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  1. di daw maganda si Laura eh baket si Rachel maganda ba? haler! mga baklang butanding kumuda na naman

  2. Ineng Jeremi u completely miss the point! You are are projecting to others what you are actually doing! Don’t me hija. Never will I stoop to your level because we’re obviously not in the same league! Ikaw at ang iba dito ang nagpapababa sa pagtingin ng ibang lahi sa atin. Palibhasa taga squatter pag uugali mo!

    • Dahlinnn in where I am there is no such thing as sguatter.
      Of course we are not of the same level. Sa thinking palang magkaiba na tayo.
      Against ako sa pag sasalita against sa isang organization dahil lang sa di nameet ang expectation ko at throwing unproven and false accusation. Kuha mo? Sino ang asal squatter ngayon sa atin?
      Hala mag walis ka na ng parlor mo dahil sa pananalita mo mukha kang taga parlor.

      • Atta be ach! Di ako pumapatol sa isang palengkera! Adieu hija. It is a waste of time arguing with a nincompoop like you!

      • O diba sabi ko nga ituloy nyo lang yang pagiging sore losers ninyo at mag send ng mag send ng derogatory remarks sa Miss World dahil di nanalo ang candidate natin… maganda yan at proof ng pagiging class mo. Go!

    • @Jorsel,
      Ignore that Biatch Jeremy..She/he/it thrives for attention and the more you give this fag a space in this board… the more “it” think shes relevant.
      I’m a regular visitor here, and every time I see this fags thread, I just scroll down.
      Feeling intellectual, and correct, but his line of thoughts are too basic and elementary, no substance at all😀

      • I agree wholeheartedly! Actually I just ignore her because she has no sense at all! Feelingera ang gaga! Thanks

  3. Hey Jeremi 🙂 I’m sorry but im a person who bases things mostly at what’s happening in the present or recent years. I see your points through looking back in the history. And i don’t see anything wrong with it. It is okay for u to prove me anything wrong in any given time but what u did wrong was u had to mention the delusion of grandeur. Didn’t u think u went too far? Hindi ako bakla and babaeng babae akong straight. Calling me names is improper if u do want an educated form of communication. Have u ever seen me making a mess of myself here?

    And for my point of view, the recent years to me count the most. Why?

    1. In every organization, you always have to change things up in order to adopt what’s at the present. Seeing Philippines as a huge fan base in d most current time is a big factor to every orgs in pageantry. You mentioned Venezuela and USA are the real powerhouses, i don’t mind and accept that fact. I never mentioned about Philippines must be a powerhouse. I was just stressing the point that Philippines nowadays has the biggest and loudest fan base which orgs are forced to please because those noise can taint/uplift their image as a brand.

    2. In relation to #1, pageantry is still business. So things evolves as time evolves too. An example is how Madame Julia opened a new door to door challenge in order to keep things interesting in her pageant activities AND most especially attract viewers more for the new launched challenge because she heard and knew what people were saying after last year’s mess. Filipinos weren’t the only ones that reacted upon the results. Other people from other parts of the globe questioned it too. Some even said they think Cat deserved a higher place or even a crown. Didn’t u see how many of the countries backed out and not send their candidates for this year’s competition? This is an effect to what had happened last year. It’s obvious. Everything is business. Tell me what could be the most possible reason why those countries backed out in all the same time. Media announcements aren’t always reliable as to what’s the truth.

    3. As of Vene and USA being powerhouses of pageantry.. In the most recent time, how many of them do you see making a noise about what’s happening in pageantry?
    In my observation, its the Colombians, indonesians, Filipinos and other latino community that is creating noise. This is for the bigger amounts of commentators. Others, who are and aren’t powerhouses don’t create much noise in comparison to those 3.

    4. Had u noticed the sudden hype of the country Indonesia in most pageants we follow? Like MU, MW, MI, MGI and etc? The noise they make is effective to some pageant followers. In the upcoming years, I have no doubt they will have great placements with the noise they make in collaboration of their efforts in trainings and etc.
    Silang dalawa ni Thai ang susunod sa Pilipinas dito sa Asia. Si Thai, we all know they send great quality candidates that is very deserving. Idk but i just don’t see anything special sa indo based sa quality sa kanilang candidates. They simply invested cash on training. Thais have something very raw that they can place without talking much.

    I hope u got my point of view now 🙂 Wala na sanang pagmumura kasi allergic ako sa ganun kapag nakikita ko paman na hindi talaga bastusin ung tao kausap ko. In fact, ito rin naman nakakabagsak sa imahe ng mga pinoy kasi kapwa ganyan ang pakitungo.

    • As mentioned on ur comment about filipinos’ problem of throwing shade.. I think its normal for NORMAL Human beings to react in a certain situation where in ur individual thinking, u think that the candidate deserves better. We all have our own preferences and own set of personalities as unique individuals. It just so happens, some of us are fond to write online and post it just to let our emotions out and other people pick it up so easily because its something nega. I agree problema nga ito ng mga pinoy pero ano ang magagawa natin? All we can do is to just remind them of the negative noise they do is actually unpleasant.

      • Very well said. Some people just have to be brought back to earth with our candor and erudition. They have never seen the good in others because they reek of insecurities in their core. Pag pasensyahan na lang natin sila because that is all they can do in life. Their gutter- speak tell the kind of person they are. Ginagawa ko na lang silang katuwaan and not take them seriously dahil wala ka namang mahihita sa mga gagang yan. Enjoy life Ms. Pageant Luv.

      • Sorry Jorsel but it’s you and the others who have the courage to talk against an organization just because a candidate of ours did not win. Given that Catriona indeed deserved to win during her time but Julia would still had the last say, Im sure we were not the only country then who had become a victim of that alleged practice. Then why are all those “deserving” ones who did not win in the past didnt go out their ways insulting Miss World as everyone else is doing here. For me, this speaks volume of the Filipino psyche and mentality. Filipinos are always the winners in every competition. If not, they are either got cheated on, politics etc. That is why we often hear people say “kahit anong mangyari, ikaw pa rin ang panalo para sa amin” which I think is a deluded statement and a proof of twisted patriotism.

      • How about u try to direct to my comment Mr jeremi? ba’t mo inaatake si Jorsel? Ako naman kinakausap mo dba?

      • FYI, I may be too harsh sometimes but it is never my nature to cuss. Never ako nagmura rito, anywhere nor outside of norman’s blog.

      • And oh Jorsel I think Filipino pageant fans like you should be the ones to be brought back to earth. Masyado ng mataas ang lipad natin at malaki ang ulo na pag natalo di matanggap at kung ano ano na pinagsasabi.

      • During Ms Parungao’s edition, the pageant world was abuzzed about Ms Lebanon to be the deserving winner (me included) but did rhe Lebanese people spoke ill about Miss World?

      • jeremi u must’ve forgotten what and who filipinos are.. don’t compare filipino traits to lebanese ppl. Are they a big fan of pageantry?

        pls include a certain nationalities interest in pageantry and their behaviors towards the internet before u continue with ur statements. Thank u 🙂

      • @Jeremi, YES!!! i spoke with some Lebanese who felt really bad that Catriona lost and reflected to their mourn when Lebanon lost during Parungao’s time. Unfortunately, hindi lang sila katulad nating pinoy na pageant fanatics talaga. and it’s not just them, even the Mexicans during Perla Beltran’s time, up to now you dont see much of mexicans hyping their girls because of the past. Kayo lang namang ibang pinoy ang madaling mauto… remember, pag may naloloko.. may manloloko.

      • Oh ok pageant luv that has confirmed what Im thinking. Filipinos are sore losers at walang class.

      • Sige pageant luv ituloy nyo lang yan magandang asal yan.
        Hala sige mg campaign against miss world dahil dinaya tayo.
        Magnda yan kaya tuloy lang yan ha

      • hehe its clearly u don’t get the whole point of my statements :)) its ok jeremi ^_^ meron naman iba nakaintindi eh. Im just trying to prove my point to current facts, u seem can’t accept them because you change the subject. People like me or in my side can accept defeat, its just to how things were done which isn’t ethical. People just have a different way of saying things kaya nagkaganon ung pag-intindi mo. Meron naman talagang ibat ibang tao with diverse personalities, ma-class man o wala 🙂

        I just think u are more on focusing urself to seeing whats negative because thats what u think of us Filipinos. I was clearly stating the behaviors of Filipinos being constantly online and often make it as their diary at times with their emotions. The other was the filipinos being pageant fanatics in comparison to “lebanon”, as u’ve mentioned.

        No worries jeremi, there’s no use for me to explain my point further if u can’t jump into my subject. May iba nga nagcomment na rin pero napaka nega ng isipan mo. I do respect people’s differences and as much as possible avoid to argue strongly. If this is what u constantly think about Filipinos, then i can’t do anything more bcoz i did explain to the point of the people’s mindset on my side. Im a mixed blooded Filipina but i learned to love and still see the brighter side Filipino traits despite the coalition of 3 bloodlines.

        Peace be with u Jeremi 🙂

  4. Why I am still optimistic that Filipino fans will vote in droves for Laura despite this no-to-MW noise? The people who keep on saying they have lost interest in MW are the very same people who still read Norman’s blog entries on MW and/or Laura and post replies expressing their disinterest. Disinterested yet cannot resist the urge to read blog entries about the object of their disinterest! I’m sure the legendary Filipino “pusong mamon” will compel them to secretly vote for Laura, for the “love of country”.

  5. May I share this to everybody. Miss World doesn’t have the accounting firm whose tallying the votes of the judges . The finalists is already made after the preliminary. Merong nang paper who made it to the finals tapos yung mga chuna China na mga judges may I pass the papers kuno. Tapos show nila Kay Julia tapos di Julia will make mark sa papel Kung sino gusto nyang second princess first princess tapos yung Miss World na. Kaya mga beks yung final question kuno wala nang bearing.

    • Maibala lang sinong nag decide na gamitin yung green gown ni Ibe sa Miss globe? Dyos miyo sa kadami daming magagaling na designers eh yung sinuot juice colored parang basahan na galing sa baclaran na pinaglumaan. Kung sino mango nag decide mga baklush pangit po period.

    • wala talagang kwenta ang MW.. sa mga uto-uto.. goodluck..sana mapudpud mga daliri niya sa kaboboto… at sa mga wise fans.. kasama tayo sa maraming pinoy na nagboycot sa pageant na ito. kita niyo naman gano ka baba ang votes ng philippines… #boycottmissworldparin

    • ano pa nga ba…kaya pag rampa ng semifinalist usually top 20 may top 10 na agad….at pagkatapos may top 5 na agad…yung question echos nlang yun…announcement nlang tlga ang ginagawa sa finals

  6. wala kc labanan na nagaganap sa finals…announcement of winners nlang kaya boring…prone sa lutuan ang resulta

  7. nakakatamad nang bumoto ng bumoto….at nacocornyhan kc tlga ako sa mga pautot ng MW…SA MGA PAGEANTS ITO ANG PINAKA LESS kong finafollow…maliban sa rep natin wa ako pakels sa mga candidate dito unlike sa MU,ME,MI na chinecheck ko tlga mga kalabang candidates ng rep natin

  8. Laura has more followers in IG than Rachel. She should win in the voting. As for me, I’m no longer interested as Im still heartbroken with what Julia did to Catriona last year. I voted like crazy in that mobstar app and ill never do it again. Lol!

    • Hwag na gumawa ng excuse… hopeless case tau ngayon kasi kasi di kagandahan ang candidate natin this year

      • Fabie dahlinnn….
        Megan Young is not black enough
        Mutya Datul is not black enough
        The Miss Spain who won MW is not black enough
        Ximena Navarete is not blacked enough
        and so on and so forth but I find them really beautiful
        Sorry Fabie but unlike you, I don’t base beauty on skin color, race or nationality.
        As I’ve said I don’t find Laura beautiful…she is just too pale and frail-looking for me with a strange mouth, gums, and chin that all become prominent when she smiles. Sorry!

  9. We’re so sorry Laura. We all believe in you that you can do it. The MW org just broke us so deep inside. We don’t want to be used again.

    If other candidates can make it through without much votes, you for sure can make it!

    • “We dont want to be used again” oh my what a delusional statement. Go see a pshychologist as I think you are suffering from a behavioral deviation called “Delusion of Grandeur” in Abnorman Psychology. Ughh!!

      • *Abnormal Psychology – “Delusion of Grandeur” you may ask Norman about it, Im sure he knows that and will be able to explain to you about that deviation.

      • utot mo jeremi. Do u even know what i meant there? how is that a delusional when it is a fact that Filipinos are indeed the biggest a loudest audiences in pageantry. D mo ba nakita ung pagdoble nang followers nila nung nanalo si megan tapos nung lumaban na din si cat? Lola Julia even came to the MWP coronation night with her continental minions to este watch Laura.

        Bulag ka yata? hahaha
        You should have yourself checked instead because it is you who’s suffering of such delusion of grandeur mental abnormality. You think too much and try to come off as a genius. Read and comprehend with supported facts aside. YOU ARE MAKING A LAUGH OF YOURSELF.

        And.. please do bring yourself to the PSYCHIATRIST because you need some treatment 😉 My post wasn’t in a negative manner but you somehow always want to create a war in this blog as far as I’ve noticed.

        I hope ur past was ok? 😀 might be a possible effect to how you are currently.

      • Jeremi Beauty pageants are getting the attention they are getting because of Pinoys especially .
        Let’s face it , it’s the truth .. whether u like it or not hihihi

      • Hey Pageant luv.. your reply is just another proof of how bloated your ego is when it comes to beauty pageants. Let me ask you this, during the Philippines’ dark years in MW, did the organization cease to exist? Not at all, right? Did other countries stop supporting it by not sending their delegates? Not at all again right? I can go on and on to inject into that bloated ego of yours that the Philippines is not “that” all in MW. The problem with Filipinos is they tend to throw rotten grapes to an organization that does not or did not meet their expectation of winning it all. Venezuela and USA are the real powerhouses in pageantry winning multiple top crowns but never did I see nor read them like you and other closed-minded Filipinos are doing. Mahirap sa atin para tayong langaw na nakatungtung lang sa kalabaw eh akala nya mas malaki na sya sa kalabaw. This is the very reason why the Philippines is continuosly going into the gutter. No wonder they voted for a egoistic and psychologically deranged president.

    • Tama!!! boycot parin.. sa mga nagtanga-tangahan diyan… pudpurin niyo na mga daliri nyo sa kaboboto. lols

    • bongga ng body ni rachel…look at the shoulders !!! naniniwala akong walang laban si maria ehren of Thailand sa kanya

  10. Paandar na naman ni chef Julia ito. In the end, decision niya pa rin ang mananaig. Tsk.

  11. Misss World is doing everything to generate buzz for sure. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Too bad nagsawa na ako sa kaka-vote sa MW. Enough is enough. I love Laura but I just can’t with all this voting. 21 slots are still open for non-voting winners so I hope Laura can steal one of them based on the judges’ decision.

  12. voting ang basehan sa head to head. paktay!!! sa mobstar pa nga lang jusko less 1k ang nag sswipe kakaunti din ang votes nya sa MW site. no matter how shes active sa social media waley pa din. dahil nayamot na ang majority pinoy pageant fans sa MW. sa MGI na carry pa pero sa MW i dont think so. Pero sa RH naman almost 50k plus supporters ni wyn since ist time natin.hayss manang julia ano na naman itey!???? lets vote in na naman???? sayang ang laway ng nga girls kung botohan ang judge.

  13. Completely non sense!

    After MI my focus would be MU!

    Let Laura win the crown on her own merit.

    It was done through Stephanie. Right, Julia?


  14. Jusko mukhang bilihan pala ng vote ang mangyayari. Kesyo free vote daw eh di free pala maghakot ng vote. Walang kwentang Beauty Pageant na to. Di na to Beauty Pageant sa totoo

  15. Patayin sa bash si Miss Thailand at ang hugis plato nyang mukha. Tae na kamukha ni Pooh si Miss Taelandia. Kung ako si Laura tinarayan ko na yan saka sisindakin ko na agad at ibubully para di na mag ambisyon na makapasok pa sya sa top40.

  16. Three things come to mind when I think of… this and recent posts. First, this one is a CLEAR appeal for us to PLEASE help our rep at MW by getting involved, as described above. Second, do NOT rate up or down ANY bashing. Even a rate-down feeds the ego of the basher. Just do NOT comment at all! Let them wither in our disinterest in them. And third, subukang magtalakayann sa sariling wika sakaling binabasa ito ng mga kalaban.

    Domo arigatou gozaimasu.

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