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  1. Congratulations to Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas 2017 TERESITA “Winwyn” MARQUEZ. Top 3 in Best in National Costume.

  2. Teresita Ssen “Winwyn” Marquez during their National Costume presentation for Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 ❤😍

  3. Hindi nagpapahuli ng beauty si Wynwyn
    She can win it all
    But I don’t care if she wins or not
    I hope she joins BP

  4. She looks like a 7 yr old playing dress up in a roomful of adults hahaha!! She gets a B+ for effort and a B for her looks, proportions and overall demeanor.

    • Huh… beks ang labo naman ng analogy mo. hihihi… baka i kaw ang ang 7 year old with the adults… hihihi…

    • Besh.. Actually A+ sya sa akin for A-fort and audacity.. Petmalu ito si gurl.. Game face lagi ..keep it up teresita.

  5. I am so excited for this lass who is our 1st representative for the Miss ReinaHispanoamerica. Her beauty stands out among the sea of Latinas who dominates this pageant. And the first one who will use an interpreter as well, since she is not fluent in Spanish. Come to think of it, I am more excited for WynWyn compared to Laura who is facing an uphill battle in Miss World. She exudes elegance, engaging personality and sheer determination, a reflection of her showbiz background. I’m crossing my fingers she will penetrate the Top 5 and bag the crown, that’s a strong possibility. Laban lang, go for the win, WynWyn!!!

    • bat ka pa aasa sa papageant ni autie julia? si Laura lang naman ang in-denial eh.

    • May mga news feed sa kanya and que ver Lang. Ignore at baka ma tempt pa Ko mag comment! Gusto ko Sana mag embed ng mga pic dito pero mamimihasa Lang si Hulya! Kaya huwag na Lang! Divert na Lang ang effort kay Wynwin, Mariel at Nelda.

  6. Body is great
    Evening gown is superb
    Face is gorgeous
    If Wynwyn does not win , she should join BP . She could be our rep at MU of MGI …. or MI if she still qualifies

  7. I actually liked Clenci’s final look . She opted for the young and playful ala Gloria Diaz at MU in 1969. It was more in line with her SS walk.
    And her gown was amazing . At least , it was a variation from the ever so tiring beige-brown color.
    She could have won .. if only it was based on the overall performance . But we know , Nawat’s decision counted the most.

    • Tama ka jan teh!!! Over all performance wise! Clenci wins. So bad predetermined talaga ang pagpili ng winner ng mgi. Kahit mga candidates sa likod ng host nagulat na tinawag syang 2ndRU ibig sabihin they expected Clenci to win favor to them or not.

  8. it’s interesting how clenci’s wardrobe was decidedly modern and streamlined
    and marquez’ has a very lovely vintage feel

    i bet after being immersed in espanol after a few days
    her comprehension of the langiuage will improve dramatically

    buena suerte, senorita!

  9. The Philippines has a talented gifted competitive candidate in a wrong contest.

    Just the titlle alone Hispano Latina dors Not make sense for. a Filipina to be in

  10. ..yes the struggle is indeed real..at san na pala ung ibinanderang other non Spanish speaking candidates na sina Australia at Canada..with PH as the lone no habla espanol, awkward kung awkward…the spontaneity is lost ..in translation…everyone from the tv hosts to anyone speaks the language except teresita..

  11. plrse help Winwyn becuse she is treated like a spectacle rather thana delegate. Be how do you compete in a latina dominated connoiseur contest

    Winwyn is like an amateur lost in the midst of professional sharks, beasts, and monsters.

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