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  1. I knew she would do well…
    She is kind and you can never go wrong with kindness…

    Trully well-desserved! Congratulations! 😀

  2. ano kaya ang masasabi ni rene salud na nagsabing di raw beauty queen material si wyn?

  3. nasaan na dito yung nagsabing venezuela daw ang mananalo dahil ang source niya ay yung fearless predictions ek ek 😀

  4. Congratulations WynWyn!! You represented the Philippines In an extraordinary way! Despite not being able to understand and speak the language, you pushed through and you gave a good fight! Mabuhay ka!! ❤

    2017 Pageant season is starting off well for us Pinoys! I am so happy lol! Hakot ng crown and runner up placements ulit like 2013? I hope this continues on!

    Miss Grand International = 2nd Runner Up!
    Miss Globe = 1st Runner Up!
    Miss Lumiere International World = 1st Runner Up!
    Miss Earth = Winner!
    Reina Hispanoamericana = Winner!

  5. Pakamatay na raw si Nawat ayaw raw kasi paawat mga Pinay Queens. Pakiawat na lang daw sya sa pagbigti ARISKA!!!

  6. this is a kind of filipina victory that is worth celebrating because the winner DESERVE to win the title. see, even the foreigners are congratulating her. so proud of you wynwin.

  7. So graceful & composed. That final answer was full of substance & beauty. Well deserved win. Congratulations to Wyn for bringing honor to the Philippines!

  8. View this post on Instagram

    Tita Lavinia: Alam nyo yung sa Sesame Street every episode may theme na letter of the day? Well dahil gumagana utak ko ngayon ang post na to at handog ng letter "K". K is for: Karen Ibasco – First of all, I want to greet our new Queen a huge congratulations. As a Filipino and as a pageant fan who got to watch the actual pageant live – all I can say is that she performed her best. She was cool, calm and collected. She showed gravitas by toning down her in your face smarty pants tendencies and explained her stand on environmental issue with such poise, grace and presence of mind. Having said this, moving forward I will leave Karen to relish her victory first because this explosion on social media over her win is not because of her as a person but because of something else. Kagandahang Flores – Our premiere beauty camp has been on a roll these days for producing world class quality delegates. This year, they've been very receptive and liberal with suggestions to improve their girls' styling. Their approach is very unorthodox given that in this day and age we live for daily updates. Kudos KF for working on our girls. Your efforts and their efforts are reflected in the impressive placements we've had so far. Kuyog – When they announced the winner there were four of us admins in one row who did not scream our lungs out or stand up and cheer. Yes we were happy for Karen but our intial reaction was: Fu*ck we are going to get so fu*cked on social media. Endless refereeing, deleting negative comments, calling for calm, swallowing hard truths & endless reporting. It seemed that all the cogs in our heads were working over time. I know that nasty memes have started to sprout. I also know that there are established admins and pageant accounts who have dropped their dignified and neutral facade by inciting bullying while appearing harmless. I get this I really do. We are after all only humans and our emotions just get in the way at times. I just hope that after the dust have settled, after we've aired our our grievances we could move forward and allow the new Miss Earth to do her job because her job isn't all glamorous photoshoots. #missearth2017 #missearth

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  9. Congratulations Wyn. I have from Day 1 expected this! Your win is whollly on your own merits. I cannot help but also ascribe it to the need by RHA organizers to take their brand across the globe and to all corners of cyberspace.

    Wyns RHA win comes on the same day Karen won the ME. Just like Karen, Wyn belongs to the league of holistic beauties—beautiful inside and out. It is uncanny that the reaction by some fans is diametrically opposed.

    I am sure Wyn has her share of bashing and insult from Latina fans, who are just as rabid as some Filipino fans. That is expected in this highly partisan world of beauty contests. What is scary is when a Filipino bashes a fellow Filipino international winner Karen, and incites other countries to join the sinister fray. Indeed, only in the Philippines! But that speaks volumes of the low collective self-respect shown by some sectors of our society. Scarier even when the basis of the bashing is some warped concept of beauty that considers only physique, let alone Western stereotypes, as standard.

    • I can honestly say that my standard of beauty is Western but I can appreciate different kinds of beauty. But what I could not understand is when Filipinos fault Karen and applaud Wynwyn. What are they appreciating? Both to me are not Western archetypes but brought their A game. What is this backwardness fellow Filipinos? Wynwyn’s victory is only proof of the changing standards of beauty and Karen’s victory via unanimous decision is undeniable.

      • Sorry Adrian winwyn has all the spices of a beauty queen, Karen ?! I can’t even know what to say. Sorry

      • hahaha … hahaha bumalik sa ME yung banat ng mga kababayan natin sa MGI na Ms Grandma… mukhang grandma talaga!!!!

      • Adrian, I agree that both are not Western archetypes yet one is more appreciated than the other. Let us put this in context. Only a tiny segment of the pageant followers acts this way. Having said that. I think the accusation that one is gorgeous while the other is not is just a camouflage for another sad reality in the Philippines: we love to please foreigners, we do not want them to feel we are taking advantage of them in our own turf, delicadeza demands that we give in to them if it is a choice between “them” and “us”. Thus, if we are the host country and the contest is of Philippine origin, delicadeza demands that we will not be declared winner no matter how deserving we are: indeed, what will other countries say? My problem with this line of reasoning is that while we self-righteously invoke delicadeza on this issue, we seem to forget that the same delicadeza is violated many times over every time personal insults are hurled to Karen and the ME organizers in the social media. When we wash our proverbial dirty linen in public, in a global audience at that, isn’t delicadeza also breached? Doesn’t it equally put our country is a bad light?

    • You are another one whose patriotism is misplaced and standard of beauty is questionable. Strange.

    • You thank your God, yet masalimuot ang laman ng puso mo. You seem educated, pero talo ka pa ng hindi nakapag-aral with the way you think and judge!

    • Itong mga baklang walang pinag aralan. Mga bobo kasi itong mga ito.kung makapang lait Kay Karen wagas. hoy paikutin momman yung mundo ngayon si Karen parin yung mananalo. Siguro kung kayo nandun ni spelling Ng millennial eh hindi nyo ma spell. Unanimous yung desisyunmga bakla.yung mga judges eh may Mga pinag aralan hindi katulad nyo warriors behind a keyboard. I certainly believe na mga skwaters kayo. Nakakadiri itong mga baklang ito mapapamgit na mababaho pa ang mga bunganga.

  10. Her victory is symbolic not just because it’s the first for the Philipoinrs to join this pageant but also because of the Miss Earth result. Not to minimize Karen’s well-deserved win but somehow Winwyn’s crown eased our concerns over what other countries or fans think of our queens. Definitely we are now known as a country of smart beauty queens. Congrats Winwyn!

  11. As far as I can remember, there were only me and Fabian who believed in Winwyn as a beauty queen while everyone else were counting her out since her BbP days. There was even an article of the blogger before regarding who among the present queens would likely to place. Winwyn was singled out in that article as the blogger was not sure of her place in that latin- dominated pageant.
    Congratulations Winwyn. Your win is surely a vindication.
    I always thought na mas maganda ka pa dun sa nanalo ng top plum sa MWP tulad ng lagi kong comment.

    • I’ve always believed in Winwyn…even during her BbP days. I knew she would deliver internationally. She has the goods.

      I also feel the same way about Rachel Peters even during her MWP days! So I’m crossing my fingers that she’ll deliver in MU too!

    • So start your own blog especially since you believe your insights & perceptions are superior to Norman’s & never hesitate to rub in Norman’s face with that special brand of bastos you specialize in.

  12. Ang lakas tlga makapanalo ng ganyang hairstyle…high bun b yan? coupled with commanding presence and excellent Q&A skills…first runner up nya yan din styling..lol Bravo !!!

  13. Win wyn’ s victory is good for RHA org as she will be their spokesperson and ambasadress of goodwill and might even attract more participants making it more popular. She’s an excellent choice 😇☺😉

  14. She was destined for a crown! Nasa pangalan palang.. “Ssen” at “Winwyn”!!! Congratulations!!
    What a really great streak for our current queens in their respective pageants so far!

    • Shet. Ngayon ko lang nagets na ang Ssen ay Ness backwards. HAHAHA.

      All this time, nabother ako sa spelling. Bakit kasi dalawang s?

  15. uno, dos tres…
    see how the number of young filipina beauty pageant hopefuls enroll in spanish language classes spike up 100 fold

    start studying cervantes, goya, velazquez, murrillo, picasso, chirrugueria, neruda, kahlo,
    sorry i am not as familiar with the latin american personalities…it’s a whole new world

  16. She aced her Q & A ! And she was almost flawless from start to finish defying all odds being the only non-Spanish speaking candidate. Congratulations, win wyn ! A well deserved victory 👏👏👏

      • Thanks for the info. I actually didn’t get to watch the entire proceeding and I missed Australia. Apologies 😊

      • Ayan Jen supalpal ka. Bago kasi mg comment eh know the facts first. Musta naman ang pgkaka supalpal mo? Hahaha

  17. Her whole presence was like akin to Adele joining a barangay beauty contest lol. She didn’t defy the odds because she was absolutely prepared and took on the pageant as if it was in the same level as Miss Universe. Just like Karen Ibasco and all our queens in the last couple of years, they give their best; anything less would be shall we say, is un-nationalistic. Para sa bansa talaga.

    Sadly we can’t say the same for the ENGOTS who think it’s okay to turn against their own.

  18. ha!
    she did answer that question with conviction

    love the relaxed set-up. q&a while sitting on a couch

  19. Wow, i love you Winwyn and congrats! Kahit nagmukha kang kawawa doon na di mo maintindihan ang salita nila go pa rin hihihi

    Kay Karen at Miss Earth ayan tuloy, super bash, choice mo yan kasi naman eh bakit Q & A lang ba ang basehan dapat sinama na ang Thailand at Venezuela at Netherlands…ewan ayaw ko na mag isip kung kagandahan sana si Karen pwedeng makipagsabunutan sa bashers charizzzzzzzzz

    • Tama.. Lesson learned.. Kung ayaw ma bash, wag sumali sali kung d-i kagandahan..

    • Vaklush baho ng hininga mo umaabot hangang sa pagka Tao mo. Wala kana magagawa kung yung paborito mong kandidata eh Bobita. Karen outsmarted everyone period. Mag trabaho ka muna para Marating mo yung status ng mga judges. Oh sorry Mali pala, mag aral ka muna para maintindihan mo yung sagot ni Karen. Kaya Hindi umaasenso yung Pilipinas Dahil sa katulad mong walang pinag Aralan.

      • Eh wala ka rin magagawa kung ang paborito mo is Chakakhan at ma bash siya for life. Oh ano masaya ka na sa litanya mo, kung mang husga ka bakla, mag comment ka kaya ng tunay mong name at picture sa fb page at forum ng miss earth hindi yang pa Ivan Ivan ka pa hayup kang Ativan gang charit hihihihi

    • Wynywn and Karen both did their best. Selective ang support mo sa kapwa Filipino. Your patriotism is misplaced.

  20. Wow, this is amazing, WynWyn won!!! Felicitaciones Senorita Teresita Sen Marquez for a job well done and a victory well deserved. She’s already a stand out since Day One, no question about it. She delivered what is expected of her and fulfilled her dream of being an international beauty queen like her aunt Melanie Marquez. And the first Asian to win this Latin based pageant. Impresionante.

    • nyeta ang galing din nya sumagot like karen…ano bang gagawin natin…ayaw na paawat ng mga pinay !!! palaban tlga kahit san mo dalhin. I believe nagbabago na tlga mostly ang mga pageants ngaun…they are giving more weight on how a candidate is confident and how she answers to questions with sense and conviction. I just feel bad for karen because she’s being bashed not congratulated by her fellow filipinos…she’s being hated just because she did her best and won. The judges saw the winner in her that we refuse to see to begin with

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