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  1. Beauty, brains and brawn! Congratulations Queen Nelda for a job well done 😍

  2. Tama na naman ako na finalist or winner c albania…
    May nagcomment na kaya nanalo c vietnam ay maging host country ang vietnam hihihi which is my initial reaction.
    Bongga rin talaga maghost country ang vietnam 🙂

  3. Really Fabian hihihi
    Oh di ba Tama ako na kung yung dimo inaasahang manalo ay nanalo 🙂 hihihi
    Congrats Nelda,,, I’m happy na masarap ang tulog mo gabi-gabi hihihi
    Sa mga reklamador, di na kayo nakuntento kaya wala kayong blessings from God 🙂

  4. CONGRATS Ms. Nelda. I’m also glad a South East Asian won. more power to Asia
    Di Ko Lang feel kung Saan galing ang mga mukhang tsako ( weapon )

  5. patabain mo mukha ni nelda…yun ang mukha ng nanalong si vietnam…pero sa noo it’s a tie…hihihi…congrats Nelda !!!

  6. Full Results :

    Miss Globe 2017 – Do Tran Khanh Ngan of Vietnam
    1st runner-up – Nelda Ibe of Philippines
    2nd runner-up – Elena Latypova of Siberia
    3rd runner-up – Alessia Çoku of Albania
    4th runner-up – Simone Heijligers of Cape Verde

    Special awards
    Miss Talent: South Africa
    Miss Friendship: Armenia
    Best in National Costume: Nicaragua
    Miss Disco Queen: Romania
    Miss Golden Girl: Moldova
    Miss Dream Girl of the World: Siberia
    Miss Photogenic: Kosovo

    • Why oh why Delilah
      No further comment , I do not want to be called pikon by the high and mighty here


    • Miss Tourism Globe: Mexico
      Miss Elegance: Gambia
      Miss Intercontinental Globe: USA
      Miss Cosmopolitan Globe: Turkey

  7. Clenci did a perfect job last week
    Now I expect Peters to do the same

    KF all the way !!! Hihihi !

    • Iba talaga pag galing KF sure sa placement sa international stage!!!
      Hands down sa lahat ng bumubuo ng KF. The best ever.

      Now I’m worried sa chances natin sa MI, MS and MIntercon…. hayss…

      • KF did it again, Baby Nica. Indeed, beauty camps can increase the chances of a contestant winning an international crown, or even a runner-up finish. However, I still think it boils down to three things: strengths of the candidate, choices of the judges/org, and sheer luck. Those three determine the destiny of contestants in their respective beauty pageants, that is to win or to clap for the winner. Congrats to Nelda for this awesome achievement!

      • Oh there you are Baby Nico. My number 1 fan.

        As they say, imitation is the best form of flattery 🙂

        I also agree with your three things, but then in item number one, strength of candidate, although it is inate with some, I believe the camp enhances this to the candidate and KF is doing an awesome job to all their trainees and no other beauty camp can. Dont ever forget the B2B of Philippines inMs Earth courtesy of Jamie and Angelia, both from KF. Bea Rose and Lara although not B2B are 2 additional MI crowns.

  8. Mukhang masuwerte ang mga alaga ng Kagandahan Flores sa mga patimpalak. Congratulations Miss Globe Philippines!

  9. Save the best for last for KF girls ba ang peg?

    Liz Clenci – 2nd runner up
    Nelda Ibe – 1st runner up
    Rachel Peters – TBA

    • Sana, pero wag ng umasa dahil mukhang INJA ang mananalo sa MU.. nadecode ng isang injan ang prediction ni gurmeet

  10. 1st runner up na nga di pa happy? Di araw araw swerte tayo. Let’s just be thankful for her 2nd place win. She still gave honor to the country.

  11. hinde ko alam ang sasabihen ko 😂. Congratulations nalang IBE! IBE KA!!! 1st runner up is not bad. Medyo deserving din naman ni vietnam sakto lang. Hayaan na na walang Q&A baka malay nyo eh mas matalino at maboka pala si vietnam at ung tatlo pa e d lalong waley. But cant blame the fans coz engot din naman kase ang org kung bat naubos ang time kaya no Q&A. kahit isang performer eh ok na eh. at isa pa diba nag prelim na sila kahapon. nelda wore one white one piece and green gown so bakit naglaban na naman sila ng SS at EG sa finals. so confusing talaga and no even one latina. mga kapitbahay ni albania halos pasok. anyyway! not too many Filipinos naman na galit sa nanalo at Miss Globe. they seems seen something from the winner kaya ok lang ang peg mostly ng mga pinoy.
    Honestly disappoint ako sa styling at performance nya pero thanks God at nakasungkit pa si nelda ng crown. its a victory again from KF. 2 runner ups more to go especially a top crowns.

  12. Vietnam is being actively courted by the organizers to host their pageant next year…

  13. Sayang si Nelda! Pero ok lang at least may place pa din! Good winning streak! Respetuhin na lang desisyon ng mga judges.

  14. I just thought that Miss Globe missed the opportunity to fly high with Nelda. It would have been an opportune time to present to the world an interesting spokesperson– a pilot beauty queen who literally and figuratively could zoom up the MG brand to unparalleled heights! Not that I downplay the capabilities of the chosen winner. It is just that it may take years before another Power Woman candidate could come MG’s way. In this age of information overload, the battle for global audience’s mind space is won by brands that easily stick to the brain. Presenting a beauty queen who flies airplanes easily makes people stop by and listen, and in all likelihood, fly with her to the destination her advocacy will take them.

  15. This third tier pageant is not consistent at all with its criteria for selecting the winner. No Q&A this year??? Why? And how exactly did Vietnam edge out our very own Nelda when the latter visibly excelled more in both the swimsuit and evening gown segments? And why were the Latinas completely shut out from the top 15 while several obviously inferior candidates were included? Hmmm… 🤔 🤔 🤔

    • You have this Spanish Colonial Mentality na wala sa mga Albanian judges… Thats It!!!!

      • Why it has to do with the aforementioned mentality.Ken has a point. Miss Globe doesn’t have the consistency . Miss Vietnam 🇻🇳 is probably top 30 for me. They probably did a lottery draw.

    • Ken I agree
      Not that Nelda was the prettiest
      A lot of really gorgeous girls were shut out of the top 15
      It just goes to show that the beauty business is subjective and we just have to be thankful that their decision tends to favor our way.

    • and what do we know??? Miss Vietnam was trained by a filipino beauty camp. Gouldian perhaps? another Miss Intercont 2014 result?

  16. Congrats Nelda! It’s really a great start for our queens! Bagay din talaga sa beauty niya ang white!

  17. BBP 2017 batch is off to a good start. Following Clenci’s 2nd runner-up finish @ MGI & now Ibe’s 1st runner up finish at Miss Globe, will 2017 be another very successful year in PH pageantry ? I sure hope so. Let’s all keep the positive vibes going. Congratulations, Nelda ! What a feat you have achieved. Way to go 😉😉😉

    • Lets compare last year to this year

      2016 Ms United Continents – Winner
      2017 Ms United Continents – Unplaced

      2016 MGI – 1st Runner Up
      2017 MGI – 2nd Runner Up

      2016 The Ms Globe – 3rd Runner Up
      2017 The Ms Globe – 1st Runner Up

      ATM, downgrade ang record naten from the past year. Kaya ba nila higitan ang Top5 sa MsWorld, Top6 sa MsUniverse, at Victory sa MsInternational??? Mukhang dehado tayo this year cimpare last year.

  18. Mas maganda sumali sa Miss Globe no manalo ka lang ng award dami nang pabaon sayo. Kakaibang trophy tapos ung sash ang sosyal ng printing at materiales tapos may crown pa kahit runners up. Saya saya lang. Hahahaha

  19. Congratulations, Nelda! 👏 👏 👏 You did us proud with your first runner-up triumph! The Philippines 🇵🇭 is on a roll again in international pageantry!

    On a side note…

    Is it just me who noticed that Nelda’s gown here is very similar in style and color to Laura Lehmann’s during the Miss World Philipppines finals? Coincidence? The gown is inarguably exquisite and flattering to her figure, but one can’t help but wonder if the aesthetics were somehow plagiarized from Mark Bumgarner’s design. Just thinking out loud.

    • ang daming ganyang design ngayon…with variations nga lang…di nman napakagaling ni bumgarner para sya unang nakaisip nung design ng gown ni laura…before pa may mga ganung design na from other designers

  20. are Asians taking over Miss Globe from the past European winners? Congrats Nelda Ibe ! next, Mariel de Leon (if Elizabeth is 2nd ru, Nelda is 1st ru, will Mariel be a winner, back-to-back even)

  21. Nakakatuwa na ushers ang nag ccrown ng runners up..take note ushers.hindi ucherettes..

    • Ganun po talaga sa Eastern Europe. Lahat ng pageants nila kahit sa National Pageants, Miss Supranational, Miss Russia, Miss Polski at etc. Kesa naman sa mga UGOD UGOD na sponsors at judges dabah. Nakakawindang dito sa Pinas ang awarding. Kain oras!

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