57 comments on “Sunday Specials: Apriel Smith crowned as the first-ever Binibining Cebu

  1. Walang kapaguran sa pagsali sa mga patimpalak si Apriel Smith.

    Sinulog Festival Queen 2012
    Bb. Pilipinas 2016
    Model Supremacy 2017
    Reyna ng Aliwan 2017
    Binibining Cebu 2017

    • And so? Ano namang masama kung sumali siya sa madami? Mas madaming contest, mas matututo siya who knows susunod pang Ms. Universe na siya? Si Mariam Habach nga ng Venezuela madami ding sinalihan na pageant before Miss U eh.

  2. Packaged Deal ba sina Apriel Smith at Maria Gigante??? Pansin ko lang pag kasali yung isa, sasali din yng isa haha. Andami na nilang pageants na sabay nilang sinalihan. Parang kinakalaban nila ang isat isa, in fairness sa mga sinalihan nila, lagi lumalamang si Apriel kay Maria.

    • sa height siguro natatalo si Maria over Apriel. Well Maria can be our next MGI queen since mala Elizabeth Clenci then ang aura niya.Apriel pwede siya sa Supra or Globe and Samantha naman ay ME,MI or MW. Wala pa akong nakikitang Miss Universe level sa kanila so yun na.

      • Maria’s gown and body and face that night were horrible. Even her Q& A performance which was supposedly her strength sucked big time

        Parul Nichol and Clenci did their best and they were the best . But tha was not enough . We need someone with unquestionable beauty on top of great comm skills . I think Angelita fits that description , not Gigante.

      • Ay Fabi. agree. Si angelita din nasa isip ko. hopefully lumakas ang stage presence nya and performance nya. Hinde lang kase basta ganda don.

  3. Di ko type designs ng mga crowns! Sorry!
    Congrats Apriel Smith, sa wakas nagka-crown ka na rin. Congrats din kay Maria Gigante one of my fave during BbP.
    Dami talagang magaganda sa Cebu!

    Sir Norman after Bb Cebu, I hope madami na ang updates mo sa ME, MI, MU, MW at MG

  4. Well deserved Apriel! Underrated queen. BBP na lang at international pageant kumpleto na pageant journey mo! Apriel didn’t have surgery maybe it’s the makeup by making a noseline siguro… Sa galing ng mga makeup artists ngayon at quality ng makeup you can transform. Mga tao nga naman dito hilig gumawa ng fake news! LOL!

    Ayusin niyo nga paguugali nyo halatang mga bitter kayo at insecure, kapag di gusto ang winner kesyo nag paretoke, may deal sa directors, nakama ng judges, etc. Be happy na lang desisyon yan ng judges kaya respetuhin niyo. Di naman puchu2 ang mga judges credible naman so anong kinakagalit nyo jan!

    Paging Anawindang baka naman may “truths” chika ka dito sa Bb Cebu? Anong chismis dito? May controversy ba at pandaraya? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • I think Apriel deserved the crown . She was the most polished among the candidates … even though Asturias is a lot prettier…. in my opinion.
      Nagparetoke o Hindi .. good enough for national and international pageants or not …
      people here have the right to express that opinion. . This is what makes discussions fun and interesting .
      It is up to the candidate to turn a lemon into lemonade. Many successful beauty queens thrive by getting inspiration from both the good and bad thrown their way.
      Kailangan malakas ang sikmura.
      I don’t believe you should say everything is alright when it’s not . It does not do a candidate any good .
      Is it ok to say that that a candidate paid a judge with sex or money to win a crown ? that’s a totally different story . The person who said that should be cursed .. unless he has concrete proof to back his claim.

      • The way you say it here shows that you’re very sure that Apriel had work done. What if it’s just makeup? We’ll never know so why not just keep quiet if you don’t have concrete evidence that she has work done. I’m not saying that we should keep quiet even though something is wrong, we can provide constructive criticism but not to the point that it’s below the belt and for the sake of making a comment. Beauty Queens are just humans too, they still have flaws. What I’m pointing out is people are making rumors and fake news just because they don’t like the person or the pageant.

        As Filipinos we should be one, we should support our candidates, we shouldn’t be divided. Whether we like the candidate or not let us respect the credibility of the judges’ decision.

      • Barbie , I deal with this every day at work… so I can tell from a mile away whether a face has been worked on or not
        All I am saying is .. there is something wrong with her face … surgery or not …. Make up or not … and this should be corrected To improve her chances of winning in the national pageants .
        You have seen a lot of horrible wannabes was on AMerican I dol . It’s because no one has told them the truth . Would you let Apriel get that far before saying anything? She
        It is below the belt? Bullshit , that’s a perfect excuse for a weak gut.

  5. What this pageant shows is really, the power of Cebu as a province, as a cultural entity distinct from Manila and an economic force because wow, look at the prizes! But it didn’t really deliver anything new except a few familiar faces who already had unsuccessful bids at a Manila-based pageant.

    This is not to diminish the accomplishment of the winner and her court, but for all the pageant’s might and reach, wala na bang ibang mahanap na bago sa buong Cebu????? Like a couple of fresh, really outstanding new faces?? Apriel and Maria The Giant, again???

    Apriel’s aspiration is commendable, but you can only get so far- her face can only get her so far.

    I hope that for the next edition, they should really scour the whole island for that one in a million face; she’s out there somewhere, selling banana-Q, or going to school, or at the mall.

  6. BBP2018 will be a battle of Cebuanas Apriel Smith,Maria Gigante,Miss Asturias i forgot her name, Janella Cuaton and i am hoping for Cynthia Thomala.

    • I dare u not hihihi
      Asturias I think should join A&Q of KF to increase her chances of success both locally and internationally.
      I have already made known what I think of Apriel .
      As for Gigante , I was a little disappointed with her face hair and body , her gown choice and her Q&A performance …. so practically everything she was on pageant night. I’m not sure she has a chance to win at BP. But she can try again

    • Di pa pwede si Cynthia Thomalla kasi under contract pa siya ng MWP for 1 year. For BBP 2019 siguro, pwede na siya. For now sana maganda laban niya sa Ms. Eco International. Si Janella Cuaton feeling ko lalaban sa BBP 2018 para tuloy2 momentum nya, almost there na siya eh. Konti pang push makokoronahan na yan!

  7. nakakatuwa panalo ni Smith. Natalo pa rn nya si Gigante from Bb. Pilipinas to even Bb. Cebu. hehe

      • well if I compare Karla to Venus,Shamcey,Nicole . I surely pick Karla, she is comfortable to look at and at the same time very eloquent and has sense of humour.

  8. mas ok na si apriel ang panalo kesa naman si gigante na feel na feel na always sya panalo at si asturias na parang body building competition ang aura haha at top 5 si danao at minglanilla ? mas marami deserving sa spot nila

  9. Nagparetoke ba si Apriel? She looks way different from her BBP stint. Perhaps she could represent us in MGI or Supra but that’s the highest placement she can get. Peace.

  10. Her resume should say : BB. Cebu 2017 .. and that should be the end of her pageant resume.
    However. it is her decision to make . If she wants to go back to national pageants , I hope she can transform in to a pleasant beauty .Is there a way to tone down her ‘Mariah Carey ‘ look? God , I hate plastic surgeries.
    She has a great body . Although you either have it or not ( which she doesn’t) , her comm skills may improve by going back to A &Q and watching lots of beauty pageant videos.

    • Are you being negative because she is half black? If my hunch is correct, shame on you!

      • Pilipino tayo dito- anong pakialam natin sa black-white racial issues eh we’re neither black nor white? Kaya pwede ba, stop culturally appropriating other culture’s racial issues! Shame on you!

    • No I’m not just a fan of her ‘plastic’ beauty and limited comm skills. It’s just my opinion… u and other people may see her differently .
      ‘Black’ has got nothing to do with it . After all, I’m not white.

      • Most probably 70% of the beauty queens who underwent plastic surgeries did not also want it but needed to because pageantry world made them. Thats just how it is now. if you want to be in that field, you gotta do what you gotta do.

        So I guess the shame is on the people who define beauty as perfect instead of natural.

    • One of the rare instances I agree with you. Her face is so mediocre. They really caked in the make up.

  11. Ambisyosa talaga tong mga BISAYA!!! May sariling rep sa international pageant? Anu yan di na kayu parte ng Pilipinas? Sasali sa Miss Universe yan representing CEBU? Ung other two Bb. Charity for Moss World? Bb. Tourism for Miss International? Saka tagalog word ang Binibini diba? Dapat Binisaya nila para di sila maging copycat ng mga tagalog. CHAR!!!!

    • Fuck you! You are not even sure of what you are saying, pero parang tinitira mo ang “Bisaya”. You are not only racist,talo mo pa ang walang pinag-aralan. Kung sa harap ka pa ng isang bisaya nagsabi ng ganyan, hindi lang mura matatanggap mo. Wag kang magmarunong at magmayabang! Again, FUCK YOU!

      • I agree. But lucky for him we Cebuanos don’t stoop down to his level of stupidity. We are supposed to be happy for a fellow Filipino’s achievement most especially the worked hard for it.

        To Baklah, ayusin mo sarili mo kasi hindi mo alam gaano magalit ang mga bisaya. ayaw namin nang puro behind the screen na catfight. Mas gusto namin ang harap harapan.

        I, as a proud Cebuana had always been supportive to any of our candidates. If I had something unpleasant to say, i keep to myself or atleast say it a GOOD MANNER. What comes out of your mouth actually reflects what kind of heart you have. Sadly, you are one of those that we Filipinos in entirety are ashamed of. Kakahiya yang ganyang ugali, NAPAKACHEAP!

        WORLD PEACE ❤️

      • oh and one more BAKLAH, ur foolishness just put ur fellow baklas to shame. I fully respect people like u because I personally have friends with that sexuality and they are pretty decent and classy but what you done is very unacceptable. You are a disgrace to people like them. You deserve even lower than that.

        And about the word binibini? Bakit, kayo lang bah ang may-ari ng pambansang wika? Kahit ung PAMBANSANG WIKA hindi mo naintindihan? Pambansa nga eh. ulol ka 😂

      • Buti ka pa beh alam mo ung nang gogood time lang sa serioso. I love my Bisaya friends kaya. At love na love ko rin sila asarin na promdi. Hahahah. Pero serioso sarap naman talaga sila kasama at love ko talaga sila. Napaka proud lang talaga nila to be Bisaya. Kaya love ko yang mga yan kahit naasar ko rin niyayakap ko lang yan sila.

  12. congratulations, apriel!!!
    you look sleeker compared to last year
    but with the same warm welcoming face

  13. I was expecting a lot in the production and the gowns. Rumors na sa cebu na si cary ang magbibihis sa lahat ng mga candidates so i was really expecting high-couture masterpieces from him, like zuhair murad when he dresses up all the miss lebanon candidates. Mas na excite ako nung nakita ko ung post ng friend ko under cary, ang daming magagandang white gown na bago with all of his intricate designs and aesthetics pero ayun parehas lang pala sila ng damit lahat. Hahahaha. The stage impact is meh, mejo madilim ang stage, kinulang sa lights unlike sa queens of the philippines ni cary for trannies na superb ang lighting. And last but not the least eh ung performers, very cringe-worthy, ung celebrity performer na kinulang sa energy and esp. ung hip hop dance crew na renowned umano sa buong mundo pero pambaranggay levels ang perf with their crazy antics, i wanna throw up, nahihiya ako para kay maam charo at queen kath. Yes i am criticizing bec alam ko pano magdala ng show si mama cary based sa queens of the phil na pageant nya, sobrang layo.

  14. Great choice Cebu, beautiful queen! Congratulations Apriel, hope to see you in a bigger pageant in the future!

  15. One of my favorite Binibini candidates! So happy for you Apriel and hope you make a comeback to Binibini 🙂

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