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  1. This beauty pageant, its website claims, evolved from the classic beauty contest where only the appearance of a woman is awarded. Its format ascribes to women the role of Ambassador of Progress “in full compliance with each one’s culture, traditions and religion”. Related to its concept of progress, each contestant is required to develop a project along any of the following fields: cultural integration, environment, health and human rights. Accordingly, each project is “evaluated in its feasibility and contents by a jury who chooses, for each of the listed fields a winner idea; the project’s author is the awarded and her idea is brought to the attention of the world.”

    From what I read in its website, the Philippine delegate won on the basis of her submitted project proposal. But all delegates are beautiful. It would be interesting to know how much weight really does advocacy take vis-à-vis outward appearance in the prequalification of the delegates and in the selection of the winner. It would also be interesting to know if the prize money is to be used to fund the implementation of the project, and the winner’s reign is to be spent raising funds for her own project and other laudable projects in other participating countries. If all these conjectures tilt towards doable advocacy, this pageant indeed rewards inner beauty more than the outer beauty.

    Big congratulations to Mary Grace!

    • Hi! Here’s the link http://www.missprogressinternational.com/iscriviti.php
      and here are some info from their site

      Each admitted contestant will be an interviewed by the members of the jury that will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:
      50% content and feasibility of the project
      30% appearance
      20% national costume
      In addition, all the contestants will be subject to accurate observation throughout the event, with special attention to the their ability to dialogue and socialize with the other contestants, the respect the rules and the instructions given by the team of the Organization, and to be punctual.

      As of what I knew winning project will receive 10 000 euros . The prize is different.

  2. Miss Earth Philippines 2011 representing Midsayap 23 yo 5’5″
    Miss Tourism World Philippine 2014 27 yo 5’5″
    Miss Progress International Philippines 2016 29 yo 5’5″
    Miss Progress International 2017 30 yo 5’5″

    Congratulations Miss Philippines!

  3. akala kung anu na namang pageant ito pero maganda nman pala advocacy…congratulations to our philippine rep !!!

  4. Congrats!… In fairness, petmalu ang performance level… Pati gown and costume maganda.
    Pinagisipan, pinaghandaan… winner! 😀

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