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  1. in fairness to miss karen ibasco, she nailed the final q&a. thus she deserves to win.

  2. no thailand and venezuela in top 4. i can feel the bashing for miss earth’s credibility will start pouring in.

  3. Winner- Thailand
    Top 7 for Runners up
    Panama, USA, Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Netherlands

  4. Por Dios Santo, magkaroon naman sana po ngayon ng mga magagaling at competent interpreter ang Miss Earth. Utang na loob!

  5. I can predict the elemental court will be between Thailand, Philippines, Venezuela, Colombia.

  6. When karen enters the top8, no doubt that she’ll clinch an elemental crown. Makuda si ate, maalam sa envi problems, so a col-ven-phil trio is very possible.

  7. Thailand has the highest chance of winning but there’s still that slim chance for an upset…a lot of girls are so eager to win…I think once the top 16 are called it’s a whole new ball game and all the semi finalists will give their all…I see atleast 5 girls in contention : Thailand, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Philippines…and there were equally worthy girls like Russia, USA, Guatemala, Panama, Angola, Pakistan, USVI, Belgium…there are a lot of choices for the judges…no clear or run away stand out which is a good thing because it shows the quality of this year’s delegates are superb

  8. NASA Pinas din pala Yung ND ng Mexico at may picture Sila ni Lorraine din. FYI.

    Ooops! Baka may gumawa nanaman ng intriga!

  9. Final! I want one Asian, one Latina (but not Ecuador, Brasiw, Colombia, or Vene), and TWO (2) Europeans for the 2017 Elemental Court.

  10. I also think it’s Thailand’s crown to lose hihi englishan hihi in fer sa kanya mga mars – complete package. eh di siya na hihi

  11. Nakaka umay yang Venezuela-Colombia-Ecuador na naman sa Top4??? At sabi na eh Brazil pasok na naman kahit pangit every year tan nakakapasok. Wala na bang iba??? Paul it ulit. Ma’s gusto KO pa manalo so Karen kesa Paulit ulit na mga Latina sa Top4.

  12. Tito norman bakit po 84? Di ba 86 sila? May nag back out ba? Kc di ba originally 87 sila then nawala c south africa, bkit 84?tia

  13. We have the same top 3 Tito Norms, Thailand – Venezuela and Colombia. Not that sure yet with Ecuador.. My alternates are: Puerto Rico (gosh, super beautiful!!), USA and Philippines. Hindi ako biased or favoritism with Karen.. admit it she’s a strong contender for one of the elemental crowns – not the top title. 🙂

  14. I’d love USA to win.
    Ecuador can do a back to back
    Thailand is fine too
    Panama is beautiful
    Netherlands is pretty
    Russia too

    • Jeremi
      I don’t mind black
      But she has to be pleasantly beautiful
      She’s a little to muscular for my taste

    • Fabulous Fabie dahlinnn I always hear the words “pleasant beauty” from you
      Can you please tell me the distinction between a pleasant and an unpleasant one when it comes to beauty?

      • Jeremi, am I the only one that uses the word pleasant ?
        A pleasant beauty for me is someone with a sweet feminine charm like Charlene G Mutya Megan Pia Bea and yes Catriona . Tse hihihi

  15. Thank you for including the most beautyfull girl in your predictions #MissEarthGuatemala

  16. Panama looks like Rihanna in that pic….Sultry… Thailand-Ecuador (love her fezlak)…

  17. my bets: (ranked)

    Netherlands, Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Panama, Philippines, Austria, Thailand, Venezuela, Pakistan, Peru

  18. Ohhh😄 we have the same Tough 4 Momma N hihihi except Ecuador but I understand bcoz you don’t want to be bashed if you include Karen in Top 4😊
    Am I right hihihi 😗
    I include Karen bcoz she will nail the Q&A from Top 8 to Tough 4😃
    Mark my word🤗 cherette

  19. I push na Ang Philippines win deserving Naman daw according to her followers and Rodgil. Lol!

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