5 comments on “Meanwhile in Port Dickson, Malaysia

  1. What sorcery is this? What is a Ms. Lumiere International World ek ek? Is this a skin product? A lighting fixture product? or a candle perhaps? Lol.

    But if the color and smoothness of her skin on the third picture is the basis, lumiere na lumiere nga sya. Lol.

    World Peace.

  2. She’s prettier than Ibe and can sing 🎤. Is it true that Ibe lip sync? Such a disgrace to Filipino. We are born Singers. Who’s The handler of Ibe gusto Kong kurutin ang mga singit nyo. At yung gown oh my gosh. Parang dahon Ng saging. My gosh sa totoo lang gusto Kung sabunutan yung buhok sa baba Ng Mga handlers nya. Por dyos miyo.

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