19 comments on “Katarina Rodriguez: Waiting for her Destiny

  1. Go Katarina I always like your outspoken behavior. Ang laki ng Intercontinental crown. Kung anong kinaliit at masikip kay McGarry at Janson siya namang kinalaki at luwag nung kay Katarina. Yung totoo BPCI? iadjust naman ng maayos kaloka kayo!

  2. Katarina is definitely gorgeous. But she gives off a very entitled attitude. Especially telling is her reaction after the crowning last April, very unsportsmanlike and bratty. I just don’t see in her the spark and the drive that let’s say Clenci had. She hardly showed up to any BBP events or endorsements with her other queens, has not done any outreach activity (please correct me if I am wrong), and she just does not seem to act like a beauty queen. Still wishing her all the best in her competition since she still represents the Philippines!

  3. I am not sure. While almost everyone is raving about the beauty of her face, there is something I find oddly masculine about it. Is it me or I can see traces of a freshly shaved upper moustache. And her demeanor is..as someone aptly put it…kinda punk. Spunk in a beauty queen, I can take. But punk makes her appear so pedestrian-ish.

    Nevertheless, good luck.

    World Peace.

  4. I remember her dancing in her gym shorts while rehearsing for the coronation night — not a good scene.
    I have nothing against a lesbian or masculine demeanor.
    But a queen has to behave like a queen.
    With her loose gym shorts dropping off her hips while gyrating like a guy. I think that’s why some people refer to her as a punk.

  5. Wag kau magmayabang mga bakla. Maganda si Katarina pero malaki chance nya maging clapper. MIC is a strange beauty pageant. Walang formula to win o sashfactor epek o powerhouse status. Andaming flaws ni Katarina. She can be a clapper here!!!

  6. Prior to the results of Bb Pilipinas 2017, I always see Katarina as a threat, her face alone will stop everyone in their tracks. This Intercon pageant is hers to lose if she dropped the ball. Just lose her punk attitude and tone it down for the judges and charm her way to the crown, she’s got it. I just hope she don’t experience the same fate as the gorgeous Kris Tiffany Janson, who is Miss Universe caliber, losing to that unworthy winner in 2014.

    • Kris Janson is very forgettable. Feslak lang meron sa babaeng un. Lakad, Kuda, at Confidence walang wala un Janson na yun! Mga Bisaya lang naman nag overhype sa babaeng un!!! Di nga makasagot ng matino un sa mga Q&A. Lakad pilantod pa!!!

  7. Koronahan na yan! I was hoping we would get MGI and Intercon this year but I guess I am putting my eggs in the Intercon basket for the crown.. hihihi

    • I’m not a fan.
      But I like her enthusiasm .
      It will be held in Sri Lanka. Maybe the extra belly cushion will help her.

  8. Beauty and brains. She would’ve been great Miss U candidate if only she had Rachel’s body and height.

  9. Off topic : I’ve seen the guesting of Rachel Peters in TWBA and may I say I like what I’m seeing…she’s a mix of Paulina Vega and Gabriela Isler !!! love the body and the styling…I have a feeling she’ll go far in the competition…MU winner or 1st RU for her….

    • Yes Rachel looked great in that interview. She looks best while talking and not on photos . Definitely she will make the top 10 at least.

    • Rachel presents a different facet and dimension to her persona whenever she talks. Very womanly and smart and the words that comes out of her mouth makes sense. Whatever her predecessor Maxine Medina lacked when it comes to public speaking, she more than makes up for it, she has the gift of gab. And her aura, wow, lovely, sexy & classy at the same time. Somethings telling me I should not underestimate her, she’s a silent killer. Thailand & Indonesia has all the hype right now but it’s in Rachel’s game plan to shock everyone come Miss U season.

  10. I so love her face…she’s very photogenic…I think she’ll do well in MI…basta’t wag lang mapulitika like last year

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