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  2. Ang ganda ng face ng bet ng Venezuela. Baka may balikan ng korona na mangyari. Venezuela-Philippines-Venezuela.

    Yung pic ni Mariel na nka blue sya, sa unang tingin akala ko si Kristine Estoque

  3. Oh my, will you just look at that face. Absolutely divine and breath taking. I believe it will be stupid on the part of MI to ignore this lovely lady. At least a Top 5 finish will be considered an achievement for her. But I do believe in miracles. Hope she delivers a winning performance come crunch time.

  4. I really like Mariel’s styling here! She looks very beautiful! Mala princesa and dating!

    However, from what I’m seeing, I dont feel like she can pull off a B2B win. I just can seem to see the fire she had in BBP. But then again this is MI. Iba ang characteristics na hinahanap ng org na to. At the end of the day, I would like her to make it to the semis so she can break the curse that one candidate goes through every year because they are representing the country that won the year before. If she makes it to the top 5 then that would be amazing!

  5. Good luck to you, Mariel ! You look stunningly beautiful in that gown. I’m not keeping my hopes so high for a back to back victory but, if it happens, it will be well-deserved 🙂

  6. Kung si Nelda sana pinadala sa MI instead of Mariel, sure win sana tayo sa MI. Mkakagawa pa ng history ang Philippines na mg b2b sa MI.

  7. I dont think Mariel could make it even in Top15. But everything is possible in Miss International. I hope she even place because I dont want our reps to just clap and go home.

    • Stating then contradicting. Hello, sa mga mag co comments sana naman well structured. Walang sense eh.

  8. Netherlands is so gorgeous
    Also in the running – Curaçao Nicaragua Mexico Venezuela Philippines

    Mariel is really pretty. I’m not sure if she is pretty enough to win a b2b . I don’t think so… unless she gives an impressive speech . I feel strongly that she is not going to suffer the same fate as Bianca.

  9. Mariel facial beauty is just wow. Given the right amount of styling and dresses. She can be a runner up easily since bk 2 bk never happened in its history. Selamat sa mag picas ni Gemma. tumabi si Mariel Kay Kevin(Indo) at Shia(Nepal) who are popular pretty faces di nagpakabog beauty ni Mariel.

    • eh kung hinde ba naman engot yang nag message kay mariel. iba naman ung kay joey. eh ung imessage mo pa si mariel dahil sa doubt mo na buntis sya. mag cocompete ba sya kung buntis sya. gagong basher talaga tsk.

    • May breeding naman pala talaga si Mariel .
      Kahit galit, sosyal ang dating.
      Sey mo , bong 700?
      Tse hihihi!!

      • Excuse me may pinagmanahan c mariel kay boyet Di mo ba nagetz na mataray pa rin ang sagot ni mariel hihihi but if she acts well like what she’s doing right now as angelic candidate then the sponsors and the organization will give her the crown and I’m positive with my analysis hihihi cherette 😗

    • JawzKuh si pawee ba yan at pinatatamaan c Nawat that only MI can claim the 3rd most important beauty pageant in the world hihihi at kulang na lang pangalanan nya c Nawat at magmura sa galit hihihi 😅
      Oh wowowww, mariel is really gorgeous very beautiful in that lovely blue dress and it’s possibly B2Back mga veckzx. ..ooo ayan ha. .I didn’t bash her hihihi. TuloyTuloy na sana yang winning momentum till coronation night at pls maintain to act like an angel cherette hihihi.
      Good luck gurl, I actually love you mariel😚 mwahh
      Ghana is top 15 and top 5 if she’d give an excellent speech 😍

    • Miss Netherland is a threat!

      Yung ganyan kahinhin tapos sumisigaw ng ganda weakness ng mga Japs! Kung magiging consistent siya at maganda speech niya mananalo Yan!

  10. love the gown and the pose
    a little bit southern belle from the “gone with the wind” era

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