10 comments on “Interesting Details about (the first-ever) Binibining Cebu

  1. Congrats
    I hope your beauty pageant journey ends there so u can say to your kids ..it ended with a bang.
    You have a great body .. but your comm skills are decent at best and your facial beauty is debatable . Yes , I am mean because I’m just not a fan of plastic surgery.. especially on the face.
    Don’t anyone dare say she did not have anything done hihihi
    Congrats anyways.

    • Yes Laila she is the future
      I was just a little surprised by her aggressiveness and her ‘manly’ voice during the Q&A.
      I may have lost faith in Gigante. What an EG ! And her Q&A performance was all over the place. What the hell was she talking about ? Hihihi

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