goes. Even the physical concept of beauty has accommodated diversity to recognize other cultures’ standards—a tacit admission that there is no universal standard of physical beauty. And the inner beauty has become the vehicle for pageant organizations to present their respective advocacies, a necessary element in today’s IT-interconnected world without which they will nosedive to extinction.

    Being the world’s beauty pageant powerhouse, let us be humbled by the fact that we continue the winning streak not only because pageantry is deeply imbedded in our history and culture, but because our representatives have worked hard to be the best version of themselves as a multi-dimensional beauty. Let us celebrate their triumphs by wishing them well in the performance of their pageantry responsibilities. Our queens never dreamt to be gawked at, but to be listened to and drawn inspiration from. Let us listen to what they have to say. Let us learn from their unyielding pursuit of their dreams, and their work ethics of diligence, perseverance, determination and humility. Let us stop the bashing as it only taints our image as a beauty pageant powerhouse. The pageant organisers never dreamt to be a vehicle for further perpetuation of women’s low self-esteem. Let us not insist on them the continuation of physical beauty, let alone Western stereotypes, as standard. Finally, let us all be instruments for the development of global pageantry as an advocacy-driven business.

    Advanced Merry and Peaceful Christmas!

  3. I am amazed at how some tiny noisy quarters keep on insisting on the archaic one-dimensional concept of beauty, let alone the colonial Western standard. Wake up– this is year 2017 and the world has changed! The shackles of colonialism has been broken since and the world view of beauty has expanded beyond the narrow physical concept to include character, brains, social compassion. Even on the physical dimension, the standard is no longer just white skin, pointed nose, long legs, blonde, wide blue or green eyes. Beauty is not a universal concept; it is culturally-defined. To some cultures, Oriental look is beautiful. To others, African look is most beautiful.

    Make no mistake about it: Karen is a beautiful Oriental beauty! She should not be judged on Western standards. Moreover, her inner glow makes that Oriental look all the more beautiful. This inner glow— brains, character, compassion, achievements—is not cultural but a universal concept.

    Those hysterics on “delicadeza” for her win in the home turf despite her alleged “ugly” looks are just suffering from acute case of colonial mentality. Are we to give way to foreign contestants (read: white Western beauty stereotypes) even ours is most deserving? The gross irony is that those blabbering “delicadeza” are the ones without an iota of it as they trumpet for all the world to hear the twisted innuendo that a hometown decision has been made because the winner is “not gorgeous”.

    • ay talaga kasi kahit sa japan or korea sya eh reject yungfacial features nya hahaha size pa lang ulo nya teh…. i limit mo yan teh sa mga pinoy na masayang sya ang nanalo… kapag nilabas mo yang mukhang yan sa east asia, dun sya sa pinaka dulo ng linya… kakaloka ka hahaha…

      more dislike please hahaha

      • @scorg: And you had to write 3 paragraphs to explain why you think Karen is beautiful, then accuse anyone and everyone who disagrees with you of “colonial mentality”? SAD.

  4. Lord, ibigay mona ang miss world this year. Eheheh

    Miss universe- Keribels na ang top 6
    Miss international- d napo ako mag eexpect pero kung semi finalist, pwedeng pwede na.

    Congrats team PH and Mabuhay

  5. At least Wynwin is pretty, a real BEAUTY with brains. Hindi yung puro brains lang, sana sa Quiz Bee ka na lang sumali noh hindi sa BEAUTY pageant kaloka.

    • Korek! To start with, Beauty contest ito. Beauty Pageant. Yes dapat brainy din pero yun nga, kailangan talaga muna eh maganda ka.

    • i remember vividly how wyn’s non crowning experience in BBP was justified by so many TSK TSK TSK that she doesnt adopt to internationa standards AS PERCEIVED BY LOCAL PINOY FANS??? TSK TSK TSK.

  6. Ang daming ampalaya sa pagkapanalo ni Karen Ibasco, ang papait! halos nakakalason na ang pagkapait. Nakakahiya yung ibang pilipino sa pagka-talangka.

    Suggestion lang, mag-petisyon kayo sa korte suprema ngayon pa lang na huwag nang magpadala ng pinay representative sa tuwing gaganapin sa pilipinas ang kahit na anong beauty pageant, para magkaroon ng kapayapaan ang mga ipokritang kunsensya ninyo.

    Iyan ay kung merong makikinig sa inyo dahil mga SINO BA KAYO para magsabi ng sino lang dapat ang manalo? hmmm???

  7. Naniniwala akong deserving si Karen na manalo. I find other candidates prettier pero hindi naman kagandahan ang labanan sa pag-protect sa environment eh. Also, matatahimik ba yung bashing kung mag-switch na lang ng crowns si Colombia/Australia at si PH – pero with the knowledge na si Karen talaga yung unanimously na nanalo para lang matigil yung issue? I know it’s unfair for Karen who fought hard for it, and syempre for Autralia/Colombia kasi clearly gagawin lang yon pampalubag loob sa mga tao. Pero how we can move forward from here?

    • edi sana nagsubmit na lang lahat ng position papers at di na nagpa BEAUTY pageant diva! hahaha kakaloka… deserving talaga teh?! sa Q and A siguro… tatanungin kita, sino kina PH US Switzerland Angola? yung universally accepted beauty ah kasi yung lahat na pinapasok eh above par yung facial beauty eh

  8. Norman , these wins are like exchange gifts when were in elementary
    3 of the 4 big pageants are yet to happen.
    Next wish :
    MW- Phils
    Intl. -Phil
    Now that’s real Christmas.

  9. I saw karen personally and she’s pretty.She has a very strong presence. In pictures though she has bad angles…She looks good especially in motion. She avts very feminine and sounds very feminine. Please don’t totally rely on pictures which were taken badly. There are pictures of her the she looks good.

    • I was not exactly a fan of karen but her win MPE is very much justified cause she ruled the runway ruled the QnA and her unstoppable spirit made her win ME shes simply a delight on the runway and even more delightful as a true warrior of mother earth.

  10. Congrats to all the Filipina reps who made us proud.
    Karen doesn’t need a defense she already won .May SGV to tally the scores Hindi yun basta feel Lang ng mayari

  11. You’ll see in social media how foreigners and Filipinos alike are happy with Wyn Marquez’s victory, and these very same people condemn Karen’s.

    On Karen–it is not baseless bashing nor is it hatred against a Filipina. It is not even colonial/crab mentality like what some people here say. It’s about being objective, honest and fair. Not her fault that she won though. Her victory just could not be defended.

    • Hahaha tomoh! Mahirap maidefend yung literal na di kagandahan… kahit ilang ulit nating panooring and ME eh di dapat sya nakapasok after the beauty and poise round… face value lang talaga ang naging labanan sa round na yun, hindi yung gown or kung paano dadalhin yung gown… lahat ng literal na magaganda except for Angola and Switzerland ang pinapasok … kaya nga sobrang nakakapagtaka kung paano nakapasok sya sa top 8 gayong kahit sa asian standards eh panget talaga… hahahaha

      • Yes and I cannot get over it myself yet. As much as I would like to think she will be a good philanthropist/doctor/ambassador I still cannot defend her facial value and I feel very sorry I sound pathetic now lol but it is simply not objective to say she deserves it

      • To be fair, i just showed photos of Karen and Wyn to a French family. None said anything bad about Wyn, but one described Karen as “resembling a horse”, the other “a rabbit”, and the third, “not beautiful at all”.. tatlo na sila niyan ha. If you want to be really fair let us ask the children what they think. Hayy I really can’t defend her, I am sorry Karen

      • Jorsel, BEAUTY pageant ang sinalihan nya hindi quiz bee… bago sya makausad sa Q and A, dadaan sya sa beauty and poise… kung mas maganda sana sya ng literal kina angola, US, at switzerland, pupwede pa kaso hindi eh… wala namang reklamo kung yung face value nya eh nakahabol dun sa iba. kaso dun sa part ba yun dapat di na sya pa pinausad pa…. kaming mga kontra bida nilalagay lang namin sa tama yung mga bagay bagay… hindi porket Pinoy eh susuportahan kahit alam mong may mali… tignan mo ang top 8 sya lang ang nabubukod tanging panget dun…

      • Alex, nagdamay ka pa ng mga foreigner para lapastanganin ang kababayan mo na ang naging kasalanan lang naman eh ginalingan nya. I prefer that Karen didnt win because the pageant was held in the Philipines, but she deserved it and she will do a good job. You just wait and see…

      • Wow. I simply TOLD them about the news. THEY were the ones who have this opinion. Long stretch? Eh kung sa katabi mo lang sila long stretch? If I were with a bunch of Filipinos I would like to hear what they think too. In fact I even tried to defend Karen to them because those opinions were below-the-belt to me.

        The real sabotaging are those that edit her photos and spread such humiliation. Get this woman a helpful stylist. The rebuke of a friend is better than the insincere praise of fools. Be objective.

    • Hay bakla Alex baka ikamatay mo yan! Loosen up! Its only a pageant. Chillax!

      • If this was just a pageant then why would people build websites like this dedicated to it? Sorry but I take pageants seriously just as some people take football like mania. Lol do not worry i’m typing this as chill as mango shake

      • Very good Alex! Icipin mo nalang din that USA won MU 8x. Pang 4th pa lang tayo sa ME so there are more leeways. Dont worry next year di tayo magplace. Sa 2019 naman na ulit ang crown hehehe

        Seriously, i watched it live. Naintindihan ko ang judges bakit si Karen panalo. Sa nababasa ko mukhang agree naman lahat na cya nga panalo sa Q&A round (Top 8 & Top 4). Ang contention ng iba dapat up to Top 16 lang cya kasi ligwak cya sa beauty and poise.. pero again to who/what standard of beauty? Karen was so confident on stage like she already won. Of course, sa lakas ng cheer (benefit of the host delegate) mas lalo cyang inspired kagabi. Nagkataon na ang iba di makasagot ng maayos sa Q&A kaya rightfully panalo cya. Walang dapat ikahiya sa panalo na yun. Its just a matter of perspective. Our goal (just like in life) must always be to win. No ifs or buts. Karen prepared. She conquered the earth.

      • To follow your logic, dapat sa MU di sasali si USA, sa MW di sasali ang UK, sa MI di sasali si Japan ans so on kasi baka biglang for whatever reason manalo ang host delegate magiging fraud or travesty? Hmmm

        Again, beauty is never objective. Di mo maexplain at di kailangan iexplain. Panalo si Karen so be it.

      • Follow my logic? I never said Karen’s victory is dubious because it was home-court. I wouldn’t question Jamie’s win for instance. The girl represented beauty.

        My point had been all about the basics of facial symmetry. Before you get into the Q and A, you have to first, be facially beautiful. It was not fair to the others who are both smart and undeniably beautiful. I in fact do not question Angelia’s victory for example because Angelia is represented both beauty and wit. When you hear beauty pageant, what comes to mind? Is it your pretty cerebrum?

        Anyway, I’ve moved on and it is cruel to blame Karen as it is not het fault. And reading about her I think she is a nice woman. And it is God’s will that she is Moss Earth. Who am I to question it now right? Let this incident just be an opportunity to learn something valuable. Peace

      • Ok. So beauty tlaga problema mo. Again, Beauty can never be objective. Trust me. Sa live pageant Karen passed the beauty and poise. Yes hindi rin cya pinakamaganda sa akin. Yes parang di nga rin Top 8 sa scorecard ko pero maganda rin cya. People are going too far to say Karen is ugly. Hwag padala sa mga edited and candid pics. Kahit sino may mga unflattering stills. Tinanong ko bf ko sabi nya maganda si Karen. Si yaya ko gandang ganda din kay Karen. At napachat ako sa aking french friend (straight guy) ha dahil sayo and sabi nya wynwyn and Karen are beautiful… so malamang gandang ganda at impress na impress din mga judges kaya nanalo.

        Kaya kalma lang tayo. Recall India won MW 3x in 4yrs back in 1997, 1999, 2000. Ang pagkakaalam ko nagmove on lang din lahat at tuloy lang din si MW.

      • Very welll said @observingyou.

        Sa mga nanglalait kay Karen na kesyo pangit daw, sige nga pakilabas nga ang mga picture nyo nang magkaalaman kung sino ang panget! Eyebag lang naman ang problema nung tao eh ang laki na ng problema nyo sa life. Hala, ilabas ang mga face pics nyo mga baklush!

      • AJ , si Karen kasi ang sumali . Hindi naman yung mga nag-cocomment na kesyo pangit sya. So I don’t think it’s necessary na magpakitahan ng pics hihihi

      • This somehow sounds like the story of the temptation in the mountain. Why would we subject ourselves to jeopardy on purpose? Even say, the critics here look like Elizabeth Taylor, what would be your point? That unless a person is physically attractive, he cannot participate in forums such as this and share his honest, level-headed opinions?

        Critics are critics. Many are not authors, but that won’t restrict them from making a critique of a book. Same with boxing/basketball/restaurant critics. We judge them in accordance to the field they subject themselves to. In this case, the candidate joined a beauty pageant.

        Learning to accept is still learning, do not tell us there is nothing to learn. Also, consulting other people’s opinion isn’t wrong. In a multitude of counsels there is wisdom as they say. Personally, I did not go as far as sabtogaging Karen to others, I simply asked my friends who happened to be foreigners who are at that time near me. Why would that be a long stretch eh kung sila pinakamalapit na taong pwedeng pag diskusyonan. Plus I simply informed them about the news. No personal opinions added. The real sabotaging are the people who go as far as editing Karen’s photos into even more unsightly light and making fun of her. I never called Karen anything you see. I am simply being truthful and level-headed about a beauty pageant being fair to other women who should have proceeded to the Q and A.
        Let’s move on and just help this girl. She needs an honest stylist. Fake eyelashes do not suit her and please do not paint her face too much. Light makeup will do. The rebuke of a real friend is better than insincere praise. So please help this girl get a level-headed stylist.

    • Mere anecdotal. You really showed the photos to a French family? Your standards are really superficial. How can they judge from pics alone? LOL You really did that just to get an opinion. What a long stretch. An established organization, an annual international event, an auditing firm affiliated with PWC and for a time the best and most respected in Asia, etc. whose opinion is more credible yours and a French family? You must be kidding. You are sabotaging your own countrymen.

      • Sabotaging? What are you even saying? You were not there during a conversation. I simply said, “Oh, the Philippines won 2 pageants this weekend.” Then I showed photos of the winners, WITHOUT giving my own opinion. I simply waited to hear what they have to say, because I was being objective. Now when I heard the mother of my friend said she “resembles a horse” I was shocked that they would describe her that manner. I myself never called Karen a horse. It was their opinion, and I told them about the news. I was merely curious what other people have to say because I do not wish to rely on my own standpoint.

        Now if this website posts a more flattering photo of Karen maybe the opinion would be less harsh.

  12. all deserving even karen. sobra naman kayo kung makalait kay karen, as if naman ang gaganda/gagwapo niyo!

    re miss earth sana tanggalin na nila yung hashtags portion, or if possible e yung mga words dapat e universal, and please yung mga judges, gawing international naman hindi yung kalahati ng panel e pinoy, at most 1 or 2 pinoy lang dapat, para walang masabi ang ibang lahi. at wag nang kumuha ng gov’t official, at kung gov’t official siguraduhin namang pleasant looking-wag yung mga mukhang dugyot tulad nina madialdea, panelo, alvarez, calida at duterte. at sana mga bata ang judges or at least related sa pageant ang background or fashion/ style icons. at yung elemental crowns na equal importance ek ek, very confusing! so how did they decide who gets what?! why colombia is water? russia fire? australia air? kung equal lang din pala e di sana ang announcement na lang e yung main winner tapos bahala na sila sa backstage kung sino air water fire. bato bato pik, draw lots, jack en poy, up to them, equal importance naman di ba? very disappointing ang miss earth. i was rooring for colombia pero karen really deserves the crown.

    • Kakaimbyerna talaga yang equal ranking ek ek ng elemental crowns na yan. Hahahahaha
      Makapag adjust din tau jan balang araw.
      Ang totoo kasi niyan Earth-Air-Water-Fire talaga ranking nila nyan pero nung tinawag na nila hinalo na ung envelope para kunwari equal ranking. Halata naman na si Russia ang kulelat at Australia ang 1stRU.

      • Kala ko nga mag ala 2012 edition ang ME. Ang winner ay sumagot ng so-so answer pero babawi sa beauty at sa reign. 😁😁😁. Nasasaktan ako para sa ME dahil sa mga pangbabash.charing.

    • I do agree on dapat wala sa panel of judges ang pageant owner or officers, iba pa rin kasi ang trato sa taong matagal mo nang nakasama sa trabaho compare sa ilang lingo lang… Intellectuality Philippines Rep. Deserved to win the crown… her beauty is just an average.

    • Isa sa judge is head ng securities and exchange commission.

      Ang mga sole proprietor businesses sa Pinas nire-register sa DTI while corporation are being registered at SEC. And para maging head ng isang ahensiya di naman binibigay sa mga ordinaryong middle class tulad natin but rather sa may mataas na pinagaralan dahil Sila sandigan ng ekonomiya.

      Maaaring dugyot Sila tignan pero mga head of state and multinational corporation CEO ang mga kaharap niyan. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover (coz I’m not a book, charot!)

  13. Angelia and Karen are rejects of Binibini who did well at MEP.

    Venus and Ara are rejects of MEP who did well at BBP.

    Iba ang concept of beauty ng MEP at iba Rin sa Binibini.

    Dania Prince of Honduras participated at MU but lose. When she won ME she clearly states the difference.

    • The difference between MW and ME is the presence of accounting firm.

      Kahit ipabulatlat Yung result ng ME may evidence sa voting of judges na di mo makikita sa MW.

      ME can adapt how Angkol is doing by letting the judges pick the Top 5 and decide by him the ranking regardless of the merit of their final answer. If that happens ba’t nag final question ka pa?

    • Hashtag millennials

      World War 2 ended in 1945 and those born in 1945 are the so called “baby boom generation” because they need to re populate the earth because of the casualties of war. They reach retirement (age 60) in 2005.

      Internet was invented in 1989 by Tim Berns Lee. Those who are 18 y.o in 1989 (born 1971) are the actual users of the internet and are called Generation X (remember the commercial of Spice Girls for Pepsi?)

      Those who are born after 1989 are the millennials which includes today’s beauty candidates.

      If I pick this hashtag, my answer would be,

      As a millennial myself, I would use the advocacy of ME by spreading education to the public the value of the 5R’s to save the environment and fight climate change.


    • Kinukwestyon presence ni Rodgil sa ME pero walang kumukwestyon sa presence ni Lu Sierra sa MU?

      • may alaga ba si Lu na pinapasok sa Ms USA pageant? Nagsusupply ba ng contestant si Lu sa Ms USA? pakisagot po yan….

      • Yes, walang alaga si Lu na pinapapasok sa Miss USA at Hindi Rin siya nagsu supply ng contestant.

        And so as Rodgil, Hindi siya Ang nagpi fill up ng application form at Hindi Rin siya pumoporsiyento at Wala silang contract from his ward Kaya Malaya silang itakwil Yung mentor nila.

        But both Lu and Rodgil train girls post pageant and pareho silang connected to the pageant organization through choreography.

      • correction… pre and post pageant si Rodgil ng mga alaga nyang nanalo… yun ang pinagka iba ng dalawa…. si Lu contracted ng mismong organization para sa post training at kapag MU season na pwedeng syang kausapin ng mga contestant , si Rodgil kinuha lamang para sa choreo at di para magtrain… wag kang imbento na kinuha ng ME si Rodgil para sa post training…

  14. #PhilippinesWeDidItAgain magmomove-on nako sa ME pero please mama rodgil, wag na wag kang magpadala sa super high caliber na gerl sa MPE2018, kung ayaw mo mag back-to-back ulit at kung ayaw mo mamatay ang pageant na pinakaiingatan mong i-organize annually. Magpadala ka lang ng mga gerls na okayish sa beauty at okayish lang din sa brain. Isang malaking sampal sa ME kung Pinas ulit mananalo sa ME2018. Baka magiging last edition na lng ng ME ang 2018 pag mag b2b pa. Todo support ako sa ME, baka biglang mapalitan ang status ng pageant nyo. Kaya ingat2 na next time ha! May you, karen, have a wonderful reign ahead. #PhilippinesWeDidItAgain

  15. I honestly do not feel it will get better than this. Of the four remaining for the year, I think only The Governor’s Delight stands a chance at making the Final Cut, but not a victory. As for MW, our rep is not the prettiest in the lot and she is not the only one with a noble character. And for all the seeming hype on the Supranational page, the Olive Tree will probably fall simply because the WBO will see no particular advantage in giving Philippines a second crown now. And there is no reason to believe the Mikimoto curse will be lifted anytime soon. In fact, I WANT Japan to win MI 2017! I won’t mind at all.

    • Japan’s mom is a Filipina. Chances are she will be acceptable to many Pinoys in case she wins. 🙂

  16. Sa totoo lang kasalanan ng KF kaya ampangit ni Karen Ibasco. Kung si Madamme French ang nag styling jan mala Miss Japan Riyo Mori kakalabasan nyan. Kaya lang napansin ko talaga na sobrang mukhang pang halloween ang make up ni Cars. Ampanget talaga. Lahat naman ng tao napapaganda ng make up kahit pangit pa yan. Kaya lang pag di naaayon ang make up imbes na gaganda ka eh papangit ka pa lalo. Yan ang nangyari sa FESLAK ni KAREN IBASCO kagabi. Sana mag iba sya ng styling kasi may ONE YEAR pa sya para patunayan sa madlang mundo na may karapatan syang tawaging NA HINDI PANGIT!!!! Mas maganda pa siya sa mga ECO VIDEOS nya kung saan napakasimple lang nya.

  17. Ano ba yan hihihi 🙂
    Lagi akong toxic this week at waley ako sa kaganapan time sa paseksihan ng mga pekeng magaganda kuno hihihi.
    Congratulations Karen Devila hihihi.
    Sinabi ko na noon pa na wala akong paki kung manalo man si Karen dahil sa Q&A pa lang sa Top 8 ay pasok na sya sa Top 4 🙂
    Puwes dahil sa Tanungan portion ay naTornado ang ibang feslak na may pekeng eyelash at pekeng ilong or peke lahat pati sa baba hihihi 🙂
    Sayang c Thailand and Venezuela at naligwak sila sa Top 4 ko, only Philippines and Colombia made it hihihi 🙂
    Country of the Year is within reach already, cherette hihihi 🙂

    C Reina Teresita, diosmio ang landi and perfect for hispanic title at mas bongga pa ang darating dahil International showbiz ang mangyayari penetrating the Latino Entertainment Industry hihihi Cherette 🙂

  18. They will finish their reign in a year and then we should all move on hopefully. Stay patriotic everyone! LOL

  19. Liz, Winwyn and Rachel are my favourite queens for this year. I’m hoping Rachel can place too just like the other two!

  20. Karen’s win was “Oh no not again” first impression. She aced it though but I’m not really that sold out, considering she is the least “beautiful” Miss Earth titleholder the Philippines produced. On Wynwyn’s win, it is no surprise. Judging from her interview portion, she has the poise and glam of Miriam Quiambao. If her age permits, she needs to do a BB Pilipinas stint after 2 years.

    With that said, I feel a strong vibration of the Philippines getting more crowns in the upcoming pageants.
    Meaning to say, mas lalo tayo kakainggitian nyan ha.
    My vibrations lead to Miss Universe and Miss Supranational. Naku, pag nasungkit ni Rachel Peters, ang numero uno sasabihin is “kabayaran” ng MUO sa pag host natin ng Miss U early this year. But I have a feeling she will definitely SLAY!

    • Right after she ended the Final Q&A and the reactions of the panel of Judges… Alam mo na Philippines got the crown… Like Miss Thailand # questions alam mong laglag na siya sa top 4…. and medyo alanganin 2nd segment after top 16 announcement….

  21. International pageant season has just begun, and the Philippines has been rocking it! Congratulations, ladies!

    Regarding Karen Ibasco’s win, I submit to the judge’s decision. I think the judges have seen in her the qualities an Earth warrior queen should possess.

    Nelda Ibe should have won, too, but since the judges picked instead Miss Vietnam, then we would rather respect their decision.

    Teresita won it fair and square, no question about that. Ginalingan, eh.

    Alright, we have three (major, major) titles more to go.

    Go, go, go, Philippiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiines!

  22. Beauty Pageants….KEYWORD BEAUTY!!! Congrats Wyn Wyn and Liz! Sorry MESS EARTH.. TRULY A MESS

  23. Baka sabihin inedit na Naman pic Ni Karen ah. From the pic above, kitang Kita na Ang Rocky road. Lol! Di madedeny Ang ebidensya. #DefendPaMore

  24. Sorry po talaga pero yan ba talaga ang mukha ni Karen Ibasco? Kung yan nga eh di natin masisi ang mga ibang bansa na kakabash.
    Winwyn and Elizabeth are favorites so far- both very classy and calm.

    • Yeah pangit talaga sya. And look at the pic kung san kinokoronahan nya si Katherine espin where she has to bend her legs, grabe parang legs ng lalake, may ugat ugat pa.

      Bashings will not stop, coz marami talagang mas deserving. She has to deal with this on her entire reign and probably even after her reign

    • Kaloka talaga, Jeremi! It’s the teeth siguro. And the nose. And the eyes. Basically yung whole face niya ang problema!! Di gaya nung iba, like Janicel na teeth lang ang problema at naging diyosa na. Kaloka eto yung tipo na di kakayanin ng Belo or Calayan. I’m sorry but I’m not sorry. Charot! Zoom in mo nga, Jeremi, at parang totoo na may pagka rocky road ang fez niya.

      Di niya kasalanan na pinanganak siyang pangit, pero malaking pagkakamali niya ang nagjoin siya bilang beauty queen. Sa binibing pilipinas nga ligwak siya eh. Swerte lang niya at half chinese siya at sa SM MOA ginanap ang contest. And di na kailangan i repeat na tanga ang carousel. Wala kaya connection to sa Philippine Stock exchange connection nung Ramon? Chinese connections and theory ko diyan. May reason yan at malalaman natin soon.

      • There is something between her and Lorraine. Laging 100% Ang score Ni Karen. Even Rodgil cant deny that. I wonder what’s the score between them really.

      • From the suspicious format change that favored anito’s win hanggang dun sa hard questions left fishbowl at easy questions right fishbowl. Marami talagang kababalaghang naganap. Anyare kay USA, PUERTO RICO, at Ibang fluent English speakers? Bakit majority ng top 8 eh parang bitag lang para mag home run all the way to the crown sa q and a etong sandok na babaitang to?

        Naghihintay lang ako ng articulate na magsisiwalat ng kababalaghang ito at mg magsitigil ang mga nagsasabi na “she won it fair and square” dahil sa simula pa lang may hokus pokus ng ganapan.

        Note: sa mga eepal sa comment ko, nyeta kayo, reply ko kay Jeremi to. Wag kayong hunghang diyan at mag piling piling social justice warriors. Hahaha. Eyniwaste, enjoy parin ang ganaps sa IG, FACEBOOK AT TWITTER, lalo na sa YouTube. Mukha ngang walang katapusan ang pambabash sa chakang babaita na to. Boba lang ang MEO na kala nila any publicity is good publicity. Well, not in this case dahil dami nag unfollow sakanila at pati mga loyal latin pageant pages supoorters eh consider na na minor daw ang ME at naungusan na ng MGI.

        THATS ALL AM THAYIN. I’m done here. Charot! 😂💚

      • At one more thing, bakit hinayaan na si Rodgil panot Flores ang mag organize sa buong ME? Siya rin ang humahawak ng score cards bako itabulate sa every medal competition, pati malamang sa finals may say ang Kachakahang Flores. Dahil kagimbal gumbal parin na naging Top 2 nga si Australia at Philippines.

      • ikaw Anawindang, bastos ka..you are everything that is gross, wrong and disgusting in the Philippines…malapit na naming malalaman IP address mo…kaw ng susunod….#salotsalipunan

      • Di lang kaloka Ana… nakakawindang talaga as in pareho ng name ko hahahaha.
        I stand and will always will to what I said after she was declared as the winner during MEP.. sya ang pinakapangit na MEP. Sorry ha pero totoo mukha syang Gremlins. Sorry na naman po. Good Lawd please forgive me

  25. Ibasco’s win will go down in history as the title won but Filipinos are not proud of. Bring one of the strong pageant fans in the world, nakahiya ng sobra na instead of celebrating her victory, they choose not to coz they know deep down that Ibasco do deserve this. One word: Shame!

    • o sige sabihin mo yung totoo, sino ang mas maganda ang mukha kina PH, US, Angola, at Switzerland? Di ko na sinama yung iba kasi puro panget na… yung nakapasok na eh literal na maganda talaga kahit saang angulo at continent mo pa tignan… wag mong sasabihin na maganda ang naging performance sa pagdadala ng gown dahil may mga mas magagaling na di pinapasok dahil panget….

    • she was actually cheered on by fans at MOA coliseum and was greeted enthusiasticaly by other contestants. youre being OA.

  26. Ok firsr picture (winwyn’s) maganda then I scrolled down, I was startled. Im not kidding. Sorry guys but Karen is not beautiful at all. I cant even know what to say.

    • Have the same sentiments. Pinagmukha tayong sobrang ganid sa panalo na kahit ganyang mukha eh nananalo. Haysss. Quality over quantity sana.

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