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    • Gosh i love her!! Rachel is glowing! Tingnan nyo ung balat niya, nagloglow! ❤️
      One suggestion lang, pls don’t wear that lipstick shade while wearing that kind of nude colored clothing. Wear something that may give a color of pop 🙂

      And PLSSS bring some body shimmer for the pageant! Especially sa SS hihi goddess talaga ang kalabasan mo ate rach! ❤️

  1. Undoubtedly, all Southeast Asians are fielding stronger delegates than usual. Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia have the best chances. I have to say Malaysia might miss the train again.

    I thought I saw an improved Gem Padilla clone while I looked at Indonesia’s photo. Unless she flunks her preliminary interview, I think there is a big chance she will make the initial cut.

    Both Philippines and Thailand have better odds winning. They are outstandingly beautiful, and can talk well. But what I haven’t seen from both of them is some sort of spunk, or a little more enthusiasm in their personalities. Hopefully they deliver once they set foot in Las Vegas.

    Personal choice raw ni Bunga si Francis Libiran. Kung di raw sya papahiramin ay handa syang magbayad ng mahal para sa ala Megan/Kylie gown. Sya raw magdadala ng MU korona para sa Libiran dress.

    National custome ni Bunga will be very ISLAMIC ang peg!!! Kasi yun ang kwento nya.

    Pasabog sa swimsuit ang gagawin ni Bunga!!! Maaga sya pupunta ng Vegas para makapili ng magandang size at design ng Yamamay. At tatak A&Q ang magiging lakad nya.

    Bunga will be using an interpreter all the time from close interview up to Final Question.

    Bunga will wear 3 gowns. Indonesian designer for prelims. Francis Libiran for Top9 EG competiton. And Modern islamic dress with turban for Final look.

    The local govt of Bunga have a budget for voting. May qouta sila in voting Bunga to secure a spot in semifinals.

    Expect Bunga na hindi siya makikisalamuha kay Rachrl kasi KF si Bruha. Makikita naten si Bunga with other islamic countries like Lebanon, Albania, and Turkey and Egypt.

    Magiging mysterious ang image ni Bunga at expect nyu ang red lips nya sa mga pre pageant. At naka side na hairstyle.

    • grabe all in na all in talaga tong mga indogs. hopefully they get what they expect tho 🙂 I wish them best of luck! It can be anybody’s ball game!

      im still 100% rachel. I believe in her ❤️

    • Hopefully din one day that the indonesians will be thankful for the Filipino designers and trainers. Especially ung queens nila, sana special mention sa post nila sa social media para matauhan din ung followers nila. Sila pa nga ang tinutulungan, sila pa ung walang kupas na paninira o pambabash.

    • Puro naman to fake news!!!

      1. Orangutan ang natcos ni Bunga.
      2. Nasa Indonesia pa rin si Bunga so she isn’t really early to arrive in Vegas.

  3. Bunga’s photos are gorgeous.. however base sa mga nakikita ko, she’s just giving me one projection or expression. I’m waiting for some variety ng emotions from her face/eyes.

    Malaysia – Beautiful!! Though yung evening gown niya is i think wrong choice. medyo maikli ang legs niya (for me ha) kaya dapat hindi super high slit ang gown niya. her natcos is superb.. i like it. very unique!

    Thailand – hmmm. so far, she’s my top 2 together with South Africa. She’s giving me Pia Wurtzbach vibes na simula nung nanalo, favorite na till papalapit na ang coronation. Let’s just see kung ma maintain niya pagstart ng competition.

    Philippines – Mas okay ang over all look and aura ni Rachel lately. photos are improving.. wardrobes – sana pak na pak ang for MU.. is she going to wear a Taguba? sana kakaiba ang natcos niya.. mala amazona or angelee’s natcos sa Miss Earth. baket nga ba wala pa siyang profile sa MU website? hmmm

  4. pansin ko lang ba’t antagal lumabas ni rachel sa MU website? Isa cya sa matagal na nakoronahan, d pa bah kompleto ang detalye niya o wala pang official photo?

  5. I am so excited for Rachel! She’s definitely a strong contender and one of the best beauty queens to represent us in MU. I am confident that she will deliver and make us all proud. I can’t wait to see her rock the MU scene. I am into the whole low-key/under the radar drama going on with Rachel. Complete opposite of Pia’s time. Pia was very much hyped prior to the competition but she never disappointed. With Rachel, she’s on the down-low, saving everything she has to show for the competition. Basta, super excited na aka for MU! I think she will go far! Even the fearless prediction by Gurmeet say the same thing!

  6. I just watched Rachel Peters’ interview with Boy Abunda last night in his talk show. Make no mistake about it, the girl wants to compete and win. She has a game plan, from her wardrobe, NatCos & down to her walk. And I just love the way she speaks, the way she talks. Very articulate, all the right words are spilling out of her. And the sense that the woman talking before my eyes is a goddess, that’s the impression I get from her. In a way, its good that she is kind of under the radar compared to her competitiors from Thailand and Indonesia, the element of surprise is on her side. I am hoping she will blow us away and may she peak at the right time. Timing is everything.

  7. I have such high hopes for Rachel! She is one of the strongest Miss Philippines we are sending. She has the body and the brains to match. She may not be the prettiest but she is oozing with sex appeal and charisma. Watching Tonight with BoyAbunda last night, I have to say that Rachel is really pretty in motion and speaks with calm confidence. These traits will hopefully secure us our fourth crown to date. I like Thailand but when she smiles, it makes her look older than her actual age. She is also thin and lacks personality. This is just my objective opinion. I love how Thailand has high end wardrobe and I wish her the best. Malaysia is an upgrade from last year and her fans are very supportive of Filipina queens so I’m hoping the best for her too. As for that Indonesian queen, her height is her biggest asset and the massive online voting power of her fans will ensure her top13 spot. I pray that we will have the MU crown or any of the alpha crown this year as we need to outperform Venezuela in having the longest winning streak in pageantry ❤️😇

    • Yes, I agree, I like Thailand but there’s something off in the way she smiles, parang nagmumukhang lola. After MJ Lastimosa, I am putting again the Philippines as my top picks for MU.
      Goodluck, Rachel!

  8. Somebody commented that Southeast Asians are the new Latinas in global pageantry– very competitive and well prepared. I agree. I think it’s partly because the Philippine beauty camps have been exporting their services to ASEAN countries. It is also abetted by the intensifying regional rivalry among fans, so intense that they try to outvote each other in online voting sites, hurl expletives at each other across the cyberspace, tooth for tooth, troll for troll.

    While the spillover effects of Philippine success in international beauty contests have spread to its neighbours, no country has the competitive edge the Philippines possesses. Pageantry has deep cultural and historical roots here. Even religion has for centuries been invaded by the pageantry fervor in the annual santacruzans all over the archipelago. Revolutions come and go, but santacruzans and search for fiesta queens, will remain forever. Thus, from the grassroots to the upper social echelons, the Philippines will never run out of exquisite beauties ready to be discovered anytime.

    May laban ba sila?

  9. I am expecting Philippines and Thailand to place, pero duda akong aabante ang Thailand ng malayo-layo. I wish the same with Malaysia.

    But with Indonesia? i think not. Huwag nang gawing PILITA CORRALES nanaman ang Indonesia. Huwag nang ipagpilitan. Nararamdaman ko na papalakpak ang babaeng ito.

  10. Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia will place again in the top 15. But I really want Malaysia to place this year. That said the rest are South Africa, USA (sash), France, Brazil, Venezuela, Canada, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Slovakia, Iceland. I wanta back to back for France or South Africa FTW.

  11. I was observing Rachel unfortunately I haven’t seen the xyz factor that I saw compared to our last candidates. Parang yung tipong tamad sya tignan Ewan wala akong nakikita ng love to win. Sa mga mag train naman ng IBang. Lahi wag naman maging Traydor. Aminin sinisiraan nyo yung mga kalahi nation para Lang manalo yung tinuruan nyo.Pag ako naaasar I will divulge your names here. By this time si Rachel eh palaban mode na dapat.

    • Why is it such a threat for people to train contestant from other countries? If i remember it right, Philippines used to go to colombia for training. Winning ultimately comes from the person’s effort and persistence and luck.

      • The problem with Indonesian queens, they either deny or intentionally do not divulge the fact that they train here. That is why most Pinoy fans hate them and their camp. As the Indonesian fans naman, they feel entitled and adamant in bashing our reps relentlessly when in fact they have yet to get an alpha crown. The haven’t proven a single thing and yet they bash us like it’s them who is the powerhouse in pageantry. Hope this clears things with you.

  12. Ang glam team ni bunga sa portrait nya eh mga pinoy except Albert Kurniawan, shot by a Filipino photographer. No wonder ganda ng results. Now if only a photograph can win you a Miss Universe crown, panalo na sya. I think Southeast Asians are the new Latinas in pageants. Palaban and super ready talaga. I hope one of you wins Miss Universe in Vegas at sana si Rachel (if not Maria can be the one)

  13. Miss Thai, she’ll likely place in the semis. The Thais (in Vegas at least) have been supportive of Phils in the past so I wish them luck also.

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